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One on One with Mitch Lafon - RUDY SARZO

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Famed bassist RUDY SARZO joins Mitch on Episode 151 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. He discusses his new bands Devil City Angels & Gunzo, working with Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Geoff Tate, the great lost gem (band and album) Manic Eden, Randy Rhoads, Animetal USA, Quiet Riot and why he's not currently in the band, and much more.

Speaking of Frankie Banali & Quiet Riot: "I am a huge supporter of what he's doing. I'm so glad that he is carrying the legacy of the band. I'm so happy for Frankie and Quiet Riot's legacy."

Mental Health: "Throughout music history, you have some pivot points. Ours was MTV. With Cum On Feel The Noize we were on every half hour. That really really made the difference. It came out in March and by November we had hit #1 on the Billboard charts."

Geoff Tate's Queensrÿche: "Geoff really needs to have his vision realized (he's an incredible artist). He has this idea in his head - this is what the record is going to sound like. This is what the music is going to be like. I felt that I didn't have that much room myself for any creative participation (which is fine), but I felt that I had done as much as I can under the circumstances."

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