MelRock Awards


The Best Of 2020

MelRock Awards

01. Heat - II

Perfection and the swan song for Erik Gronwall and the band. If it was 1988 they’d be million selling superstars.

02. Harem Scarem - Change The World

The most reliable writing duo in the melodic rock sphere, another perfect example of how to do classic melodic rock with a modern touch.

03. One Desire - Midnight Empire

Upping the intensity and the quality all-round. A brilliantly impressive modern melodic hard rock album.

04. Perfect Plan - Time For A Miracle

These guys are already firmly at the head of the pack for the ‘new meets old’ wave of young kick ass bands modernising the old school sound. Foreigner meets Giant and Survivor, wrapped in big songs and even bigger vocals.

05. Brother Firetribe - Feel The Burn

Four of the 5 this year are from Scandi-acts. A little change up from these guys. Less in your face anthemic, but rather more mature and perfectly constructed. Another example of the Scandinavians doing it better than anyone.

06. Jeff Scott Soto - Wide Awake (In My Dreamland)

JSS teams with Alessandro Del Vecchio for the first time, which brings out the best in both guys. A time-capsule career spanning album of new songs that find inspiration from Jeff’s past.

07. Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

Outstanding new progressive rock masterpiece from the Aussie band that delivers the progressive highlight of the year for me and my favourite prog album since Threshold.

08. Dennis DeYoung - 26 East Vol. 1

Dennis and Jim Peterik make magic together in the first of two volumes of classic pomp-AOR, exactly what you’d expect from the duo.

09. Arctic Rain - The One

Of course they are from Sweden. A simply outstanding debut album crammed with high energy melodic rockers in the vein of Winger, Danger Danger and HEAT. Would have to be my Debut Album Of The Year.

10. Vega - Grit Your Teeth

The British rockers just keep rolling and keep adding more great tunes to their impressive catalogue. Another great example of the ‘new meets old’.

11. Dynazty - The Dark Delight

Proving that the heavier direction suits them perfectly, the band delivers yet another high-octane melodic metal winner.

12. Revolution Saints - Rise

It seems to be the forgotten album of 2020 if fan Best Of lists are to be believed. It came out in January, so it has been a while and 2020 did last 27 months. But their third turns out to be their best so far!

13. Tokyo Motor Fist – Lions

A sensational sophomore release that is packed with heartfelt melodic rock anthems and a couple of ballads. I think the title track is in the wrong position though and kills mid-album momentum, but the material is unquestionably good. One of the few project ideas that works a treat.

14. Tony Mitchell - Church Of A Restless Soul

Following up the mighty Beggars Gold with more moody British melodic rock brilliance. Very personal record for Tony and brilliant at every turn.

15. Fee Waybill – Rides Again

Yes he sure does! And once again with Richard Marx in tow, the great Mr. Waybill delivers an energetic 9 song set that rocks more than expected with the trademark Fee sound.

16. Black Swan - Shake The World

A Frontiers project with a sound of it’s own! Yes indeed…it is possible! A really fine project lead by Jeff Pislon with Robin McAuley in fine voice.

17. Pride Of Lions - Lion Heart

Jim Peterik strikes again. Nothing we didn’t expect, but everything we hoped for. Not their best, not their worst (which is still a great record anyway). Just more consistently good and enjoyable melodic rock with a natural pomp flair.

18. Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - We Are the Night

A true return to form this year, with 2 great albums from Magnus, but this is the winner – a sublime selection of high octane melodic metal with no shortage of killer hooks and choruses.

19. The Unity - Pride

Hard and (melodic) heavy, just a powerhouse of great songs, great production and killer delivery. For fans of Masterplan meets Eclipse (for one example). Huge record!

20. Magnum - The Serpent Rings

Continuing their return to form and consistent output, the veteran British melodic hard rock band turned up the keyboards and added more harmonies and the result is another memorable record.

21. House Of Lords - New World New Eyes

The production was well below average for the guys, but you can’t deny the songs were exceptionally good and recaptured some of the swagger missing from the last couple of records.

22. Rob Moratti - Paragon

One sweet anthemic AOR song after another. Maybe Rob’s best work yet and recommended to anyone that loves Journey, The Storm, Hugo and artists with a high vocal, but a rich melody.

23. Unruly Child - Our Glass House

The guys turned up the guitars but turned down the production quality. Would have been rated higher if it had the same production quality as earlier records. Great to see them still creating new music though.

24. Khymera - Master Of Illusions

Once again, a very familiar sound and style and nothing unexpected, which is probably a good thing for fans of these guys. Dennis Ward sounding a cool as ever on vocals.

25. Lionville - Magic Is Alive

Could easily have been higher in my rankings, but some good competition keeps them just out of the Top 20. More marvellous pink and fluffy AOR.

26. Sons Of Apollo - MMXX

Heavy, intricate, powerful, grade A production and even better then the acclaimed debut. Plus Jeff Scott Soto in his natural habitat. Class all-round.

27. Jessica Wolff - Para Dice

A surprise just how good this record is – killer melodic hard rock with a big female lead vocal performance and some really catchy songs. Her best effort to date.

28. Stan Bush - Dare To Dream

This could be more Stan Bush if it was a Stan Bush record from 1988. Stan defies age with his earnest feel good anthems of never giving up and going for gold!

29. At The Movies - The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. 1

Almost flawless selection of 80s soundtrack songs, all rocked up nicely, mixed beautifully and performed in lockdown…and now released!

30. Deep Purple - Whoosh

Strongest album of the last few with some tasteful new licks and songs within the band’s M.O. and some sometime restrained vocals from, Gillan, but always classy.

31. Pinnacle Point - Symphony Of Mind

More Kansas than Kansas? Certainly, close… as these guys – formed around the partnership of Jerome Mazza: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards Torben Enevoldsen: Guitars, Keyboards – deliver one of the year’s best (progressive) AOR records.

32. Landfall – The Turning Point

Another huge debut from Brazil featuring former Auras singer Gui Oliver. A heavier brand of melodic rock than Auras, it still has the melodic integrity of that band and a tougher hard rock edge that makes for a strong debut that should be investigated!

33. Newman - Ignition

The ever reliable and fabulous Mr. Steve Newman delivers yet again. You know what to expect and so it is delivered.

34. East Temple Avenue - Both Sides Of Midnight

Formed in various studios across the world featuring Aussie songwriter Darren Phillips; bass player Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh), lead guitarist Philip Lindstrand (Find Me, Arkado) and drummer Herman Furin (Work of Art) with knockout vocalist Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me, Blanc Faces).

What is delivered is exactly as hoped – a world class AOR album with some melodic rock touches.

35. Axel Rudi Pell - Sign Of The Times

Another return to form – nothing different here (no surprise there), but just genuinely good and likable songs.

36. Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromatic

Another retro-themed album in a modern package. Some truly talented musicians involved here.

37. Cats In Space - Atlantis

Epic! And would probably have gone higher if released earlier in the year, having the benefit of being able to grow over time, which all Cats albums do. 70s melodic pomp glory!

38. Toto - Old Is New

Not really a new album, but not entirely an old one either. But…some great songs and the usual Toto flair.

39. Wildness - Ultimate Demise

Just extra good Scandi-AOR goodness once again.

40. Stardust - Highway To Heartbreak

Classic 80s Euro-AOR with a distinct Kevin Chalfant style lead vocal. Very likable and very enjoyable, but whoever made the decision to run with the Pat Benatar cover of Heartbreaker at track two should be immediately removed from any further decision making.


41. Mike Tramp - Second Time Around

42. Storm Force - Age Of Fear

43. Dukes Of The Orient - Freakshow

44. Gathering Of Kings - Discovery

45. Champlin / Williams / Friestedt - 2

46. Gotthard - 13

47. Heartwind - Strangers

48. Palace - Rock N Roll Radio

49. Kansas - The Absence Of Presence

50. FM - Synchronized

Not quite (but very worthy of checking out):

- Grand Design - V - Patty Smyth - It’s About Time

- Overland - Scandalous

- Dreams Of Avalon - Beyond The Dreams

- Serious Black - Suite 226

- Shaft Of Steel - Steel Heartbeat

- Signal Red - Alien Nation

- Todd Sucherman - Last Flight Home

- Jorn - Heavy Rock Radio 2

- LA Guns – Renegades

- Collateral – Collateral

- Edge Of The Blade - Feels Like Home

- Compass - Our Time on Earth

- Allen/Olsen – World’s Apart

- Atlas - Parallel Love

- DeVicious - Phase Three

- Janet Gardner - Synergy

- Magic Dance - Remnants

- David Reece - Cacophony of Souls


- Andy Taylor - Nobody’s Business

- Robert Hart - Pure

- Silent Tiger - Ready For Attack

Not even close (avoid at all cost):

- Bon Jovi - 2020

- Jaded Heart - Stand Your Ground

- Orianthi - O

- Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Reimagined

- Decarlo - Lightning Strikes Twice

- Ramos - My Many Sides

- Goo Goo Dolls - It’s Christmas All Over


ALBUM OF THE YEAR - 2019 MelRock Awards

MelRock Awards
1. ECLIPSE – Paradigm
Another near-perfect slice of ass kicking hard rock. Sweden’s most consistent masters of hard rock drenched in melody, delivered an album that stayed true to the band’s sound, while bringing in a few new tricks. Bottom line - instantly catchy, powerful, memorable and melodic as hell. My most played album of 2019 and the best.
2. THE DEFIANTS – Zokusho
The dreaded second album curse was avoided simply by delivering another perfect mix of modern meets classic melodic hard rock. Steve West on drums added a new dynamic and made it even more ‘dangerdangerous’. Killer songs and killer performances. If anything…I felt a few songs were a minute longer than they needed to be, but very minor point.
3. DEGREED – Lost Generation
I love every record these guys are done as they increasingly modernise and deliver wonderfully written songs that really could (should) be all over commercial radio. This album is so utterly infectious and the production is world class. More melodic brilliance from Sweden. I thought the intro and mid-album interlude hindered the pacing, but very minor point there.
4. CRAZY LIXX – Forever Wild
The guys have dabbled with styles in the past, but for album six they went full 80s, with blazing guitars, anthemic songs and killer choruses. A monster production made this album one of their very best – maybe their best ever. Whatever they did here, they nailed it and need to keep this going!
5. WORK OF ART – Exhibits
For the band’s final album, they simply did what they’ve always done – they delivered a piece of ultra-smooth, ultra-cool, ultra-AOR heaven. These Swedish wizards use the template of past masters of the genre, yet manage to sound fresh and original. Not their best album, but still essential.
It's like, everything good is from Sweden, and sleaze-rockers Crashdiet don’t buck that trend. They too have varied up their sound over several records and several singers, but each and every time they have delivered something memorable. They do it again right here – nice to hear something fresh and original alongside more familiar sounds.
7. UNRULY CHILD – Big Blue World
A little bit of extra grunt and some excellent songs. Possibly the smoothest melodic rock band this side of anywhere, Unruly Child create a unique style of commercial American AOR. I hope they keep making records for many years to come. Marcie Free remains a revelation on vocals.
8. VIANNA – Forever Free
The surprise package of the year for me. Just a really great dose of high energy melodic rock/AOR with big choruses, melodic verses and some fine performances all-round. New-comer AOR vocalist Bryan Cole and vocal legend Terry Brock supply lead and backing vocals, making this an even sweeter sounding record. 
9. STARBREAKER – Dysphoria
The dynamic Tony Harnell finally teamed up again with the talented guitarist/producer Magnus Karlsson for a new chapter in the Starbreaker name. And we got exactly what we wanted – powerful modern hard rock with breathtaking vocals and rifftastic guitars, both driven by a monster production.
10. ALLIANCE – Fire And Grace
Production quality was down on the last near perfect album, but plenty to like here with the outfit's usual style and grace. Robert Berry’s perfect AOR vocals drive the album as always.
11. LEVERAGE – Determinus
A big vocalist change and a long time between drinks for these guys - that placed a big question mark against Leverage before this release. Urban Tale’s Kimmo Blom uses the rough side of his powerful voice (didn’t know he had one!) and as in previous efforts, the songs are excellent – a slightly progressive melodic hard rock/metal style. Great stuff in the end.
12. TESLA – Shock
I’m surprised more fans didn’t go for this. There seemed to be a decent number of complaints online after its release, but this Def Tesla record stands on its own as a quality piece of music. Sure it was a little light and Phil Collen obviously over-influenced production and writing, but it’s a cool record. Cooler than the last few Leppard albums!
13. GATHERING OF KINGS – First Mission
A lack of distribution and the availability of physical copies didn’t dampen the hype around this super prog-pomp melodic rock record. Some terrific performances and lots of great vocals. Another big Scandi winner.
14. FIRST SIGNAL – Line Of Fire
It's Harry Hess. It's essential. Daniel Flores takes over some instrumentation and production, so it has that 'wall of keyboards' sound that he brings to most records, but a good selection of songs from the Frontiers regulars, and Harry getting to do something out of the Harem sound always makes for a good listen.
15. X-ROMANCE – Voices From The Past
House Of Shakira’s Andreas Novak featured on vocals – some catchy and traditional Scandi melodic rock that does the job nicely.
16. PRETTY MAIDS – Undress Your Madness
Battling cancer, Ronnie still manages to deliver more energy and attitude than most and while this could simply be described as ‘another Pretty Maids album’, it’s the quality throughout and the consistency of the band that makes it an album to admire.
17. NITRATE – Wide Open
More classic 80s melodic rock with a modern production. Midnite City in vibe and sound thanks to Rob Wylde's co-writing with founder Nick Hogg, plus Osukaru’s Philip Lindstrand jumps in for vocals this time around.
18. ROULETTE – Now
It's Scandi, it’s powerful, it's melodic and it's wonderful! Another band to add to the list of new-era modern melodic rock bands to devour for their classic melodic rock style.
19. SOLEIL MOON – Warrior
Soft and smooth, a little AOR and a little Westcoast; a quality record largely thanks to the vocals of Larry King.
20. WAKE THE NATION – Heartrock
It's Scandi, it's powerful, it's….you know the drill. This time the band are Finnish, and their second album moves them up in the power rankings for bands to watch out for.
21. FIND ME – Angels In Blue
Still quality, but perhaps the weakest album of the project’s 3 releases, but still good enough to make the Top 30. Overdone on the keyboards again, but Robbie LaBlanc sounds amazing.
22. CARL DIXON - Unbroken
He most certainly is unbroken. Another high-quality release from the Coney Hatch founder. It may be a solo record, but it has the 80s Hatch feel, with a modern touch.
23. TOBY HITCHCOCK - Reckoning
Well short of the debut, with Daniel Flores in charge of production this time around. The album is buried in too many keyboards (a Flores trademark), but the songs are mostly memorable and Toby’s voice shines as one of America’s best ‘new-era’ AOR vocalists.
24. SOTO - Origami
Jeff Scott Soto’s own band for delivering modern hard rock/melodic metal delivers album number 3, which continues the growth of the band and their sound. The best of the 3 without doubt.
25. LOVEKILLERS – Lovekillers
Tony Harnell strikes again! Two albums in the Top 30 for 2019 is quite the accomplishment. This is another of those ‘project’ releases, with Alessandro Del Vecchio the man alongside Tony, working somewhat collaboratively. The style is something many fans have wanted to hear from Tony for a while now and some (but not all) of this album works to satisfy that demand. It's very good – but not quite great. More song consistency and a move away from a standard 'Frontiers project sound' would help album number 2.
26. RESTLESS SPIRITS – Restless Spirits
Lords Of Black​ guitarist Tony Hernando assembled an album’s worth of melodic songs and some of the genre’s leading vocalists including Johnny Gioeli, Deen Castronovo, Dino Jelusic​ (Animal Drive​), Alessandro Del Vecchio. A few outstanding songs but its also a little inconsistent.
27. TONY MILLS – Against The law
Talk about saving your best for last. Another very consistent artist and an all-round good guy. Tony delivered one of his best ever performances before bowing out after a long fight with cancer. RIP Tony. Thanks for the tunes.
28. JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE – Winds Of Change
The ever reliable Jim Peterik always delivers. Great songs and great singers once again such as Mike Reno, Dennis DeYoung, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson, Danny Vaughn and Lars Safsund. There’s enough info right there to ensure a purchase.
29. HARDLINE – Life
Not as immediate as some Hardline releases and that’s a little strange to say considering the sound is more along the traditional style the band is most loved for. But as with all Hardline releases, there is quality here worthy of inclusion in the Best Of list.
30. EDGE OF FOREVER – Native Soul
Alessandro Del Vecchio tops off another busy year with his third mention in this list. This time it's back to where he came from, bringing a tasty new slice of traditional European melodic rock with his own band Edge Of Forever.
ROCKET LOVE – Greetings From Rocketland
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - Radiocarbon
AXE - Final Offering
LONERIDER - Attitude
MORANO - Incognito
91 SUITE - Starting All Over EP
DAVID GLEN EISLEY - Tattered, Torn and Worn
ART NATION - Transition
JIMMY BARNES - My Criminal Record
STATION - Stained Glass
GREGG ROLIE - Sonic Ranch
ROBERT TEPPER - Better Than The Rest
BLACK STAR RIDERS - Another State Of Grace
MIKE TRAMP - Stray From the Flock
BURNING RAIN - Face The Music
DREAM THEATER - Distance Over Time
FIGHTER V - Fighter
ROXY BLUE - Roxy Blue
WHITESNAKE - Flesh And Blood
DAVE BICKLER - Darklight
SHARK ISLAND - Bloodline
THUNDER - Please Remain Seated
QUIET RIOT - Hollywood Cowboys
L.A. GUNS - The Devil You Know
BRYAN ADAMS - Shine a Light
KANE ROBERTS  - The New Normal
TORA TORA - Bastards Of Beale
NOTE: There are NO MRR titles included in my Best Of, which is the usual method I employ. While I love them all, it for for others to judge those and I think MRR had a great year, if feedback is anything to go by.
1. ECLIPSE – Delirious
2. DEGREED – Summer Of Love
3. VIANA – Forever Free
4. THE DEFIANTS – It Goes Fast
5. WORK OF ART – Misguided Love
6. CRAZY LIXX – Wicked
7. CRASH DIET – Rust
8. ALLIANCE – Good Life
9. UNRULY CHILD – Living In Someone Else’s Dream
10. RESTLESS SPIRITS – Stop Livin' To Live Online



The 2017 MelRock Awards

MelRock Awards
2017 MelRock Awards
Album Of The Year
A wonderful year for music. One of the best. Pretty easy to pick my favourites and even though I haven’t had time to review a good many of these, they have all been in high rotation over the last 12 months. And yes, I will still run through some Reviews In Brief and add as many of these titles to the site. Past my Top 10, the rest were all very hard to put in order – some outstanding titles here, with quality music for all tastes released in 2017.
If you haven’t heard some of these titles, don’t waste another minute, check them out!
01. Harem Scarem – United
02. Eclipse – Monumentum
03. One Desire – One Desire
04. H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown
05. Threshold – Legend Of The Shires
06. Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up
07. Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill
08. Degreed – Degreed
09. [TIE] Mr. Big – Defying Gravity
               Tokyo Motor Fist - Tokyo Motor Fist
               Kryptonite - Kryptonite
10. Sons Of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony
11. Wayward Sons – Ghosts Of Yet To Come
12. Black Country Communion – BCCIV
13. Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic
14. Brother Firetribe – Sunbound
15. Jorn – Life On Death Road
16. All 4 1 – All 4 1
17. Art Nation – Liberation
18. Code Red – Incendiary
19. Houston – III
20. Riverdogs – California
21. Styx – The Mission
22. Inglorious – II
23. Wildness – Wildness
24. Lionville – World Of Fools
25. [TIE] Newman – Arial
               Pick Cream 69 - Headstrong
26. Jeff Scott Soto – Retribution
27. Pride Of Lions – Fearless
28. Ten – Gothica
29. Revolution Saints – Light In The Dark
30. Tony Mills – Streets Of Chance
31. ColdSpell – A New World Arise
32. Midnite City – Midnite City
33. Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright
34. Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice
35. The Radio Sun – Unstoppable
36. Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising
37. Dirty White Boy – Down And Dirty
38. Deep Purple – Infinite
39. Steve Walsh – Black Butterfly
40. Thunder – Rip It Up
41. Kee Of Hearts – Kee Of Hearts
42. Unruly Child – Can’t Go Home
43. Eden’s Curse – Eden’s Curse Revisited
44. Tales From The Porn – H.M.M.V
45. Jim Jidhed – Push On Through
46. Raintimes – Raintimes
47. Age Of Reflection – In The Heat Of The Night
48. Phantom 5 – Play To Win
49. Martina Edoff – We Will Align
50. Bonfire – Byte The Bullet
Song Of The Year
Threshold – Small Dark Lines
Harem Scarem – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
One Desire – Turn Back Time
H.E.A.T – Redefined
Revolution Saints – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Harem Scarem – Heaven And Earth
Eclipse – Vertigo
Eclipse – Never Look Back
H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown
Threshold – Stars & Satellites
Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill
Heaven & Earth – The Game Has Changed
One Desire – Hurt
Sons Of Apollo – Coming Home
Sons Of Apollo – Signs Of The Times
Night Ranger – Somehow Someway
Night Ranger – Say What You Want 
Mr. Big – Mean To Me
Mr. Big – Defying Gravity
Night Flight Orchestra – Jennie
Night Flight Orchestra – Something Mysterious
Unruly Child – The Only One
Pride Of Lions – All I See Is You
Riverdogs - The Revolution Starts Tonight
MelodicRock Records 2017 Releases
A special mention for the MRR releases of 2017. I would personally rank them all in the Top 50, but in an attempt to remain unbiased, I’ve left them out. But I am really proud of what the label has managed to achieve this year, it’s been MRR’s biggest year for number of releases, plus for sales in total and for individual titles setting sales records.
So what this means – I’ll have to make 2018 even bigger and better and so far it’s looking just that way! Stay tuned for news soon!
A huge HUGE thanks to the artists for believing in MRR and making this small label your home.
Another big thanks to all the journos, media outlets and magazines that featured MRR releases during the year.
And finally a big BIG thank you to all the stores and distribution outlets that also supported MRR and did such a great job getting these out there to fans.
To every single person that bought one or all of the releases this year – you guys ROCK!
Johnny Lima – Johnny Lima / Made In California (Reissues w/Bonus Tracks)
Shotgun Symphony – The Last Symphony (Reissues w/Unreleased)
Don Barnes – Ride The Storm (Previously Unreleased)
Arti Tisi Trilogy – New York City, Back Again & The Reeperbahn (All Previously Unreleased)
Jimmy Davis & Junction – Kick The Wall (Deluxe Edition)(Reissue w/Bonus Live Disc)
Jimmy Davis & Junction – Going The Distance (Previously Unreleased)
Rian – Out Of The Darkness (Debut Album)
Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain – Ascension (Debut Solo Album)
Scherer / Batten – Battlezone (Featuring Songs by Jim Peterik)
Boulevard – Luminescence (Comeback Classic)
Devoid – Cup Of Tears (Debut Album)
Fiction Syxx – Talk Dark Secrets (Debut Album)
Madman’s Lullaby – Sins Of Greed
Mecca – The Demos (Previously Unreleased)

MelodicRock's BEST OF 2016

MelRock Awards
2016 Album Of The Year
01. Rick Springfield – Rocket Science
02. Treat – Ghost Of Graceland
03. The Defiants
04. Vega – Who We Are
05. Ted Poley – Beyond The Fade
06. Dare – Sacred Ground
07. Hardline – Human Nature
08. Glenn Hughes – Resonate
09. Dynazty – Titanic Mess
10. Nordic Union
11. Station
12. Seven – Shattered
13. Tyketto – Reach
14. Roth Brock Project
15. Rage Of Angels – The Devil’s New Tricks
16. First Signal – One Step Over The Line
17. The Theander Expression – Wonderful Anticipation
18. Eden’s Curse – Cardinal
19. Pretty Maids – Kingmaker
20. Primal Fear – Rulebreaker
21. Kissing Dynamite – Generation Goodbye
22. Reckless Love – InVader
23. Soto – Divak
24. Circus Maximus – Havoc
25. Michael Sweet – One Sided War
26. Sunstrike – Ready II Strike
27. Tainted Nation – On The Otherside
28. White Widdow – Silouette
29. Wigelius – Tabula Rasa
30. Mitch Malloy – Making Noise
2016 Songs Of The Year
Rick Springfield – We Connect
The Defiants – Waiting on a Heartbreak
Dynazty – The Human Paradox 
Vega – Every Little Monster
Treat – Do Your Own Stunts 
Ted Poley – Everything We Are
Kissin’ Dynamite – Hashtag Your Life
Tyketto – Reach
Seven – Light of 1000 Eyes
Nordic Union – Every Heartbeat 
Hardline – Take You Home
Dare – Home
Sunstorm – Edge of Tomorrow
Up Next: 2017 Album Of The Year

20FROM20 (1996-2016) - 20 Essential Melodic Rock Guitarists

MelRock Awards
20 Essential Melodic Rock Guitarists
20 essential guitarists that we couldn’t have lived without over the past 20 years. There are of course many more, but this is 20 that have really stood out for me and contributed so many records to my collection. Hopefully this list will remind you of their contributions to this scene over the past 20 years.
In no particular order:
- Magnus Karlsson (Allen/Lande, Starbreaker, Freefall, Primal Fear, Last Tribe, Kiske Sommerville)
- Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T, Toby Hitchcock, Jimi Jamison, The Friday Nights, Ammunition, Nordic Union)
- Magnus Henriksson (Eclipse, W.E.T, Toby Hitchcock, Jimi Jamison, Nordic Union)
- Steve Lukather (Toto, Solo, Ringo Starr)
- Mike Slamer (Steelhouse Lane, Terry Brock, Overland, Ozone, Chris Ousey, 7th Key)
- Vic Rivera (Adriangale, Ted Poley, Poley/Rivera)
- Jim Peterik (Pride Of Lions, Solo, Kelly Keagy, Marc Scherer, Mecca, Jimi Jamison)
- Mike Aquino (Pride Of Lions, Kelly Keagy, Marc Scherer, Mecca, Jimi Jamison)
- Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem, Fair Ground, Solo, Hess, Fiore)
- Brad Gillis (Night Ranger)
- Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Solo)
- Rob Marcello (Danger Danger, Marcello/Vestry, Solo)
- Rick Springfield (Solo)
- Jimi Bell (House Of Lords, Maxx Explosion, James Christian, Robin Beck)
- Stevie Janevski (The Radio Sun, Black Majesty, Square One)
- Neal Schon (Journey, Solo, Santana, Planet US, Soul Sirkus)
- Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Joel Hoekstra’s 13, Jack Blades, Michael Sweet)
- Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
- Vivian Campbell (Riverdogs, Def Leppard, Last In Line)
- Tony Clarkin (Magnum, Hard Rain)



20FROM20 (1996-2016) - 20 Underrated But Essential Melodic Rock Albums

MelRock Awards
2016 is of course the 20th Anniversary of – my online presence began in October 1996 with a basic news website (under a couple of different names) before the domain was adopted in 1998 (or thereabouts!)...
To celebrate 20 years covering the music we all love, I am posting a number of 20FROM20 features, counting down some of the best music and artists of the last 20 years, 1996-2016.
So let’s get started!
01. HUMANIMAL - Humanimal
Named after a Talisman album, this one off project featuring JSS, Marcel Jacob and Pontus Norgren, it’s a masterclass in melodic, yet heavy and groovy hard rock. And the songs are simply unforgettable. Still one of my favourite JSS albums ever.
02. THE SIGN - Signs of Life
The production didn’t do justice to the quality of the songs, but this teaming of Terry Brock, Randy Jackson, Mark Mangold and Billy Greer was a true masterstroke. The guys wrote the material together, so it reflected a new band, not a project and the mix of progressive and AOR created some stunning music that is every bit as wonderful today.
03. KHARMA - Wonderland
One of my favourite Goran Edman fronted albums ever. Glorious Swedish album that has sadly never been followed up. Its pomp meets classic rock meets Scandi melodic rock. It’s brilliant.
04. MILLENIUM - Hourglass
Still one of the best Jorn Lande fronted albums and a brilliant mix of commercial hard rock and soaring chorus melodies with the power of Whitesnake or Blue Murder. Ralf Santolla and crew rule.
05. SNAKES IN PARADISE - Dangerous Love
Stefan Berggren remains one of the best vocalists around and he is sadly underrated as is this band. This is their best album and still one of my all time favourites from Sweden.
06. SR71 - Now You See Inside
The band defined the modern rock sound in the late 90s, a really promising band, terrific melodic yet powerful songs. Want to know what the nu-breed of melodic rock sounds like – it’s this album!
07. NELSON - Life
The Nelsons took a step back from their normal sound to deliver one of the finest pop/rock harmony records ever. This is still my favourite Nelson album – its pure pop, but it’s also pure melodic bliss. And the songs are unbelievably catchy.
            A little controversial because Jimi was fighting Frankie over the name, and the album had a
rough time in production, with the band having their own issues, but in the end it got made and the songs were moody and wonderful and the vocal performance from Jimi was glorious.
09. WESTWORLD - Westworld
TNT’s Tony Harnell and Riot’s Mark Reale with Bruno Ravel. This is the first of four albums and it perfectly demonstrates what I love about Tony when he turns slightly heavier and darker. Brilliant.
10. BOB CATLEY - The Tower
Bob’s debut solo album saw the Magnum vocalist turn heavier, darker and with the backing of Ten and the songs of Gary Hughes, he delivered a masterpiece. Ten meet Magnum, but heavier than both. Still sounding fresh and vibrant.
11. CROWN OF THORNS - Lost Cathedral
The debut album is the one that gets all the love, but don’t leave this one out of your collection. The sometimes patchy COT deliver their most consistent and strong album after the debut.
12. WHITESNAKE - Restless Heart
David Coverdale turns down the screams and sings in the tone of an older, mature vocalist, who may not have the range, but had lost none of the charisma and warmth only he could deliver. And some terrific mid-tempo songs too. Wish he’d come back to this style.
13. KIP WINGER - Thisconversationseemslikeadream
Personal tragedy provided lyrical depth not seen before from Kip, or just about any other artist for that matter. Musically it is like an opera, it is a true masterpiece and immediately become a long-time favourite. Mood, melody, intelligent arrangements and impossible not to love and respect.
14. SHUGAAZER - Shift
Paul Laine does modern melodic rock with the same class and talent as he does everything else. Hugely underrated album with some truly amazing songs, none better than the heart wrenching ballad Something Worth Waiting For.
15. ATTRACTION 65 - Attraction 65
Another modern album, but as with everything the late, great Gregg Fulkerson does, its filled with deep melodies, moody Springsteen-esque Americana. The difference here is the more modern sound and to be honest, these songs could have been on any radio station in the world, such was their quality.
16. LEVERAGE - Tides
Vocalist Pekka Heino and guitarist Torsti Spoof form the backbone of this album – another glorious slice of Scandinavian melodic hard rock/metal. Power, finesse and a big fat production equals an album that has not yet been topped.
17. BEGGARS & THIEVES - Look What You Create
Like Crown Of Thorns, B&T get all the love for their debut – well deserved to. But this is a fine quality album too and really showcases the awesome vocals of Louie Merlino. Another one of my favourite bands because they are different than the majority.
18. VON GROOVE - Test of Faith
Another instance of a band stepping back from heavier origins to concentrate on songs and delivering big time. It’s more melodic than any other album in their catalogue, and it really suited them. Easily my favourite Von Groove album.
19. ALFONZETTI - Ready
Matti Alfonzetti delivers a commercial melodic rock album with a few covers and a few originals, but all great performances and one for all fans of classic melodic rock.
20. STRANDED – Long way To Heaven
This album goes back to 1999 and I’m still waiting for a sequel! Agent’s Troy Reid brings his gruff, quirky vocals to a project fronted by Canadian guitarist Kenny Kaos (Pokerface/The Distance). Once again, it’s the songs that rule the day. I hated this on first listen, but just to demonstrate you never review anything until it’s worn in, I came to love it and still do.

2015 MelRock Awards (Abbreviated)


(Insert usual disclaimer and apologies for lateness)

(Insert usual disclaimer stating that it's never too late to revisit past releases and make sure you're not missing anything!)
Thanks for reading and sharing - this is the Best Albums Of 2015 and some of the very best songs from those albums. Apologies for the abbreviated format this year.
The 2015 MelRock Awards
2015 Album Of The Year



  1. Eclipse - Armaggedonize
  2. Toto - XIV
  3. Degreed - Dead But Not Forgotten
  4. Revolution Saints - Revolution Saints
  5. Peterik/Scherer - Risk Everything

  6. Maxx Explosion - Dirty Angels
  7. Art Nation - Revolution
  8. Europe - War Of Kings
  9. Def Leppard - Def Leppard
  10. Room Experience - Room Experience

  11. Find Me - Dark Angel
  12. Khymera - The Grand Design
  13. Soto - Inside The Vertigo
  14. Joel Hoekstra's 13 - Dying To Live
  15. The Radio Sun - Heaven Or Heartbreak
  16. Station - Station
  17. Constancia - Final Curtain
  18. Shinedown - Threat to Survival
  19. Halestorm - Into The Wild Life
  20. Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - Kingdom Of Rock

  21. Rick Springfield - Stripped Down
  22. Radio Exile - Radio Exile
  23. Care Of Night - Connected
  24. Skintrade - Scarred For Life
  25. FM - Heroes And Villans
  26. Talon - Fourplay
  27. Cain's Offering - Stormcrow
  28. Stryper - Fallen
  29. Sweet/Lynch - Only To Rise
  30. House Of Lords - Indestructable

  31. S.A.Y - Orion
  32. Ten - Isla De Muerta
  33. The Poodles - Devil In The Details
  34. Serpentine - Circle Of Knives
  35. COP - State Of Rock
  36. Blood Red Saints - Speedway
  37. Issa - Crossfire
  38. Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  39. The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak
  40. Praying Mantis - Legacy
  41. Cats In Space - Too Many Gods
  42. Jorn Lande and Trond Holter - Dracula - Swing Of Death
  43. Tonk - Ruby Voodoo
  44. Serpentine Sky - Serpentine Sky
  45. Trixter - Human Era
  46. Romeos Daughter - Spin
  47. Iron Maiden - Book Of Souls
  48. Voodoo Hill - Waterfall
  49. Martina Edoff - Unity
  50. Royal Mess - Nalle Pahlsson's Royal Mess
  51. Impellitteri - Venom
  52. Murder Of My Sweet - Beth Out Of Hell
  53. Bonfire - Glorious
  54. Mike Tramp - Nomad
  55. Royal Hunt - Devils Dozen
  56. Nelson - Peace Out
  57. Black Star Riders - The Killer Instinct
  58. Ozone - Self Defence
  59. Dennis Dries - I
  60. Michael Bormann - Closer 
2015 Best Songs (Just a few...)



2014 MelRock Awards

2014 MelRock Awards
Album Of The Year
01. H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls
02. Harem Scarem - Thirteen
03. Work Of Art - Framework
04. Night Ranger - High Road
05. Mr. Big - The Stories We Could Tell
06. Adriangale - Defiance
07. Seven - Seven
08. Magnum - Escape From The Shadow Garden
09. Vega - Stereo Messiah
10. Ammunition - Shanghaied
11. State Of Salazar - All The Way
12. The Radio Sun - Wrong Things Right
13. Dark Horse - Dark Horse
14. Brother Firetribe - Diamond In The Firepit
15. 7th heaven - Spectrum
16. Billy Idol - Kings & Queens Of The Underground
17. Night X Night - Night X Night
18. Stan Bush - The Ultimate
19. Ten - Albion
20. In Faith - There's A Storm Coming
21. LRS - Down To The Core
22. SunStrike - Rock Your World
23. Grand Design - Thrill Of The Night
24. Alien - Eternity
25. Johnny Lima - My Revolution
26. Within Temptation - Hydra
27. White Widdow - Crossfire
28. Winger - Better Days Comin'
29. Outloud - Let's Get Serious
30. Secret - End Of The Road
31. Dynazty - Renatus
32. Allen/Lande - The Great Divide
33. Dalton - Pit Stop
34. Free Spirit - All The Shades Of Darkened Light
35. Gotthard - Bang
36. Angels & Kings - Kings Of Nowhere
37. X-Drive - Get Your Rock On
38. Miss Behaviour - Double Agent
39. Overland - Epic
40. Crazy Lixx - Crazy Lixx
41. Threshold - For The Journey
42. Mike Tramp - Museum
43. Michael Sweet - My Suicide
44. Neonfly - Strangers In Paradise
45. Pretty Maids - Louder Than Ever
46. Rated X - Rated X
47. Sound Of Eternity - Visions & Dreams
48. Ferreira - V
49. Tango Down - Charming Devil
50. Unruly Child - Down The Rabbit Hole (Side 1)
51. Vanden Plas - Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld (Path One)
52. Three Lions - Three Lions
53. Loud Lion - Loud Lion
54. Axel Rudi Pell - Into The Storm
55. California Breed - California Breed
56. House Of Lords - Precious Metal
57. Slash - World On Fire
58. Evergrey - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown
59. Ace Frehley - Space Invader
60. Guardian - Home Again
2014 Song Of The Year
H.E.A.T - Point Of No Return
Harem Scarem - Midnight Hours
Ammunition - Wild Card
Work Of Art - How Do You Sleep
Night Ranger - High Road
06. Mr. Big - Fragile
07. H.E.A.T - A Shot At Redemption
08. Vega - Whenever We Are
09. LRS - Living 4 A Dream
10. Harem Scarem - Troubled Times
11. Adriangale - Defiance
12. Billy Idol - Can’t Break Me Down
13. Seven - Shoot To Kill
14. Magnum - Midnight Angel
15. The Radio Sun - Wrong Things Right
16. Stan Bush - Unstoppable
17. H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls
18. Work Of Art - Time To Let Go
19. Billy Idol - Bitter Pill
20. Brother Firetribe - For Better Or For Worse
21. Harem Scarem - Saints And Sinners
22. H.E.A.T - Eye For An Eye
23. Vega - All Or Nothing
24. Mr. Big - Gotta Love TheRide
25. Work Of Art - Can’t Let Go


Vocalist Of The Year
Erik Gronwall - For the brilliant performance on H.E.A.T and for being the frontman everyone wants to see.
Guitarist Of The Year
Eric Rivers (H.E.A.T) - A killer effort all on his own for the first time.
Bass Player Of The Year
Jack Blades (Night Ranger) - Still the most energetic bass player on the planet.
Keyboardist Of The Year
Lars Safsund & Robert Sall (Work Of Art) - For the finest AOR keyboards this side of 1986. Incredible!
Drummer Of The Year
Pat Torpey (Mr. Big) - For overcoming considerable odds and still kicking ass.
Producer Of The Year
Tobias Lindell - H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls. One word: perfection.
Best Compilation/Live
WET - One Live: In Stockholm
Toto - Live In Poland
Dennis DeYoung - …And The Music Of Styx, Live in Los Angeles
Stryper - Live At The Whisky
The Angels - 1974-2014 40 Years of Rock, Vol. 2: 40 Greatest Live Hits
01. Boston - Life Love & Hope
02. Love Rich - Respect The Rich
03. Swedish Hitz Goes Metal Vol. 2
04. Red Dragon Cartel
05. Sammy Hagar - Lite Roast
06. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Angels Of The Apocalypse
07. Ring Of Fire Battle Of Leningrad
08. Heart - Home For The Holidays
09. Ted Nugent - Shut Up & Jam
10. Richard Marx - Beautiful Goodbye





Welcome to the 2013 MelRock Awards.

Thanks again for reading and the great enthusiasm for these awards each year. For anyone new to this - this is not a vote or a poll; this is my own personal take on the music and news that I covered on over the course of 2013. These are my favourite songs, my favourite albums and whatever else...

In listing these artists and also handing out some awards, it is my hope as always that it will help remind folks of some music they missed or help them appreciate some of the artists behind the music for their efforts in 2013.
Enjoy the read and do let me know what you think!




Rise Up

Following up an acclaimed debut is no easy task, but these guys moved from a project to a band with this excellent sophomore release. A tougher, more cohesive album that contained some more stunning melodic rock songs.




Harem Scarem

Mood Swings II

This has to be the best effort at re-recording a classic album/old material by any band yet. The guys captured the energy and vibe of the original and still managed to add a few little twists. And the three new songs were as stunning as possibly could be.






7th Key

I Will Survive

A sum of its parts more than individual highlights, but in the end it was everything that folks expected from the highly accomplished pair of Greer and Slamer. A more technical and progressive slice of melodic rock this time around, and so much depth to the production.





We Don't Belong

With hardly any promotion and a label that disappeared soon after the release of this album, the Swedish lads still managed to push a genre forward with a highly addictive and memorable set of songs that helps modernize the classic melodic rock sound we all love.


The Poodles

Tour De Force

Proof that a band can still continue to learn and improve, even on their fifth outing. The band struggled with the album prior to this, but stormed back to the forefront of Scandi melodic hard rock here.




Magnus Karlsson's FreeFall - Magnus Karlsson's FreeFall

- Powerful, passionate and right in your face from start to end!





Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin

- From diversity comes the rewards...and EC storm back with their most melodic work yet.




Adriangale - Suckerpunch

- Great to have these guys back and.




Heaven & Earth - Dig

- The return of classic rock - in a truly classic sense. An epic album right out of 1977.




The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs

- You can teach an old dog new tricks! An inspired pairing of musicians here. /font>

11 House Of Shakira - Pay To Play
12 Steve Lukather - Transition 
13 Vega - What The Hell 
14 Find Me - Wings Of Love 
15 Revolution Road - Revolution Road 
16 The Theander Expression - Strange Nostalgia 
17 John Elefante - On My Way To The Sun
18 Newman - Siren 
19 Brett Walker - Straight Jacket Vacation 
20 Faith Circus - Turn Up The Band  


21 Covered Call - Impact
22 Stryper - No More Hell To Pay
23 Fergie Frederiksen - Any Given Moment 
24 Crashdiet - The Savage Playgound 
25 Royal Hunt - A Life To Die For 
26 N.O.W. - Bohemian Kingdom 
27 Burning Rain - Epic Obsession 
28 Deep Purple - Now What?! 
29 Sparklands - Tomocyclus 
30 Jesse Damon - Midnight In The Garden Of Eve  


31 Bai Bang - All Around The World
32 Laneslide - Flying High
33 Tainted Nation - F.E.A.R
34 Tom Kiefer - The Way Life Goes
35 FM - Rockville
36 Fate - If Not For The Devil
37 Pretty Maids - Motherland
38 Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose 
39 Coney Hatch - Four
40 Robin Beck - Underneath 


Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)
  • Dream Theater - Dream Theater
  • LRB - Cuts Like A Diamond
  • Guru - White
  • Hardcore Superstar - C'mon Take On Me
  • ColdSpell - Frozen Paradise
  • Code Of Silence - Dark Skies Over Babylon
  • Redrum - Victims Of Our Circumstances
  • Houston - II
  • Michael Schenker - Temple Of Rock
  • Dream Theater - Dream Theater
  • Bombay Black - Bullets And Booze
  • Edge - Heaven Knows
  • Mad Max - Interceptor
  • Human Fortress - Raided Land
  • Reckless Love - Spirit
  • Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial
  • Gary Schutt - Moving Parts
  • Arc Angel - Harlequins Of Light
  • Snowfall - Cold Silence
  • Fair Warning - Sundancer
  • Jorn - Symphonic
  • Vertical Horizon - Echoes From The Underground
  • Starship feat. Mickey Thomas - Loveless Fascination
  • Ra - Critical Mass
  • Angelica - Thrive
  • James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance
  • Daryl Braithwaite - Forever The Tourist
  • Rage Of Angels - Dreamworld 


  1. Magnus Karlsson's FreeFall - Magnus Karlsson's FreeFall
  2. Tainted Nation - F.E.A.R.
  3. Dream Theater - Dream Theater
  4. Royal Hunt - A Life To Die For
  5. Human Fortress - Raided Land
  6. James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance
  7. Jorn - Symphonic
  8. Pamela Moore - Resurrect Me
  9. Death Dealer - War Machine
  10. Stormzone - Three Kings

..(New Band/Artist/Solo Debut, Not Project)

  1. The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs
  2. The Theander Expression - Strange Nostalgia
  3. Tainted Nation - F.E.A.R.
  4. Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose
  5. Laneslide - Flying High
  6. Code Of Silence - Dark Skies Over Babylon
  7. Angelica - Thrive
  8. Rage Of Angels - Dreamworld
  9. Sparklands - Tomocyclus
  10. Snowfall - Cold Silence
  11. De La Cruz - Street Level
  12. LaValle - Dear Sanity
  1. Def Leppard - Viva! Hysteria
  2. Europe - Live At Sweden Rock
  3. John Waite - All Access! Live
  4. Whitesnake - Made In England
  5. Lita Ford - The Bitch Is Back, Live
  6. Nightwish - Showtime, Storytime
  7. Ted Nugent - Ultralive Ballisticrock
  8. Hartmann - The Best Is Yet To Come
  9. Great White - 30 Years, Live From The Sunset Strip
  10. Axel Rudi Pell - Live On Fire
  1. Sammy Hagar - Standing Hampton/VOA/Three Lock Box/Sammy Hagar (Japan Re-Issues)
  2. HSAS - Through The Fire (Japan HM-CD Re-Issue)
  3. Crashdiet - The Demo Sessions (Indie)
  4. Blue Murder - Blue Murder (Rock Candy)
  5. Stan Bush & Barrage - Stan Bush & Barrage (Rock Candy)
  6. Honeymoon Suite - HMS, The Big Prize, Racing After Midnight (Rock Candy)
  7. Alcatrazz - No Parole From Rock n Roll, Live Sentence – No Parole From Rock'N'Roll, Disturbing The Peace, Dangerous Games (Metal Mind)
  8. Streets - Streets, Crimes In Mind (Rock Candy)
  9. Various Titles - Swedish Metal Classics (EMI Digital Sweden)
  10. Lou Gramm - Long Hard Look (Rock Candy)
  1. Harem Scarem - World Gone To Pieces

    Classic melodic rock. Period. Brilliant, infectious and my most played song of 2013!

  2. W.E.T. - Walk Away

  3. Degreed - What If

  4. Harem Scarem - Anarchy

  5. Revolution Road - Shooting Star

  6. W.E.T. - What You Want
  7. 7th Key - I Will Survive
  8. Newman - Feel Her Again
  9. Degreed - Blind Hearted
  10. Revolution Road - Wings Of Hope
  11. Royal Hunt - A Life To Die For
  12. W.E.T. - Broken Wings
  13. John Elefante - On My Way To The Sun
  14. House of Shakira - Bending The Law
  15. Find Me - Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat
  16. Robin Beck - Wrecking Ball
  17. Steve Lukather - Judgement Day
  18. Degreed - Access Denied
  19. House of Shakira - Pay To Play
  20. Adriangale - The Black And Blue
  21. The Theander Experience - Conception Of Life
  22. 7th heaven - We Live Life Young
  23. N.O.W. - I'm Alive
  24. Royal Hunt - One Minute Left To Live
  25. Rage Of Angels - Over And Over
  26. Eden's Curse - Unbreakable
  27. Crashdiet - California
  28. Degreed - Inside of Me
  29. AOR - Secrets In The Shadows
  30. Eden's Curse - Evil & Divine
  31. Newman - Scar Of Love
  32. John Elefante - This Is How The Story Goes
  33. Faith Circus - Sunshine Radio
  34. The Winery Dogs - Elevate
  35. Tainted Nation - Never Promised You Anything
  36. Steve Lukather - Do I Stand Alone
  37. Bai Bang - Gonna Make It
  38. Jesse Damon - Black Widow
  39. Deep Purple - A Simple Song
  40. Brett Walker - Reaching For The Stars
  41. Covered Call - Lorainne
  42. Gary Schutt - Half A World Away
  43. Eden's Curse - Break The Silence
  44. Rage Of Angels - See You Walking By
  45. Faith Circus - Inside The Circus
  46. The Theander Experience - Strange Nostalgia
  47. Covered Call - When The Lights Are Out
  48. Revolution Road - Pretending Hearts
  49. Arc Angel - California Daze
  50. Laneslide - Flying High
  51. Dogface - Back On The Street
  52. Fergie Frederiksen - When The Battle Is Over
  53. Fergie Frederiksen - Price For Loving You
  54. LaValle - Don't Cry
  55. Reckless Love - Night On Fire
  56. Dream Theater - The Looking Glass
  57. The Poddles - Shut Up!
  58. Coney Hatch - Revive
  59. Covered Call - Hold On
  60. Adgriangale - Could Have Been Me
  61. Harem Scarem - Brighter Day
  62. Seventh Key - The Only One
  63. Heaven & Earth - A Day Like Today
  64. Houston - I'm Coming Home
  65. Revolution Road - Revolution Road
  66. Adriangale - The World We Knew
  67. Lost Weekend - Perfect
  68. House of Shakira - Same Old Story
  69. Dogface - Back On The Streets
  70. Hardcore Superstar - Above The Law
Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)
  • Steve Lukather - Creep Motel
  • The Winery Dogs - I'm No Angel
  • The Winery Dogs - The Other Side
  • The Winery Dogs - Not Hopeless
  • Angelica - Breaking My Heart
  • Angelica - Can't Stop Love
  • Angelica - Nothing Else You Can Break
  • Faith Circus - Turn Up The Band
  • Faith Circus - Restless Heart
  • Houston - Back To The Summer Of Love
  • Houston - Glory
  • Bombay Black - Helluva Time
  • Bombay Black - All The Same In The Dark
  • Bombay Black - Queen Of Denial
  • Bombay Black - Bad Boy
  • House of Shakira - Dopamin Junkie
  • House of Shakira - Two Things
  • House of Shakira - All You Want
  • Arc Angel - Harlequins Of Light
  • Adriangale - Believe
  • Adriangale - When I Said You'd Be The One
  • Black Star Riders - Kissin' The Ground
  • Black Star Riders - Bound For Glory
  • Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose
  • Burning Rain - Sweet Little Baby Thing
  • Burning Rain - My Lust Your Fate
  • Burning Rain - Our Time Is Gonna Come
  • Coney Hatch - Blown Away
  • Coney Hatch - Down & Dirty
  • Crashdiet - Cocaine Cowboys
  • Crashdiet - Change The World
  • Crashdiet - Got A Reason
  • De La Cruz - Turn It Up
  • De La Cruz - Legions On Love
  • Degreed - In For The Ride
  • Degreed - Black Cat
  • Degreed - Just Another Heartache
  • Diamond Dawn - Take Me Higher
  • Diamond Dawn - Cryin'
  • Diamond Dawn - The Hunter
  • Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside
  • Dream Theater - The Bigger Picture
  • Fate - If Not For The Devil
  • Fergie Frederiksen - Last Battle Of My War
  • Fergie Frederiksen - Candles In The Dark
  • Find Me - Road To Nowhere
  • Find Me - One Soul
  • Goo Goo Dolls - When The World Breaks Your Heart
  • Goo Goo Dolls - Caught In The Storm
  • Hardcore Superstar - C'mon And Love Me
  • Little River Band - Cuts Like A Diamond
  • Little River Band - Forever You Forever Me
  • Little River Band - The Lost And The Lonely
  • Magnus Karlsson's Freefall - Freefall
  • Magnus Karlsson's Freefall - Higher
  • Magnus Karlsson's Freefall - Heading Out
  • Magnus Karlsson's Freefall - On Fire
  • Code Of Silence - Dark Skies Over Babylon
  • Pink Cream 69 - Land Of Confusion
  • Pink Cream 69 - Wasted Years
  • Pink Cream 69 - The Tide
  • Place Vendome - The Power Of Music
  • Pretty Maids - The Mother Of All Lies
  • Pretty Maids - The Iceman
  • Pretty Maids - Motherland
  • Ra - Beautiful
  • Ra - Awake
  • Reckless Love - Bad Lovin'
  • Reckless Love - Edge of Our Dreams
  • Reckless Love - Dying To Live
  • Seventh Key - Lay It On The Line
  • Seventh Key - I See You There
  • Seventh Key - When Love Sets You Free
  • Sparklands - The Game
  • Starship feat. Mickey Thomas - It's Not The Same As Love
  • Starship feat. Mickey Thomas - Loveless Fascination
  • Starship feat. Mickey Thomas - What Did I Ever Do
  • Stryper - No More Hell To Pay
  • Stryper - The One
  • Stryper - Water Into Wine
  • The Poodles - Happily Ever After
  • The Poodles - Misery Loves Company
  • The Poodles - Viva Democracy
  • LaValle - Scared To Love
  • LaValle - Break Your Heart
  • 7th heaven - Pages
  • W.E.T. - The Moment
  • W.E.T. - Learn To Love Again
  • W.E.T. - Rise Up
  • Royal Hunt - Hell Comes Down From Heaven
  • Vertical Horizon - You Never Let Me Down
  • Gary Schutt - A Million Miles An Hour
  • Heaven & Earth - Victorious
  • Heaven & Earth - No Money, No Love
  • Paris - Dancing On The Edge
  • Paris - South Of Love
  • Paris - America
  • Reece - Someone Beautiful
  • Human Fortress - Raided Land
  • Maxx Explosion - Devil's Locomotive
  • Maxx Explosion - Falling Away
  • Maxx Explosion - Don't Wanna Break
  • FM - Tough Love
  • FM - Only Foolin'
  • FM - Story Of My Life
  • Newman - Had Enough
  • Newman - When It Comes To Love
  • Brett Walker - What About You
  • Brett Walker - Better Than Goodbye
  • Jesse Damon - Garden Of Eve
  • Jesse Damon - A Chance For Us
  • Jesse Damon - Save Me
  • Guru - Straight To Your Heart
  • Tom Kiefer - Solid Ground
  • Tom Kiefer - It's Not Enough
  • Tom Kiefer - Cold Day In Hell
  • Tom Kiefer - Ain't That A Bitch
  • Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin
  • Eden's Curse - Rock Bottom


  1. Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside
  2. Magnus Karlsson - Free Fall
  3. Tainted Nation - Dare You
  4. Royal Hunt - A Bullet's Tale
  5. Human Fortress - Child Of War
  6. Death Dealer - Hammer Down
  7. Timo Tolkki's Avalon - A World Without Us
  8. Dream Theater - Surrender To Reason
  9. Jorn - Traveller
  10. Taberah - Burning In The Moonlight
  1. Magnus Karlsson's Freefall - Stronger (feat. Tony Harnell)
  2. Steve Lukather - Once Again
  3. Robin Beck - I Swear The Nights
  4. Heaven & Earth - I Don't Know What Love Is
  5. W.E.T. - Still Believe
  6. Steve Lukather - Right The Wrong
  7. Fergie Frederiksen - How Many Roads
  8. N.O.W. - Strong Enough
  9. Robin Beck - Underneath
  10. Seventh Key - What's Love Supposed To Be
  11. Faith Circus - Tears You've Never Cried
  12. Eden's Curse - Fallen From Grace
  13. Bai Bang - How About Now
  14. John Elefate - This Time
  15. Jesse Damon - Save The World
2013 Best Artwork
2 3


2013 Best Promotional Videos





2013 Artist Awards

Fergie Frederiksen (R.I.P.) & Brett Walker (R.I.P.)
Fergie and Brett win for Vocalists Of The Year not only for their superb albums delivered this year, but for their career spanning influence on the melodic music industry. Both were friends of mine and both will be dearly missed.

Honorable Mentions - Jeff Scott Soto (W.E.T), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Joe Retta (Heaven & Earth), Robin Ericsson (Degreed), Stefan Berggren (Revolution Road), Nikola Mijic (Eden's Curse), Jamie Rowe (Adriangale).

Past Winners:
2012 - Rick Springfield
2011 - Eric Martin
2010 - Marcie Free
2009 - John Elefante
2008 - Arnel Pineda
2007 - Mike Reno
2006 - Pekka Ansio Heino
2005 - Jorn Lande
2004 - Jeff Scott Soto
2003 - Harry Hess.


Thorsten Koehne (Eden's Curse)
A guitarist who I think is underrated when it comes to handing out praise for their work, so hopefully this recognition will go some way to correcting that. His work on the latest Eden's Curse record is simply stunning as is his efforts on the previous albums. Impossible to replicate!

Honorable Mentions - Stuart Smith (Heaven & Earth), Steve Lukather, Mike Slamer (Seventh Key), Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem), Magnus Karlsson (FreeFall), Vic Rivera (Adriangale), Stu Marshall (Death Dealer, Empires Of Eden) and Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs).

Past Winners:
2012 - Eddie Van Halen
2011 - Neal Schon
2010 - Steve Lukather
2009 - Erik Martensson
2008 - Doug Aldrich
2007 - Thorsten Koehne
2006 - Steve Lukather
2005 - Magnus Karlsson


Mike Mangini (Dream Theater)
A sublime effort on the latest Dream Theater album, giving the band a renewed focus on songwriting and delivering a classic DT album with all the quality and feel of their best work.

Honorable Mentions - Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse), Richie Onori (Heaven & Earth), Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs), Mats Ericsson (Degreed).

Past Winners:
2012 - Alex Van Halen
2011 - Pat Torpey
2010 - Jamie Borger
2009 - Steve West
2008 - The Drum Machine
2007 - Kelly Keagy
2006 - Simon Phillips
2005 - Daniel Flores.


Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs)
Because he's simply amazing!

Honorable mentions - Billy Greer (Seventh Key), Paul Logue (Eden's Curse), Chuck Wright (Heaven & Earth).

Past Winners:
2012 - Wolfgang Van Halen
2011 - Billy Sheehan
2010 - Nalle Pahlsson
2009 - Bruno Ravel
2008 - Matt Bissonette
2007 - Jack Blades
2006 - Marcel Jacob


Eric Ragno (Jesse Damon, Mecca, London, Redrum, Chasing Violets, Rockers For St. Jude)
Mr. Keyboards is now named the honourary title holder for future Keyboardist Of The Year Awards. So Eric, that means you have to let others have a turn now! Another awesome year for one of the best guys around.

Honorable mentions - Arlan Schierbaum (Heaven & Earth), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Road, Fergie Frederiksen, Silent Force, AOR, LaValle, Laneslide, Axe), Steve Williams (Eden's Curse).

Past Winners:
2012 - Alessandro Del Vecchio
2011 - Eric Ragno
2010 - CJ Vanston
2009 - Darren Wharton
2008 - Eric Ragno
2007 - Eric Ragno.


Alessandro Del Vecchio (Fergie Frederiksen, Revolution Road, Paris, Charming Grace, Code Of Silence)
Moving from Keyboardist Of The Year in 2012 to Producer OTY in 2013. And 2014 looks no less busy for the Italian maestro who is putting his stamp on a number of high profile projects - all of which have come up winners so far!

Honorable mentions - Dave Jenkins (Heaven & Earth), Paul Logue (Eden's Curse, Code of Silence), Erik Martensson (W.E.T.), Mike Slamer (Seventh Key), CJ Vanston (Steve Lukather)

Past Winners:
2012 - Erik Martensson
2011 - Kevin Shirley
2010 - Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston, Steve MacMillan
2009 - Erik Martensson
2008 - Dennis Ward
2007 - Dennis Ward
2006 - Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem)
2005 - Dennis Ward
2004 - Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi
2003 - Tommy Denander.

2013 Rest In Peace

Lou Reed, George Kristy (White Widdow), Jan Kuehnemund (Vixen), Fernando Perugino Sr. (father of Frontiers Records president Serafino), Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult), Peppi Marchello (The Good Rats), JJ Cale, Shaun Kirkpatrick (Bronz), Magnus Kristensson (Mister Kite), Petra Degelow (Bad Sister), Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Jeff Hanneman (Slayer), Michael Sundén (Swedish rock n roll manager for the likes of ColdSpell and others), Richie Havens, Chrissy Amphlett (The Divinyls), Storm Thorgerson (cover artist), Andy Johns (Producer), Peter Banks (Genesis), Clive Burr (Iron Maiden), Alvin Lee (Ten Years After).

Worst Of 2013


  1. Bret Michaels - Jammin' With People I Paid A Lot Of Money Too
  2. Boston - Life, Love & Hope
  3. Sammy Hagar - Sammy Hagar & Friends
  4. Thunderfuck & The Deadly Romantics - Starfucker
  5. Tribute Albums - All Of Them! Down at the Whiskey: A Tribute to Mötley Crüe's Greatest Hits - 1981 - 2013; Still of the Night: A Millennium Tribute to Whitesnake; Fly Like An Eagle – An All-Star Tribute To Steve Miller Band; All-Start Tribute To The Who; All-Star Tribute To Supertramp.
  6. Amaze Me - Guilty As Sin
  7. Hedley - Wild Life
  8. Berlin - Animal
  9. Kingdom Come - Outlier






2013 WTF?

W. T. F!

Boston - underdone. That one word should sum that whole release up. My review was very critical, yet some others called for my 65% to be further reduced by tenfold! I did receive one single email in the album's defence - a lengthy letter outlining all the reasons why my review was too critical and the score too low, but nothing could ever change my mind there. I'm convinced it will be the final Boston release. Not even the cover art was worthy of the Boston name. Good one Tom!

Bret Michaels - if he's got any friends left after that last solo release I'd be surprised. I can't imagine anyone will ever be talked into future 'special guest' slots on any recording projects. Just get Poison recording again already!

FireFest - final fling indeed. Can't say I blame them. Busting your ass to put on a huge event like that with no financial backing or sponsorship and working within a finite pool of bands that folks will pay to see is a hard task. I should know! MRF4 will likely be the last one for a while also - not because it has/will lose money (not so) - but merely because the investment required to bring in bigger names is too much of a risk without corporate backing. Simple economics. It's a hell of a job to put together, so time for a year off.

I guess we know who won the battle of the Queensryche's!

7th heaven had their own brush with lead singer disease in the form of former Idol contestant Anthony Fedorov. They continue their search for a new long term frontman.

Yngwie Malmsteen issued his own version of history with his Relentless memoir, but the Anders Tengner written unofficial one is far better!

Note to Jon Bon Jovi - you can run your corporation as you see fit, but don't expect fans to want to buy shares in your corp without question if your MVP isn't there - don't forget what made the corporation what it is today!

Is there a silly band name than State Cows? Please no more naming bands with farm animals.

Best speech EVER - Alex Lifeson for the Rush Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame induction -

Worst album title for 2013 - Michael Des Barres - Hot And Sticky Live. And the cover does him no favors either...


Air Drums. That is all.



1991 MelRock Awards


I often get asked what my favourite albums of past years (before this site) were. So I am beginning to address that by filling in the gaps. These are pretty simple Top 30 lists of the best (or my favourite at least) albums of that particular year. It was really interesting going back over those years and remembering just what albums came out when and how they stack up against each other now...some 15-20 years later! Amazingly....not too much has changed as far as my tastes and opinions.

Presenting what I call my favourite albums of the year 1991...

  1. Mr. Big - Lean Into It
  2. Bad English - Backlash
  3. Tyketto - Don't Come Easy
  4. White Lion - Mane Attraction
  5. Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
  6. Richie Sambora - Stranger In This Town
  7. Shadowking - Shadowking
  8. Harem Scarem - Harem Scarem
  9. Tom Cochrane - Mad Mad World
  10. The Storm - The Storm
  11. Skid Row - Slave To The Grind
  12. Little Angels - Young Gods
  13. Eddie Money - Right Here
  14. Queen - Innuendo
  15. Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
  16. Tesla - Psychotic Supper
  17. Baby Animals - Baby Animals
  18. BB Steal - On The Edge
  19. Neverland - Neverland
  20. Screaming Jets - All For One
  21. Stage Dolls - Stripped
  22. MSG - MSG
  23. LA Guns - Hollywood Vampires
  24. Dare - Blood From Stone
  25. Foreigner - Unusual Heat
  26. Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II
  27. Contraband - Contraband
  28. Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbours
  29. Honeymoon Suite - Monsters Under The Bed
  30. Tall Stories - Tall Stories

BEST OF 1993


I often get asked what my favourite albums of past years (before this site) were. So I am beginning to address that by filling in the gaps. These are pretty simple Top 30 lists of the best (or my favourite at least) albums of that particular year. It was really interesting going back over those years and remembering just what albums came out when and how they stack up against each other now...some 15-20 years later! Amazingly....not too much has changed as far as my tastes and opinions.

Presenting what I call my favourite albums of the year 1993...

  1. Harem Scarem - Mood Swings
  2. Coverdale Page - Coverdale Page
  3. Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell 2
  4. Winger - Pull
  5. Aerosmith - Get A Grip
  6. Crown Of Thorns - Crown Of Thorns
  7. Rush - Counterparts
  8. Poison - Native Tongue
  9. Mark Free - Long Way From Love
  10. Mothers Army - Mothers Army
  11. Riverdogs - Bone
  12. Blue Murder - Nothing But Trouble
  13. Talisman - Genesis
  14. Def Leppard - Retroactive
  15. Henry Lee Summer - Slamdunk
  16. Mr. Big - Bump Ahead
  17. Jeff Paris - Lucky This Time
  18. Vince Neil - Exposed
  19. Robert Plant - Fate Of Nations
  20. Joey C Jones & The Glory Hounds - Joey C Jones & The Glory Hounds
  21. Paul Sabu - In Dreams
  22. Red Dawn - Never Surrender
  23. Shotgun Symphony - Shotgun Symphony
  24. Heart - Desire Walks On
  25. Deep Purple - The Battle Rages On
  26. Freaks Of Nature - Freaks Of Nature
  27. Carl Dixon - One
  28. Magnum - Keep The Nite Lite Burning
  29. Kings Of The Sun - Ressurection
  30. Gotthard - Dial Hard 

BEST OF 1997



  1. Night Ranger - Neverland
  2. Danger Danger - Four The Hard Way
  3. Sahara Snow - Sahara Snow
  4. Hugo - Hugo
  5. Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity
  6. Stage Dolls - Dig
  7. Whitesnake - Restless Heart
  8. Harem Scarem - Believe / Karma Cleansing
  9. John Waite - When You Were Mine
  10. Kevin Chalfant - Running With The Wind
  11. Motley Crue - Generation Swine
  12. Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge
  13. The Distance - The Distance
  14. Night Ranger - Rock In Japan Live
  15. Sammy Hagar - Marching To Mars
  16. Mark Spiro - Devotion
  17. Beggars And Thieves - Look What You Create
  18. Loverboy - 6
  19. Kip Winger - This converstaion (late '96 I Know!!)
  20. Steve Lukather - Luke 


  1. Rick Springfield - Lust
  2. Whitesnake - Restless Heart
  3. Night Ranger - Sunday Morning
  4. Danger Danger - Heartbreak Suicide
  5. Hugo - If You're Ever Lonley
  6. Rick Springfield - Rovianne
  7. Danger Danger - I Don't Need You
  8. Night Ranger - My Elusive Mind
  9. Harem Scarem - Victim Of Fate
  10. Dream Theater - Hollow Years
  11. Rick Springfield - Stranger
  12. Danger Danger - Still Kicking
  13. Harem Scarem - I Won't Be There
  14. The Distance - Brighter You Burn
  15. Stage Dolls - Cold Air Breezin'
  16. Dream Theater - Take Away My Pain
  17. Whitesnake - Don't Fade Away
  18. John waite - Suicide Life
  19. Loverboy - Big Picture
  20. Hugo - Walk Away 
BEST OF 1996


  • Tom Cochrane - Ragged Ass Road
  • Journey - Trial By Fire
  • Stan Bush - Higher Than Angels
  • Glen Burtnick - Retrospectacle
  • Glen Burtnik - Palookaville
  • Glenn Hughes - Addiction
  • Rush - Test For Echo
  • Cyclone Tracy - One Eyed
  • Aldo Nova - Nova's Dream
  • Mark Spiro - Now Is Then, Then Is Now
  • Ten - Ten
  • Storm - Eye Of The Storm 

Best of 1998

r e c o m m e n d e d l i s t e n i n g's
BEST OF 1998 - final edition! My personal Top 30 for 1998:



  1. Rick Springfield - Karma (Was there ever any doubt?)
  2. Night Ranger - Seven
  3. Stuart Smith - Heaven And Earth
  4. Tom Cochrane - X-Ray Sierra
  5. Unruly Child - Waiting For The Sun
  6. Fiore - Body Electric
  7. Bob Catley - The Tower
  8. Richie Sambora - Undiscovered Soul
  9. Mark Free - Long Way From Love Re-Issue
  10. House Of Shakira - On The Verge
  11. Dare - Calm Before The Storm
  12. David Carl Band - Can't Slow Down
  13. Snakes In Paradise - Garden Of Eden
  14. Axel Rudi Pell - Oceans Of Time
  15. Harem Scarem - Big Bang Theory
  16. Emerald Rain - Broken Saviours
  17. Crown Of Thorns - Lost Cathederal
  18. Jimmy Lawrence - The World Is Round
  19. Fiore - Today Till Tomorrow
  20. Heartland - Miracles By Design
  21. Change Of Heart - Change Of Heart
  22. Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl
  23. Steelhouse Lane - Metallic Blue
  24. Corey Hart - Jade
  25. Hush - If You Smile
  26. Ten - Never Say Goodbye
  27. Men At Work - Brazil
  28. Gary Hughes - Precious Ones
  29. Nelson - Silence Is Broken
  30. Stream - Stream 


  • Journey - Remember Me
  • Rick Springfield - Ordinary Girl
  • Rick Springfield - It's Always Something
  • Rick Springfield - In Veronica's Head
  • Goo Goo Dolls - Slide
  • Tom Cochrane - I Wonder
  • Tom Cochrane - Heartbreak Girl
  • David Carl Band - Love Is Like Heaven
  • David Carl Band - Trapped
  • Jimmy Lawrence - Rose Tattoo
  • Jimmy Lawrence - All We Have Is Our Dreams
  • Southpaw - Christmas
  • Axel Rudi Pell - Carousel
  • Motley Crue - Enslaved
  • Unruly Child - Heart Run Free
  • Unruly Child - Man Inside
  • Corey Hart - So Visable
  • Emerald Rain - Broken Saviors
  • House Of Shakira - Best Of Times
  • House Of Shakira - Ghost In Town
  • Stuart Smith - When A Blind Man Cries
  • Stuart Smith - Heaven & Earth
  • Stuart Smith - Do You Ever Think Of Me
  • Bob Catley - Scream
  • Bob Catley - Dreams
  • Intruder - Yesterday's Gone
  • Harem Scarem - So Blind
  • Harem Scarem - Climb The Gate
  • Dare - Deliverance
  • Dare - Crown Of Thorns
  • Dare - Silence OF Your Head
  • Crown Of Thorns - Lost Cathedral
  • Van Halen - One I Want
  • Van Halen - From Afar
  • Fiore - Good For Nothing
  • Fiore - Fool Yourself
  • Night Ranger - Sing Of The Times
  • Night Ranger - Mother Mayhem
  • Night Ranger - Revelation
  • Richie Sambora - All That Really Matters
  • Richie Sambora - Harlem Rain
  • Change Of Heart - Always Be The One
  • Mark Free - Who Cries Now (Live)
  • Mark Free - Iron Eagle (Live) 

Best Of 1999

r e c o m m e n d e d l i s t e n i n g's


THE FINAL WORD.'s ESSENTIAL RELEASES (and final comments) OF 1999.

So here we are. Another year gone by and another new one just about underway.
I am going to cover a few things with this end of year coverage - starting with a list of my favourite releases and favourite songs of 1999.
Then some awards! A lighter look at what's been...



  1. Steelhouse Lane - Slaves Of The New World
  2. Nelson - Life
  3. Fergie Frederiksen - Equilibrium
  4. Jimi Jamison's Survivor - Empires
  5. Westworld - Westworld
  6. Rick Springfield - Karma (US Release)
  7. Glenn Hughes - The Way It Is
  8. Stranded - Long Way To Heaven
  9. Von Groove - Test Of Faith
  10. TNT - Transistor
  11. Harlan Cage - Forbidden Colors
  12. Henry Lee Summer - Smoke & Mirrors
  13. Harem Scarem (Rubber) - Rubber
  14. Jaded Heart - IV
  15. Eddie Money - Ready Eddie
  16. Sammy Hagar - Red Voodoo
  17. Def Leppard - Euphoria
  18. Johnny Lima - Shine On
  19. Badlands - Dusk
  20. Beggars & Thieves - The Grey Album
  21. Emerald Rain - Age Of Innocence
  22. Danny Danzi - Somewhere Lost in Time
  23. Rick Price - Another Place
  24. Alliance - Missing Piece
  25. Mike & The Mechanics - M6
  26. Ten - Spellbound
  27. Fiore - Body Electric
  28. Burning Rain - Burning Rain
  29. Michael Morales - That's The Way
  30. Dream Theaer - Metropolis Part 2

15 BEST SONGS: In Order

  1. Steelhouse Lane - Seven Seas
  2. Nelson - I Would If You Want Me To
  3. Jimi Jamison's Survivor - Cry Tough
  4. Def Leppard - Promises
  5. Rick Springfield - Big Beautiful Friday Night
  6. Steelhouse Lane - Slaves Of The New World
  7. Nelson - Let's Talk About Me
  8. Fergie Frederiksen - Equilibrium
  9. Harlan Cage - Two Ships In The Night
  10. Beggars & Thieves - Gypsy
  11. Harem Scarem - Trip
  12. Jaded Heart - When You Hear The Thunder
  13. Toto - Caught In The Balance
  14. Stranded - Only Human
  15. TNT - Wide Awake

Honorable Mentions: (In No Order)

  • Steelhouse Lane - All I Believe In
  • Phoenix Down - Love Gone Wrong
  • Bob Catley - Where The Heart Is
  • Jaded Heart Take My Soul
  • Emerald Rain - Don't Tell The Rain
  • T'Pau - With A Little Luck
  • Robin McAuley - Every Little Thing
  • Harem Scarem - Stuck With You
  • Harem Scarem - Its Gotta Be
  • Jimi Jamison's Survivor - Empires
  • Jimi Jamison's Survivor - First Day Of Love
  • Phoenix Down - Walk With You
  • Alliance - I'd Give Anything
  • Michael Morales - Blood
  • Aerosmith Tribute - Sweet Emotion
  • Aerosmith Tribute - Rag Doll
  • Stranded - Coming Of Age
  • Stranded - Heart So Cold
  • John Elefante - If You Believe
  • John Elefante - The Stream
  • Tal Bachman - She's So High
  • Danny Danzi - I Want To Spend My Life With You
  • Harlan Cage - Hard Yellow Line
  • Rick Price - Baby It's You
  • King Of Hearts - Hold On To Love
  • TNT - No Such Thing
  • Ratt - We Don't Belong
  • Nelson - She Sheila
  • Def Lepaprd - Demolition Man
  • Badlands - Sun Red Sun
  • Badlands - Walking Attitude
  • Great White - In The Tradition
  • Eddie Money - Can't Go On
  • Eddie Money - Don't Say No Tonight
  • Henry Lee Summer - Earth To Suzi
  • Johnny Lima - Star
  • Johnny Lima - My Country 'Tis Of Thee
  • Johnny Lima - Only The Strong Survive
  • Sammy Hagar - The Love
  • Sammy Hagar - Right On Right
  • Glenn Hughes - You Kill Me
  • Amaze Me - Wonderland
  • Fergie Frederiksen - All For Love
  • Fergie Frederiksen - Mata Hari
  • Toto - Mad About You
  • Ten - Inside The Pyramid Of Light
  • Ten - We Rule The Night
  • Von Groove - Test Of Faith
  • Von Groove - It Should Have Been Me
  • Fiore - Fool Yourself
  • Fiore - The Only Way We'll Know




The major question!! What will be the best albums of 2000?
Surely if Journey actually get an album recorded and released, it will be hard to beat.
Same goes for Damn Yankees! And speaking of Night Ranger (sort of), the other guys in the band are all planning releases, so they should register highly in the 2000 best of lists.
I have already heard the Danger Danger, so I can safely say that will be on the best of 2000 list.
House Of Shakira hopefully will get their album done and signed. That's bound to be solid AOR, as is the new Kevin Chalfant/Josh Ramos project Two Fires.
Jim Peterik's world Stage is classic AOR /Midwest pop rock at it's best and on a heavier note, if Impelliteri can get it together, their albums are always a highlight.
The Danny Vaughn album has huge potential, but does he want to record classic AOR or something a little more modern?
Signs Of Life could be awesome, especially with Terry Brock back on deck.
Could Big Bad Wolf pull off a Steelhouse Lane and go from a pretty good debut to a sensational follow up? And how about the two Slamer projects - Steelhouse Lane 3 and Slamer/Thompson...
Could the new Heartland be as heavy and raw as the demo's played to me?
And the new Westworld album will surly come highly anticipated by all.
And don't forget two new albums from Danzi and Lima.

A Tongue in cheek look at the year past...

Firstly (and sadly..) RIP: Bruce Fairbairn, Cozy Powell, Zero Records, Bareknuckle & the band Thunder.

Vocalist Of The Year: Keith Slack - for his work on Steelhouse Lane and on tour with Michael Schenker.

Worst Albums of the Year :
Lynch Mob, Zimmers Hole, Scorpions, British Rock Symphony (except for Jack and Tommy's tune...), Appetite For Reconstruction.

The 'Survivor' award for BAND NAMING RIGHTS: Saxon - for their sad recent dispute.

The 'Japanese Label' one last cash-in award: TIE! Bryan Adams for his horrible new 'Best Of Me' release, Harem Scarem (or Warner Japan) for 'Ballads' and Queen for the totally unnecessary 'Great Hits 3' release.

The Success In Replacement Vocalist Award: Journey

The Failure in Replacement Vocalist Award: Van Halen

The 'Kiss' Most Money For Least Work Award: Europe - for their upcoming 20 minute reunion gig!

The Biggest Packaging Screw-up: Europe (again) - for one re-release pressing of their Final Countdown single, missing a vitally placed letter 'O'.

The Passing Themselves Off As Something They're Not Award: TIE! Axel Rose for his contempt for fans calling Oh My God a new Guns N Roses single & George Lynch for releasing his rotten new album under the Lynch Mob banner.

The About Time Award: Sony Music for releasing the new Toto album in the US 3 months after it's international release.

The Just Release The Bloody Thing Award: TIE! Danger Danger (Return Of & Cockroach), Poison (Crack A Smile), John Sykes and Brian McDonald

The Welcome Back Award: TIE! Marcie Free, Mitch Malloy & Terry Brock.

The Go Away Award:Krokus

The Three Musketeers Award: Johnny Lima, Jimmy Lawrence & Danny Danzi.

The Bite The Hand That Feeds Award: Beggars & Thieves for announcing in an interview with German magazine 'Melodic Journey' that they hope the Internet will shut down all record labels 'like MTM'....(?!)

The Villan of The 90's: MTV Yep, not grunge or Kurt Cobain...MTV for single handedly deciding to pull the rug from under commercial hard rock and replace it over night. Shame Shame Shame.

The Positive Sign Award: VH1 For dedicating time and resources to fine music. Both in terms of developing shows (The List, Storytellers, Where Are The Now) and actually playing new video clips (from the bands that still bother to make them).


BEST OF 2000


+ Y2K melodicrock AWARDS!!'s final word on the
best releases and recommended listening for the year 2000.


(Ranked In Order)


  1. Danger Danger
    - Return Of The Great Gildersleeves
  2. Journey - Arrival (Japanese Version)
  3. Millenium - Hourglass
  4. Mitch Malloy - Shine
  5. The Sign - Signs Of Life
  6. Kharma - Wonderland
  7. House Of Shakira - III
  8. Raine - Peace
  9. Rick Springfield - Alive
  10. Westworld - Skin
  11. Jim Peterik & World Stage - World Stage
  12. Hugo - Time On Earth
  13. Alfonzetti - Ready
  14. Sammy Hagar - Ten 13
  15. The VU - Phoenix Rising
  16. Street Legal - Thunderdome
  17. Two Fires - Two Fires
  18. Ten - Babylon
  19. Adriangale - Feel The Fire
  20. Brad Gillis - Alligator
  21. Vaughn - Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside
  22. Dreamhunter - Kingdom Come
  23. Higher Ground - Perfect Chaos
  24. Newman - Dance In The Fire
  25. David Coverdale - Into The Light
  26. Melodica - Long Way From Home
  27. Burning Rain - Pleasure To Burn
  28. Kip Winger - Songs From The Ocean Floor
  29. Marvelous 3 - Ready Sex Go
  30. SR-71 - Now You See Inside

Honorable Mentions....(in no particular order)

  • Henry Lee Summer - Live
  • Teer - Teer
  • Paul Rodgers - Electric
  • Poison - Power To The People
  • Slash's Snakepit - Ain't Life Grand
  • Rob Rock - Rage Of Creation
  • T'Bell - Replay
  • Bon Jovi - Crush
  • Praying Mantis - Nowhere To Run
  • Halford - Resurrection
  • Heartland - As It Comes
  • Talk Of The Town - The Ways Of The World
  • Higher Ground - Perfect Chaos
  • Joe Lynn Turner - Holy Man
  • Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet
  • Britton - Alien Romper Room
  • Frontline - Right Attitude
  • Hair Of The Dog - Rise
  • Damned Nation - Grand Design
  • Attraction - Get Up And Shake
  • Change Of Heart - Continuum
  • Axel Rudi Pell - The Masquerade Ball
  • Van Halen Tribute - 2000
  • Union - Blue Room
  • 101 South - 101 South
  • Crown Of Thorns - Destiny Unknown
  • Impellitteri - Crunch
  • Tribe Of Gypsies - III
  • John Norum - Slipped Into Tomorrow 
(Ranked In Order)


  1. Journey - Higher Place
  2. Danger Danger - Dead Drunk & Wasted
  3. Millenium - Wheels Are Turning
  4. Mitch Malloy - You Lift Me
  5. Journey - Signs Of Life
  6. Millenium - Power To Love
  7. Raine - I Am
  8. Mitch Malloy - When I Try
  9. Westworld - Uneasy
  10. Newman - Burned
  11. Harem Scarem - Remember
  12. Journey - To Be Alive Again
  13. Kharma - Wonderland
  14. The Sign - Crossed The Line
  15. House Of Shakira - Unforgiven
  16. The VU - Keys To The City
  17. Hugo - This Love Song
  18. The Sign - Forever Again
  19. Kharma - Free Yourself
  20. Jim Peterik w/ Dennis De Young - To Miss Somebody
  21. Henry Lee Summer - My Turn Train (Live)
  22. Kip Winger - Resurrection
  23. Two Fires - Surrender
  24. House Of Shakira - Miracle
  25. The Sign - I'm Alive
  26. Dreamhunter - Kingdom Come
  27. Brad Gillis - Heart Shaped Wings
  28. The Sign - The Wait
  29. Millenium - Chasing Time
  30. Sammy Hagar - Tropic Of Capricorn
  31. Raine - Blinded
  32. Danger Danger - I Do
  33. Marvelous 3 - Little Head
  34. Brad Gillis - Bigger Than Life
  35. Vaughn - Is That All There Is?
  36. Danger Danger - Grind
  37. Jorn Lande - Edge Of The Blade
  38. The VU - So Long
  39. Ten - Give In This Time
  40. Two Fires - River Of Destiny 
Honorable Mentions....(in no order)
  • Millenium - Superstar
  • Millenium - Rocket Ride
  • Alfonzetti - Better Than Goodbye
  • Alfonzetti - Blue Hero
  • Sammy Hagar - A Deeper Kind Of Love
  • Sammy Hagar - Ten 13
  • SR-71 - Last Man On The Moon
  • SR-71 - What A Mess
  • Kharma - Cold As Ice
  • Firehouse - Unbelievable
  • Snakepit - One Mean Bone
  • Mitch Malloy - It's About Love
  • Westworld - Get A Life
  • David Coverdale - The River Song
  • David Coverdale - Wherever You May Go
  • Ten - Barricade
  • Ten - The Heat
  • Heartland - Eyes Open Wide
  • Heartland - Starring Down The Gun
  • Marvelous 3 - I Could Change
  • Jorn Lande - Starfire
  • T'Bell - Illusion Of Love
  • Britton - Who's Your Daddy?
  • Storyteller - Corridors Of Windows
  • Mars Electric - Someday
  • Melodica - Long Way From Home
  • Melodica - It's Not Enough
  • Bar 7 - 4 Leaf Clover
  • Bar 7 - Got A New Life
  • Glenn Hughes - The State I'm In
  • Higher Ground - Ghost In My Head
  • Higher Ground - Everlasting Love
  • UFO - Love Is Forever
  • House Of Shakira - In Your Head
  • House Of Shakira - Unspoken
  • House Of Shakira - Unforgiven
  • Raine - What I'd Rather
  • Raine - Never Alone
  • Dreamhunter - When Heaven Calls Your Name
  • Message - Beat Before The Heartbreak
  • Alice Cooper - Sanctuary
  • Dokken - Too High To Fly (Live)
  • Bon Jovi - It's My Life
  • Jim Peterik & World Stage - Zig Zag
  • Jim Peterik & World Stage - Between Two Fires
  • Jim Peterik & World Stage - To Miss Somebody
  • Two Fires - I Won't Give Up On Us
  • Kip Winger - Two Lovers Stand
  • Kip Winger - Only One Word
  • Frontline - Any Other Way
  • Hair Of The Dog - Five To Nine
  • Hair Of The Dog - You're The One
  • Damned Nation - Desperate Call
  • Damned Nation - Heart On The Run
  • Good Rats - Cover Of Night
  • Brad Gillis - Eyes
  • Brad Gillis - Circle Of Light
  • Von Groove - Blue Murder
  • Attraction - More Than You Know
  • Attraction - Things Were Better
  • Vaughn - Healing Hands
  • Vaughn - Shadowland
  • Change Of Heart - You Can't Hide
  • Change Of Heart - I Don't Wanna Be Lonely
  • Axel Rudi Pell - Voodoo Nights
  • Push - Waitin' In Line
  • Prisoner - Don't Wanna Waste
  • Pink Cream 69 - Seas Of Madness
  • Good Rats - Cover Of Night
  • Street Legal - Powertool
  • Union - No More
  • Union - Everything's Allright
  • Norway - One Night Alone
  • Norway - Sending A Prayer
  • 101 South - Boat Out On The Water
  • 101 South - She Walks On Water
  • John Norum - Waiting On You
  • Henry Lee Summer - Turn It Up (Live)
  • Harem Scarem - Why
  • Crown Of Thorns - Lonely Is The Rose
  • Crown Of Thorns - Heaven Tonight
  • Hugo - FINE
  • Hugo - Last One More Time 

So 2000 has come and gone. It has been an interesting year to say the least, with plenty of melodic rock to talk of and plenty that also didn't happen.
To start my recap and commentary of the year just past, let's go back to my 1999 wrap up and see if my predictions for 2000 came true!

It started with me stating that if the Journey album actually gets released it will be hard to beat.
Well, for those that bought the Japanese release it should indeed feature highly, as it does with me. The rest of you will have to wait for April and your Best of 2001 lists.
As for the album itself, it was the best produced album of the year, but should have been with a budget of a quarter of a million dollars.
The US version will make it even better and I predict it will be THE album of 2001.
House Of Shakira and Danger Danger both got their albums out finally - both well worth any wait and high on my personal favorites of the year.
Chris Impelliteri released his new album, but then promptly dumped Rob Rock who went solo and produced an even better album.
Impellitteri is now shackled with original singer Graham Bonnet. Now that will be interesting.

Danny Vaughn went for the modern route of the classic melodic rock strains of Tyketto, but it was still a cool effort and the next one will hopefully be even more melodic.
The Sign proved to be as good as expected, maybe even better, taking the more adventurous route. A classic in the making and I look forward to more.

Scheduled to be released in 2000 was a new Big Bad Wolf album. That never arrived and still has no ETA. But my hopes for it remain high for 2001.
Also due in 2000 was the much anticipated Mike Slamer / Chris Thompson project. Well at least that album is almost done, but don't hold your breath for a release. I have no idea when it might appear. As good as some of the tunes I have heard are, with the huge Steelhouse Lane style production, the style is just not what I was hoping for and I doubt what most other fans of these artists are looking for. The songs are not overly in an AOR vein.
As for a new Steelhouse Lane album - I won't place any money on betting when or if that will happen. For the sake of melodic rock - I hope it does - and this year!

Also in 1999 I made a comment regarding the upcoming Heartland album.
No, it wasn't as heavy or as raw as it could have been, but it was still the best effort since the debut. I would however, love to hear the band go either really raw and heavy, or soften up and record a pure AOR album.

Johnny Lima and Danny Danzi worked hard on their new albums, neither made it to the store shelves, but are high on my expectations for best of 2001.

Van Halen anyone? Well....2000 was certainly not their year. I hope 2001 will be.

OK, some general thoughts on the year that just was...
The year began with what was easily the worst experience of my website running career. The whole February Van Halen fiasco was a disaster after I was fed and believed some bullshit information. I still believe someone in the VH camp set me up, to gauge public reaction. That I don't think I will ever know for sure!
The fan reaction to the news wasn't pleasant, nor was some of the things written on various message boards. Fair enough to some of it, as the info was crap! But a few did cross the line. One in particular you will see when you read on!
Not to mention that my own message board was hacked into and destroyed! At least that forced through the upgrade of the current board, which is easily much better.
Things improved with my follow up reports, but the year ended without a single word from the band.
There was word of Eddie's health scare, which again was played down without any real public statement.
Listen to the fans guys - let's hear some news soon!

There was a few lawsuits going around, with Dennis De Young VS Styx and Lou Gramm VS EMI, not to mention Saxon VS Saxon....the big surprise of the year was Survivor VS Jimi Jamison being settled, only to lead into Survivor VS Survivor the TV show!
House Of Lords VS Michael Guy was thankfully avoided thanks to some good will on both sides of the fence.

Tribute albums continued to flow freely...with more on the way, it seems 2001 will continue to feature some good and some crummy ones.

Quite a lot was said towards the end of the year about the quality of melodic rock. To be honest, I believe things are looking pretty damn good as far as most releases are concerned.
Of course there are always a few Dogs out there, that will always be the case as it has been since the dawn of time. I think the independent AOR labels are aware that fans want an increased production value and that will continue to improve.
As far as 2000, it was better than 1999, which was better than 1998, which was better....
I believe things will continue to get better and better, even though I do not believe that things will ever truly be mainstream again. Classic AOR I think is always going to be a cult thing. But as long as the labels we have now continue to put out strong product and continue to improve their product - and we support that - things can only improve.
At least there are some rockers out there that are willing to do this partly just for the love of it!
And believe me, if there are any dud releases; send the labels and artists a clear message by not buying it. That is the only way to getter better quality over time.


What's in store?
Releases to look out for:
If it ever gets here, the US release of Journey's Arrival will be huge, I am also expecting big things from the new Danny Danzi, Bob Catley, Dreamhunter, Von Groove, Hurricane & Johnny Lima albums.
The Van Halen album is my number one anticipated release. Eddie and Co know this has to be their best album in years, if not ever, so I am eager as hell to hear any of this. Can you imagine the value of an advance tape?!!
Mike Tramp e-mailed me from Denmark to say his new record was almost done and he believes it could be his best yet, so I am hanging out to hear that - hopefully when he lands back home here March 1!
Another big solo record will be Terry Brock's upcoming release. It's more pure AOR than The Sign and should go down a treat.
Snakes In Paradise are hard at work on making their best album ever, that's one to look for, along with new Diving For Pearls and Riverdogs releases!
After the sensational debut album from Stranded, their new album is highly anticipated.
Jeff Scott Soto's long awaited return in Humanimal should be a killer - mid year is looking good for that.
Let's hope a Night Ranger record can be made, but if not, the march release of Kelly Keagy's solo masterpiece will be more than ample. Wait until you hear these songs!!
Other Night Ranger releases include Brad's cool album getting European release and Gary Moon's unreleased work is taking shape to be released Those are also very cool tunes.
There will be NO Damn Yankees release :(
A new Aerosmith album is upon us, but at this point I have lost much of my interest in the band. I really thought Nine Lives was a little below par.
If House Of Lords can get it together, they will be in the Top 5 for the year I am sure. Same goes with Magum's re-union.
As will Zebra and Dare - IF the albums ever get finished!!
One big question that would create a KILLER rock record - will Jack Blades and Neal Schon get together for a project?

Who won't make records this year?
I unfortunately doubt Survivor will get it together, nor will this line up of Styx - especially if the lawsuit rolls on, same with Foreigner....
Rick Springfield plans to write all year, but we won't see a studio album until 2002. We might get a new EFX soundtrack though.
Heaven are still trying to finish their new album, but who knows when that might get release...same goes for the Slamer / Thompson project. MTM may now not release it.
Mike Reno solo album anyone? Wouldn't place money on it...
And I heard something funny this week. The webmaster for Boston's site has apparently said that Tom Scholtz is HOPING for a 2001 release!! Oh my God...put me down for July 2002.

12 months from now, let's take another look back and see what happened!

The 2000 melodicrock AWARDS:
A sometimes serious (sometimes not) look at the year just past:


Firstly (and sadly..) RIP: Loverboy bass player Scott Smith, Benjamin Orr, Mike & The Mechanics vocalist Paul Young, Ian Dury, NYC drummer John Guido and Harem Scarem, UFO, Portrait Records, Fair Warning.

Vocalist Of The Year: Steve Augeri - for both his work on Journey's new album and on tour with the guys. This man deserves a lot of praise for filling an un-fillable void. Runner up - Jorn Lande for the awesome job on Millenium and his solo project and having the guts to work with Yngwie!

The Best Producer Award: Kevin Shirley for the 'spanking' sound of Journey's Arrival CD. Runner up - Ralph Santolla for Millenium and Teer & Roy Z for Rob Halford, Rob Rock & The Tribe Of Gypsies.

Worst Albums of the Year :
Yngwie Malmsteen, Southfork, The Liberators, Rock Superstars (crappy label's fault), Bigelf, John Farnham, 58, King Prawn.

The 'Survivor' award for BAND NAMING RIGHTS: TIE! Frankie Sullivan - winning his own award for suing the TV show for releasing a CD titled Survivor and Styx for their upcoming dispute.

The 'Japanese Label' one last cash-in award: Warner Bros. Japan for the second year running! Well done guys! They get this award for another year of Harem Scarem releases, with yet more to come!
Close runner up - Styx and REO Speedwagon for that awful effort on the Arch Allies release.

The 'Journey' Award for Successfully replacing a Vocalist: Van Halen - even though it hasn't been announced or confirmed!

The Failure in Replacement Vocalist Award: Impellitteri - for throwing out the great Rob Rock.

The 'Kiss' Award for Most Money Made For Least Amount Of Work: Tribute Albums - For those regulars that pop up on every tribute album released.

The Just Release The Bloody Thing Award: TIE! Journey (Arrival USA Version), Danger Danger (Cockroach), Slamer / Thompson and Dare (Belief), Wicked Alliance & Alias 2.

The Welcome Back Award: MULTIPLE TIE! House Of Lords, Magnum, Hardline, Tesla, Winger, Drive She Said, Oni Logan & Jeff Scott Soto.

The 'Krokus' Go Away Award:Michael Bolton

The Donald Trump Award: Goes to Greg Giuffria and his new attire. One hopes he will alter his appearance for the House Of Lords photo shoot!

The Worst Case Of Publicity Award: Rick Springfield for that unfortunate arrest.

The Worst Record Label Award: Blue Dolphin Records for having a courier standing by at the studio to pick up master tapes because the band had run over draconian deadlines.

The Beat The Bootleggers Award: Marcie Free for making old demo MP3s available from her site. Great job!

The 'Spinal Tap' Award: UFO for that fabulous UK tour and their added onstage antics.

The Best Fan Website Award: - That's my favourite place to cruise and listen to Van Halen fans debate everything and anything. Great site.

And last but not least!

Dickhead of the Year Award: Pazzo - Who the hell is Pazzo? I wish I knew, but that's the handle he goes by. He's a Van Halen fanatic that sent me several e-mails in the early stages of this year. They are so seriously funny, I had to share them with you. I can only hope any of you don't have the misfortune of crossing this clown's path.

E-Mail One: (On discovering there was no update as promised)
There isnt shit at your fuckin site. I thought you were full of shit now I know it. ha ha fuck you.

E-Mail Two: (On seeing the Van Halen update)
Andrew, Your site was just updated here in MA. so first I want to apologize to you for thinking you were full of shit. Second I want to apologize for the other stuff I said and I want to thank you for sending me mail when you didnt have to. The site didnt update until I went to "lots new in review" and then back to the frontpage. But whatever thats hindsight. Thanks again for your confidence and I'm sorry I blew it with my big mouth and (not that it matters to you ) I will continue to use your site above all others for music news.

E-Mail Three: (On not liking the update!)
Hey Andrew there are a lot of people out there who think your full of shit!!! Your info better be legit or you better start wearing a disguise!!! lol or maybe a cup!!! ha ha
You will have to shut down your site if your the piece of shit they are saying you are!!!
I hope for your sake it's legit. Or maybe I don't after what you wrote to me!
see ya jerky boy

E-Mail Four:
You little piece of shit! Your a fraud and to think I was dumb enough to actually waist keystrokes mailing your pussy ass.
Your site is in trouble now as the major Van Halen and David lee Roth sites are calling you melodi Your just trying to get extra play on your site by posting rumers. You have no sources asshole, your a punk and I'm the one laughing . Hang it up your done...
Last time you chump!


Hope you have all enjoyed the 2000 run down!


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