SEBASTIAN BACH - Give Em Hell (Review)

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This remains a very good album for what it is, but I've really struggled to maintain interest while playing back for review and I probably won't go back to it after this. But - the score reflects the quality of the album s always, my tastes aside. So those that know my taste, for better or worse, could use these comments as a gauge of how it will appeal to you.

Those that loved Kicking And Screaming will have no problem jumping right into this and lapping up "modern" Seb in all his screaming glory.

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Bob Marlette
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Melodic Metal
Frontiers Records
Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It seems the older Sebastian gets, the higher his vocals go. On Give Em Hell he hits a few new record highs that dogs will appreciate, not only with the screams. It's an interesting album this – producer Bob Marlette collaborates even more so, credited within for writing music and “melody” on many tracks, while also playing bass.
Guests seem to make up the majority of the album – Duff McKagan plays bass on several tracks and even guitars on another; Steve Stevens plays on a few others and gets writing credits on those songs – not that I could really pick his usual tone out here – most of the album is down tuned, modernized metal.

Sebastian writes all lyrics and “melody” and attributes “music” to others. Make of that what you will, to me it says this is a collaborative effort, spread across several different people. This is a typically dark, heavy and modern record that is seriously heavy for the most part and continues where Sebastian left off with his last album.
If that appealed to you – then this is probably more consistent again and certainly benefits from a big Marlette production.

But overall, I'm just not a big fan of this style of modern metal albums. I much prefer Sebastian in Skid Row, although we all know that ship sailed long ago. Since then he really hasn't used the same vocal approach and I miss it. He's a monster vocalist.

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