OZONE - Self Defense (Review)

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Produced By: 
Mike Slamer
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Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Release Year: 
Friday, September 25, 2015
The pairing of the great Mike Slamer and Heartland/Virginia Wolf vocalist Chris Ousey produced one of 2011’s best albums in Rhyme And Reason.
Why it has taken 4 years for the pair to work together again I’m not sure, but Ozone is the result.
The “O” zone of course is “O”usey working alongside Steve “O”verlandFM vocalist and fellow British AOR crooner.
This album is everything I expected – super slick Slamer production and guitar playing, pristine mix and the “O’s” absolutely killing it on vocals. And you know the sound already – fans of Production-by-Slamer will get another dose of his production magic and layers upon layers of harmony vocals – even bigger here given the vocalists involved.
So as expected I played this album to death in the first couple of weeks. But something I did not expect – a certain disconnect with a few songs that have failed to draw me in for the long haul.
Ousey’s album I still play today – it’s just superb.
But I think the songwriting here is a little safe, a little predictable and for that reason there are patches in the album that haven’t ignited my passion such as albums like Seventh Key, Steelhouse Lane and Terry Brock/Slamer had.
In the superb category come the opener Tiger By The Tail; the big ballad So Blind (positioned too early in the album though); the fast moving Save My Soul and Evolve and the equally fast moving but even better Self Defence and Smile Before You Lie and perhaps the best track of all, the anthemic rocker Practice What You Preach.
In the “oddly not that compelling” category are the tunes Let The Good Will Out, Destiny and Lifeline (all a bit one-paced); Shadow On The Sun (annoying chorus) and Visionary Man which rocks, but just doesn’t blow me away.
Interestingly, while this is credited to both vocalists, it is Chris Ousey who has the most dominant role throughout the album.
I’m hoping the songwriting isn’t spread too thin for is long awaited follow-up solo album due in the next several months.

Another great sounding album for all involved and another production winner for Slamer, but not quite the musical home run I was expecting as far as songwriting goes. Still a lot to like though.



OZONE Offer 'Self Defense' September 25

Friday, September 25, 2015

Escape Music is pleased to announce the release date for the much anticipated OZONE debut album, titled Self Defence.
Release Date: 25th September 2015

Track List: 1-Tiger By The Tail 3:38 / 2- Let The Good Will Out 4:11 /  3- So Blind 5:31 / 4-Destiny 3:50 /  5- Shadow On The Sun 3:32 / 6- Save My Soul 5:02 / 7- Evolve  4:27 / 8- Self Defence 3:42 / 9- Smile Before You Lie  4:21 / 10- Lifetime 4:05 / 11- Practice What You Preach  4:06 / 12- Visionary Man 4:34

Chris Ousey - Lead Vocals and backing vocals.

Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of 'Monroe', 'Virginia Wolf', the fantastic 'Heartland' an outstanding solo recording and more recently 'Snakecharmer'. He is nicknamed 'The man with the golden tonsils' and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock.

Steve Overland - Vocals and backing vocals.

Steve Overland is a legend in his own lifetime. Is there anyone out there who is not familiar with his name? He has a history that goes way back into the late seventies, his first major recording was with the band 'Wildlife' in 1980. After the demise of 'Wildlife' Steve went on to form the cult British melodic rock band 'FM', a band that released many great albums throughout the eighties and nineties and right up to 2015. Their popularity has always been at the forefront of British Hard Rock. Steve has also fronted many great bands in recent years, such as 'The Ladder', 'Shadowman' and of course he has recorded three fine solo albums.
Mike Slamer - Guitars / B3 Organ / Keys / Bass
Ronnie Platt - Backing vocals
Billy Greer - Backing vocals
Kerry Denton - Drums
The Late and sadly missed our dear friend Christian Wolff  - Guitars and Keys on 'Evolve'
Erik Sabo - B3 organ
All songs written by Chris Ousey, Steve Overland, Mike Slamer.
Recorded and Mixed at Shattered Studios Valencia CA except for Steve Overland vocals recorded at Tremolo Recording Studio in Cheshire, UK.
Produced and mixed by Mike Slamer
Mastered by Mike Lind at Masterplant
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
The two 'O's' have joined forces on a collaboration that has been whispered for years now and the rumours have all been true as this great union is about to be unleashed on the world. This is just beyond a dream, even the thought that two of the finest melodic rock vocalists in the UK would come together and record an album.
We all know the work of Mike Slamer (City Boy, Streets, and Seventh Key) and his amazing production expertise, well here he outshines all of his previous work with a razor sharp explosion of talent. Mike has a knack of making great music sound even better and this is all the evidence we need. Check out songs like 'Smile before you lie' and 'Practice what you preach' for superb examples of melodic hard rock. On top of it all you get some great backing vocals from Kansas members Ronnie Platt and Billy Greer just like icing on the cake!
This album is dedicated to Christian Wolf R.I.P.


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