Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon - VINNIE VINCENT

On this episode of ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON - a new and exclusive interview (recorded April 19th 2019) with guitarist extraordinaire VINNIE VINCENT
We discuss everything under the sun including his upcoming shows, his career, and much much more. (Please note that at the 45 minute mark for 15 seonds or so the audio is unstable. Similar at the 58 minute mark.)
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Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon - BRUCE & BOB KULICK

On this episode of Westwood One's Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon: It's an early KISSmas as I sit down with longtime KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK and his brother BOB. Alan Niven co-hosts.
In our first interview (starts at approx. 11 mins 30 secs), Bruce Kulick discussed his recent experience on the KISS Kruise as well as the KISS box set, unreleased songs, his career highlight with KISS, joining KISS on The End Of The Road tour, his new website and more. 
Our second interview (starts at approx. 1 hr 10 mins) is with guitarist Bob Kulick. We discuss Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute (which includes Chris Jericho),  his involvement with KISS (including playing on KISS Alive II, Unmasked, Killers and more), should he have joined KISS, Balance, Bon Jovi (1 hr 32 mins) and much more. 
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Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon - PAUL STANLEY

This week on Westwood's One Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon - new interviews with KISS frontman Paul Stanley, Red Dragon Cartel's Jake E. Lee and Accept's Wolf Hoffmann. Former Guns N' Roses & Great White manager, Alan Niven, co-hosts.
First up, is our forty minute chat with revered KISS frontman Paul Stanley. We talk End Of The Road and a whole lot more. ENJOY!
Next up, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee discusses Red Dragon Cartel's new album Patina, the band's revolving door of lead singers, the challenges of touring, Badlands and more. 
And we wrap up the show with ACCEPT's Wolf Hoffmann talking about the band's upcoming album Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017, future 'Symphonic' shows, the chance to play Headbangers Symphony tracks live, Judas Priest's Andy Sneap and producing the next Accept album, Blood Of The Nations being the band's most important album, being asked to become a replacement player in another band and much more.



KISS Tribute Given New Name New Art & Bonus DVD

Friday, October 19, 2018
Star-Studded Salute To Hard Rock Legends KISS Receives A Very Special Reissue With New Title And All New Artwork!
Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet with guest performances by Bruce Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Lemmy Kilmister, Doug Aldrich, Dee Snider, Steve Lukather, Chris Jericho, C.C. DeVille, Dug Pinnick, Page Hamilton, Buzz Osbourne, and more!
Los Angeles, CA - An incredible line-up of world-class musicians and vocalists gathered together, under the helm of Grammy award-winning producers Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet, to recreate 11 classics from the catalog of one of music's greatest, best-loved bands, the icons of theatrical shock rock, the mighty KISS! Originally released as Spin The Bottle in 2004, the resulting album has received a complete makeover this year and will be reissued October 19 with all new artwork.
Now titled, Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute, the album features unique combinations of A-list performers including former KISS member Bruce Kulick plus some of the bands biggest friends and fans including Tommy Shaw (Styx), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Steve Lukather (Toto), Chris Jericho (Fozzy), Buzz Osbourne (The Melvins), Dug Pinnick (King's X), C.C. DeVille (Poison) and so many more!

This special multi-media edition also comes with a bonus making-of DVD that features interviews and stories from the artists, including those who are no longer with us, recorded 14 years ago - it's like a beautifully preserved time capsule showing what these artists looked like, sang like and played like, and what they thought about KISS back then. Hear producer Bob Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar, Robin McAuley, Robben Ford , Lemmy , Greg Bissonette, Doug Aldrich, Kip Winger, Carmine Appice, Mike Porcaro,  Fred Coury, and many others share their personal stories and recollections about Paul, Gene, Ace & Peter. No self-respecting KISS fan should be without this release!

Track List:
1. Detroit Rock City - Dee Snider, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza, John Tempesta
2. Love Gun - Tommy Shaw, Steve Lukather, Tim Bogert, Jay Schellen
3. Cold Gin - Mark Slaughter, Ryan Roxy, Robben Ford, Phil Soussan, Steve Riley
4. King Of The Night Time World - Chris Jericho, Rich Ward, Mike Inez, Fred Coury
5. I Want You - Kip Winger, Paul Gilbert, Greg Bissonette
6. God Of Thunder - Buzz Osbourne, Bruce Kulick, Blasko, Carmine Appice
7. Calling Dr. Love - Page Hamilton, Mike Porcaro, Greg Bissonette
8. Shout It Out Loud - Lemmy Kilmister, Jennifer Batten, Bob Kulick, Samantha Maloney
9. Parasite - Dug Pinnick, Bob Kulick, John Alderete, Vinnie Colaiuta
10. Strutter - Phil Lewis, Gilby Clarke, Jeff Pilson, Bobby Rock
11. Stole Your Love - Robin McAuley, C.C. DeVille, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar

Interviews and stories with: Paul Gilbert, Bob Kulick, Tommy Shaw, Tony Franklin, Aynsley Dunbar, Robin McAuley, Robben Ford, Lemmy, Greg Bissonette, C.C. DeVille, Doug Aldrich, Kip Winger, Carmine Appice, Mike Porcaro, Fred Coury, Jennifer Batten, Bobby Rock, Mark Slaughter, Page Hamilton, Tim Bogert, Steve Lukather, Samantha Maloney, Chris Jericho and Bruce Kulick

Pre-order the CD here:

'After being friends with KISS, knowing them for years, playing on Paul's solo record, it was my pleasure to play on this tribute CD. And also working with Bob Kulick was great fun. I thought it came out great. It ROCKS!' - Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge/ Beck, Bogert, Appice)

'I really liked the new arrangement they had and we screamed through it pretty fast. Wild combinations of players and singers, and in the end a very new twist to some KISS classics.' - Steve Lukather (Toto)

'KISS is and forever will be the most exciting band in the land!' - Kip Winger (Winger)

'What fun it is to do anything with Bob. Giving KISS some love. I tried to do Gene proud. We're all parasites, baby!!' - Dug Pinnick (King's X)

'I was thrilled to play on this record, especially with Mark Slaughter and Ryan Roxie, with whom I have played before. The song 'Cold Gin' was special for me because of one morning back in 1990 when I was awoken by a phone call from Gene Simmons inviting me to come up on stage to play a song with them that night. It was indeed a great moment for me!' - Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne)

'Such an honor to be included then and now, in this list of immensely talented musicians on this KISS tribute. Put your KISS face on and turn it up. Enjoy!!!' - Robin McAuley. ( MSG )

'Some seriously great performances by an insane bunch! Being involved on many of the assorted songs, I had the pleasure of enjoying all the different folks and the cool and varied interpretations they all were bringing to the table.' - David Glen Eisley (Giuffria/Dirty White Boy)

ACE FREHLEY Releases All New Solo album ‘Spaceman’ Due October 19

Friday, October 19, 2018

Founding KISS guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame member ACE FREHLEY has released a new song today called "Rockin' With The Boys" This is the second song Frehley has released this year, from his forthcoming all-new Spaceman album, due October 19, 2018, via Entertainment One (eOne)/SPV.  Frehley previously released the track "Bronx Boy" in April.
Spaceman, Frehley's eighth solo LP, features nine new original tracks including a cover of Eddie Money's 'I Wanna Go Back' a ripping power pop makeover of the original.

'No need to worry, I'll be home soon, 'cause I'm rockin' with the boys,' Frehley sings on 'Rockin' With the Boys,' which tells the tales of life on the road. Ace says he wrote the original version of the song back in KISS's heyday in the '70s. Both "Rockin With The Boys" and "Bronx Boys" are available on all streaming platforms today, and are iTunes instant grat tracks for fans who preorder the album.

In addition to Ace's distinctive guitar sound on each track, Ace played bass on all of the songs on Spaceman except for two. The listener might recognize the mighty dinosaur growl of a bass tone belonging to Gene Simmons on the album opener, 'Without You I'm Nothing' which Gene also co-wrote, and "Your Wish Is My Command" Both songs were recorded at Frehley's home studio in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Ace's reconnection with Simmons and fellow KISS vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley (who joined Ace on a cover of Free's 'Fire and Water' for 2016's covers LP Origins Vol. 1) might be chalked up to the fact that Frehley has been sober for more than a decade (he celebrates 12 years of sobriety in September). Ace's clean living no doubt has a lot to do with his productive streak, which began with the release of his Anomaly album in 2009. Spaceman (a title suggested by Simmons, himself) serves as the first collection of all new Frehley-penned material since 2014's Space Invader.
Space Invader received praise from critics. Rolling Stone wrote, "Gene Simmons has claimed Ace Frehley doesn't deserve to wear Kiss' Kabuki clown paint, but the former Spaceman's first solo LP in five years says otherwise" while Associated Press hailed, "...the original Kiss lead guitarist has recorded his best solo album since his groundbreaking self-titled album in 1978."
Widely known as the original 'Space Ace" and founding guitarist for 16 cumulative years (over 2 tenures) of the multi-platinum selling rock band KISS, Frehley is demonstrably the most popular original member. In addition to having the best-selling solo album career (vintage or current) among the original foursome, Frehley's self-titled Ace Frehley, released in 1978, went on to sell over one million copies, producing the only Top 40 single, 'New York Groove' from any of the legendary KISS solo albums (peaking at #13).
Spaceman will be released through Entertainment One (eOne)/SPV with an exclusive European cover artwork on October 19th, 2018 as CD DigiPak and LP version.
1. Without You I'm Nothing 4:07
2. Rockin' With The Boys 4:15
3. Your Wish Is My Command 3:38
4. Bronx Boy 2:51
5. Pursuit Of Rock N' Roll 4:32
6. I Wanna Go Back 4:01
7. Mission To Mars 3:39
8. Off My Back 3:37
9. Quantum Flux 6:30



Gene Simmons: Full Interview - House Of Strombo

The Strombo Show welcomed Gene Simmons for an intimate exploration to celebrate his Gene Simmons' Vault. This is the unedited, full conversation. He opened up about his thoughts as an immigrant toward President Trump, his relationship with all members of KISS along with his thoughts toward feminism and more. Read the complete transcript here.
On if he thinks if President Trump is a good President:
"Well, it's too early, you know when you were a little baby and you kept falling on your face, i'm not gonna judge you then, do i think you said a lot of stupid things, oh ya, but i know the man by the way, we hung and all that stuff, what you see is what you get, he says stupid things, and so do you, and so do i, i'm not validating it but, there's not a human being that walks on thee face of the planet that privately hasn't made racists or anti-semitic or entire martian or anti-women jokes, or anti-irish jokes, go ahead. Privately everybody does it. He is a tourette president who will say whatever he wants.. and he doesn't give a fuck if you approve of him, and he's doing the job for one dollar. I like that.
You will be judged by what you do and that i agree that what you say can be hurtful, but at the end of the day politics intrinsically is about 2 things, one keep us safe, and to give me an opportunity to feed my family. I think if you go across everywhere else, anywhere else in the world those are the 2 items people are concerned with most, you will never please anybody, i don't know anybody here who hasn't said stupid things publicly or privately and if they get outed you know if you get caught on tape, from Mel Gibson to everyone, and i know mel very well and i'm jewish myself, and he said some stupid things, racists things, anti-semitic things when he was, y'know high or drunk or whatever, but i know the guy, i know that he gave a 2o million dollar check to start mending kids privately and never talked about it, i know the guy that goes out of his way to help refugees and stuff like that and doesn't advertise it. It's your deeds not what you say, you've said potty words and so have i, so i'm gonna give the guy who was duly elected a chance to show us what he can do, and then i'll judge his legacy."
On another KISS record:
When and if it's the right time, i would wanna figure out a different business model because i refuse to stick it on clouds and shmouds and all this stuff where it's just like a puff of smoke that's gone, i want to feel, i want to see the art, i wanna feel the thing in my hand, i refuse to play by a broken down system that in a lot of ways is highway robbery, the artist, by the way it doesn't affect me,. I'm a rich son of a bitch and all that okay okay okay, the new little baby bands, how do they earn a living? How do you write your songs and, how'd you quit your day job and really do this full time. You can't.
It's crazy because the fan refuse to pay money for the records, and that means your killing the new bands, you're killing them , you're not giving them the next elvis or elton or whoever you think is great, a chance. We had a lot of chance, we had record companies, they gave us millions and we could tour and do all that stuff, new bands have to go back to living in their mother's basement. That’s unfortunate
On Halloween:
We used to go through Beverley Hills and they used to do cobwebs through entire street and i remember walking down the street one day, so help me god true story, without makeup or anything, just walking with the kids, and coming on the other side was a young mother and her very small child dressed just like me with makeup, which was in the days when the Demon was wrestling, and she comes over and she says sweetheart that's gene simmons, and the little kid said, and he's dressed like me in Kiss makeup, “who?” She said y'know, that's the demon, she goes nooo, because the kid put on the demon makeup because of the wrestler who's dressed like me, he never heard a kiss or anything. But i got him later mwahaha.
On Peter Criss' final tour:
There's no such thing as final. Yknow every band says goodnight, but if they clap long enough you come back and do it again.
I haven't spoken to him in a long time but i think he's far happier now, not everybody is designed to run a marathon, y'know being on the road is tough because everybody around you will try to drag you into darkness, and if you're not careful it's easy, and i'm too involved with myself and delusionally in love with myself that i'm not interested in other people's assessment of life, i know what's good for me."
On Paul Stanley:
"He's the best partner, i mean if i was gay i would do him, in front of you and your children."

ACE FREHLEY’S 'Anomaly' To Be Reissued As 'Anomaly Deluxe' On September 8

Friday, September 8, 2017
Founding KISS guitarist, solo artist, and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley has premiered an all new bonus track titled "Hard For Me" today exclusively via ULTIMATECLASSICROCK.COM. The track will appear on a reissue of his 2009 album Anomaly re-released as Anomaly Deluxe coming out on September 8, 2017 via Entertainment One Music.
“I think this new edition of the album is great - a special treat for the fans,” says Frehley.  "And, with the bonus tracks, they’ll get a little more insight into how the album came together.”
Among the new tracks are two previously unreleased demos: “Hard for Me,” which was later reworked into the album’s “Foxy and Free,” and an early take of “Pain in The Neck,” different in tempo and arrangement from the final version. Also included is the previously digital-only Anomaly bonus track “The Return of Space Bear.”
Anomaly Deluxe will also feature enhanced album art, a new live poster, and extensive liner notes by rock writer and Ace Frehley historian, Ron Albanese (including track by track commentary by Frehley). Pre order options can be seen below.
In late 2016 the company entered into an extended agreement with Frehley to release two more studio albums.
Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions at eOne Ken Gullic says, “We’re absolutely thrilled to have an artist of Ace’s stature on our roster, and to re-release this album on eOne. The Anomaly Deluxe edition completes the trifecta of his comeback trilogy, alongside his first Top 10 album, Space Invader, as well as Origins Vol.1.  Ace will follow this with two more studio albums.”
At the time of its release, Anomaly lived up to its name. “There was a lot of pressure on me, because I hadn’t done an album in 20 years,” explains Frehley. “I wasn’t sure it wasn’t going to be well-received. Luckily, it was!” The record debuted at #27 on the U.S. Billboard chart.
Between live shows in the United States, Frehley is writing for his next album, and reveals that sessions have included working with Gene Simmons for an expected 2018 release. 
“I am writing for my next studio album,” he begins, “Gene came over my house to write - it went fantastic. In a matter of three hours, he and I came up with two new songs for my (next) record. I’m thrilled.” The occasion was momentous for another reason: “it was the first time I have worked with him while I was sober,” he reveals, “and it was a pleasure.”
In September Frehley and his band will return to Australia and New Zealand for a series of dates with Alice Cooper. 
“I have not been to Australia in a while,” he begins, “Alice and I have been friends since the ’70s, and playing with him is going to be bigger and better.”
Speaking of playing, there is a rumor that a certain song will be performed on the tour by Frehley, one that goes back to being a fan favorite Down Under when he first toured there with KISS in 1980. The original “Spaceman” sets the record straight.
“I gotta do ‘Talk to Me’ - for Australia, I’ll do it!”
Upcoming 2017 Dates
Jul 20, 2017 - Clearwater, FL, Capitol Theatre
Jul 21, 2017 - Melbourne, FL, King Center of the Performing Arts
Jul 22, 2017 - Hollywood, FL, Hard Rock Live (Co-headlining with RATT)
Aug 19, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV, Psycho Fest, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Sep 16, 2017 - New York, NY, B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
Australia and New Zealand 2017 Dates with Alice Cooper
For ticket info, visit
Oct 17,    2017 - Perth, Arena
Oct 19,    2017    - Adelaide, The Barton Theatre
Oct 20,    2017    - Melbourne, Margaret Court Arena
Oct 21,    2017    - Sydney, Hordern Pavillion
Oct 23,    2017    - Canberra, AIS Arena
Oct 24,    2017    - Newcastle, Entertainment Centre
Oct 25,    2017    - Brisbane, Convention Centre
New Zealand
Oct 27, 2017 - Auckland, The Trusts Arena
Oct 28, 2017 - Wellington, TSB Bank Arena
1. Foxy & Free
2. Outer Space
3. Pain In The Neck
4. Fox On The Run
5. Genghis Khan
6. Too Many Faces
7. Change The World
8. Space Bear (Extended)
9. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It's A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum
13. Hard For Me (Bonus)
14. Pain In The Neck (Bonus - Slower Version)
15. The Return of Space Bear (Bonus)

Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon - Gene Simmons (KISS), Mike Rutherford (Genesis) & Adam Mitchell (KISS songwriter)

Title: Gene Simmons (KISS), Mike Rutherford (Genesis) & Adam Mitchell (KISS songwriter)
In this episode, Mitch sits down with Genesis' Mike Rutherford to discuss Genesis 50th anniversary plans, Ray Wilson & Calling All Stations, Phil Collins & Peter Gabriel leaving the band, Invisible Touch, Mike + The Mechanics and much more.
Then as highly requested - Mitch shares his entire June 9th 1980 interview with Gene Simmons to discuss the Unmasked album and more. 
And finally keeping in the spirit of '80s KISS - songwriter Adam Mitchell shares his experiences of writing with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr for the KISS Killers, Creatures Of The Night, Crazy Nights and Hot In The Shade albums. He also shares his thoughts on what makes a good song. 
Mitch Lafon - Music journalist and so much more...
Twitter: @mitchlafon
Listen to Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon on PodcastOne.
"Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon" - iTunes link
"Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon" - PodcastOne link
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'Everybody's Talkin' About THE DIVES Featuring Paul Stanley's Son

With the four members of THE DIVES hailing from both sides of the country and the middle, it might seem unlikely that these musicians would ever even meet, let alone form a band – until you hear them play.  After one listen, it’s nearly impossible to imagine them playing with anyone else.  Featuring tight harmonies and infectious hooks, THE DIVES’ music sounds fresh and familiar at the same time.  When explaining how the band was formed, they all vehemently agree that they got together with the common goal of making the kind of music they wish they heard more.

Based in NYC and a brand new band by any standards, THE DIVES wasted no time writing original material, rehearsing and leaping onto the club circuit.  When asked to describe their sound, Evan Stanley, lead guitarist and vocalist, immediately answered, “We’re a Rock & Roll band.”  Sergio Ortega, bass and vocals, explains, “It’s a rock band playing catchy songs.  Big hooks, but rattier than Top 40.”  THE DIVES musical influences are similar enough to create a cohesive sound with memorable hooks, yet diverse enough to infuse their music with the excitement of very modern flavours.  
The band is comprised of guitarist and lead singer Evan Stanley, guitarist and lead singer Mike Lefton, bassist and singer Sergio Ortega and drummer and singer Jimmy Meier.  Developing a passionate interest in music as children, all four have been mastering their instruments from an early age.  When Stanley moved to NYC to attend college at NYU / Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he was determined to start a band.  After a little trial and error, he was introduced to New Jersey native, Mike Lefton.  A brotherhood was formed instantly as the two found musical commonalities beginning with their influences and energetic work ethic.  And the beginnings of a band was formed.  Mike reached out to fellow New Jersey native, Jimmy Meier to give the band a beat.  With a gig booked, they scrambled to find a bass player.  A friend recommended an unlikely fit, Sergio Ortega.  Unlikely because Ortega is also an incredibly talented musician better known for guitar, banjo and mandolin and has toured the world as guitarist and musical director for Broadway phenomenon, Ramin Karimloo.  The group asked Sergio to sit in for that show and never let him leave.  It’s the kind of band fans dream about – THE DIVES don’t just spend time together for rehearsals and performances, they are brothers brought together by a common goal, shared passions and a twisted sense of humour.
Unfortunately, musical assumptions arise when people make the connection between Evan and KISS frontman, Paul Stanley.  Yes, Evan is the son of the rock legend but he makes it clear that THE DIVES are forging their own musical path, “You won’t hear anything that sounds like KISS at The Dives’ show.”
2017is already a very exciting year for THE DIVES.  With the release of their debut EP, Everybody’s Talkin’, a UK tour that afforded them the opportunity to play to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands, the band is performing throughout the summer and heading out for a national tour in August.  Be sure to follow them on all social platforms for daily updates and be sure to catch a show near you!  
Everybody’s Talkin’iTunes: 
The Dives on Facebook: 
The Dives on Twitter: @thedivesmusic 

One On One With Mitch Lafon

Release Year: 

PRETTY MAIDS singer Ronnie Atkins guests on Ep. 280 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In this episode, PRETTY MAIDS singer Ronnie Atkins discusses the band's fantastic new album KINGMAKER, KISS, working with famed producer EDDIE KRAMER (KISS, Jimi Hendrix, etc.) and Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen, guitarist Ken Hammer, the band's history, the North American market place, NORDIC UNION and much more.

QUOTES from the interview:

Making new music (time 1.20): "When you are ten years (old), you dream about making music that people would like and go on the road and play it live in front of people. That motivation is still there."

The band KISS (4.58): "I remember the first album I bought from KISS was DESTROYER - to me still that's a great album. It's just one of the great albums from my childhood.

Eddie Kramer as a producer (6.36): "I think we expected something else. For a band from Denmark - the record company wanted us to have an American producer, so Eddie Kramer's name came up and he had a pretty good CV (like KISS, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and stuff like that). He was a very nice guy but for producing an '80s hard rock/heavy metal band - he was a little over the hill to be honest."

For more about PRETTY MAIDS visit:

Instagram: N/A
TWITTER: @pmaids



One On One With Mitch Lafon - ACE FREHELY

Release Year: 

ACE FREHLEY joins Mitch on episode 204 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

Link to Episode:

In the episode's only interview, former KISS guitarist discusses his latest album Origins Vol. 1, working with Paul Stanley, his upcoming 2016 tour plans, the 40th anniversary of KISS' landmark Destroyer album, the 20th anniversary of the pre-reunion MTV Unplugged album, Psycho Circus, the reunion tour and much more.

Quotes from the ACE FREHLEY interview:

Getting Paul Stanley on the album: "It was actually rather easy. I called Paul and he picked up the phone right away. I told him what I was doing and he was very receptive."

"I had originally tried to get Gene on the record, but he never got back to me."

On working with KISS again: "I'm not ruling it out. I always leave the door open. Right now, I'm just very excited about Fire And Water. Paul's really happy with the way it turned out. I'm very happy. So, we're just moving forward in a positive way and whatever happens in the future happens or if it doesn't - it doesn't."

The 1996 KISS - MTV Unplugged album: "It was a little nerve-racking. We weren't sure how the fans were going to receive it, but when we taped the show; the fans just went crazy when me and Peter walked out. It was just one of those moments in time where everything solidified."

"Paul and Gene realized that they had to move forward with me and Peter because the fans wouldn't have it any other way."

The Reunion Tour: "It was a lot of fun in the beginning, but as the years progressed it got a little weird."

"Paul and Gene know how to push my buttons and Peter's buttons."

The supposed reunion album, Psycho Circus: "I felt it would have been a better album if me and Peter had played more on it."

For more about ACE FREHLEY visit:
TWITTER: @ace_frehley

Follow Mitch Lafon on Twitter: @mitchlafon
One on One With Mitch Lafon's Official Twitter is: @1On1WithMitch
And Official Facebook page is:

ACE FREHLEY Reveals His Influences on 'Origins Vol. 1'

Friday, April 15, 2016
- first single out February 12th
OUT APRIL 15, 2016
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer ACE FREHLEY has announced Origins Vol. 1, a covers album featuring some of the biggest names in rock and roll, on April 15, 2016 through SPV/Steamhammer in Europe, available as digipak, 2LP and download. Most notably, KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY joins Ace on Free's hit "Fire and Water." This collaboration marks the first time that Ace and Paul appear on the same recording since KISS' 1998 reunion album Psycho Circus.
Other guests are none other than Slash trading leads on Thin Lizzy's classic "Emerald," Lita Ford singing and playing lead on The Troggs' staple "Wild Thing," Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 playing guitar on the KISS song "Parasite" and Jimi Hendrix' "Spanish Castle Magic," and Pearl Jam's Mike McCreedy plays guitar on Ace's mainstay "Cold Gin."
Ace will be as active as ever on the road in 2016 dates will be announced as soon as possible. Ace will be joined on the road by Richie Scarlet (rhythm, guitar and vocal duties), Chris Wyse on bass and vocals (The Cult), Scott Coogan on drums (Nikki Sixx’s Brides of Destruction).
Origins Vol. 1 will be the follow up to Space Invader, released in 2014. Space Invader was Frehley's first studio album in five years, and the album charted all over Europe.
Space Invader, received high praise from critics. Rolling Stone wrote, "Gene Simmons has claimed Ace Frehley doesn't deserve to wear Kiss' Kabuki clown paint, but the former Spaceman's first solo LP in five years says otherwise," while Associated Press hailed, "The original Kiss lead guitarist has recorded his best solo album since his groundbreaking self-titled album in 1978." Paste Magazine also confirmed, "Space Invader is a good rock album, and it’s an even better guitar record."
1. White Room (original by Cream) 5:04
2. Street Fighting Man (original by The Rolling Stones) 4:00
3. Spanish Castle Magic (original by Jimi Hendrix, feat. John 5) 3:34
4. Fire and Water (original by Free, feat. Paul Stanley) 4:11
5. Emerald (original by Thin Lizzy, feat. Slash), 4:28
6. Bring It On Home (original by Led Zeppelin) 4:25
7. Wild Thing (original by The Troggs, feat. Lita Ford) 3:44
8. Parasite (Kiss, feat. John 5) 4:04
9. Magic Carpet Ride (original by Steppenwolf) 3:43
10. Cold Gin (Kiss, feat. Mike McCreedy) 5:17
11. Till The End Of The Day (original by The Kinks) 2:26
12. Rock N Roll Hell (Kiss) 6:32

The track "White Room" will be released as the first single and is available on all digital platforms tomorrow Friday February 12th.

You can hear the song already on the ROLLING STONE homepage:

Double Stop Podcast - DAVE WITTMAN

Release Year: 
This week on the Double Stop Podcast is a rare interview with Dave Wittman, who Engineered a boatload if records in the 70's and 80's.
Dave Wittman discusses his career as a Recording Engineer. From meeting Jimi Hendrix as a teenager, and his first job with Eddie Kramer, to working in the studio with KISS (and the Van Halen demos with Gene Simmons), Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Billy Idol and much, much more. He also discusses the change in the music industry with Grunge, and his work with Trans-Siberian Orchestra both in studio and on the road. This episode features guest co-host Greg Renoff author of the new book Van Halen Rising.
On Engineering early KISS demos 27:30 “Eddie (Kramer) and I did the first demo that got KISS their record deal. They came in and did the classic Cold Gin, Deuce, Strutter - that kind of thing, and we just went in one afternoon and did the kind of did the Beatles thing. The four track to four track to four track kind of thing. That was one of the first things that Eddie trusted me with - with him looking over my shoulder."
On Mixing the Gene Simmons Van Halen Demo's 28:25 “Eddie (Kramer) brought in the multi-track tape - it included Runnin’ with the Devil. I didn't actually know who it was at the time, I just knew I loved that song.”

On working with Led Zepplin 34:20 "I got to work on the mixing of Houses of the Holy, and the movie soundtrack The Song Remains the Same. And they used my Marshal top on that, by the way. They needed a Marshal top to do an overdub at 2 in the morning, and I lived around the corner so I went home and got it."
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One On One With Mitch Lafon - BACKYARD BABIES

Release Year: 

DREGEN from Sweden's BACKYARD BABIES joins Mitch on Episode 164 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
We discuss the band's stellar new album Four By Four, KISS, the return of THE HELLACOPTERS, MICHAEL MONROE, more cowbell, new solo music, his book, Supershit 666, the vibrant music scene in Sweden and much more.
Quotes from the interview: On being 'bored' with the band: "I couldn't really tell anymore if the gig we did was great or if it totally sucked. I was a machine just doing the same thing every night." The Hellacopters reunion: "Me and Nicke have been talking about putting the original Hellacopters together. We think it's a waste not to do it because I still think the original Hellacopters can still deliver that sound."
On KISS: "Between '73 and '78, they were the best band in the world... I'd rather follow the KISS soap opera than the Kardashians, but it's almost the same." "I can't see KISS without Ace Frehley."
For more about Dregen & the Backyard Babies visit: Online: Twitter: @bbabiesofficial & @DregenOfficial Facebook:
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Mars Attacks Podcast - KISS

Release Year: 
Episode 124 of the Mars Attacks Podcast continues its Classic Albums series, this time around we focus on the 1974 self-titled debut by Kiss.  This episode contains interviews from a bunch of different musicians, show hosts, and journalist.  Among those you will hear are Roch from Radioactive Metal, Chris and Aaron from the Decibel Geek Podcast, Mitch Lafon of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Racer X's Jeff Martin, author Martin Popoff, Josh Christian of Toxik, Carl Canedy of The Rods, former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover, Joe Stump, Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer, Sharlee D'Angelo of Arch Enemy, Ross The Boss of Death Dealer, Gene Hoglan, Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys, Charlie Benante of Anthrax, Doro Pesch and courtesy of Talking Metal, Ace Frehley.
Among those that have provided written comments include by David Ellefson of Megadeth, former Guns N Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, John Nymann of Y&T, Will Carroll of Death Angel, Dave Starr of Wildestarr, and many more.
You can read more here:

One On One With Mitch Lafon - BOB KULICK

Release Year: 

In episode 141 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, guitarist and producer, Bob Kulick, sits down with Mitch to discuss his new book, upcoming EP, working as a ghost musician on KISS' Alive II & Killers albums, the making of the Paul Stanley 1978 solo album, touring with Alice Cooper, the 1989 Paul Stanley solo tour, Balance, Meat Loaf, Motorhead, his brother Bruce Kulick and much much more.

Drummer Allan Schwartzberg co-hosts this episode. Allan is best known to KISS fans for having 'ghost' drummed on KISS' The Elder, Animalize and Asylum albums as well as credited performances on the Gene Simmons and Peter Criss solo albums of 1978. He's also appeared, both credited and uncredited, on multiple Alice Cooper albums.

Quote from the interview:

KISS ALIVE II: "Paul called me and said Ace was dragging."

Feedback from the band on guitar playing during the recording of Alive II: "It doesn't sound like Ace enough. Try to keep it in the ball park."

"I had my own band, Balance. I played with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Meatloaf, and all these people. I'm just on this train going through all of these artists."

I'd agreed to play on Gene and Paul's [1978 solo albums], but it became an issue. To have the same lead player on two of the records just defeated the purpose of everybody doing a different thing."

Bruce Kulick on joining KISS: "This was his fate."

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One On One With Mitch Lafon - STEVE BROWN (Trixter, Def Leppard)

Release Year: 
In episode 129 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, TRIXTER's Steve Brown joins Mitch to discuss the band's latest album Human Era, Def Leppard, his Mojo Vegas studio, the KISS Revenge tour, Trixter's history and more.

Producer Adam Hamilton (former L.A. Guns & The C.C. DeVille Experiment) co-hosts this episode.

Quotes from the interview:

1) On Trixter's days with MCA records: "They wanted us to sound like a garage band. They didn't want us to sound like Def Leppard or Mötley Crüe."

2) "KISS is the band that made me want to do this."

3) On Def Leppard: "It's very bittersweet."

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This Episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon is brought to you by the Heavy Montreal Festival taking place on August 7th, 8th and 9th at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal. This year featuring Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Korn, Faith No More as well as '80s artists Dokken, EXTREME, Lita Ford and Warrant. Visit:

Decibel Geek Podcast - DESMOND CHILD

Release Year: 


Legendary songwriter/producer Desmond Child guests on this week's episode of the Decibel Geek podcast.  In this hour-plus talk, Desmond looks back on his early days as a performer in the NY-based disco group Desmond Child and Rouge. This band was a favorite of KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley, who used to frequent the band's live shows. A friendship was struck as well as gold when the two collaborated on 'I Was Made for Lovin' You', a Top 10 smash that spanned the globe. Desmond's career in writing/producing took off from there. While the songwriting partnership with Stanley was harmonious, his dealings with the other boss of KISS, Gene Simmons, have been more complex. 'There was one point where they decided they weren't going to have any co-writers on their records. So, they made a big deal out of it because suddenly I was co-writing with KISS and Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper and Joan Jett and having #1 songs and they said 'Well, we have to go against the grain.' Gene started saying, 'Well, we're recording at our studio but we have guards outside the door to keep Desmond Child out.' I was so pissed off. It's like 'Hey guys, I helped to make you richer than you already were, you know? Why would you do that? You're hurting my feelings. If you're gonna attack somebody, attack the other bands (laughs), not the guy that's helped you. I was so hurt. I actually didn't write with them for a very long time after that. But, I came back to write on Paul's solo record. We wrote a great song called 'Live to Win'.'

While that early 90's quote from Simmons stung, Child has gone on to forge a friendship with the long-tongued rock legend. 'Now he's kind of a mentor to me. I'll ask him questions and he emails me right back. Because he has so much experience in every genre; film, television, records. He like an encyclopedia of wealth, of information; especially business-wise. He's a genius.'

While working with Rouge, Child used his songwriting prowess to help work through a big transition in his personal life during the making of the band's sophomore album Runners in the Night. 'It was all about my relationship with Maria because we had started the group together and we were together and then I fell in love with a guy and then realized I was really more gay than I was straight. The first song on that album's called 'The Truth Comes Out' and it's all about my coming out. We thought 'Well let's just put our lives into the music.'

While Desmond Child's songwriting credit list is impressive, boasting over 300 million in sales, his take on the current state of streaming music is sobering. 'Jon (Bon Jovi), Richie (Sambora), and I get 6 million streams on Pandora every quarter on average for 'Livin on a Prayer'; just the one song. Imagine all the other streams we're getting. Yeah, but we got a big check for $110.00 to split amongst the three of us and our publishers. The record companies get 96% of the money and we get 4% because they got in there and made deals and they bought into these companies and frankly, we got dicked. We've gotta turn that around. That's what the Songwriters Equity Act is that's coming through Congress this year. It's to re-establish the 50/50 licensing model for all music usages.'

Also sobering is Desmond's take on the future of terrestrial radio. 'Terrestrial radio will die. It's on its way out, it's over. The whole country of Norway just stopped stopped terrestrial radio; it went digital. So, Sweden's next, then the rest of Europe, then pretty soon the UK. It's gonna be here (USA) too and in Canada. In 10 years there will be no terrestrial radio. There will be no AM. There will be no FM and if it's tilted in that direction where we get 4% and they get 96%, it really hurts the music because people aren't going to choose this as a career. Think about this, when I came to Nashville in 1991, there were over 5,000 signed writers to publishing companies within the 440-Circle (interstate that surrounds Nashville). At last count, there were 237. In 20 years, that's how much music has diminished.'

While his resume is filled with superstars that have provided the soundtrack of millions of lives, Child looks back especially fondly at a songwriting session at a small house in New Jersey with two young rockers that would yield a massive anthem still spun by millions today. 'I rented a car and drove to NJ and went to this little house that was on the edge of a marsh. On the other side of the marsh, like Emerald City, was this oil refinery. It was like the most toxic place on Earth and that's where Richie (Sambora) lived. I had a title in my back pocket; You Give Love a Bad Name. Jon (Bon Jovi) loved that. He had a song on (7800) Farenheit, because he's very resourceful, called 'Shot Through the Heart.' So we started the song with 'Shot through the heart and you're to blame. You give love a bad name.' And history was made.'

The full talk with Desmond Child can be heard via the following links:

Official Website Post URL:

Direct Download:

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iFrame Player:

The Decibel Geek Podcast, hosted by Chris Czynszak and Aaron Camaro has been in existence since 2011 and releases new episodes every Monday covering hard rock and heavy metal. The official site for the Decibel Geek podcast is at

One On One With Mitch Lafon - BRUCE KULICK (ex-Kiss)

Release Year: 

In episode 113 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by legendary former KISS and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist, BRUCE KULICK

In this episode Bruce talks about his new KKB 'Got To Get Back' album and single, working on Billy Squier's The Tale Of The Tape album, lending his talents to Michael Bolton's discography, Meat Loaf, the current state of KISS, working on the classic KISS album's including REVENGE, his early days with KISS, Grand Funk Railroad,working with ESP guitars, the importance of his brother Bob Kulick, ideas for a (KISS) book and much more.

Speaking of KISS: "I have no crystal ball to know when they'll truly wind things down."

The '80s KISS era: "A lot of that material is more challenging than some of the vintage stuff that they do."

On potentially replacing Ace: "I was always a nervous wreck because I realised if I got 'the call'... I was happy in Grand Funk and look what happened to Eric. He was in and then he was out. So, I was like 'how am I going to handle this?' Would I really feel comfortable in Ace's outfit, that skin and that vibe? And I would have to play everything like Ace. I don't know. I was very conflicted. I was relieved that I didn't get asked."

Does he miss being in KISS? "Yeah, but at the cost of being the Spaceman... I think that's a better situation for Tommy."

KISS moving on in 2003-04? "Peter thought he had KISS over-the-barrel and the next thing you know Eric's representative gets a call 'can you suit up and be in Japan' and off he went. Much more complicated with the Ace thing - there were a lot of complications about how reliable Ace was, how into it he was, what a wild card he was, and not by design, but a huge advantage for KISS; Tommy Thayer was always ready (just in case). Tommy's past of having been in a tribute band doing Ace and he was there to break Ace in to remind him about some of the songs they did on the reunion tour... I used to hear the rumblings about Ace. 'What are we going to do about Ace?' "

This episode is co-hosted by FIREHOUSE guitarist, Bill Leverty.

For more about Bruce Kulick visit:
TWITTER: @brucekulick

For more about BILL LEVERTY visit: and on Twitter: @Leverty

Former Kiss Guitarist BRUCE KULICK Releases New Album and Single

Release Year: 

KKB, Bruce Kulick's first band created back in 1974 with his local friends, singer/bassist Mike Katz and drummer Guy Bois, are releasing a brand new single and CD called 'Got To Get Back.' The new single leads off the CD, which continues with 6 more songs they recorded in 1974. The vintage tracks were revisited for 2015, and the original tapes were totally remixed and remastered.

Kulick was fortunate growing up in Jackson Heights, NY to find other talented local musicians who shared the same passion for the British Invasion of rock. They lived within blocks of each other, with drummer Guy's basement being the breeding ground for the musical concoction they were creating. The young band rehearsed for months before entering a studio in NYC capturing music that was urgent, intense and compelling. Sadly, with no clear direction for the group to follow the band never played together live, and ultimately went their separate ways. Bruce continued on in the music world, playing guitar with Michael Bolton, Meatloaf, KISS, and Grand Funk Railroad. 

The music KKB recorded in 1974, however, sat idle on a tape in Kulick's closet for many years. In 2008, Bruce bought a TEAC tape deck at a local garage sale and decided to listen to the KKB recording again. He loved it, and shared it with his friends, who all agreed: "You must release this music for people to hear." The vintage tape was transferred and, after some cleaning up of the tracks, KKB 1974 was released in 2008. The limited-run CD sold out quickly. 

An unexpected new chapter for KKB happened in 2013, when Mike found the original session tapes. By using the actual tracks recorded, Kulick had the opportunity to remix, remaster and get creative with this music once again. But the discovery sparked something substantially more interesting than simply polishing up 'old' music'the desire for Bruce and Mike to create a new song for KKB, 40 years after its genesis.

As a result of KKB's rekindled fire, the trio wrote and recorded a new song, 'Got To Get Back," a total throwback to their vintage sound, style and vibe. Each band member recorded their parts in a local studio'Guy in Paris, Mike in New York City, and Bruce in LA. Further adding to KKB's renaissance, a string quartet, scored by Bruce's longtime collaborator Jeremy Rubolino, was added to the ballad "Someday," giving the song a shine that couldn't have been imagined in 1974.

"This music represents a time in my career that I feel helped define the potential of my guitar playing," Kulick says. "It gives me chills to hear it. The interplay with Mike on bass and Guy on drums was expertly executed, filled with passion that defined our age. To think that so long ago I was involved in something this powerful that sat in my closet unheard for nearly 35 years made me furious. My intense desire to share this music that is relevant now, more than ever, is a huge accomplishment. Play it loud and imagine three young men pouring their hearts out making music, never concerned about anything but the music. That was the intention. It was pure, it was real. And now it's available for all to enjoy."  

KKB's music is in the power rock/progressive/melodic rock genre, and Got To Get Back captures styles of a variety of British bands including Led Zeppelin, Cream, and King Crimson, with arrangements performed in a hard rock trio context. Give it a listen, and see if you agree that this time capsule of music from Kulick's beginnings is totally unique and captivating to your ears.
KKB album webpage w/ links for various commercial configurations:

BRUCE KULICK Talks New Single, New Album & Meatloaf

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS) confirms Meatloaf ate meatloaf on 1979 Bat out of Hell tour; audio

Key West, FL (5/11/15)- Legendary guitarist Bruce Kulick confirms Meatloaf ate meatloaf, often covered with cream cheese icing, during the 1979 Bat out of Hell tour. Kulick also announces the release of a new single this June and plans for a new solo album.  In a career-spanning interview, Kulick shares stories from topics including:

Meatloaf cannibalism
Michael Bolton's shoe fetish
KISS Exposed video porn stars
Hot in the Shade drum machines
Revenge Spinal Tap
Recording Carr Jam
Alive III fixes
I Walk Alone demos
Paul walking around in Starchild boots during Carnival of Souls
Timeline of KISS reunion negotiations
Art of not making instrumental wankfests
Recording solo albums Audiodog, Transformer, BK3
Release of BK3 Vinyl
Release of new KKB single this June
Plans on new solo album via PledgeMusic

Interview Audio Links:





Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name focused on sharing new music from bands that have the hooks, melody and attitude of classic rock bands.  Cobras & Fire is part of the growing Decibel Geek podcast family and hosted by Loose Cannon and Bakko, writers from


Bruce Kulick (born December 12, 1953) is an American guitarist, solo artist and current member of Grand Funk Railroad. Previously, Kulick is best known as lead guitarist for the rock band Kiss from September 1984 to August 1996. He also was a member of the bands Union, Blackjack and touring guitarist for Meatloaf.  Kulick has released three solo albums, Audio Dog in 2001, Transformer in 2003, and most recently BK3, which was released on February 2, 2010.  His most recent project is KKB. - Official Bruce Kulick Website


MARK SLAUGHTER On 3 Sides Of The Coin

Friday, April 24, 2015

In Episode 123, April 21, 2015. Mark Slaughter Gives the Not So Pretty Details on Vinnie Vincent. What was the very first comment Vinnie Vincent made to Mark? What was the first comment Gene Simmons said to Mark when Slaughter toured with KISS? Who got the Vinnie Vincent Invasion their record deal? How did Slaughter get their record deal? How did Vinnie treat Mark on stage? Just what kind of a person is Vinnie Vincent? And of course... did Vinnie Vincent save KISS?

A couple revelations by Mark Slaughter:

Vinnie hears Mark sing for the very first time and says "That's bullshit." "That sounds like shit."

Before a show in Philadelphia, Vinnie tells Mark, "You really sounded like garbage last night and if you don't pull it together you're not singing on the record."

Follow Mark Slaughter online at and order his brand new solo album Reflections In A Rear View Mirror. 23 minute mark the interview begins.

Since launching a year ago Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened to over 1,000,000 times. In the last year, Three Sides of the Coin has been joined by special guests including former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, the Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack, Frank Munoz associate producer for Ace Frehley's Anomaly album, award winning songwriter Adam Mitchell, Ed Kanon (Peter Criss' drum tech), and Kevin Valentine (drummer on KISS' Psycho Circus album). Three Sides of the Coin was recently picked (October 2013) as a 'What's Hot' podcast by Apple's iTunes.

In the early '90s, Michael Brandvold launched the fifth ever website on the Internet devoted to KISS, KISS Otaku. He was the first to build, launch and maintain (KISS' official web presence). Tommy Sommers has spent many years on the record show circuit selling memorabilia and meeting many KISS fans.

It's only our opinion... it's neither right nor wrong.

ACE FREHLEY Adds Date To Aussie Tour

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
SPACE Invades TOWNSVILLE APRIL 21st 2015 - Peforming Solo Anthems and Kiss Classics
The Spaceman himself, the legendary ACE FREHLEY is invading Townsville in April!
You heard it right KISS founding member ACE FREHLEY is coming to Townsville. When Ace decided to head to Australia early to rehearse for his upcoming Australian Tour he got the word the Townsville was one of the best and most rocking cities in Australia, Ace decided to set up base in Townsville to relax and get the band fully firing by rehearsing for a few days before heading off on tour.
And as a special gift to Townsville, Ace has decided to put on a show at the Townsville Civic Theatre on April 21st! Yes Ace and his killer band will perform a full show top heavy with KISS Classics and Solo Anthems. So Townsville will be the first show on the Australian & New Zealand sojourn.
Townsville this may never happen again so dont miss this one!
From Kiss classics to tracks from his newest album, and everything in between, fans would be hard pressed to leave wanting much more. Fangoria magazine
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ACE FREHLEY has announced his first Australian shows since 2010 his First Ever New Zealand Solo Shows! "I can't wait to get down to New Zealand and Australia with this new lineup. I'll be performing ACE classics as well as songs off my new CD 'Space Invader' for the enjoyment of the fans. Let There Be Rock!"
Joining ACE on stage will be Richie Scarlet, who rode shotgun performing rhythm guitar and vocal duties on ACEs Trouble Walking platter and has toured with Sebastian Bach; bass guitarist Chris Wyse (Ozzy Osbourne & The Cult); and Scot Coogan (Lita Ford & Nikki Sixx).
It cannot be denied how many fledgling guitar players he has inspired over the years, or how many established players name Ace their favourite! Uber Rock

The 2-hour set features everything an ACE or KISS fan could hope for. Included are all his Solo Anthems New York Groove (a bona-fide Top 20 Hit in Australia and NZ), Snowblind, Rock Soldiers and highlights from his latest Top 10 Billboard album Space Invader. Plus KISS diamonds such as Strutter, Cold Gin, Love Gun, Deuce, Shock Me & Detroit Rock City. Plus as a special treat for KISS fans, some rare KISS gems that you simply wont hear anywhere else Talk to Me, Rocket Ride, Strange Ways, Parasite & King of the Night Time World.

ACE FREHLEY Live is absolute must for concert goers looking for a night of fun, no holds barred Rock-n-Roll with excellent guitar work, and wall to wall energy and excitement, look no further than ACE FREHLEY live on stage.
Concert goers looking for a night of fun, no holds barred Rock-n-Roll with excellent guitar work, and wall to wall energy and excitement, look no further than Ace Frehley live on stage.
Cryptic Rock

View the tour trailer ''HERE''

But Townsville tickets HERE:

For all other shows purchase HERE:

Full Ace Frehley Tour Dates:
Tuesday 21st April TOWNSVILLE Civic Theatre
Friday 24th April WELLINGTON James Cabaret
Saturday 25th April AUCKLAND The Studio
Wednesday 29th April BRISBANE Tivoli Theatre
Thursday 30th April SYDNEY Metro Theatre
Friday 1st May HOBART Wrestpoint Showroom
Saturday 2nd May MELBOURNE Forum Theatre
Wednesday 6th May ADELAIDE The Gov
Thursday 7th May PERTH Astor Theatre

Producer Toby Wright Looks Back on KISS’ Carnival of Souls

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Famed producer Toby Wright guests on the Decibel Geek podcast for a 2 part Albums Unleashed special covering KISS' controversial 1997 release Carnival of Souls.

Recommended by producer Bob Ezrin, Wright remembers his initial meeting with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, which took place at A&M Studios: “They kinda put it in my ear why I was there. They wanted to follow a little hip trend going on at the time called Grunge music. The bottom line was, like all artists, they wanted to sell records. Y’know, they want to be on top of the pile. Gene has a big competitive personality so he’s all about being on the top of the pile and whatever it takes to get there.”

Then-guitarist Bruce Kulick was a large creative force during the making of the album. Wright shares his memories of Kulick’s importance as well as a directive from him during pre-production meetings about how to get the most out of Simmons and Stanley for this very different album for KISS. “Bruce and I got really close during that whole record because he played most of the record. Without Bruce, this record wouldn’t exist, ever. During those initial “nobody’s around” conversations, I got inspiration from Bruce and instructions from Bruce that were like “You are gonna have to push the fuck out of these guys (Simmons & Stanley). Don’t be afraid.”

Other advice came from Ezrin who had worked with KISS on their previous album Revenge, “Bob’s told me some stories about Gene. He’s like “Watch out. One fucking smell of weakness and he’ll be all over you.” I’ll always remember that comment. So, I was like “Okay. I’m never gonna show any fear whatsoever that I’m in a room with one of my heroes. He’ll never know that.” He’ll take advantage; big time. He’ll smell fear in your eyes, it’s over for you as far as having any kind of control over a situation; especially in a producer situation where I’m in the studio co-producing with he and Paul (Stanley) and it’s the three of us “making decisions.” Who has the last say? Depends on what the issue is. If it’s something sonically, it’s usually me. If it’s something musical, it’s usually them. It just depends on how the conversation was going and who was the bolder lion that day (laughs).”

Wright was tapped to produce Carnival of Souls, in part, due to his previous work with Alice in Chains. In this 2 part special, Wright details how he pushed the members of the band to attempt harmony vocal takes that mirrored the Seattle quartet’s and how it, ultimately, would fall short in comparison, “It’s just an effect that I use, harmony vocals. I hear all the harmonies in my head like Layne (Staley) did. I do that on a lot of records I produce..Layne and JJerry (Cantrell), they had something special with it because they used notes that people don’t use, typically speaking. Layne and Jerry, theey just did it. That was a part of their art just like Van Gogh picking up a fucking paintbrush. That was their sound. With Gene and Paul, that’s stuff that’s songwriter-forced.  There’s more movement in what Layne and Jerry would’ve done instead of these guys (Simmons & Stanley).

While loved by a core group of KISS fans, the album overall was not embraced by the KISS Army stylistically. Wright remembers, “To be brought into a situation where I’m trying to make someone sound unlike themselves is difficult. I would have rather had this KISS album be entirely them and just do what you do; because that’s what you do. I think a larger number of their fans would have embraced it instead of fighting about “that sucks” or “that’s good.”
While in production, the band were very excited about the prospects of this change in sound and, according Wright, putting a lot of eggs into the Grunge basket, “I was already slated to produce the next one ..It was in my contractt. If this one had shipped platinum, I was to produce the next KISS album.”

As many now know, everything came to a halt one day in the studio when Simmons and Stanley called a meeting with Wright and the rest of the band to make an announcement that would have a major impact on the album as well as two of the band members, “We were about done with the record. Gene got the call. Somebody offered him 100 million to put back on the makeup with all the original members. And that announcement in that room; holy shit.We all knew right as the words came out off his mouth that we were done.“\Paul didn’t really look aroundd much. Gene, he was Paul Revere. He was the messenger that should’ve gotten shot (laughs).”

Carnival of Souls would soon thereafter leak on the internet and become a widely distributed bootleg album, with KISS fans snatching it up online as well as at KISS conventions. Rumors swirled that a member of the band may have been responsible for leaking the album. In this 2 part discussion Wright reflects, “I do remember getting questioned, big time. Who knows who did it? I have great ideas on who did it. If it was a band member, I’d just say it was for his personal gain and I’m sure he made a lot of fucking money.”

The album would finally get a proper release in October of 1997 when it was issued by Mercury Records with very little fanfare. Wright remembers the experience being very bittersweet, “I was thinking that I’m working on another multiplatinum album, and it should’ve been, and then all of a sudden they shelve it. 2 years later, now they’re releasing it and didn’t put any marketing push behind it and it’s like “Why did you bother?””

Parts 1 and 2 of Albums Unleashed Carnival of Souls with Toby Wright can be heard using the links below:

MP3 Links:
Part 1:
Part 2:

KISS Australian Tour Announced, Dead Daisies As Support

Thursday, March 12, 2015
KISS have announced their Australian tour dates. The press release goes as follows:
"Ready for one of THE greatest bands in rock’n’roll history with one of THE most spectacular shows Australia will see this year?
Ready for a stage production called ‘The Spider’, moved by 38 computer controlled winches, featuring 220 automated lights, weighing in at 43,000 kgs, incorporating 900 pieces of pyrotechnics and powered by 400,000 watts of sound?
Add in showmanship that continues to thrill audiences around the world, some of the best damn rock anthems in music history and there’s only ONE band we can be talking about....... KISS!
Get your face paint ready Australia because Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are on their way Down Under in October as part of their 40th Anniversary world tour. Kicking off at the Perth Arena on Saturday October 3, then to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, for the first time ever Newcastle and with New Zealand to be announced next week, it’s the news the rabid KISS army fans have been waiting for!
Paul Stanley said: "I've loved Australia since the very first time I visited. It is one of the greatest secrets on earth and probably better to keep it that way. The food, wine and women are all extraordinary and everyone has always welcomed me and made me feel like it is home."
KISS has just completed a Japanese tour, which coincided with the release of a collaboration single with the country’s famous all-girl group Momoiro Clover Z. The song “Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina” (Samurai Son) – composed by Paul Stanley – hit #1 on the Japanese charts introducing KISS to a whole new generation of fans. The tour ended with a show for 40,000 fans at the Tokyo Dome last week, featuring the Momoiro Clover Z girls joining KISS for the encore.
With countless timeless hits like ‘Rock’n’Roll All Nite’, ‘I Was Made For Loving You’, ‘Detroit Rock City’, ‘Love Gun’, ‘Shout It Out Loud’, ‘Lick It Up’ and ‘God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You’, the KISS legacy continues to grow, generation after generation.
A KISS concert is like no other, and with tickets starting from just $98, it’s an extravaganza that everyone needs to experience!
Special guests are The Dead Daisies, a powerful musical collective created by a rotating line-up that features some of the world’s best rock musicians. This tour features Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses, The Psychedelic Furs), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, RATT), Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses, Hookers & Blow), David Lowy (MINK, Red Phoenix) and Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol). The band supported KISS on US dates last year and will also join them for the European tour in June. The Dead Daisies are currently recording their second studio album in Australia to be released in June 2015.
KISS remains one of the most influential bands in the history of rock and roll. As one of America's top gold-record champions, KISS has released 44 albums and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. Decades of record-breaking tours around the globe have included high-profile appearances at Super Bowl XXXIII, the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the Rockin' The Corps concert dedicated to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and special guest appearance on the 2009 American Idol finale that boasted 30 million viewers and a 2010 Dr. Pepper Super Bowl commercial and advertising campaign in support of their Hottest Show On Earth tour. KISS is currently featured in major advertising and marketing campaigns for John Varvatos and Google Play. In 2014, KISS launched their inaugural Arena Football League Season with the LA KISS Football team bringing professional football back to Los Angeles. The unparalleled devotion and loyalty of the KISS Army to the "Hottest Band in the World" is a striking testament to the band's unbreakable bond with its fans.
KISS is celebrating two major milestones, their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April of 2014, as well as the band’s 40th Anniversary. KISS 40, a new album celebrating 40 years of Rock ‘N Roll is available now.
Saturday October 3 PERTH Arena
Tuesday October 6 ADELAIDE Entertainment Centre
Thursday October 8 MELBOURNE Rod Laver Arena
Saturday October 10 SYDNEY AllPhones Arena
Monday October 12 NEWCASTLE Entertainment Centre
Tuesday October 13 BRISBANE Entertainment Centre
Tickets on sale - Thursday March 26 at 2.00pm from & 132 849




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