VAN HALEN - No New Album, But You Can Have...

Friday, November 21, 2014
I know I said I was done, but for what it's worth, here's a summary and update of recent VAN HALEN rumor drama. 
A good source of mine knows that Eddie & Alex are in final mixing stages of secret project. 
We both assume it's a new album. 
Upon that news being shot down (by another close friend and the VHND), further digging suggested it was in fact a live DVD. 
That is also shot down very swiftly. 
But further clarification was sought from the CIA and FBI and I now have news that I believe to be more plausible after update 1 & 2 were dismissed. 
If this is accurate - then rumor 1&2 weren't far off the mark. What the upcoming release is in fact a live release - but not a DVD, just an audio only CD release. What Dave era I don't know, but my source suggested it was archival. 
Take it or leave it...but I just felt this story was unfinished business for me. 
If this is accurate we will know I was on track originally. If not, I'll scratch the source for any future info. 
Time will tell if this info stands the test of time :)

In an arrogant, rude and dismissive post at the, the owner of the VHND (the only site seemingly allowed to report or mention Van Halen info), has again shot down the latest news that Van Halen were in fact working on a live DVD.

Apparently not.

So, they have spent 18 months on a top secret, locked down military project that is neither a new studio album, nor a live DVD.

This is despite the uncontested fact Van Halen brothers have been in mix-down in recent weeks.

He stated “All of this is absolute nuts. You all should know he's been wrong about everything before ADKOT was released, and soon enough you will see that he is wrong on everything he said this year.”

So….with that said…I’m done. You can go to the band’s official site (last updated 18 months ago) or the band’s Facebook page (last updated over 12 months ago).

This has to be the most un-fan friendly band on the planet. They have no grasp of keeping the fan base informed, interacting with anyone on the essential and simple to use social media outlets or anywhere else for that matter.

No wonder fans are left hanging on to nothing but speculation.

Whatever this CIA project is, it was being mixed in recent weeks, so it will be announced whenever they are ready.

Apologies for the apparently misleading news.



VAN HALEN has been keeping a “secret’ project under wraps all year, with fans left to speculate just what that might be.
A couple of weeks back I heard that mixing of this project was well underway in a LA studio with a big name mix specialist.  I automatically assumed it was a new studio album or tracks left over from the A Different Kind Of Truth sessions finally coming to fruition.
But sadly it is not.
Here’s a couple of points I heard back following that report, from my two best, long time sources.
- “There are no plans whatsoever to record a new album.”
- “There is no indication that DLR has even been in real contact with the brothers let alone done any recording on "new" songs.”
So just what exactly has Eddie & Alex Van Halen been working on?
Work that I’m told will wrap up this week.
Folks… without any confirmation from the band or anyone official (they never talk…), to the best of my knowledge, it looks like the secret project is an archival Live DVD.
Signs are pointing towards it being a 2008 Madison Square Garden show that was filmed on the night.
Stay tuned…