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NIKOLO KOTZEV Brings Nostadamus To Life - Live in Bulgaria


Fifteen years after the "Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus" CD release, the author Nikolo Kotzev is staging a World premiere of the work in his home country Bulgaria. The anniversary coincides also with the 450th anniversary of the death of the French prophet Michel de Nostradamus.
The world premiere of the work will be on November 18th and 19th, 2016 in the hall of the State Opera - Rousse, Bulgaria, in conjunction with Maestro Nayden Todorov. The rock opera Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus was released on double CD in 2001 and reaped glowing reviews in the international press. The album sold over 50,000 copies on several continents.
Between the original participants were names like Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Alannah Myles, Doogie White, Jorn Lande and Goran Edman. The rhythm section was taken care of by musicians from Europe - Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven.
Bulgarian audience will have the unique opportunity to attend the premiere of a work, which some critics called "a milestone in the genre."
Cast or characters:

Alexander Atanasov (Bulgaria) - Nostradamus
Stars Keremidchiev (Bulgaria) - Inquisitor
Amalia Nenova (Bulgaria) - Anne Gemelle
Bjorn Lodin (Sweden)  - Storyteller
Thomas Vikstrom (Sweden)  - Soldier / Ghost
Mehmet Kaya (Turkey)  - King Henry II
Blanca Nizic (Sweden)  - Catherine De Medici
The actor Nencho Balabanov will be a narrator.
Nikolo's rock band KIKIMORA will be onstage too, including two guest musicians:
Nikolo Kotzev - guitars
Plamen Chepanov - guitars
Anthony Georgiev - keyboards
Radoslav Todorov - keyboards
Nikolay Todorov - drums
Nikolai Tsvetkov - bass

The State Opera - Rousse will contribute with orchestra, choir, ballet, choreography, costumes and more.
Director of the play will be Orlin Dyakov, conductor - Nayden Todorov, scenographer - Ivan Ivanov - Johani and musical director will be Nikolo Kotzev.

Promoter of the event is the Foundation Beehive.
Future news for the premiere will be published on the official Facebook page of the project:

Nikolo Kotzev's BRAZEN ABBOT Anniversary Release Problem

NIKOLO KOTZEV's planned archival BRAZEN ABBOT release has struck trouble, with vocalist for the original release JOE LYNN TURNER stating his disaproval with the idea and suggests he will seek legal advice. See below...
Here's both press releases. First, Brazen Abbot:
The 20 Years Of Brazen Abbot is an anniversary package containing a CD and a DVD. The release celebrates two decades of the bands existence, since it was founded by the Bulgarian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Nikolo Kotzev.

The CD contains 15 studio tracks compiled from the five studio albums released to date:

Live And Learn          - 1995
Eye Of The Storm       - 1996
Bad Religion               - 1997
Guilty As Sin              - 2003
My Resurrection         - 2007

The Live DVD was shot at a concert at the Amphitheatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The DVD also contains 15 songs. True to his philosophy, Kotzev has not tempered with the live recording in post production, so there are no studio overdubs on this live production.
Kotzev has included tracks featuring almost all singers and players, who have been a part of the band.

The singers are:

Glenn Hughes
Joe Lynn Turner
Goran Edman
Thomas Vikstrom
Jorn Lande
Tony Harnell

The players are:

Nikolo Kotzev  - Guitars, violins, keyboards, percussions
Ian Haugland  - Drums
John Leven  - Bass
Mic Michaeli  - Hammond
Nelko Kolarov  - Keyboards and Hammond
Svante Henryson  - Bass
Wayne Banks  - Bass
Mattias Knutas  - Drums                      

The compilation is a balanced blend of "rockers" and ballads, offering many of the most memorable songs created throughout the years and will certainly be a delight for all Brazen Abbot fans.  This release can be purchased at the Brazen Abbot site:
And JOE LYNN TURNER's immediate response:

Attention to all!
I have just been made aware of a “Brazen Abbot” CD/DVD 20 years compilation release. I am very saddened to learn that this “homemade bootleg” release was done without my knowledge, consent or approval. I consider this a breach of trust and fair business practice.
I am looking into the legal aspects of such release and would urge everyone not to purchase this “unauthorized” product until any and all legal points are negotiated and agreed upon.

I am shocked and disappointed at such unethical practice by Mr. Kotzev and feel this is a direct “stab in the back.” I have never seen this DVD and was not aware of the fact that Mr. Kotzev decided to release this DVD on his own without any regard or respect to me. This is unacceptable and appalling!
I will ask you all to share this information with everyone to support all true artists who still keep the integrity and standards in this crumbling music industry. Your choice is the only decision that can make a difference.
I appreciate your consideration and understanding in this matter and thank you for your continued love and support!

Joe Lynn Turner

In a late twist, there's news from Nikolo that conversations with JLT are taking place.
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