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MelodicRock Classics kicks off their 2024 Release Schedule with some long-awaited gems, starting with four new titles on February 23.
Individual expanded Press Releases with full title details will follow shortly.
To start, MRC is thrilled to partner with Randall Waller to bring fans the first ever official CD releases from the classic Aussie melodic rock band AVION.
Avion’s two acclaimed studio albums: ‘Avion’ (1983) and ‘White Noise’ (1986) have both been the subject of bootlegs but have never had an official CD release.
In addition to the two studio albums, Avion released an independent live album on cassette only in 1987 and that too is now going to find its way to CD a part of this reissue series.
All 3 CDs are remastered by JK Northrup from the best available master sources and will feature non-album singles and b-sides as bonus tracks.
Check out Randall’s brand new solo album ‘More’ at:
February 23 will also be the release date for a much-needed compilation featuring New York singer/songwriter MARTEE LeBOW.
Martee is of course responsible for some classic 80s American rock anthems, as featured on her 1986 EP ‘Crimes Of The Heart’ and the full-length follow-up ‘Love’s A Liar’ in 1987.
In 1993 there was a new 3-Track single ‘Roll Away’, before Martee moved on to other roles in the music world.
The debut EP and LP were never released on CD at the time, so with the assistance of JK Northrup, all of this material has been remastered for a 2CD ‘Rock Anthology 1986-1993’, which will be released February 23.
Martee graciously went through her musical archives to dig up a selection of previously unreleased songs, which will round out the compilation, including one song that surely would have been a hit single! Full details shortly – along with pre-order links.
MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a March 29 release from the great Swedish singer/songwriter CHRIS ANTBLAD! A 6CD Box Set will gather 6 individual Chris Antblad/Age Of Concorde digital solo albums, previously released worldwide on streaming platforms only – now gathered for the very first time on a 6CD Box Set titled ‘Collected Works – Volume One’; strictly limited to 500 Units worldwide.
Full details soon!
On April 26, the retail release of the 8CD BRICKLIN Box Set ‘Anthology – The Complete Story’ will arrive. Pre-orders will be shipped out as soon as the sets arrive, with wholesale orders filled with any remaining copies.
Pre-orders and full details of the set can be found here:
All those that pre-order will receive the full set audio in the coming couple of weeks.
Two May 31 releases will be announced shortly. Two very cool box sets and a really obscure cult melodic rock title.



PINK ROSE Deliver Just What You Needed & We Needed Out Sept 29 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics has something a little different for fans come September 29.
The label is not only delivering a 1986 cult classic hard rock album on CD for the first time ever, but also delivering a brand-new re-recording of the same album, all in the one package.
The band is French rockers PINK ROSE, the album is ‘Just What You Needed’. Originally released on LP back in 1986, the album features Marc Quee on vocals; Fabrice Fourgeaud on guitar; Thierry Gaulme on drums; and Pierre Bremond on bass.
Formed out of the ashes of Attentat Rock, PINK ROSE only recorded the one album, but following an Attentat Rock reunion in 2009, the 4 members of Pink Rose started talks about re-recording the album. Now almost 15 years later (37 since the release of Just What You Needed), the new cathartic recording is completed and is aptly titled Just What We Needed.
‘Just What We Needed’ will be Disc 1 of a 2-Disc set, with the original remastered album Just What You Needed being the second disc.
When Attentat Rock went into the Studio Maunoir in Geneva in January 1986, their intention was to record the bands 4th album, which was going to be called "Pink Rose”.
A few months before, Herve Raynal, who was the bands main composer, left the band and was replaced by Stéphane Bonneau (Satan Jokers). After the first week of the recordings, Stephane decided to leave the band, which left the band as a quartet.
Instead of bringing in a new lead guitarist the band opted to add keyboards to the songs (played by Thierry Fervant, owner of Studio Maunoir). This - and the fact that the new compositions were different to what had been the style of Attentat Rock – caused the band to decide to take a completely different path, changing their name to Pink Rose.
The band was never happy with the production, which they felt didn't give justice to the songs and after a few months after the release of the album they split up. Until now.
MRC will release the 2CD Set Just What We Needed on September 29.
Disc 1: Just What We Needed (Re-Recording)
01. Sunrise
02. Lady From Germany
03. Just What I Needed
04. Longing For Love
05. Lonely In The Street
06. Cheating Lady
07. Our Love
08. Rocker
09. Across The Seven Seas
10. Rocking Child
Disc 2: Just What You Needed (Original Remaster)
01. Sunrise
02. Lady From Germany
03. Just What I Needed
04. Longing For Love
05. Lonely In The Street
06. Cheating Lady
07. Our Love
08. Rocker
09. Across The Seven Seas
10. Rocking Child
Marc Quee – Vocals
Fabrice Fourgeaud – Guitar
Thierry Gaulme – Drums
Pierre Bremond – Bass

A is A - The Complete Recordings Showcases Boston Pomp Rockers Career

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is proud to bring yet another masterpiece from the vault - the complete recordings from American pomp/AOR outfit A is A.


A is A - The Complete Recordings
(CD + Digital Download) $32


Founding member Chris Duval describes the band that became A is A as beginning as a dream. A dream that almost came true but fell apart despite having everything going for them and the necessary songs and talent to become a force in the music business. Sometimes you just need an extra piece of luck.

MelodicRock Classics has been working with the band over the past 6 months to put together the complete A is A picture, including tracks recently revamped by the band's founder, plus all studio recordings that reflect changing lineups and studio sessions and some historic original demos. Finally, there are four original tracks recorded when the band started out as Thunderhouse.

This deluxe 2-disc set will be released April 28 via MRC, remastered to perfection again by JK Northrup.

About A is A:
 After a decade performing in bands throughout western New York state, keyboardist/guitarist Chris Duval relocated to Boston in 1985. Boston's original music scene was thriving, and he was confident that in that environment, he'd be able to create his ideal band; a powerful, collaborative hard rock band focused on well-crafted, melodic songs, strong vocals and great musicianship.

Drummer Steve Shields was the first to join, eventually followed by guitarist/vocalist Dale Stephanos. Chris' brother Tom, a veteran of the Greenwich Village folk scene, relocated to Boston to join on bass and vocals. Completing the lineup was lead vocalist Mitch Jeffers, another transplant to Boston from Pennsylvania. The band began writing and performing as “Thunderhouse” in 1987.

In the spring of 1988, Thunderhouse recorded a self-produced, four song demo at Normandy Sound in Rhode Island. The demo received glowing reviews in the local music press and received local and regional airplay. The material the band began writing after this session started becoming more nuanced and mature. In late 1988, drummer Chuck Schuler was asked to join the band. Despite the risk of losing name recognition, the band decided to re-brand itself “A is A”, after their song of the same name.

With Chuck in place, the quality of the band's songwriting took another leap forward in depth and sophistication. They retired many of their Thunderhouse-era songs in favor of newer, stronger and more collaborative material. Those songs that survived the purge were reworked and revised. The much-improved A is A started performing in February of 1989.

Their second self-produced demo, recorded in April of 1989, was a major step forward from their previous work. These new songs were ambitious, intricate and sincere. Critical reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and “Barriers” was released on a compilation CD of new artists.

A home 8 track demo recording done in the fall of 1989 documented the band's continued growth as songwriters and performers. In late 1990, Chris engineered another two-song demo. The arrangements and performances are sparse, raw, and real. “The Nature Of His Love”, a metaphor for the band's struggle to succeed, received local radio airplay.

A is A had become a creative force, collaborating on ever more interesting and dynamic music, and new songs were being introduced at many of their shows. But despite their growing recognition, the meager pay at local clubs couldn't begin to cover the costs of rehearsal space, promotional material, transportation, equipment and recording time. A is A were living literally hand to mouth, fighting to juggle their day jobs in the face of the relentless financial and time demands of their frequent rehearsals and performances.

Quite suddenly, in early 1991, A is A collapsed under those pressures. Tom left the band, and while auditions were held to replace him, it became obvious that what A is A had become, a deeply integrated, collaborative musical entity, could not exist without the lineup it had. More succinctly, A could only be A.

Twenty years later, unable to get the music out of his mind, Chris tracked several of A is A's unrecorded songs in his home studio and began posting them for prosperity. These, along with “On The Bridge”, recorded by Tom in his home studio, and often used as a closer at A is A live shows, round out this collection.

To see the band recorded live in their heyday, check out this great live recording, which features songs included on “A is A: The Complete Recordings”

Track Listing:

CD1: The Masters
01. Thin Ice
02. You Get What You Pay For
03. Outside Out
04. Highway
05. A Day Of Liquid Oxygen
06. Time Stands Still
07. The Mental Tune (Inst.)
08. The Box
09. The Nature Of His Love
10. On The Bridge
11. Miracle Plan
12. Get Serious
13. Barriers

CD2: The Demos
01. Thin Ice (Demo)
02. I Don't Need A Drink (Demo)
03. I Was Just Wondering (Demo)
04. I Have A Friend (Demo)

As Thunderhouse:
05. Into The Dark
06. Moth To A Flame
07. A is A
08. I Am Ready
09. I Am Ready (No Intro Edit)

Line up:

Tom Duval: Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dale Stephanos: Guitar, Vocals
Mitch Jeffers: Lead Vocals
Chris Duval: Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Chuck Schuler: Drums


THE KOO Cult Classic AOR Album Comes to MelodicRock Classics

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is honoured to partner with cult classic 80s high-tech AOR band THE KOO for a long-awaited remaster of their classic 1985 LP, which was briefly released on CD in 1988.

It was the band’s one and only release and copies soon disappeared and the album has been sought after and sold for big money over the last couple of decades.

Restoring the original LP artwork as well as the original running order was top of priorities for the label and the band. As is always the case with MRC releases, audio guru JK Northrup has lovingly remastered the audio, as taken from the original CD release.

Bob Hayman comments: “The album was originally released on LP and cassette in 1985 and the analog masters are no longer in existence. The original release was only 10 tracks. In 1988 we released the CD with 2 additional tracks, “Got To Get Together” and “Runaway”.

Thank you for your interest in reissuing The Koo. This album meant a lot to John and I and we appreciate you wanting to preserve it.”

MRC will release THE KOO ‘The Koo’ On March 24.


Produced by: THE KOO

Remastered by: JK Northrup


Bob Hayman – Guitar, Vocals

John Powell – Lead Vocals, Drums

Tom Mgrdichian – Keyboards, Vocals

01. Strike

02. The Edge

03. Diamond In The Rough

04. 1,000 Radios

05. Maybe Right

06. Standin’ In The Rain

07. On My Way

08. Shame Shame

09. Work It Out

10. Killin’ Time

Bonus Tracks:

11. Got To Get Together

12. Runaway


LAST TEMPTATION ‘Love Wins’ Remastered Album Out Now on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to kick off 2023 with a fresh take on a much sought-after release from classic hard rockers LAST TEMPTATION.
The 10 tracks that made up the band’s original self-titled independent 2009 release have been re-ordered into a sequence the band thinks work better, but not only that, three unreleased tracks from the same original sessions have been freshly re-recorded and added to the album to make the definitive perfect LAST TEMPTATION release.
The upgraded album gets a new title too. Love Wins, with all tracks – classic and new – remastered by sound wiz JK Northrup will be released by MRC January 27. Pre-orders will be available next week.
The band states: “After all these years the band is very excited to record and release 3 new songs along with the original 10 tracks from our last album that some fans were not able to purchase.
The new album titled ‘Love Wins’ will feature 13 tracks, newly packaged and ready for release soon. Arnie, Frank, Steve, Steve and Allan would like to say thanks to Andrew and the melodic rock community for this opportunity and we’re excited for the possibilities of 2023 and beyond.
See you soon!”
LAST TEMPTATION was started in the mid 80’s by guitarist/songwriter Arnie Miot and it wasn’t until almost 1990 that vocalist Frank Vestry teamed up with Arnie to create what would become the current version of the band. Bassist Steve Hervatic, drummer Steve Murphy and keyboardist Allan Gabay round out the group.
Arnie’s brilliant guitar work and Frank’s signature vocals along with top notch song writing are what made and still makes the band popular amongst melodic rock fans.
This New York/New Jersey based pro-level band is made up of members that have toured with national acts and played with some of the biggest artists in the industry.
Last Temptation had an amazing run, but never reached the level of stardom that they all wanted so badly. After all these years the band is thrilled to release “Love Wins” which includes 3 new tracks just recently recorded on Long Island and in Florida.
Track Listing:
01. Love Wins In The End (New)
02. Break It
03. Last Temptation
04. Emotions
05. You’ll Never Walk Alone (New)
06. Oh So Easy
07. Catch Me Now I’m Falling
08. Next To You
09. Without Love
10. You’re Trouble (New)
11. Sailing Away
12. Save Me
13. Queen Of Ice


MelodicRock Classics Introduces New 500 Series

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a new initiative for the reissue label – targeting those cult classics that many die-hard melodic rock fan wants.

The 500 Series will target the more obscure rarities and previously unreleased material for the collector’s market. As the name suggests, there will only be 500 units of these titles pressed, with artwork reflecting the MRC 500 Series logo, plus a dedicated catalogue number starting with MRC501.

Discussions with the artists involved will be done in advance and the Limited Edition releases will be just that. Any title on the 500 Series will only have 500 units available.

Once sold out, you won’t get this version again.

Announcement of the first 500 Series title will be made soon!

Regular MRC titles will continue to be pressed in 500 and 1000 unit lots, meaning all releases remain highly collectible. Fan reaction and support of the label to date has been overwhelming to say the least.

Thanks to everyone that has made a purchase from the label – there is a lot more on the drawing board for 2023 and beyond.


CHRIS FARREN ‘In So Many Words’ Unreleased Archives Out Now

MelodicRock Classics Label

CHRIS FARREN – In So Many Words $30 (2CD Set; Including worldwide shipping)


MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the acclaimed songwriter CHRIS FARREN for the release of a 2-Disc compilation of his solo demos, all previously unreleased officially.

For MRC002, MRC teams up with the great Swedish AOR A&R legend Magnus Soderqvist for the first of several projects together.

With plans to start the MRC label, owner Andrew McNeice went to his great mate and highly respected A&R guru Magnus Soderqvist in Sweden for help on contacting some of the names on the label’s ‘hit-list’ of possible releases and for his input on any other ‘lost’ projects that they could work together on bringing to fruition.

One of those names at the top of the list was CHRIS FARREN, an amazing vocalist who seemingly spent a lot of years making other people sound great, without putting out a release under his own name. Magnus tracked Chris down and a discussion began over how we could pay tribute to Chris in the best possible way. The songs of ‘In So Many Words’ is the result.

In the 90s, an album’s worth of Chris’ solo work leaked and because heavily traded between fans of classic AOR and Westcoast pop/rock. It was traded under the guise of an unreleased album called ‘Signs Of Life’. In reality, no such thing ever existed, and no album was ever planned. Until now.

Chris has worked one on one with Andrew and Magnus to catalogue his favourite solo demos of the 80s, with the 14-track album titled ‘In So Many Words’.

So rich were the archives of Chris’ songwriting, that it was agreed a second disc of 11 bonus tracks would be added to the package, ensuring that none of everyone’s favourite picks were excluded.

The 2-Disc set will be released August 13 and will feature 25 songs given the full remastering treatment from master sources by JK Northrup, with direct input from Chris along the way.

Adding extra value for fans, Chris provides detailed track by track liner notes for the accompanying booklet.

Enjoy the first preview track from the set ‘If Trees Could Scream’.


Chris Farren has directly been involved in over 100 #1 hits, in many different genres, and well over 100 million albums sold as a songwriter, artist, producer and publisher. He has been nominated for 4 Grammy awards, an 11- time ASCAP award winning songwriter, and a CMA award winning producer.  An artist himself in his early years, Farren moved to LA in 1982 to begin his musical journey. He made his living in those early years singing in clubs and in movies, jingles, background vocals, and producing anything he could, all while working on his solo music.

Drawing upon influences from the singer-songwriter era of the late 70’s and combining them with the slicker sound of LA and Ventura Boulevard of the early 80’s, Farren created a sound that was uniquely his own. Dozens of movie themes, jingles and record deals later, Farren settled into a career that was more behind the scenes, writing and producing songs for others.

Luckily for us, he left behind a great body of work of quintessential 80’s pop tunes he recorded as an artist, many of which you will hear in this release. These tunes were all written, recorded and performed by Farren between 1983 and 1988, and you are hearing them in their original form. Many of the tunes have been recorded by others and many of these tracks feature some young guest artists that have gone on to highly successful careers.

Farren’s songs have been recorded by everyone from Greg Allman, Michael McDonald, Air Supply, Rascal Flatts, The Backstreet Boys, Deana Carter, Trace Adkins, 98 degrees, Olivia Newton-John, and many many others.  Chris is currently the owner and driving force behind Combustion Music, one of Nashville’s most dynamic and successful independent publishing and production companies that recently celebrated their 85th #1 single. 

Farren continues to make music to this day, producing and writing hit songs from his office and studio in Nashville.  Combustion has amassed an impressive array of awards including, 6 Grammys, 3 ASCAP Song of the Year awards, and a multitude of hit writers including; 7 time ASCAP Country songwriter of the year, Ashley Gorley, 6 time Christian songwriter of the year Matthew West, and platinum rockers The Kings of Leon.

So take a journey back to Southern California circa 1985 and listen to these great songs and performances by Chris Farren.

‘In So Many Words’ is out via MelodicRock Classics August 13.


CHRIS IRVINE 30th Anniversary Debut Reissue Available via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce the limited-edition reissue of four acclaimed cult classic AOR albums over the next two months. Each album has won fan and critical praise over the years and all four titles have remained on the impossible to find list for many collectors.

The campaign begins August 26 with reissues of two British classics – CHRIS IRVINE and 2AM.

On September 30, two more classics arrive – LAMARCA and YA YA ‘II’.

CHRIS IRVINE is a Belfast born singer/songwriter who released his debut album in 1992. The self-titled album contained the official single ‘Frozen Rivers’, which will become the new title for this 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of ‘Chris Irvine’.


With help from the original label and various participants in the release, including the man himself, CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers’ revisits the lost classic, adding a generous selection of bonus tracks, packing this special release with previously unreleased AOR gems.

Chris comments: “I’m delighted to be able to have the opportunity to finally deliver the definitive version of this album, with the artwork I envisaged as the artist when it was recorded. When you’ve spent hours, weeks, and months toiling in the studio, writing and recording your music, it becomes a living, breathing part of you. You nurture it and build up an idea of how it should be presented. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that level of involvement on the album’s initial release. I am truly grateful to Andrew McNeice and MRC for allowing me the opportunity to give fans of the album something really special on the 30th anniversary of its release.”

Producer Phil Radford“Back in the late 1980’s I was working as an in-house writer/ producer at Red Bus music in North London. My partner Pete Yellowstone and I were introduced to Chris as a potential new artist to work with. We were immediately struck by his powerful and soulful vocals, his enthusiasm and obvious talent. Over a few months we worked on studio ‘down time’ which was evenings and nights writing and recording these songs. These late long smoky sessions were very productive and Chris came up with some powerful performances behind the mic!

Very much a product of the times, the big clean 80s pop AOR sound is clearly what we were going for. We mixed it in studio 2 at Red bus studios on an SSL desk with either Graham Bonnet or me engineering. Even though the album wasn’t received as widely as it could have been at the time, I’m glad to see it still has many fans from all around the world.”

MelodicRock Classics presents CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ August 26. Limited Edition 500 Unit CD; all audio remastered from original masters by JK Northrup.

Pre-orders available this week.

Track Listing:


01. Frozen Rivers                                         4:18

02. Vital Signs                                              3:46

03. Never Listen To Rumours                      3:41

04. Hypnotise                                              3:34

05. In Need Of An Angel                            3:54       

06. Really Need To Know                            4:01

07. You’ve Got The Right                            4:07

08. Kicking Up Dust                                    3:23

09. Can You See Me Now?                           3:39

10. Get A Grip                                              4:00

Bonus Tracks (Unreleased Demos):

11. Room With A View                               4:37

12. Wind In The Wires                                3:32

13. You Got The Right                                 4:09

14. Find Our Way Back Home                     4:20

15. Jody                                                      3:16

16. Am I What (U Really Want)                   5:33

17. Truth                                                      4:20

18. Love Still Hurts                                      4:31

19. Can You See Me Now (Ext. Vers.)       4:27

Run Time 77:28


ANDY QUNTA – Legend In A Loungeroom (Deluxe Edition) Reissue Out Now

MelodicRock Classics Label

MelodicRock Classics is pleased to announce a partnership with English singer, songwriter, composer and musician Andy Qunta to deliver a Deluxe Edition of his one and only solo album ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’, originally recorded in 1989.


Andy has one of the most interesting and complex bio’s of any artist. Andy Qunta (pronounced Coonta) is a citizen of the world and an artist with a long list of credits going back to the early 70s. His first band was Factory, then joining the Hazel O’Connor band.

He met Manfred Mann vocalist Chris Thompson in New Zealand in 1982, which lead to a writing partnership that continues today.

That same year Andy become the keyboard player for Australian melodic rock legends Icehouse, helping to propel them through their most popular and critically acclaimed phase, as well as writing the hit ‘Crazy’ from the ‘Man Of Colours’ album, before departing in 1988.

Andy with Chris Thompson, along with singer Maggie Ryder (Eurythmics) and lyricist Keith Reid (Procul Harum/Whiter Shade of Pale) wrote the now iconic song ‘You’re the Voice’, originally made into a mega-hit by John Farnham, but also covered by Heart, Chris Thompson, David Foster and countless others.

Andy’s other songs have also been recorded by mega-artists including John Waite (Take Me Home), Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Tribal Statistics) and John Farnham (Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done).

In 1989, Andy headed to Los Angeles to record a solo album, titled ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’. The album featuring a lineup including Tony Qunta, Jeff Skunk Baxter (Doobie Bros, Steely Dan), Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd), Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), Steve Milbacher, Paulinho da Costa (Madonna, Sting), Tim Pierce (Meatloaf, Crowded House), & Denny Fongheiser (Tracy Chapman, Heart).

A video for first single, ‘Thing About You’ was shot in Sydney and Melbourne. The song started getting heavy airplay in Australia before legal wrangles with Executive Producers cause project to be shelved. The album was dead in the water before being released in Europe on German label, without the artist’s knowledge.

Andy would later do an independent self-release of the album with altered artwork, which MelodicRock Classics was a big fan of. Being an even bigger fan of Andy’s co-writes with John Farnham, the idea of a Deluxe Edition re-issue was floated, with the label pitching the idea of using some songwriter demos as bonus tracks.

What wasn’t expected was the number of the demos uncovered by Andy, which lead to this ‘special event’ double CD coming to fruition, with some mega-star performances featured.

So the project quickly expanded to a double disc – with the original album given a refresh remaster by JK Northrup and preserved on Disc One, with the Bonus Demos gathered on Disc Two, featuring the vocals of Andy, Chris Thompson, Maggie Ryder and others, plus guest musicians such as Brett Garsed (Nelson, John Farnham), Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd, Madonna) and more.

Graphic Artist Nello Dell’Omo has been commissioned to create a brand new cover art package for this release, which will be revealed closer to the release date.

The full track listing for ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’ and ‘The Songwriter Demos’ is as follows:

Disc One – ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’ (2021 Remaster)

01. Take Me Home

02. Come Back Baby

03. Thing About You

04. Waiting For The Storm

05. Tightrope

06. Sooner Or Later

07. Empty Words

08. Free The Bird

09. Take This Heart

10. Legend In A Loungeroom

11. These Are The Days

12. Midnight

Disc Two – ‘The Songwriter Demos’

01. You’re The Voice (Featuring Chris Thompson)

02. Time Flies (Featuring Vince Ruby)

03. Good Love (Featuring Maggie Ryder)

04. You’re Strong (Featuring Chris Thompson)

05. Someone Is Missing (Andy Qunta)

06. Don’t Tell Me (It Can’t Be Done) (Featuring Chris Thompson)

07. Won’t Let It Rain (Featuring Angie Giles)

08. Win Or Lose (Featuring Vince Ruby)

09. On A Distant Shore (Andy Qunta)

10. Better Way (Featuring Chris Thompson)

11. Ghost Of Your Love (Featuring Fergus Harper)

12. The Wanting (Is Too Strong) (Featuring Maggie Ryder)

13. Wheel Of Fortune (Andy Qunta)

14. Don’t Turn Away (Featuring Chris Thompson)

15. How Come You Don’t Understand Me (Featuring Maggie Ryder)

‘Legend In A Loungeroom – Deluxe Edition’ will be released via MelodicRock Classics October 8 with pre-sales available this week, alongside the label’s other October 8 release Mark Edwards ‘Land Of The Living’.

These days Andy continues to perform regularly in his adopted home of Los Angeles in the Foreigner Tribute Band Double Vision and guest appearances with Journey Tribute Band Open Arms.

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