ALBUM OF THE YEAR - 2019 MelRock Awards

1. ECLIPSE – Paradigm
Another near-perfect slice of ass kicking hard rock. Sweden’s most consistent masters of hard rock drenched in melody, delivered an album that stayed true to the band’s sound, while bringing in a few new tricks. Bottom line - instantly catchy, powerful, memorable and melodic as hell. My most played album of 2019 and the best.
2. THE DEFIANTS – Zokusho
The dreaded second album curse was avoided simply by delivering another perfect mix of modern meets classic melodic hard rock. Steve West on drums added a new dynamic and made it even more ‘dangerdangerous’. Killer songs and killer performances. If anything…I felt a few songs were a minute longer than they needed to be, but very minor point.
3. DEGREED – Lost Generation
I love every record these guys are done as they increasingly modernise and deliver wonderfully written songs that really could (should) be all over commercial radio. This album is so utterly infectious and the production is world class. More melodic brilliance from Sweden. I thought the intro and mid-album interlude hindered the pacing, but very minor point there.
4. CRAZY LIXX – Forever Wild
The guys have dabbled with styles in the past, but for album six they went full 80s, with blazing guitars, anthemic songs and killer choruses. A monster production made this album one of their very best – maybe their best ever. Whatever they did here, they nailed it and need to keep this going!
5. WORK OF ART – Exhibits
For the band’s final album, they simply did what they’ve always done – they delivered a piece of ultra-smooth, ultra-cool, ultra-AOR heaven. These Swedish wizards use the template of past masters of the genre, yet manage to sound fresh and original. Not their best album, but still essential.
It's like, everything good is from Sweden, and sleaze-rockers Crashdiet don’t buck that trend. They too have varied up their sound over several records and several singers, but each and every time they have delivered something memorable. They do it again right here – nice to hear something fresh and original alongside more familiar sounds.
7. UNRULY CHILD – Big Blue World
A little bit of extra grunt and some excellent songs. Possibly the smoothest melodic rock band this side of anywhere, Unruly Child create a unique style of commercial American AOR. I hope they keep making records for many years to come. Marcie Free remains a revelation on vocals.
8. VIANNA – Forever Free
The surprise package of the year for me. Just a really great dose of high energy melodic rock/AOR with big choruses, melodic verses and some fine performances all-round. New-comer AOR vocalist Bryan Cole and vocal legend Terry Brock supply lead and backing vocals, making this an even sweeter sounding record. 
9. STARBREAKER – Dysphoria
The dynamic Tony Harnell finally teamed up again with the talented guitarist/producer Magnus Karlsson for a new chapter in the Starbreaker name. And we got exactly what we wanted – powerful modern hard rock with breathtaking vocals and rifftastic guitars, both driven by a monster production.
10. ALLIANCE – Fire And Grace
Production quality was down on the last near perfect album, but plenty to like here with the outfit's usual style and grace. Robert Berry’s perfect AOR vocals drive the album as always.
11. LEVERAGE – Determinus
A big vocalist change and a long time between drinks for these guys - that placed a big question mark against Leverage before this release. Urban Tale’s Kimmo Blom uses the rough side of his powerful voice (didn’t know he had one!) and as in previous efforts, the songs are excellent – a slightly progressive melodic hard rock/metal style. Great stuff in the end.
12. TESLA – Shock
I’m surprised more fans didn’t go for this. There seemed to be a decent number of complaints online after its release, but this Def Tesla record stands on its own as a quality piece of music. Sure it was a little light and Phil Collen obviously over-influenced production and writing, but it’s a cool record. Cooler than the last few Leppard albums!
13. GATHERING OF KINGS – First Mission
A lack of distribution and the availability of physical copies didn’t dampen the hype around this super prog-pomp melodic rock record. Some terrific performances and lots of great vocals. Another big Scandi winner.
14. FIRST SIGNAL – Line Of Fire
It's Harry Hess. It's essential. Daniel Flores takes over some instrumentation and production, so it has that 'wall of keyboards' sound that he brings to most records, but a good selection of songs from the Frontiers regulars, and Harry getting to do something out of the Harem sound always makes for a good listen.
15. X-ROMANCE – Voices From The Past
House Of Shakira’s Andreas Novak featured on vocals – some catchy and traditional Scandi melodic rock that does the job nicely.
16. PRETTY MAIDS – Undress Your Madness
Battling cancer, Ronnie still manages to deliver more energy and attitude than most and while this could simply be described as ‘another Pretty Maids album’, it’s the quality throughout and the consistency of the band that makes it an album to admire.
17. NITRATE – Wide Open
More classic 80s melodic rock with a modern production. Midnite City in vibe and sound thanks to Rob Wylde's co-writing with founder Nick Hogg, plus Osukaru’s Philip Lindstrand jumps in for vocals this time around.
18. ROULETTE – Now
It's Scandi, it’s powerful, it's melodic and it's wonderful! Another band to add to the list of new-era modern melodic rock bands to devour for their classic melodic rock style.
19. SOLEIL MOON – Warrior
Soft and smooth, a little AOR and a little Westcoast; a quality record largely thanks to the vocals of Larry King.
20. WAKE THE NATION – Heartrock
It's Scandi, it's powerful, it's….you know the drill. This time the band are Finnish, and their second album moves them up in the power rankings for bands to watch out for.
21. FIND ME – Angels In Blue
Still quality, but perhaps the weakest album of the project’s 3 releases, but still good enough to make the Top 30. Overdone on the keyboards again, but Robbie LaBlanc sounds amazing.
22. CARL DIXON - Unbroken
He most certainly is unbroken. Another high-quality release from the Coney Hatch founder. It may be a solo record, but it has the 80s Hatch feel, with a modern touch.
23. TOBY HITCHCOCK - Reckoning
Well short of the debut, with Daniel Flores in charge of production this time around. The album is buried in too many keyboards (a Flores trademark), but the songs are mostly memorable and Toby’s voice shines as one of America’s best ‘new-era’ AOR vocalists.
24. SOTO - Origami
Jeff Scott Soto’s own band for delivering modern hard rock/melodic metal delivers album number 3, which continues the growth of the band and their sound. The best of the 3 without doubt.
25. LOVEKILLERS – Lovekillers
Tony Harnell strikes again! Two albums in the Top 30 for 2019 is quite the accomplishment. This is another of those ‘project’ releases, with Alessandro Del Vecchio the man alongside Tony, working somewhat collaboratively. The style is something many fans have wanted to hear from Tony for a while now and some (but not all) of this album works to satisfy that demand. It's very good – but not quite great. More song consistency and a move away from a standard 'Frontiers project sound' would help album number 2.
26. RESTLESS SPIRITS – Restless Spirits
Lords Of Black​ guitarist Tony Hernando assembled an album’s worth of melodic songs and some of the genre’s leading vocalists including Johnny Gioeli, Deen Castronovo, Dino Jelusic​ (Animal Drive​), Alessandro Del Vecchio. A few outstanding songs but its also a little inconsistent.
27. TONY MILLS – Against The law
Talk about saving your best for last. Another very consistent artist and an all-round good guy. Tony delivered one of his best ever performances before bowing out after a long fight with cancer. RIP Tony. Thanks for the tunes.
28. JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE – Winds Of Change
The ever reliable Jim Peterik always delivers. Great songs and great singers once again such as Mike Reno, Dennis DeYoung, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson, Danny Vaughn and Lars Safsund. There’s enough info right there to ensure a purchase.
29. HARDLINE – Life
Not as immediate as some Hardline releases and that’s a little strange to say considering the sound is more along the traditional style the band is most loved for. But as with all Hardline releases, there is quality here worthy of inclusion in the Best Of list.
30. EDGE OF FOREVER – Native Soul
Alessandro Del Vecchio tops off another busy year with his third mention in this list. This time it's back to where he came from, bringing a tasty new slice of traditional European melodic rock with his own band Edge Of Forever.
ROCKET LOVE – Greetings From Rocketland
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - Radiocarbon
AXE - Final Offering
LONERIDER - Attitude
MORANO - Incognito
91 SUITE - Starting All Over EP
DAVID GLEN EISLEY - Tattered, Torn and Worn
ART NATION - Transition
JIMMY BARNES - My Criminal Record
STATION - Stained Glass
GREGG ROLIE - Sonic Ranch
ROBERT TEPPER - Better Than The Rest
BLACK STAR RIDERS - Another State Of Grace
MIKE TRAMP - Stray From the Flock
BURNING RAIN - Face The Music
DREAM THEATER - Distance Over Time
FIGHTER V - Fighter
ROXY BLUE - Roxy Blue
WHITESNAKE - Flesh And Blood
DAVE BICKLER - Darklight
SHARK ISLAND - Bloodline
THUNDER - Please Remain Seated
QUIET RIOT - Hollywood Cowboys
L.A. GUNS - The Devil You Know
BRYAN ADAMS - Shine a Light
KANE ROBERTS  - The New Normal
TORA TORA - Bastards Of Beale
NOTE: There are NO MRR titles included in my Best Of, which is the usual method I employ. While I love them all, it for for others to judge those and I think MRR had a great year, if feedback is anything to go by.
1. ECLIPSE – Delirious
2. DEGREED – Summer Of Love
3. VIANA – Forever Free
4. THE DEFIANTS – It Goes Fast
5. WORK OF ART – Misguided Love
6. CRAZY LIXX – Wicked
7. CRASH DIET – Rust
8. ALLIANCE – Good Life
9. UNRULY CHILD – Living In Someone Else’s Dream
10. RESTLESS SPIRITS – Stop Livin' To Live Online



DEGREED Launch Next Single 'Ruins'

Last year Degreed released their self-titled album, the first release together with Gain/ Sony Music. The album was well received by fans and critics both internationally and back home in Sweden. Swedish magazine GAFFA wrote in their review: "Degreed is still one of Sweden's most interesting bands" followed by Classic Rock: “As the saying goes, it’s all killer, no filler”.
It’s safe to say that the album ‘degreed’ opened new doors for the band and shortly after the release they spent a month on the road together with Swedish rockers H.E.A.T in Europe.
Now after touring and and a lot of hard work in the studio they're releasing their new single "Ruins", and soon they will also release a brand new album. 
"Ruins is a song about mine and Robins hometown and how it is
in many smaller towns - the stores close and the people move to the cities to
find jobs. It’s about growing up in the little town and loving it and still loving it even
though the houses fall apart and the people you knew have moved.
Ruins is starting off softer and ending up in a big chorus - It’s a little bit pop and a little more rock all mixed into one, there’s something in it for everyone!"
Now they're going on tour from start in March where they will start out
in Sweden and then go further off to Norway, England and Scotland.

Ted Poley - "The Devil to My Angel" (Official)

Autographed copies of the cd are available now at along with other great merchandise and song downloads!

DEGREED Release New 'Body Of Work' Single

Last year Degreed released their self-titled album, the first release together with Gain/Sony Music. The album was well received by fans and critics both internationally and back home in Sweden. Swedish magazine wrote in their review: "Degreed is still one of Sweden's most interesting bands" followed by Classic Rock: “As the saying goes, it’s all killer, no filler”.
It’s safe to say that the album ‘degreed’ opened new doors for the band and shortly after the release they spent a month on the road together with Swedish rockers H.E.A.T in Europe.
Now it’s time for the first single off the upcoming album. Degreed are back again with the new single Body Of Work, which will be released September 7, once again at Gain / Sony Music.
"You will not be able to sit still when you listen to this song.
It has a really nice groove to it, and the chorus is catchy with some really kinda "tongue in cheek" lyrics. Body Of Work will make you smile for sure."
- Robin Eriksson, Degreed



TED POLEY Creates Solo Masterpiece With DEGREED

TED POLEY recently teamed up with Swedish modern melodic rock stars DEGREED to record a very special solo project Modern Art, that sees Ted taking a left turn musically, but really delivering the goods.
If you are a fan of either artist - run on over to to pre-order your copy now. The CD release is due in a week or two.

TED POLEY Hooks Up With DEGREED For New Solo Album

Ted Poley and Frontiers are pleased to announce that they have partnered up for the release of another solo album from the singer. 
Ted is currently hard at work in Sweden on this still untitled effort. This time around, the Danger Danger singer has partnered up with some incredibly talented Swedish musicians, namely Mats Ericsson, Micke Jansson, Daniel Johansson, and Robin Ericsson (on additional vocals). 
"You might know some of those guys other musical work as the band degreed,” says Ted “I am also getting some vocal layering with the help of my good friend, the Italian Stallion of Vocals, Alessandro Delvecchio. The album is being co-Produced by Mats Ericsson and myself in Kopperberg, Sweden.”
Ted continues, "After almost 40 years of recording and releasing music, I wanted to stretch out a little bit musically and I am proud to say that I have come up with a MAGICAL combination of amazing musicians and songs! The songs are awesome, and the musicianship will BLOW YOU AWAY. Every one of the players are MASTERS of their instruments and you might hear just a hint of modern prog interlaced with my usual catchy choruses this time around! This is going to be my favorite solo album ever and an album that I felt I HAD to make. And I am so happy with the results so far!”
More news as it becomes available!
Ted Poley will also appear live at this years Rockingham Live with his project with Steve Brown of TRIXTER, Tokyo Motor Fist.



DEGREED Debut 'Shakedown' From New 2017 Album

“Modern rock just dosen’t get any better than this” – Andrew Hawnt, Powerplay Magazine.
In 2016 the band teamed up with Greenwall Management and Gain/Sony Music to reach new heights in their career and it’s a new, more powerful Degreed than ever before ready to take on the world. First single out is 'Shakedown'.
Degreed have shared the stage with greats like Europe, Turbonegro, Millencolin among others and they have been touring and gaining fans all over the world. In the fall of 2010 Degreed released their critically acclaimed debut album “Life, love, loss”
Having recorded the first album with producer Erik Lidbom, the band thought it made perfect sense to do the same on the second album “We Don’t Belong”. This time Erik also introduced the band to multiplatinum and Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Bill Champlin (former singer of Chicago, songwriter for Earth, Wind and Fire etc.) who co-wrote two songs for the album. Bill Champlin also sings a verse on the song “In For The Ride”. “We Don’t Belong” was released on the 2nd of September 2013 and that same month it made “Album of the Month” in Powerplay Magazine. By the end of 2013 the album had received great reviews and also “Album of the Year” by Swedish rock site
Degreed’s third album “Dead But Not Forgotten” was released in 2015 and was well received by critics all over the world and the opening track and first video “The Scam” got featured in Classic Rock Magazine.
HRH Roadtrip Ibiza – May 12
Sabaton Open Air – August 19
HRH AOR – March 9
More dates to come.

DEGREED Sign to Sony/Gain Music For Album #4

Congratulations to my good mates in DEGREED - simply one of the best bands on the planet in 2016.
From the guys: "We're extremely proud to announce that we have signed a world wide record deal with GainSony Music SwedenWe're grateful that we finally have got the chance to work with the best rock label there is in Sweden, and probably the rest of the continent as well. We are currently working on new material and can't wait to show it to you guys. To be releasing it together with Gain/Sony Music can't be a better way to get it out there if you ask us!" - degreed
“Degreed has proven themselves by being amazing songwriters and musicians in their early years. I´m exited to be a part of their future and develop the rock scen together with them.” - Magnus Lundbäck /Founder Gain
Photo: Gustaf Sandholm Andersson

DEGREED - Dead But Not Forgotten (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Mats Ericsson
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Modern Melodic Rock
Sun Hill
Release Year: 
Swedish rockers Degreed are one of my favourite “New Swedish Revolution” bands; one of several artists in Scandinavia that are pushing updated modern melodic rock sounds – classic melodies for a new era - the likes of HEAT, Eclipse, Work Of Art and The Poodles for example.
Degreed are also close to my heart as I released their debut album Life, Love, Loss on MRR in 2009. The second album We Don’t Belong was another outstanding slice of memorable songs that saw the guys modernize a little further, while easing up on the harder edge of their sound. Those are two really amazing albums that simply exhume class, melody and style.
Now Dead But Not Forgotten fulfills the trilogy. This is the band’s Slippery When Wet; their Pyromania. This is simply an astonishingly good album that sees the guys excel in every single department – songwriting, performance, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and production – what can I say about production? Perfection! Balanced mix, clear instruments, powerful, easy to play at any volume. Absolute perfection.
Drummer Mats Ericsson is the man in control for the first time. He knows the songs and the sound intimately of course, but it is the sheer precision in which the album has been mixed and the performances captured that goes way beyond that a self-produced album normally sounds like.
If this rock star drummer lark doesn’t work out for Mats, then he has a long career as a producer and mix engineer ahead of him.
Robin Eriksson screams louder and wails with more passion than ever before, Micke Jansson is a revelation on keyboards this time around and Daniel Johansson now ranks as one of my favourite guitar players.
Simply put – there’s something on this album for everyone. Power, melody, classic and new sounds, anthems, harmonies, waiting guitars and lush keyboards. Quite extraordinary really.
I could go on and on, but let’s just cut straight to the music. And we have 14, yes 14 tracks and not one single minute of filler among them.
There is massive diversity, yet complete cohesion. That’s another credit to the band. And I’ve honestly had a really hard time reviewing anything lately as all I can play is this album.
The Scam – a 4 minute blast of angst and energy. Starts with a controlled melody before turning metal with some blinding vocals. A terrific guitar solo and a bombastic ‘live in concert’ ending.
Face The Fact – classic Degreed…modern and commercial, yet 80s keyboards swirling around in the background and a massive chorus. Should be on radio. Today.
Madness – darker and moodier, yet faster and even more melodic. A building melody rises to a dramatic chorus.
Shame On Me – once again, 80s keyboards filter through the song, from the opening sequence to the constant layer of melody under the thumping bass. The mid-song left turn into a short burst of modern aggressive metal and a blazing guitar solo just adds to the brilliance.
Better Safe Than Sorry – is simply a Song Of The Year contender with big harmonies, big everything. One of those album tracks you always look forward to hearing, despite loving all the tracks around it. A big melodic rocker that continues the frenetic pace of this album.
Love Me, Love Me Not – this little ditty is another true winner. One from the Degreed “mood” handbook with a pure FM radio commercial hook and fist pumping moody chorues.
Drama – great vocal into and those keyboards in play again. Verse to bridge to chorus…one hook after another.
Kill Your Darlings – in your face hard rocking attitude. Old meets new once again on this beefed up rocker, powered by riffs and rhythm. The bass and drum performance and indeed, the way the rhythm section are captured in the studio is another strong suit of this album.
Touch Of Paradise – hands in the air singalong melodic bliss on this anthemic, rocking AOR masterpiece with a chorus so utterly infectious, it should come with a health warning.
Forgive You – heavy. Then not. Then heavy, fast and furious. Then not! Then start over again. Another big favourite from this collection of favourites. This chorus is amazing.
Start Again – darker, heavier, keyboards everywhere, guitars everywhere.
Firefly – holy smoking melodic anthems Batman! How can a song this good, be relegated to track 12?!!! When 1-11 are as good as they are on this album, that’s how. But this is just another track to look forward to every time. This modern commercial rock that should be all over radio everywhere. Kids in their 1000s should be lining up to buy this.
Final Ride – fast and furious again and keyboard swirls mixing it up with choppy guitar riffs and punchy drum beats. And a great chorus of course!
Turn Around, Don’t Back Down – surely a ballad to close out this 14 track tour de force? After 13 rockers, this has to be a calm way to close the album? No way! While the first part might hint at something mellower, the chorus and remaining song put that to rest. A powerful melodic closer with a passionate vocal that draws to an end what can only be rated as a perfect album.

And that folks, is how you create a melodic rock album in 2015. One that has commercial appeal, modern writing and production, yet remains as melodic and keyboard fused as anything from the glory days.
There is always going to be comments here and there about someone “not getting” this band or this sound, or claiming it to be “overhyped”, but that’s simply because there are so many opinions and every one of them is absolutely valid, but not everyone is going to like every album right? If this style suits you and if the band’s first two albums already have a home in your collection, then this is absolutely essential. Essential I say!

DEGREED - "The Scam" (Official Video)

Official video for the DEGREED song "The Scam" taken from the album "Dead But Not Forgotten", released through Sun Hill Production.

Buy copy of "Dead But Not Forgotten" -

DEGREED 'Dead But Not Forgotten' Album Sampler

Release Year: 
Swedish hard rockers DEGREED released a brand new video sampler, with tracks out of the forthcoming album “Dead But Not Forgotten“. The video can be viewed below.
The band’s third album, “Dead But Not Forgotten” is scheduled for an release on June 19 via Sun Hill Production. It’s heavier, softer, darker, brighter and everything in between! This is something truly special. So…fasten your seat belts cause Heaven & Hell are about to collide!
Robin stated: “We’ve been writing songs for this album on and off since the release of “We Don’t Belong” in 2013. I think we had 16-17 songs that we chose from, and recorded 14. The funny thing is that we ended up putting all 14 songs on the album because they’re all so freakin’ good! This album is different from the previous two because we produced it ourselves this time, and Mats engineered, mixed and mastered it. Someone once said that we don’t sound like any other band. He described our sound as the “degreed sound“, and if there’s such a sound, this is it! This is degreed all the way…”
1. The Scam
2. Face The Fact
3. Madness
4. Shame On Me
5. Better Safe Than Sorry
6. Love Me Love Me Not
7. Drama
8. Kill Your Darlings
9. Touch Of Paradise
10. Forgive You
11. Start Again
12. Firefly
13. The Final Ride
14. Turn Around Don’t Back Down
Robin Ericsson – Bass/Vocals
Daniel Johansson – Guitar
Mikael Jansson – Keys
Mats Ericsson – Drums
DEGREED was founded in 2005 and blend vocal extravaganza of Swedish Idol finalist Robin Ericsson with keyboard/guitar synchronization wizardry into melodic rock heaven. They have released two albums – Life, Love, Loss in 2010 and We Don’t Belong in 2013 – both critically acclaimed worldwide by media.
In 2014 the band was opening for Dan Reed Network on their Sweden tour, played Väsby Rock Festival and were invited as Special Guests to Machinae Supremacy’s European tour in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. And 2015 started off with the return to UK for a tour in March.



DEGREED 'Dead But Not Forgotten' Preorders Now Open

Release Year: 
The sensational new DEGREED album 'Dead But Not Forgotten' can be preordered now ahead of the June 19 release. The band has shared details of how and where:
CDs - "Want a signed copy of "Dead But Not Forgotten"? Here's a link to the pre-orders -
We have different kind of bundles in our new merch store as well! Head over and have a look and buy yourself either a great album or something awesome to wear this summer!"
Digital - "Previews and pre-orders available on iTunes! Check it out. Dead But Not Forgotten -"
This is one very special album - 14 tracks of the best of modern melodic rock, power pop and commercial hard rock!



DEGREED Are 'Dead But Not Forgotten' on June 19

Friday, June 19, 2015
News from the wonderful modern melodic rockers DEGREED in Sweden:
“The new DEGREED album "Dead But Not Forgotten", will be released on June 19!
It's heavier, softer, darker, brighter and everything in between! This is something truly special. So...fasten your seat belts cause Heaven & Hell are about to collide!
1.The Scam
2.Face The Fact
4.Shame On Me
5.Better Safe Than Sorry
6.Love Me Love Me Not
8.Kill Your Darlings
9.Touch Of Paradise
10.Forgive You
11.Start Again
13.The Final Ride
14.Turn Around Don't Back Down
"We've been writing songs for this album on and off since the release of "We Don't Belong" in 2013. I think we had 16-17 songs that we chose from, and recorded 14. The funny thing is that we ended up putting all 14 songs on the album because they're all so freakin' good! This album is different from the previous two because we produced it ourselves this time, and Mats engineered, mixed and mastered it. Someone once said that we don't sound like any other band. He described our sound as the "degreed sound", and if there's such a sound, this is it! This is degreed all the way…" -Robin, degreed
degreed was founded in 2005 and blend vocal extravaganza of Swedish Idol finalist Robin Ericsson with keyboard/guitar synchronization wizardry into melodic rock heaven. They have released two albums – Life, Love, Loss in 2010 and We Don’t Belong in 2013 - both critically acclaimed worldwide by media.
In 2014 the band was opening for Dan Reed Network on their Sweden tour, played Väsby Rock Festival and were invited as Special Guests to Machinae Supremacy's European tour in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. And 2015 started off with the return to UK for a tour in March.
Robin Ericsson - Bass/Vocals Daniel Johansson - Guitar Mikael Jansson - Keys Mats Ericsson – Drums
You can pre-order the digital version of the album right now from iTunes here:

DEGREED Launch Teaser Demo For New 2015 Album

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Swedish rockers DEGREED have uploaded a demo version of a new song from their upcoming third studio album.
Kill Your Darlings can be viewed here:
The band states: “This is the lyric video for the demo of "Kill Your Darlings" which will be featured on our upcoming album. The photos and video clips in this lyric video is taken from our gigs during 2014 alongside Machinae Supremacy in Europe and on festivals we played throughout the year. All photo credits go to our fans, friends and families.”
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