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Following the success of his last single, “Keep Holding On”, Matthew Shad is proud to announce his new collaboration with Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Bob St. John.
Best known for his work with Extreme, Collective Soul & Duran Duran, St. John has also been behind the mixing console for Sir Elton John, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler & Journey's Steve Perry.
Shad & St. John will be hitting the studio this summer to record songs for a new SHAD album featuring Extreme’s Kevin Figueiredo on drums.  Completing the quartet is bassist Ryan Bruder & guitarist Saxon Kennedy.
“Matthew is a brilliant artist and I am SO looking forward to working on this project with him and being a part of his lifelong dream.  These are amazing melodic rock songs… timeless and unforgettable.  Great things will be coming from us soon!” ~ Bob St John

MATTHEW SHAD Releases New Single 'Keep Holding On'

Singer-songwriter Matthew Shad has just released the single 'Keep Holding On'. This is Matthew's first release since 2015's 'Heart Forgive Me' which was mixed by Kenny Scott (Swirl 360). It is available to stream or download at iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon Music and all other major digital outlets. You can hear the song on YouTube

From Matthew:

'Dear Friends of,
This might be a different type of press release, but I felt strongly about introducing myself to most of you for the first time in my own words. Since I first gained access to the internet, I became a fan of Andrew and Like many of you, it became my morning paper. I love the genre of Melodic Rock so very much and am proud to share the release of my new song, 'Keep Holding On' with you. In this troubled world, I strongly felt a positive and uplifting anthem of a song was appropriate.

And now, a little about myself:

- I'm the guy that had the albums 'New Jersey' and 'Hysteria' on cassette in my car with all the text worn off from playing them so much.
- I'm the guy who makes singer-songwriter playlists of Mitch Malloy, Paul Gilbert, John Waite, Steve Lukather, Sammy Hagar, Jani Lane, Jude Cole, Mike Tramp, Zakk Wylde, Kip Winger and Butch Walker.
- I'm the guy that teaches his guitar students 'The Answer' from Richie Sambora and 'Rest In Peace' from Extreme.
- I'm the guy who thinks 'Kingdom Of Desire' by Toto and 'Talk' by Yes are masterpieces.
- I'm the guy who is still inspired by Neal Schon's solo in 'Still They Ride', Mark Kendall's solo in 'House Of Broken Love', Kee Marcello's solo in 'Superstitious' and pretty much anything Dann Huff recorded with Giant!
- I'm the guy who stood in the ticket line at 2:00 am for Steve Perry's 'For The Love Of Strange Medicine' Tour (2nd Row)!
- I'm the guy who pre-orders every House of Lords album. I'm also the guy who was lucky enough to see House of Lords open for Nelson (Ken Mary and Bobby Rock in the same night... Doug Aldrich and Bret Garsed in the same night... Vocals from Gunnar, Matthew and James Christian in the same night... Incredible).
- I'm the guy who thinks Mr. Big and Dream Theater must be immortal and been practicing for a million years (That's the only explanation).
- I'm the guy stood in the audience at an acoustic Shaw/Blades concert and knew after the first song that it was going to be one of the best night's ever.
- I'm the guy who knows you can always count on Night Ranger to put on the best rock show in town.
- I'm the guy who heard Vito Bratta's solo for 'Wait' and bought 'Pride' the next day.
- I'm the guy who cherishes albums from RTZ, Hardline, Tyketto, attraction 65, Blue Murder, Open Skyz, The Storm, Echo Jet, Jellyfish, Blue Tears and a thousand others.


Hopefully, you can hear all of that in this song. "Keep Holding On" feels like the first song I've recorded in the longest time that sounds like the music I listen to. Hopefully, you can hear the Boston, Bon Jovi, Journey and Def Leppard loud and clear. I'm extremely proud of this song and excited about releasing more music in the future. Please follow my social media listed below and send me a message letting me know what you think. I hope to see you out there on the road!

Thanks For Listening,

"I tip my hat to every original artist out there. It is an uphill battle from the get go and most let go early on in the game, but there are those who "Keep Holding On". Matthew Shad is one of those who do just do that." - Mike Tramp

KEEP HOLDING ON - the new single by Matthew Shad


About Matthew Shad:
Matthew studied at Berklee College of Music with the likes of Livingston Taylor and Jon Finn. He has gone from the studios at Berklee to recording at Full Sail, Gloria Estefan"s Crescent Moon Studios and Criteria"s The Hit Factory. In the 90's his band SHAD recorded a self-titled hard rock album and opened for acts such as Survivor and Bad Company. In 2010, he changed directions with the pop-rock group Stirling Road, releasing a an album and two singles including "Without You" which was co-written and produced by Swirl 360's Kenny Scott. His most cherished musical memory was in 2000 when he performed "Wanted Dead Or Alive" with recent Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame inductees, Bon Jovi, at a rehearsal for VH-1's Storytellers. His new single, "Keep Holding On" is out now!

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