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BRINKER Classic 1985 Album on CD For The First Time Nov 24 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to finally announce the long-awaited release date of the one and only BRINKER album, resurrected from its original (and limited) cassette only release back in 1985.
Considerable time has gone into making sure this is the complete story of Brinker.
Drummer and namesake Ray Brinker unearthed the original reel to reel masters, which were sent to Nashville to be baked and digitized, then sent to MRC HQ in Australia, where the digitized files were sent to JK Northrup for him to work his remastering magic.
Even better – the original tapes contained not only the full 12 track original album, but an additional 6 bonus tracks, which are included in this Deluxe Edition CD ‘Alloy Rock’.
Brinker’s members include guitarist Andy Timmons – known to everyone for his role in Danger Danger as well as his own solo releases. Drummer Ray Brinker went on to be one of Los Angeles’ most in demand session hires, with credits including Cinderella, Pat Benatar, Jon Butcher Axis, David Lee Roth, Steve Morse, Frank Gambale, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles and many more.
Bassist Steve Bailey toured and recorded with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Willie Nelson, Jethro Tull, Paquito D’rivera, Larry Carlton, and the Rippingtons and all points in between. For 30 years he has partnered with fellow bassist Victor Wooten in Bass Extremes.
Powerhouse vocalist Mark Pyburn left the music business but recently found his way back, venturing back into leading music in houses of worship in his 40s and 50s.
MelodicRock Classics will release BRINKER ‘Alloy Rock’ (Deluxe Edition) on November 24.
Track Listing:
01. Your Love
02. Just Missing You Tonight
03. Dreams & Yesterday
04. Feelin'
05. The Storm
06. Forget It
07. Give It All Away
08. Love Is Too Good For Me
09. Can't Go On
10. World Bathed In Red
11. Don't Hold Back
12. Can't Stop It
Bonus Tracks:
13. Let Me Out To Play
14. Tell Me Why
15. Carry Me Back
16. Runaway Girl
17. Fight
18. Winner
Brinker is:
Mark Pyburn – Vocals
Andy Timmons – Guitar
Ray Brinker – Drums
Steve Bailey – Bass
Produced by:  Brinker and David Rosenblad
Assisted by: Chuck Chiles
Executive Producer: Ray Schiding
Roaring out of North Texas in 1985, BRINKER was an amalgamation of the major rock influences of the fertile 1980’s music scene, created by four master musicians who would go on the establish themselves as some of the most successful players of today’s rock, jazz and studio disciplines.
Guitar god Andy Timmons’ crushing guitar power chords and soaring melodic lines are perfectly balanced by the stratospheric vocals of Mark Pyburn, while Steve Bailey’s iconic fretted and fretless bass lines and Ray Brinker’s thunderous and relentless drumming hold down the bottom end. These original tracks pay homage to the band’s musical heroes, from Journey and Peter Gabriel to AC/DC and The Scorpions, while establishing the unique and individual voice of BRINKER.
Drummer Ray Brinker and bassist Steve Bailey met in 1978 as freshmen in North Texas State University’s Jazz Studies program. Kindred musical spirits, they played together throughout school, and toured the world together with various artists, including jazz trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson and Dixie Dregs veterans T Lavitz and Steve Morse. Despite their jazz roots, they shared a desire to form their ultimate vision of a rock band.
In 1984, with the financial backing of executive producer Ray Schiding, the seeds of BRINKER were born, and Ray and Steve began their search for like-minded band-mates. That search led them to Miami, Florida to recruit guitar virtuoso Andy Timmons from the University of Miami’s Jazz Studies program. Three months later, the trio relocated to Denton, TX to continue writing and begin production of the recording. Texas vocalist extraordinaire Mark Pyburn, with his signature stratospheric range, was discovered, and the band BRINKER was officially born.
Living together in a band house for a year enabled the group to write and rehearse daily, and recording began in 1985 with engineer David Rosenblat.
BRINKER ‘Alloy Rock’ was never officially released, and only a handful of cassettes remain in circulation.
The four members of BRINKER went on to experience successful solo careers with extensive playing credits, while the original master tapes lived in storage in Ray’s garage for nearly 4 decades. Now digitized from original master tapes and remastered, BRINKER ‘Alloy Rock’ is re-born. Welcome to 1985! We hope you enjoy BRINKER.

RIO's Classic AOR Debut 'Borderland' To Be Remastered & Reissued by MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to announce a new partnership with acclaimed British melodic rock band RIO for the first ever official release on CD of their classic catalogue, which will also feature a third unreleased album!
Starting with the band’s debut album ‘Borderland’, the freshly remastered release (thanks to JK Northrup) features an additional 4 bonus tracks.
The band’s Steve Rodford had this to say about the long-awaited release: “We recorded this album in 1984 as part of our first major record deal, self-produced and recorded at home, then finished off and mixed in London.  We’ve been amazed at how it has become a bit of a cult classic over the years and are delighted to be able to present Borderland, in partnership with MelodicRock Classics, featuring exclusive bonus material.  It’s so good to be able to present original ‘band’ mixes of “I Don’t Wanna Be The Fool” and “State Of Emergency” as they are closer to the original sound and vision we had for the record. It was a real labour of love recording this album, and it’s so great there’s still interest in it all these years later and would be wonderful to think some new people might discover it.
A very big thank you to Marcus Mason, Jamie and Matt at Sunfish and Andrew McNeice at MelodicRock Classics.”
Track Listing:
01. I Don't Wanna Be The Fool (Original Mix)
02. Straight To The Heart
03. Tommy Can't Help It
04. Better This Time
05. State Of Emergency
06. Shy Girl
07. She's A Virgin
08. Close To You
09. Borderland
Bonus Tracks:
10. I Don't Wanna Be The Fool (Single Mix)
11. Casualty (Previously Unreleased)
12. State Of Emergency (Band Mix)
13. I Don't Wanna Be The Fool (Band Mix)
Pre-orders for RIO and PINK ROSE available Tuesday Sept 12.
CD released October 6 on MelodicRock Classics.

PINK ROSE Deliver Just What You Needed & We Needed Out Sept 29 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics has something a little different for fans come September 29.
The label is not only delivering a 1986 cult classic hard rock album on CD for the first time ever, but also delivering a brand-new re-recording of the same album, all in the one package.
The band is French rockers PINK ROSE, the album is ‘Just What You Needed’. Originally released on LP back in 1986, the album features Marc Quee on vocals; Fabrice Fourgeaud on guitar; Thierry Gaulme on drums; and Pierre Bremond on bass.
Formed out of the ashes of Attentat Rock, PINK ROSE only recorded the one album, but following an Attentat Rock reunion in 2009, the 4 members of Pink Rose started talks about re-recording the album. Now almost 15 years later (37 since the release of Just What You Needed), the new cathartic recording is completed and is aptly titled Just What We Needed.
‘Just What We Needed’ will be Disc 1 of a 2-Disc set, with the original remastered album Just What You Needed being the second disc.
When Attentat Rock went into the Studio Maunoir in Geneva in January 1986, their intention was to record the bands 4th album, which was going to be called "Pink Rose”.
A few months before, Herve Raynal, who was the bands main composer, left the band and was replaced by Stéphane Bonneau (Satan Jokers). After the first week of the recordings, Stephane decided to leave the band, which left the band as a quartet.
Instead of bringing in a new lead guitarist the band opted to add keyboards to the songs (played by Thierry Fervant, owner of Studio Maunoir). This - and the fact that the new compositions were different to what had been the style of Attentat Rock – caused the band to decide to take a completely different path, changing their name to Pink Rose.
The band was never happy with the production, which they felt didn't give justice to the songs and after a few months after the release of the album they split up. Until now.
MRC will release the 2CD Set Just What We Needed on September 29.
Disc 1: Just What We Needed (Re-Recording)
01. Sunrise
02. Lady From Germany
03. Just What I Needed
04. Longing For Love
05. Lonely In The Street
06. Cheating Lady
07. Our Love
08. Rocker
09. Across The Seven Seas
10. Rocking Child
Disc 2: Just What You Needed (Original Remaster)
01. Sunrise
02. Lady From Germany
03. Just What I Needed
04. Longing For Love
05. Lonely In The Street
06. Cheating Lady
07. Our Love
08. Rocker
09. Across The Seven Seas
10. Rocking Child
Marc Quee – Vocals
Fabrice Fourgeaud – Guitar
Thierry Gaulme – Drums
Pierre Bremond – Bass

Brian Bart - Best Of You (Remastered) Album 'Future Vision' Out on CD August 25 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
Brian Bart’s resume now goes back 40 years. He has been a stalwart of the Minneapolis rock scene since the start of the 80s – as a guitarist, songwriter, producer, engineer just for starters.
In recent years Brian has been the owner, engineer and producer at Logic Studios & Logic Recordings. He has recorded over 300 albums, played multiple instruments on over 100 records, including ten of his own.
Best known as founding member of Dare Force, Brain’s solo debut ‘Future Vision’ came in 1987 and features a wild set of songs spanning hard rock, pomp, melodic anthems, fusion and some inspired instrumentals that show an artist in full command of his craft. The album features some fine displays of shredding and riffing, intelligent song arrangements and a guitar tone and sound that rivals the great Boston.
Unfortunately for fans of 80s melodic rock, the album remains largely a mystery – it was only ever released independently on cassette. Until now. Brian Bart has re-arranged the cassette running order to better suit the flow of a CD and the material has been remastered once again by JK Northrup.
‘Future Vision’ can now be heard in all its glory on a Limited Edition 500 Series CD release from MelodicRock Classics on August 25.
Track Listing:
01. Electricity
02. Post Toastee
03. Stay The Night
04. Evil
05. Can You See The Light
06. Future Vision
07. Living On The Edge
08. Get The Best Of You
09. Voice Inside My Head
10. One More Chance
11. She Knows How To UseIt
12. What Do You Want
13. Machines
14. Renaissance
15. Bells / Flamingo Blues
16. Phantom Of The Opera
17. The Ocean

Izod - In The Dark Of Night (Remastered) EP + Bonus Tracks Out Aug 25 via MelodicRock Classics

MelodicRock Classics Label
There’s nothing more satisfying than delving deep into the archives of rock music history in order to breathe new life into an old band. And sometimes the more obscure bands deliver the best surprises.
Canada’s Izod is one of those bands. Their name comes from the ‘Izod Impact Test’, a test used to measure a metal’s resistance to impact. These guys literally have metal in their name.
Izod was formed in 1978 when Mike Mayer brought together Paul Gayne and Gary Green as the foundation for a new heavy rock band. The three band mates were heavily influenced by the sound and style of British Heavy metal pioneers, Judas Priest. It wasn’t long before they added Greg Roxworth and Luke Moretti and began playing regularly as a Judas Priest cover band.
After a few years of playing, making demos and other recordings of their own songs, it was time to take the next step. Roxworth and Moretti left the group and were replaced by Steve Lewis and Max Fodero. Izod had truly formed.
The newly formed group began playing complete sets of their own music across Canada. They started to get the attention of record companies before winning the Q107 Homegrown contest in 1984, and soon caught the attention of WEA producer Gary Furniss. After many months of writing and pre-production, Furniss produced the Overdrive EP which was released in early 1987.
Izod began touring across Canada while promoting the EP and continued to be a very popular live act. Their shows did not disappoint, featuring plenty of fireworks and pyrotechnics.
The expanded and remastered release for ‘Overdrive’ consists of the original 1987 EP, plus an unreleased track from the sessions called ‘Rock This Town’; the single from the Q107 ‘Homegrown’ contest titled ‘Heavy Metal Madman’ and 3 additional tracks from the early 1983 demo sessions ‘Lost In The Night’, ‘High And Mighty’ and ‘Rechmachine’.
Rounding out the release are two extra live tracks from a pro-shot band showcase – the rest of which you can see on YouTube:
All tracks have been carefully restored and remastered by JK Northrup, giving the material a new punch.
MelodicRock Classics will release Izod – Overdrive (Expanded and Remastered) August 25 as part of the 500 Series of releases – strictly limited to 500 units only.
Izod is:
Steve Lewis - Lead Vocals
Gary Green - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mike Mayer - Bass guitar and Backing Vocals
L. Paul Gayne - Drums and Backing Vocals
Max Fodero - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Additional Lead Vocals - Mike Jacob, Greg Roxworth
Additional Guitars - Ted Hamlin, Luke Moretti
Keyboards - Pier Rubesta
Track Listing:
01. In The Dark Of The Night
02. Bitch Is Hot
03. Where There’s Smoke
04. Overdrive
05. Angel
06. Rock The Town
07. Heavy Metal Madman
08. High & Mighty (1983 Demo)
09. Lost In The Night (1983 Demo)
10. Rechenmashine (1983 Demo)
11. Angel (Live)
12. Overdrive (Live)

MPG 1981 Classic Remastered & Released on Deluxe Edition CD July 28 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to partner with classic 80s pomp/AOR act MPG to bring fans the first ever official CD release of the band’s 1981 debut album, originally released by A&M Records.
This special Deluxe Edition expands the original album with 4 early demos, but then on a second disc, jumps forward into work recorded for a never released second studio album, plus other tracks demoed over the years since. The guys have always stayed in touch and this culminates with the addition of a brand-new song – “Stop The World” - recorded last year and mixed only a month ago.
JK Northrup has mastered the new song as well as remastering the original album and all bonus tracks.
The band has delivered some liner notes about the album and the extra tracks, plus a range of exclusive never before seen photos, all included in the accompanying booklet.
MPG is:
STEVE CAREY - Keyboards and Lead Vocals
KIM SMITH - Guitar and Vocals
DAVID MIKEAL - Guitar and Vocals
MICHAEL BOLT - Drums and Vocals
STEVE LOCKLIN - Bass and Vocals
Album Produced By Tom Knox And Steve Carey
MPG Deluxe edition will be released July 28 by MRC
MPG was originally a well known group circa late 1970’s in the Atlanta Georgia area called The Miles Brothers. They were headed by Steve Carey on Lead Vocals and Keyboards. He wrote most all of the original music and was supported by Michael Bolt on Drums, Steve Locklin on Bass and Kim Smith on Guitar. The Miles Brothers management thought that the group possibly needed a little more rock influence and a lead guitarist that could possibly sing. So soon after David Mikeal was added to the lineup. The group continued to be called The Miles Brothers and kept their strong R&B roots clearly evident in their rhythm section. A lot of new material was written and record labels were showing up regularly to watch the group. A&M Records ended up being the label that signed The Miles Brothers in 1980. That’s when the record label told the band they would have to change their name The group looked over a lot of names and decided they would like to keep Miles in the name somehow. That’s how MPG (Miles Per Gallon) was picked as the new name.
The second disc contains a lot of the songs that didn’t make the official A&M Records release. It also contains some of the songs that were demos for the 2nd A&M album release that never happened. The recordings range from state of the art to 4 track demos at home studios. The vast majority of these songs were again written by Steve Carey along with 2 new additions from David Mikeal (Front Page News, Number One) Some of these tunes were the bands favorites but didn’t make the cut.
Some extra side notes: Worn Out Shoes, Number One and That’s Easy were recorded at a weekend band reunion in the summer of 1999 at Steve Carey’s home in Atlanta minus Kim Smith. Then extra guitar tracks were added by David Mikeal at his studio in Central Florida soon after. Stop The World was recorded recently in May 2022 with the same 4 members at Daphne Street Studios in Mobile Alabama during another 2 day short reunion.
Steve Carey: “I wrote “Stop The World” in the 90’s, sort of a companion piece to “Goodbye Cruel World” from our 1st album. Both songs reflected my sadness that despite amazing advances in communication, technology, etc. people seemed to be drifting apart and less tolerant of each other.”
David Mikeal: “Some of the early days demo songs contained on this CD set were recorded at the bungalow and with recording equipment you would now need to carbon date to ascertain the year made.”
Track Listing:
Disc 1: The 1981 Album
01. Too Many Questions 3:55
02. Workin' Overtime 3:22
03. Best Thing I Never Had 4:07
04. Goodbye Cruel World 4:02
05. Why Me 2:58
06. Get Yours Tonight 4:42
07. Hurt Me 3:02
08. Can I Come Over Tonight 3:33
09. Always Something 4:06
Miles Bros. Early Muscle Shoals Versions:
10. Too Many Questions 4:51
11. Goodbye Cruel World (4 Track Demo) 5:07
12. Hurt Me 4:06
13. Always Something (4 Track Demo) 4:20
Disc 2: Unreleased Work
01. Stop The World (New Song 2022) 6:43
02. Worn Out Shoes 5:05
03. That's Easy 4:35
04. Life In The Arena 3:01
05. Toys For Boys 3:28
06. Front Page News 3:23
07. Can't Miss Love 3:57
08. Feels So Good4:18
09. Number One 3:31
10. Nobody There 4:17
11. Somebody Somewhere 5:31
12. Bedtime Story 3:37
13. Worn Out Shoes (8 Track Demo) 4:46
14. High School Confidential (Miles Bros. Early 4 Track Version) 5:32
15. Saved My Life (Miles Bros. Live 1979 Bistro Club (2 Track) 04:45
16. Some Other Time (Miles Bros. Live 1979 Bistro Club Atlanta (2 Track) 5:14

TOTAL STRANGER Early Recordings On CD For First Time July 28 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
For the 5th release in MelodicRock Classic’s 500 Series, we turn once again to Canada for another fine slice of Canuck melodic rock.
Total Stranger shouldn’t be too unfamiliar – the band released a self-titled album in Japan in 1997, reissued later as part of a double disc version of their 2002 album ‘Obsession’.
But before both of those record came the band’s initial recordings in the form of a 1990 cassette only release and a 1996 EP released on vinyl only.
Now in 2023, with remastering as per usual by the great JK Northrup, Total Stranger’s original output has found its way onto CD for the very first time.
This limited edition 500 unit only release, titled ‘Mean Season’ is due out on MRC July 28.
Total Stranger is:
Al Langlade (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitars)
Rolly Saulnier (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Peter Martin (Drums, Percussion)
Andre Pelletier (Lead Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Steve ‘Pineapple’ McPhail (Guitars and Lead Vocals) 1986 Bonus Material
Jon Sampson (Drums) 1986 Bonus Material
Produced by: Jake Giacomelli and Total Stranger
The Remastered and Expanded Edition is Co-Produced by: Marcus Mason
Remastered by: JK Northrup
The new reworked cover art is from designer Arnaud Leger
Track Listing:
‘Mean Season’ (1990)
01. Mean Season
02. All Or Nothing
03. Soap Box
04. Easy In The Nite
05. Chance On Us
06. Take Me
07. Are You Alone
08. Experience
09. On The Outside
10. By Chance
‘Total Stranger’ EP (1986)
11. On The Outside
12. By Chance
13. Total Stranger
14. One Nite Stand
15. Things You’re Missin’
16. Reason Why

PRE-ORDER June 30 MRC Titles

MelodicRock Classics Label



LINMAN 'Heaven Calls' Remaster Deluxe Edition Out June 30 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrik Linman has been part of the
Finnish music scene since the early 80s – starting as singer in the band Action. While a lot of his work is in writing, producing and behind the scenes, his debut album - Linman ‘Heaven Calls’ made a strong mark on the scene when released back in 1992. Due to a limited pressing it has since become a much sought-after collector’s item, fetching big prices each time a copy surfaced.
Now thanks to Patrik and producer Clas Holm, Linman ‘Heaven Calls’ is getting a full makeover.
The album has been remastered by Clas, giving the songs more punch than the original recordings.
As a special bonus, the first 500 units will come with a second disc of unreleased demos and recordings made by Patrik across the years, 2002-2016. The style of these songs matches the melodic rock brilliance of the album.
JK Northrup has jumped in to remaster these new gems.
New Artwork from Arnaud Leger updates the cover and contents.
Patrick Linman started his musical path by being a bass player and singer in
Finnish rock band Action in the early 80´s. After 3 years of music studies he went
on to form hard rock band Not Yet in 1990. The band released one single in
1991. 1992 he released his first solo album ”Heaven Calls”.
1999 he formed pop band called Place 2 Go. This pop-duo got signed to
Universal Sweden and released the album ‘Faces’ in 2000.
Patrick also participated in Finnish Eurovision twice, 2004 and 2005.
2006 he became manager and songwriter for his son’s band Sturm und Drang.
The band became a huge success in many countries and sold both gold and
platinum. 2020 he participated in Voice of Finland.
From 2005 to recent time Patrick has been mostly writing music for other artists
plus doing thousands of live gigs with many different constellations.
Now it’s time for ‘Heaven Calls’ again!
MelodicRock Classics will release the Deluxe Edition of ‘Heaven Calls’ on June 30.
Track Listing:
01. Find Me Another Way 4:12
02. Set Me Free 2:50
03. Love Is No Lie 4:30
04. Heaven Calls 4:00
05. Just Don't Leave Me Alone 3:40
06. Electric Crusade 3:27
07. Everybody Want Some Love 3:28
08. Rock N' Roll Heals Me 3:52
09. Tell Me 4:32
10. Pain And Ecstasy 4:12
11. Day After Day 2:30
12. Eyes Of The World 3:58
Bonus Disc Tracks:
Are You Happy When You’re Smiling
Easier To Walk Away
Even If The Sun Doesn’t Rise Again
Everything But Still Nothing
Fine Fine Again
Long And Winding Road
Loving You
Such A Foolish Way
Summertime Sky

GNP 'Safety Zone' Remaster Due June 30 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics deliver another forgotten classic from Canada – GNP’s 1989 album ‘Safety Zone’. The band featured former Saga members Jim Gilmour (Keyboards) and Steve Negus (Drums), looking for a more straightforward AOR direction on this, the only album GNP recorded.
Saga are of course one of Canada’s most loved prog-rock groups. GNP was formed together with vocalist Robert Bevan in 1986, but it wasn’t until 3 years later the album was released.
The band was formed out of a displeasure with management after the Saga ‘Behaviour’ album. The band was immediately signed to Virgin Records. The track "How Many Times" was the only song that was eventually made into a music video. These 10 tracks show the more dominant and splendid lyrical and songwriting abilities of Steve Negus and Jim Gilmour outside of Saga that created a well-produced hi-tech, AOR album.
Fantastic session musicians were brought in to assist and round out the production including the likes of Jeff Jones (Red Rider, Bachman Cummings) on Bass and Jeff Albani (Wrabit, Lee Aaron), and Bob Bartolucci (Alannah Myles) on Guitar.
The band sadly did not last long, as promotion and live performances were cut quickly by a Saga reunion that immediately ended the project from commencing further.
The original CD and this newly JK Northrup remastered version include the extra track, an extended version of the song “Safety Zone”.
GNP is:
Robert Bevan (Vocals)
Jim Gilmour (Keyboards, Piano, Vocals)
Steve Negus (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
With the assistance of:
Bob Bartolucci (Guitars 1-4, 6-9)
Jeff Jones (Bass all Tracks)
John Albani (Guitar Track 2)
Richard Fortin (Guitars Track 5, String Arrangement Track 10)
Maddie Willis (Scat Vocals Track 5)
Pat Perez (Sax Track 11)
The Phase One Male Choir (Track 2)
Strings (Track 10)
Zhang Zhang (Violin 1)
Julia Jones (Violin 2)
Julian Knight (Viola)
Ron Chambers (Cello)
Produced By Steve Negus
The Remastered and Expanded Release is Co-produced by Marcus Mason
Remastered by JK Northrup
MelodicRock Classics releases GNP ‘Safety Zone’ June 30.
Track Listing:
01. How Many Times 4:07
02. One Life 3:41
03. No Parade 4:31
04. Remembering 4:23
05. Love Must Be The Answer 4:09
06. Safety Zone 4:26
07. Eyes On The Prize 4:15
08. French Connection 3:24
09. Russian Roulette 4:03
10. In Your Eyes 3:46
Bonus Track:
11. Safety Zone (Extended) 5:52


FRICTION Debut To Be Released on CD For First Time via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to add another rare AOR gem to its 500 Series of releases.
MRC504 will feature New Jersey female fronted rock band Friction and their self-titled debut album, which has history would show, would be their one and only record.
Until now it has never been available on CD, instead only ever released as a limited run LP back in 1988.
Now a limited-edition CD will be released by MRC June 30, featuring the original 9 track album, plus the band’s debut single from 1984, and additional bonus tracks. All freshly remastered by the master of mastering JK Northrup.
Friction was founded in 1980 by Walter and Nicholas Meremianin in Southern New Jersey. The band went through several changes in personnel before settling into the version that recorded the Friction self-titled album in 1988.
The band's recording lineup included Tammy Meremianin, Nicholas Meremianin, Walter Meremianin, George Smeltz, C. David Landes and back up vocalists Gwen Hasheian and Geri Choltco.
Before and after the recording of the album, ‘Friction’ appeared in a wide variety of venues including, The Empire Rock Club, Pulsations, Phil and Eddie's Surf Club, The Rainbow, Oasis I and II, Barfoot Bar at the Oceanic, The Omni, and onboard the Cape May Lewis Ferry for the Ugly Bartenders Blow out on the Bay. The band played the South Philly Italian Festival and concerts at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, as well as appearances up and down the Jersey Shore.
Friction members Tammy, Walter and Nicholas appeared on the nationally syndicated television talk show, The Joe Franklin Show where they premiered the band’s video for the single “Children of the Night”.
Friction had great regional success on the airwaves as well as performing many concerts throughout the region. Friction was known for its high energy live rock shows that featured great vocals and musicianship.
Track Listing:
01. Keep On Runnin' 4:25
02. No You Won't 4:15
03. Christmas Song 5:37
04. Streets 4:13
05. My Turn 3:38
06. Children Of The Night 3:46
07. Rescue 3:54
08. Can't Go Back 3:55
09. Crimes Of Passion 5:06
Bonus Tracks:
10. Games Of The Nightime 4.30
11. Heartland Blues 2.21
12. Can’t Go Back (Live)
13. My Turn (Live)
14. Rescue (Live)
15. Streets (Live)
16. Right For Me (Live, Never Studio Recorded)
17. Sweet Evil Eyes Woman (Live, Never Studio Recorded)
Produced By: Walter Meremianin, Nicholas Meremianin
Friction is:
Tammy Meremianin: Vocals, Guitar
Nicholas Meremianin: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Walter Meremianin: Keyboards, Vocals
George Smeltz: Drums, Percussion
C. David Landes: Bass, Vocals
Backup Vocals:
Gwen Hasheian
Geri Choltco
Additional Vocals:
Fred Baker
James Langley
Friction – Friction will be released by MelodicRock Classics June 30 in a limited edition of 500 CDs.

TERRY CAROLAN EPs Combined Into Album For MelodicRock Classics Release

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the last of 4 new reissue releases due out May 26.
Terry Carolan ‘Inbalance’ is the last piece of the puzzle and is the 3rd of the 4 titles coming that will be part of the 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.
American singer/songwriter Terry Corolan made his start as a drummer in Florida in the 70s, before taking up guitar and songwriting and moving around the country in various bands before moving to Los Angeles with Just Boys in the late 70s before transforming to a new solo artist.
He started his solo career by recording two separate EPs, one titled ‘Inbalance’ (1988) and the other ‘River Of Promises’ (1989).  
His career has been busy and full, but for his collaboration with MelodicRock Classics, Terry and the label have coupled those 2 classic melodic rock EPs, both freshly remastered by JK Northrup and with the addition of 4 special bonus tracks – the details of which we will announce shortly.
JK is still at work on these tunes, so today we will present the original audio, not yet remastered.
Designer Nello Del’Omo has crafted a new cover art using one of the original EP graphics.
For now, here is the planned sequence:
Track Listing:
01. Somethin’s Right
02. No Conscience 
03. Bad Breaks
04. Throw Your Wings Away
05. Souls Of Fire 
06. Hold On 
07. Ride Away 
08. Mountains 
09. Big World 
10. We Don’t Talk
11. All Comes True 
+ 4 Bonus Tracks TBA



LEVEL & THE TOMS Both Come To CD For First Time May 26 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
May 26 will be a busy day for the MelodicRock Classics and fans of the genre, with circumstances bringing several projects all to fruition at the same time. So why not give fans the option to dive into 4 classic albums at the same time?
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the next two of 4 releases due out May 26.
Tommy Marolda is a respected Grammy nominated songwriter, musician, record producer, engineer and music publisher who has appeared on more than 50 albums either as an artist, producer or composer. Power pop fans will know Tommy as the architect of two magnificent bands in The Toms (est. 1979) and more recently Horizontal Ladies Club (1995).
Working in the music business for more than 30 years, Tommy and his three bands, The Toms, Horizontal Ladies Club and Blue Toothpick, continue to record and release alternative and independent music. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award and has worked on gold and platinum albums with artists such as Cher, Bee Gees, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi and the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team.

MelodicRock Records is thrilled to partner with Tommy for two projects, both of which will be released May 26.
Starting with the first ever CD release of the classic The Toms 1986 power pop album ‘Yawning For Pleasure’. It’s the most AOR flavoured release of The Toms catalogue and has never been on CD until now.
JK Northrup has overseen the remastering of the original master files, with the addition of four additional unreleased bonus tracks!

MelodicRock Classics will make The Toms album available as part of its new 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.

Track Listing:
01. There Goes My Heart 4:04
02. One Man's Love 3:54
03. Hey! What's The Meaning Of Love 3:40
04. Winter White 3:16
05. Under The Eyes Of Love 3:55
06. The Object 3:36
07. L.A. Moonlight 3:41
08. The Physics Of Waiting (Guitar Solo by Richie Sambora) 3.52
Bonus Tracks:
09. Used Heart Lot 4.58
10. Are You A Man 3.31
11. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl 2.57
12. We’re In A Class of Our Own 4.01
Also coming out May 26 is the second Tommy Marolda project, this one being a real hidden gem for fans of early 80s AOR and pomp rock fans – the one and only album by USA band Level.
Level’s 1982 self-titled release is another of those lost classics, a real AOR obscurity that was only ever issued on LP and even that now fetches huge prices.
Tommy produced and engineered the album as well as co-writing one track. Here he has again provided the masters for JK Northrup to upgrade, adding the extra track not credited on the LP artwork and an exclusive previously unreleased bonus track.
Level featured the line-up of:
Frank Jerome - Lead Vocals
Bob Chevalier - Keyboards
Brian McIntyre - Bass
Mark Massiello - Drums
Geri Gates - Lead Guitar
Track Listing:
01. Living In My World 3:28
02. Tell Your Love To Last 4:13
03. Let Me Love You 4:22
04. Until Tomorrow 3:47
05. On My Own 3:03
06. You've Got Running On Your Mind 3:52
07. Permanent Scar 3:52
08. Be My Girl 3:31
09. Could You Believe In Love 3:07
Bonus Track:
10. You Know Where You’re Headed 3.38
Both remastered CDs will be released May 26, with The Toms limited to 500 units only.

GEORGE HILLS Dancing With A Stranger Re-Issue Due May 26 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
May 26 will be a busy day for the MelodicRock Classics and fans of the genre, with circumstances bringing several projects all to fruition at the same time. So why not give fans the option to dive into 4 classic albums at the same time?
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the first of 4 releases due out May 26.
George Hills may not be a household name, but the Canadian melodic rocker delivered a great debut album back in 1991. Unlucky not to make bigger moves in the scene, the album was never released outside his native country and remains an obscure gem to this day.
MelodicRock Classics will make George Hills album ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ available as part of its new 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.
Pre-orders will be available later this week, with priority given to those pre-orders before any wholesale orders are processed.
Check out the video released back in 1991 for the lead song and title track Dancing With A Stranger.
As per usual, JK Northrup has overseen the remastering of the album’s audio, with the addition of two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
Track Listing:
01. Dancing With A Stranger
02. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
03. Mystical Lady
04. Spare Me Your Love
05. Road To Your Door
06. How Will I Know
07. Soft Sweet Touch
08. Centre Stage
09. Leanne
10. Images
11. Soft Sweet Touch (Acoustic Bonus Track)
12. Queen Of Lies (Bonus Track)
About George Hills:
As a teenager, George found himself drawn primarily to artists considered part of the second British rock invasion of the 70’s: David Bowie, The Beatles, and Genesis were some of his biggest influences, and George acknowledges the influence such artists have had on his writing style.
George’s debut album, ‘Dancing With A Stranger’, was recorded piecemeal between 1987 and 1990.
What started out as a three-song demo recorded in a 24-track studio eventually shaped into a full- fledged album once George signed a record deal with local indie Tandem Records in 1989.
Contract in hand, George now had the backing he needed to complete his album, and in early 1991,Tandem produced a music video for the title track, Dancing With A Stranger to coincide with the album’s release later that year.
In the years that followed, George performed extensively on the local club circuit. He also toured much of Canada backing various artists and fronting a series of bands that included The Best of the British Invasions, a costumed tribute to ten of George’s favourite artists.
In 2002, George released a second CD titled, ‘What to Say that’s Not Been Said’. Stay tuned for George to re-release this infectious alternative rock CD.



A is A - The Complete Recordings Showcases Boston Pomp Rockers Career

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is proud to bring yet another masterpiece from the vault - the complete recordings from American pomp/AOR outfit A is A.


A is A - The Complete Recordings
(CD + Digital Download) $32


Founding member Chris Duval describes the band that became A is A as beginning as a dream. A dream that almost came true but fell apart despite having everything going for them and the necessary songs and talent to become a force in the music business. Sometimes you just need an extra piece of luck.

MelodicRock Classics has been working with the band over the past 6 months to put together the complete A is A picture, including tracks recently revamped by the band's founder, plus all studio recordings that reflect changing lineups and studio sessions and some historic original demos. Finally, there are four original tracks recorded when the band started out as Thunderhouse.

This deluxe 2-disc set will be released April 28 via MRC, remastered to perfection again by JK Northrup.

About A is A:
 After a decade performing in bands throughout western New York state, keyboardist/guitarist Chris Duval relocated to Boston in 1985. Boston's original music scene was thriving, and he was confident that in that environment, he'd be able to create his ideal band; a powerful, collaborative hard rock band focused on well-crafted, melodic songs, strong vocals and great musicianship.

Drummer Steve Shields was the first to join, eventually followed by guitarist/vocalist Dale Stephanos. Chris' brother Tom, a veteran of the Greenwich Village folk scene, relocated to Boston to join on bass and vocals. Completing the lineup was lead vocalist Mitch Jeffers, another transplant to Boston from Pennsylvania. The band began writing and performing as “Thunderhouse” in 1987.

In the spring of 1988, Thunderhouse recorded a self-produced, four song demo at Normandy Sound in Rhode Island. The demo received glowing reviews in the local music press and received local and regional airplay. The material the band began writing after this session started becoming more nuanced and mature. In late 1988, drummer Chuck Schuler was asked to join the band. Despite the risk of losing name recognition, the band decided to re-brand itself “A is A”, after their song of the same name.

With Chuck in place, the quality of the band's songwriting took another leap forward in depth and sophistication. They retired many of their Thunderhouse-era songs in favor of newer, stronger and more collaborative material. Those songs that survived the purge were reworked and revised. The much-improved A is A started performing in February of 1989.

Their second self-produced demo, recorded in April of 1989, was a major step forward from their previous work. These new songs were ambitious, intricate and sincere. Critical reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and “Barriers” was released on a compilation CD of new artists.

A home 8 track demo recording done in the fall of 1989 documented the band's continued growth as songwriters and performers. In late 1990, Chris engineered another two-song demo. The arrangements and performances are sparse, raw, and real. “The Nature Of His Love”, a metaphor for the band's struggle to succeed, received local radio airplay.

A is A had become a creative force, collaborating on ever more interesting and dynamic music, and new songs were being introduced at many of their shows. But despite their growing recognition, the meager pay at local clubs couldn't begin to cover the costs of rehearsal space, promotional material, transportation, equipment and recording time. A is A were living literally hand to mouth, fighting to juggle their day jobs in the face of the relentless financial and time demands of their frequent rehearsals and performances.

Quite suddenly, in early 1991, A is A collapsed under those pressures. Tom left the band, and while auditions were held to replace him, it became obvious that what A is A had become, a deeply integrated, collaborative musical entity, could not exist without the lineup it had. More succinctly, A could only be A.

Twenty years later, unable to get the music out of his mind, Chris tracked several of A is A's unrecorded songs in his home studio and began posting them for prosperity. These, along with “On The Bridge”, recorded by Tom in his home studio, and often used as a closer at A is A live shows, round out this collection.

To see the band recorded live in their heyday, check out this great live recording, which features songs included on “A is A: The Complete Recordings”

Track Listing:

CD1: The Masters
01. Thin Ice
02. You Get What You Pay For
03. Outside Out
04. Highway
05. A Day Of Liquid Oxygen
06. Time Stands Still
07. The Mental Tune (Inst.)
08. The Box
09. The Nature Of His Love
10. On The Bridge
11. Miracle Plan
12. Get Serious
13. Barriers

CD2: The Demos
01. Thin Ice (Demo)
02. I Don't Need A Drink (Demo)
03. I Was Just Wondering (Demo)
04. I Have A Friend (Demo)

As Thunderhouse:
05. Into The Dark
06. Moth To A Flame
07. A is A
08. I Am Ready
09. I Am Ready (No Intro Edit)

Line up:

Tom Duval: Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dale Stephanos: Guitar, Vocals
Mitch Jeffers: Lead Vocals
Chris Duval: Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Chuck Schuler: Drums



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