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DANGEROUS TOYS Added To Upcoming Music Festivals

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DANGEROUS TOYS, the Austin, Texas classic melodic hard rock band led by lead vocalist Jason McMaster (Watchtower / Broken Teeth / Ignitor / Evil United) has announced a list of upcoming US show dates:
6/6/15 - Buffalo Rose - Golden, Colorado
8/15/15 - Cathouse Live festival - Irvine, California
10/17/15 - Pickle Park Bar & Grill - Minneapolis. Minnesota
2/22/16 - 2/26/16 - Monsters of Rock Cruise - Miami, Florida
Jason McMaster stated the following: "We are looking forward to all of these dates.Toys fans will not let this band die. We have ramped this thing up by booking more shows this year than we have in a while".
For the latest band news, visit their official website and Facebook page: Dangerous Toys official website Dangerous Toys Facebook page:
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