Magnum. Bob Catley


MAGNUM - Escape From The Shadow Garden Live 2014 (Review)

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Tony Clarkin
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Melodic Rock
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Since reforming, Magnum has kept an increasingly busy recording/touring schedule that bands half their age would be envious of. The band’s last studio album was Escape From The Shadow Garden, which has spawned this document of the tour that followed.
There are very few heritage bands that have a fan base willing to indulge the band with a set list heavy with new songs rather than relying on milking the classics to within an inch of their life.
But each album and each tour sees Magnum change things up to showcase the new material and the fans lap it up, and here is no different.
The entire first half of this live album is all new tracks and I have to say, they translate into the live arena beautifully. There’s energy there, there’s passion and conviction in the delivery.
Live Til You Die and the ultra-heavy Dance Of The Black Tattoo shine; while the second half of the set includes the legendary All England’s Eyes, Kingdom of Madness, Les Morts Dansant (another stunning version), plus a just brilliant version of Vigilante and an iconic 11 minute How Far Jerusalem.
Bob Catley might sound a little croakier than once upon a time, but his tone and delivery still capture my attention and respect every time.
The band packs a punch as usual and the recording quality and the live mix is really impressive.

Another memorable live release from one of Britain’s great melodic rock acts. A rousing delivery of some new and old makes for a really enjoyable ride.
Essential for all long time fans I would say.
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