Erika was born on a cold winter night in Skelleftea, Sweden where she started her own band at just 12 years old. As a teenager she relocated to Stockholm where she started to write and record demos with various rock bands. In the late 1980's she dated and later married guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. In 1989 Erika was offered her first deal for a record, which was called 'Cold Winter Night', an album she co-wrote which proved to be a resounding success.

The following tours were a sell out and Erika became a rock singing sensation. Her marriage with Yngwie ended in 1992 and she found herself back in Stockholm and recording two more successful albums 'In the arms of a stranger' and 'Lady Luck'. The latter album featured the hit song 'Lost in Paradise' a duet with Eurovision star Jan Johensen. In 1995 Erika recorded 'When Christmas comes to town', a song which is regarded as a Christmas classic in Sweden and then released her fourth album 'Planet X' and then 'Ripe' which were both very big in Japan.

In 2014 Erika started to record the sixth outing which is 'Deaf, Dumb and Blonde', an album which surpasses all she has done - she still has the vocal power of her earlier releases and is set to make a big stir in the rock world once more. With production from Alex Angleflod and Erika herself the album was also recorded at Red Door studio (Abba, Beyonce, Korn). Also featured on the recording are band members from Europe, Candlemass and In Flames. During her career Erika has appeared on countless TV shows in Scandinavia and Japan as well as writing for many other well-known artists, one of those being 'AOR' (Frederic Slama). In short she is a legend and this new album should see her extending her popularity to a whole new audience.

Discography: Cold Winter Night (1990) / In The Arms of a Stranger (1991) / Lady Luck (1993) / Planet X (1995) / Ripe (1998) / Supertrax (compilation 2000) / Deaf Dumb and Blonde (2016)

Vocals: Erika, Redas Jefisovas, Sebastian Qvarfordt, Oscar Bromvall, Marcus Blomberg, Tomas Blade, Lena Borg.
Guitars: Jesper Strömblad, Oscar Bromvall, Redas Jefisovas, Tommy Denander, Peter Rooth, Alex Angleflod, Johan Flodqvist.
Bass: Marcus Blomberg, Jesper Stromblad.
Keyboards: Alex Angleflod, Mic Michaeli, Tommy Denander.
Handclaps: The Plura-Sex Society.

Produced by Alex Angleflod and Erika for Yellow Snow Productions, a division of Spoil Me Rotten Inc.
Recorded at RedDoor Studio by Alex Angleflod.
Mixed by Willem Bleeker at the legendary X -Level Studios" (Abba, Beyonce, Korn)"
Mastered by Mats Lindfors at Cutting Room.


Heroes Of Heartbreak
Hearts Gone Bad
Sleeping With A Memory
Once Upon A Time
Go Down
Us Fools
One For The Road
Start Your Engine

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