2008 MelRock Awards


I can hear you saying out loud around the globe. "What??? Six months late and this is all we get??” Yes, I'm afraid so folks. But I hope it will still provide some food for thought on the year just passed.

The last 12 months have been excruciatingly hard for myself – both work and personal commitments left me completely spent and unable to do a lot of what I really enjoy doing with the site. The lack of reviews is another issue I know many are disappointed with. In getting this abbreviated version of the annual MelRock Awards online finally, I hope I can close a very tiring chapter of the site's history and move on to getting things back to their up to date best.
And I will promise now to deliver the biggest and most comprehensive Awards page for the 2009 year – ASAP early 2010.

The most disappointing aspect of this very small summary of the 2008 year is the fact that it was an outstanding year for just about every musical genre. But best of all – it was a stand out year for good old melodic rock.
In a year where Guns N Roses actually released that damn album already and huge names like Metallica, AC/DC, Journey, Whitesnake, Tesla, Extreme, Motley Crue, Nickelback and Def Leppard ALL released albums, it is amazing that some of the smaller/indie releases got a look in at all.
Overall I found the big name releases to be strong, but largely unsurprising in what they offered. None of them apart from Journey rated in the very top portions of my Best Of 2008 list. Some delivered above expectations, but a few missed the mark.

I'm really proud of the artists that I cover here. In my mind they were able to compete with the big guns and deliver world class records with world class sound. If only they got the same (or close to the same) exposure some of those big names get. I know for a fact these artists would find a ton of new fans.

It still amazes me that after 12 years of running this site I get regular e-mails from readers saying how – thanks to this site - they just discovered the likes of Gotthard, Harem Scarem, Ten or some of the newer names like Brother Firetribe, H.E.A.T., Poodles and Wig Wam - declaring themselves fans for life of these acts. That's what it is all about.

So, while this 2008 list is well and truly beyond late – the fact is that there is never a bad time to produce a list which might inspire some readers to go back over what they missed in 2008 and hopefully discover a few more gems for their collections.

My sincere apologies for the lack of regular features within this edition of the MelRock Awards. I'll make up for it with the 2009 Awards.

And as one last usual disclaimer – the awards below are my personal opinion only and should be treated as just that. I know some GNR fans will want to lynch me for not making a bigger fuss of Chinese Democracy, and no doubt others will feel the same about another act I might have missed or didn't personally rate. What can I say?
E-Mail me for my opinion if you so desire, I will always respond to all feedback, but don't get too pissy over the order I have arranged the artists in! Just my humble opinion. Enjoy…



Brother Firetribe

Heart Full Of Fire

I generally tend to look for an evolving sound in melodic rock/AOR these days, as few artists are still able to capture that "classic" sound and keep it fresh. But in the case of this album, the BFT guys reach back into Giuffria 1985 territory and deliver an essential album of glorious AOR that reminds me of exactly why I love this genre and why nothing else will ever come close when it's done well. This is done exceptionally well and in a highly competitive year, was for me - unbeatable!




Rick Springfield

Venus In Overdrive

Following the point made above, Rick never tries to cover old ground, rather he reinvents himself album after album and Venus In Overdrive is no different. Employing a more contemporary sound than ever before, Rick goes modern, but brings his famous delivery and classic vocal with him. A brilliantly produced mix of old meets new and a fresh new sound for Rick. Not to mention some of the best songs he has recorded in a long long time - personal and wonderfully insightful as ever. Rick is the Peter Pan of melodic rock...he just never gets old.









The pressure was squarely on these guys to deliver in the wake of controversial vocalist changes and a disappointing album that preceded this one. The 2CD/DVD package was an instant hit with long time and casual fans alike, but what shines brightest here was the new songs. Full of energy, passion and some grittier than expected material. The ballads are for the most part fresh and entertaining also. And at the forefront of this album is Arnel Pineda, who under the intensity of a blow-torch, delivered in style.





Are You Ready To Rock

Always a classy band these guys - but boy did they deliver big time with this record. Fresh, energetic, engaging and catchy as hell. The guys used a classic melodic hard rock template and added some more contemporary elements to push the genre a little further (which is exactly what is needed) and if there was any justice, these songs would be on radio stations worldwide. A wonderfully catchy and hard rocking release with a major label production from band mastermind Erik Martensson.


Jimi Jamison

Crossroads Moment

The hugely anticipated re-union of Jimi Jamison and Jim Peterik, who wrote the record for Jimi as well as co-producing and performing on it with the Pride Of Lions team. So yes...Survivor meets POL, but what a classy and memorable melodic rock record. A truly great slice of old-school melodies and Jimi Jamison sounding stronger than he has in years. A long record....but of all these tracks, what could you possibly cut out? Terrific stuff.




Shinedown - Sound Of Madness

- Melodic Metal or Modern Rock? It doesn't really matter - this is just great powerful music! Tough, aggressive, but infectious at the same time. Contemporary, but melodic and featuring an absolutely monstrous wall of sound to blast eardrums with.






Work Of Art - Artwork

- Toto is re-invented as a Swedish band making their debut album! Few artists have marked their debut with such authority and presence but these guys instantly stamped their name upon the AOR scene. One of those classic 80s AOR releases that sounds fresh thanks to a killer production and wonderful songs.





Alliance - Road To Heaven

- Another very consistent band, but again...in 2008 the guys stepped everything up 2 notches and delivered their best sounding record to date featuring their catchiest songs to date. Classic rock lives on!




House Of Lords - Come To My Kingdom

- Ever consistent and ever enjoyable. The band proved the last album wasn't a fluke, but have the pressure on now to mix things up a little and still deliver another killer in 2009. Choruses everywhere.




H.E.A.T. - H.E.A.T.

- Jack's second solo album is a far better and more consistent album than his debut and sits right alongside the awesome Night Ranger album from 2011 as a must have release.

11 Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad
12 Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times
13 Marcello Vestry - Marcello Vestry 
14 Eden's Curse - The Second Coming 
15 Tesla - Forever More
16 Shadowman  - Ghost In The Mirror
17 JSS - Beautiful Mess (Digital Release) 
18 Leverage  - Blind Fire 
19 Harem Scarem - Hope
20 Khymera - The Greatest Wonder


21 Starbreaker - Love's Dying Wish 
22 Bob Catley - Immortal
23 Anberlin - New Surrender
24 Poley/Rivera - Only Human
25 From The Inside - Visions
26 Motley Crue - Saints Of Los Angeles
27 7th Heaven - USA/UK
28 Robert Berry - The Dividing Line
29 Honeymoon Suite - Clifton Hill
30 Valentine - Soul Salvation


Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)
  • Overland - Break Away
  • Last Autumn's Dream - Hunting Shadows
  • Royal Hunt - Paradox II: Collision Course
  • Michael Bormann - Capture The Moment
  • Revolution Renaissance - New Era
  • Lost Weekend - Fear And Innocence
  • AC/DC - Black Ice
  • China Blue - Twilight Of Destiny
  • Hope - All Of My Days
  • Nickelback - Dark Horse
  • Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper
  • Talon - Fallen Angels
  • Elevener - When Kaleidoscopes Collide
  • Silent Call - Creations From A Chosen Path
  • Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy
  • Richard Marx - Emotional Remains
  • Hinder - Take It To The Limit
  • Crown Of Thorns - Faith
  • Jorn - Lonely Are The Brave
  • Kip Winger - From The Moon To The Sun
  • Vindictiv - Vindictiv
  • Asia - Phoenix
  • White Lion - Return Of The Pride
  • Glenn Hughes - First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
  • Myland - No Man's Land
  • Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
  • M.ill.ion - Thrill Of The Chase
  • Ramos/Hugo - The Dream
  • Krackerjack - Rock On
  • Rev Theory - Light It Up
  • Miss Crazy - II
  • Extreme - Saudades de Rock 


  • Eden's Curse - The Second Coming
  • Leverage - Blind Fire
  • Vindictiv - Vindictiv
  • Royal Hunt - Paradox II: Collision Course
  • Revolution Renaissance - New Era
  • It Bites - Tall Ships
  • Silent Call - Creations From A Chosen Path
  • Tempestt - Bring 'Em On
  • Fires Of Babylon - Fires Of Babylon
  • StoneLake - Uncharted Souls 
  • Journey - Revelation
  • Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment
  • Work Of Art - Artwork
  • Khymera - The Greatest Wonder
  • Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror
  • From The Inside - Visions
  • Poley/Rivera - Only Human
  • Last Autumn's Dream - Hunting Shadows
  • Valentine - Soul Salvation
  • Ramos Hugo - The Dream 
  1. Shinedown - Sound Of Madness
  2. Anberlin - New Surrender
  3. Rev Theory - Light It Up
  4. Hinder - Take It To The Limit
  5. Trevor Lukather - 'Trev' iTunes EP
  6. Simple Plan - Simple Plan
  7. Search The City - A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It
  8. Story Of The Year - The Black Swan
  9. Remedy Drive - Daylight Is Coming
  10. Pink - Funhouse 

(New Band/Artist, Not Project)


  • Work Of Art - Artwork
  • H.E.A.T. - H.E.A.T.
  • Marcello Vestry - Marcello Vestry
  • Ramos Hugo - The Dream
  • Myland - No Man's Land
  • Poley/Rivera - Only Human
  • Hope - All Of My Days
  • Overland - Break Away
  • China Blue - Twilight Of Destiny
  • Vindictiv - Vindictiv 
  • Foreigner - No End In Sight: Very Best Of
  • Magnum - Wings Of Heaven Live
  • Rush - Snakes And Arrows Live
  • Various Artists - ARfm: The Undying Fire
  • Night Ranger - Rockin' Shibuya 2007
  • Tesla - Gold
  • Last Autumn's Dream - Best Of / Live In Germany
  • Touch - The Complete Works: Definitive Edition
  • Newman - Decade
  • Valentine - Live At Firefest IV (CD/DVD)   
  • Rick Springfield - Tao/Living In Oz
  • Heart - Bad Animals/Heart
  • Chicago - XXX
  • Eric Martin - I'm Only Fooling Myself
  • Glen Burtnik - Talking In Code
  • Hurricane - US Catalogue Remasters
  • Brother Firetribe - Break Out
  • House Of Lords - Anthology
  • Arrival - Arrival (feat. Mark Free)
  • Cobra - First Strike 
  1. Brother Firetribe - Wildest Dreams (Audio Sample - MP3 Download)
  2. Rick Springfield - I'll Miss That Someday
  3. Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment
  4. Journey - Never Walk Away
  5. Rick Springfield - One Passenger
  6. Shinedown - Devour
  7. Brother Firetribe - Runaways
  8. Eclipse - Unbreakable
  9. Journey - Change For The Better
  10. Rick Springfield - What's Victoria's Secret
  11. Eclipse - Million Miles Away
  12. Khymera - Beautiful Life
  13. Marcello Vestry - Gone
  14. Work Of Art - Why Do I?
  15. Harem Scarem - Days Are Numbered
  16. H.E.A.T. - Never Let Go
  17. House Of Lords - I Needed To Fly
  18. Rick Springfield - Venus In Overdrive
  19. H.E.A.T. - There For You
  20. Alliance - Road To Heaven
  21. Jimi Jamison - That's Why I Sing
  22. Robert Berry - A Life Worth Living
  23. Work Of Art - Maria
  24. Honeymoon Suite - Tired O Waiting
  25. Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times
  26. Journey - What It Takes To Win
  27. Whitesnake - Best Years
  28. Eclipse - To Mend A Broken Heart
  29. House Of Lords - One Foot In The Dark
  30. Jimi Jamison - Behind The Music
  31. H.E.A.T. - Keep On Dreaming
  32. Brother Firetribe - Who Will You Run To Now
  33. Alliance - Nothing Else I Can Do
  34. Starbreaker - Hello Are You Listening
  35. Khymera - Borderline
  36. Last Autumn's Dream - Strange Operation
  37. JSS - 21st Century
  38. Rick Springfield - Time Stands Still
  39. Poley/Rivera - The Bigger They Come
  40. JSS - Broken Man
  41. Shinedown - Sound Of Madness
  42. Journey - Turn Down The World Tonight
  43. JSS - Gin & Tonic Sky
  44. Jimi Jamison - As Is
  45. Rick Springfield - Oblivious
  46. Leverage - Shadow In The Rain
  47. Shadowman - I've Been Wrong Before
  48. Bob Catley - End Of The World
  49. Eden's Curse - Signs Of Your Life
  50. Trevor Lukather - Lives Built Around Lies 
Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)
  • Robert Berry - The Dividing Line
  • Robert Berry - One Good Man
  • Robert Berry - Can't Let Go
  • China Blue - I Feel Like Dying
  • China Blue - What Do You Need But Love
  • Valentine - Soul Salvation
  • Valentine - Dream On The Way
  • Valentine - One More Chance
  • Lost Weekend - Another Lonely Night In Tears
  • Lost Weekend - Father And Son
  • Hope - Baby Don't Cry
  • Hope - Bring Down The Stars
  • Talon - What About Me
  • Talon - All I Ever Needed
  • Talon - Baby Jane
  • Faith Circus - Back On Love
  • Faith Circus - Tried And True
  • Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone
  • Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground
  • Simple Plan - When I'm Gone
  • Anberlin – The Resistance
  • Anberlin – Haight St
  • Hinder – Last Kiss Goodbye
  • Hinder – Loaded And Alone
  • Jimi Jamison - Make Me A Believer
  • Jimi Jamison - She's Nothing To Me
  • Tesla - Forever More
  • Tesla - So What
  • Newman - Coming Home Tonight
  • Newman - Don't Ever Say Forever
  • Eden's Curse - Masquerade Ball
  • Eden's Curse - Games People Play
  • Eden's Curse - Sail On
  • Eclipse - Breaking My Heart Again
  • Eclipse - Hometown Calling
  • 7th heaven - This Summers Gonna Last Forever
  • 7th heaven - Better This Way
  • Shadowman - Road to Nowhere
  • Shadowman - No Man's Land
  • Honeymoon Suite - She Ain't Alright
  • Honeymoon Suite - Why Should I?
  • Ramos/Hugo - You're Not Alone
  • Ramos/Hugo - Bring Back This Love
  • Uriah Heep - Book Of Lies
  • Uriah Heep - Tears Of The World
  • Shinedown - If You Only Knew
  • Shinedown - What a Shame
  • Bob Catley - We Are Immortal
  • Bob Catley - You Are My Star
  • Crown Of Thorns - Home Again
  • Crown Of Thorns - Believe Me
  • Extreme - Star
  • Extreme - Ghost
  • Elevener - This Heart Of Mine
  • Elevener - I Still Remember
  • Silent Call - Outcast
  • Silent Call - I Believe In Me
  • From The Inside - Making Waves
  • From The Inside - Days Of Hunger
  • Rick Springfield - Who Killed Rock n Roll
  • Land Of Tales - Silence
  • Starbreaker - Changes Me
  • Starbreaker - Unknown Superstar
  • Starbreaker - End Of Alone
  • Motley Crue - Face Down in the Dirt
  • Motley Crue - Saints of Los Angeles
  • Marcello-Vestry - One More Night
  • Marcello-Vestry - Fireworks
  • Harem Scarem - Dark Times
  • Harem Scarem - Calm Before The Storm
  • Pleasure Dome - Trapped
  • Pleasure Dome - Praying For A Miracle
  • Gypsy Rose - Nothing Really Matters
  • Gypsy Rose - Don't Look Back
  • Frozen Rain - Waiting For You
  • Krackerjack - Rock On!
  • Krackerjack - Back Together
  • Rev Theory - Wanted Man
  • Rev Theory - Far From Over
  • H.E.A.T. - Follow Me
  • H.E.A.T. - Bring The Stars
  • Jorn - Shadow People
  • Overland - Break Away
  • Overland - Heartache Calling
  • Michael Bormann - I Wanna Hear Your Voice
  • Michael Bormann - When Push Comes To Shove
  • M.ill.ion - Thrill Of The Chase
  • M.ill.ion - Lonely In A Crowded Room
  • Tempestt - Insanity Desire
  • Tempestt - Enemy In You
  • Peter Friestedt - Where To Touch You
  • Peter Friestedt - One More Night
  • Miss Crazy - How Long Now
  • Miss Crazy - The River
  • Glenn Hughes - Love Communion
  • Glenn Hughes - Never Say Never
  • Kip Winger - Every Story Told
  • Kip Winger - Nothing
  • Myland - Anytime
  • Myland - The Wind Of Late September
  • Def Leppard - Gotta Let It Go
  • Def Leppard - Nine Lives
  • Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad
  • Whitesnake - All For Love
  • Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire
  • Brother Firetribe - Out Of My Head
  • Overdrive - Fight To The Finish
  • Overdrive - Let The Metal Do The Talking
  • Bryan Adams - Walk On By
  • Alliance - I Can Breathe
  • Alliance - Make A Stand
  • Asia - Never Again
  • Asia - Shadow of a Doubt
  • Asia - An Extraordinary Life
  • House Of Lords - One Foot In The Dark
  • House Of Lords - Your Every Move
  • White Lion - Battle at Little Big Horn
  • White Lion - Sangre de Cristo
  • Royal Hunt - Exit Wound
  • Royal Hunt - The First Rock
  • Last Autumns Dream - Rainbow Sky
  • Last Autumns Dream - My Alibi
  • Steve Lukather - Never Ending Night
  • Steve Lukather - The Letting Go
  • Khymera - The Greatest Wonder
  • Khymera - Stay Forever
  • Work Of Art - Camelia
  • Work Of Art - Whenever U Sleep
  • Work Of Art - Cover Me
  • Leverage - King Of The Night
  • Leverage - Stormchild
  • Vindictiv - David's House
  • Vindictiv - Fool's Paradise 


  • Eden's Curse - Lost In Wonderland
  • Leverage - King Of The Night
  • Bob Catley - End Of The World
  • Leverage - Stormchild
  • Starbreaker - Love's Dying Wish
  • Vindictiv - Fool's Paradise
  • Jorn - Lonely Are The Brave
  • Gypsy Rose - Nothing Really Matters
  • Revolution Renaissance - I Did It My Way
  • Axel Rudi Pell - Higher 
  • Journey - Turn Down The World Tonight
  • Rick Springfield - Oblivious
  • Marcello-Vestry - Gone
  • Whitesnake - All I Want All I Need
  • Harem Scarem - Shooting Star
  • Last Autumns Dream - I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
  • Michael Bormann - Love Is Magic
  • Crown Of Thorns - All I Wanna Do
  • White Lion - Never Let You Go
  • Valentine - Love Song
  • Shadowman - I've Been Wrong Before
  • JSS - Broken Man
  • Journey - After All These Years
  • Honeymoon Suite - Ordinary
  • Jimi Jamison - Lost 
  • Shinedown - Devour
  • Trev Lukather - Lives Built Around Lies
  • Anberlin - Breaking
  • Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness
  • Pink - It's All Your Fault
  • Remedy Drive - Daylight
  • Trev Lukather - Breakdown For Eternity
  • Pink - So What
  • Shinedown - Cry For Help
  • Butch Walker - The Weight Of Her  
  • Brother Firetribe - Chasing The Angels
  • Jorn - Stormbringer
  • Hinder - Thunderstruck
  • Covered Call - Shine
  • Avantasia - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  • Firewind - Maniac
  • Brother Firetribe - Hungry For Heaven
  • Oliver Weers - Show Must Go On
  • Avantasia - Lay All Your Love on Me
  • Bullet For My Valentine - No Easy Way Out 
2008 Best Artwork
2 3 4




2008 Artist Awards

Arnel Pineda (Journey)
A few truly great vocal performances around in 2008, but Arnel takes the prize - simply because he delivered big time under huge pressure from all sides. He had to live up to Journey fan expectations...he had to replay the faith the band showed in him....he had to overcome the unpopular decision to let 2 previous vocalists go...one of his first shows was broadcast live across the world and he had to deliver live on his first grueling US tour. And on top of that he had to re-record a dozen of the band's legacy tunes. My hat goes off to Arnel for delivering on all fronts and staying humble despite having monster talent.
Honorable Mentions - Erik Martensson (Eclipse); Jimi Jamison; Pekka Ansio Heino (Brother Firetribe & Leverage); Rick Springfield; Robert Berry (Solo & Alliance).

Past Winners:
2007 - Mike Reno
2006 - Pekka Ansio Heino
2005 - Jorn Lande
2004 - Jeff Scott Soto
2003 - Harry Hess.

Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)
Given the task of bringing the goods back to Whitesnake, the LA guitarist did all that and more; helping David Coverdale write, record and produce one of the best Snake albums in years....and beefed up that guitar sound, plus toured extensively behind the album adding those much needed backing vocals.

Honorable Mentions - Neal Schon; Steve Lukather; Zack Myers & Nick Perri (Shinedown).

Past Winners:
2007 - Thorsten Koehne
2006 - Steve Lukather
2005 - Magnus Karlsson

The Drum Machine (Too Bloody Many Records)
That's right - the drummer of the year is in fact the humble drum machine. But contrary to the other awards, this is not a badge of honor. This is shameful! There are simply too many automated drum tracks on our beloved records and the time has come to rid these releases of this curse to the ears. ProTools and other studio effects make it all too easy to lay down a drum beat without having to pay a drummer, but seriously folks....it's nothing compared to the sound of a REAL drummer. Stop being cheap and hire a drummer and a good studio to capture them in. And the records will sound much better for it.

Honorable Mentions - Deen Castronovo (Journey); Henrik Erikson (Eclipse); Rodger Carter (Rick Springfield).

Past Winners:
2007 - Kelly Keagy
2006 - Simon Phillips
2005 - Daniel Flores.

Matt Bissonette (Rick Springfield)
For the first time ever, Rick Springfield co-wrote a record with another and that was RS Band bassist Matt Bissonette. Matt turned in a sublime performance on the CD, as well as co-producing this immaculate disc.

Honorable mentions - Paul Logue (Eden's Curse); Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue); & Dennis Ward (Bob Catley)

Past Winners:
2007 - Jack Blades
2006 - Marcel Jacob

Eric Ragno (From the Inside, China Blue, Ramos/Hugo, Solna, Savage Paradise, Tony Mills, Michael Bormann)
Was there even a runner up for this award? Was there another keyboardist working in 2008? Well, sure...but none as hard as Mr. Nice - Eric Ragno. With equally as much on his plate for 2009, someone had better stand up or he'll take the trifecta!

Honorable mentions - Jonathan Cain (Journey); Lars Safsund (Work Of Art); Jim Peterik (Jimi Jamison); Alan Fitzgerald (Alliance)

Past Winners: 2007 - Eric Ragno.

Dennis Ward (Eden's Curse, Places Of Power, Bob Catley, Ramos/Hugo, House Of Lords, Jaded Heart)
Producer Of The Year second year running and 3rd time out of the last 4 years! And I doubt anyone would argue the fact. Dennis remains to go to guy for mixing and mastering and full production jobs such as the awesome work completed for Eden's Curse (Album & EP); Places Of Power and Bob Catley. A masterful touch and a great set of ears.

Honorable mentions - Martin Kronlund (Hope, Lost Weekend, Silent Call, Gypsy Rose, Pleasuredome); Tommy Hansen (TNT, Seventh Wonder, Evil Masquerade, From The Inside, Starbreaker); Mutt Lange (Nickelback); Kevin Shirley (Journey); Terry Thomas (Tesla); Erik Martensson (Eclipse); Jim Peterik & Larry Millas (Jimi Jamison)

Past Winners:
2007 - Dennis Ward
2006 - Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem)
2005 - Dennis Ward
2004 - Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi
2003 - Tommy Denander.

2008 Rest In Peace

Bud Prager (Manager), Steve Isham (Autograph), Alan Gordon (Songwriter), Munetaka Higuchi (Loudness), Michael Lee (Little Angels, Robert Plant), Kenny MacLean (Platinum Blonde), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix), Michael A. Baker (Shadow Gallery), Debbie Bayley (vocalist Blaze Bayley's wife), Rick Wright (Pink Floyd), Jack Young (Phantom's Opera), Chris Peter (King Size), Jim McGinnis (Zebra booking agent), Mel Galley (Whitesnake, Trapeze), George Carlin, Loren Villalonga (Golden Farm), Bo Diddley, Michelle Meldrum (Meldrum, Phantom Blue), Paul Davis (Songwriter), John Rutsey (original Rush drummer), Danny Federici (E Street Band), Cliff Davies (Ted Nugent), Jim Viger (Steel Breeze), John Fowler (Steelheart), Daniel McMaster (Bonham), Jeff Healey.
May these great people all Rest In Peace.

Worst Of 2008


Bassinvaders, Tommy Skeoch, Judas Priest, Bret Michaels, John Mellencamp, We Wish You A Metal Xmas, Sammy Hagar, Michael Kiske, TNT and Silent Rage. Sorry folks...





Brother Firetribe, Alliance, Def Leppard, Bombay Black, Kip Winger, Whitesnake, Steve Overland, M.ill.ion, Michael Bormann, Bret Michaels, Journey, Motley Crue, Uriah Heep, Jorn, Poley/Rivera, Anberlin, Blanc Faces, Bob Catley, Crown Of Thorns, Danger Danger, Dare, Eclipse, Extreme, Foreigner, From The Inside, Harem Scarem, Honeymoon Suite, Jeff Scott Soto, Jimi Jamison/Jim Peterik, Mecca, Places Of Power, Pleasure Dome, Ramos/Hugo, Rick Springfield, Sammy Hagar, Starbreaker, Terry Brock, Tony Harnell, Tyketto, Wig Wam, White Sister, House Of Lords, Khymera, Leverage, Royal Hunt, Steve Lukather, Work Of Art.

What made the cut (if released in 2008): Brother Firetribe, Alliance, Def Leppard, Kip Winger, Whitesnake, Steve Overland, Michael Bormann, Journey, Motley Crue, Uriah Heep, Jorn, Poley/Rivera, Anberlin, Bob Catley, Eclipse, From The Inside, Harem Scarem, Honeymoon Suite, Jeff Scott Soto, Jimi Jamison/Jim Peterik, Motley Crue, Ramos/Hugo, Rick Springfield, Starbreaker, Khymera, Leverage, Royal Hunt, Steve Lukather, Work Of Art.

Possible 2009 Top 30-ish

W.E.T., The Poodles, Gotthard, Danger Danger, Dare, Foreigner, Mecca, Places Of Power, Terry Brock, Wig Wam, White Sister, House Of Lords, Lynch Mob, Blanc Faces, Out Loud, Chris Antblad, Novak, Lou Gramm Band, Jorn, Hardline, Sunstorm, Chris Laney, Impellitteri, JSS, Place Vendome, Last Autumn's Dream, Places Of Power, Chickenfoot, Vindictiv, Europe, FM, Goo Goo Dolls, Adelita's Way, Stan Bush, Masterplan. 

Dickhead Of The Year Award

Short and sweet this year. This award goes to the guy that was kicked off my message board after being a constant argumentative asshole, only to vow to start his own website and "steal" all my advertisers and "run me out of town".
He got a dose of reality in how hard it is to maintain and run a website and stay inspired while continuing to keep in touch with everyone that is needed to make a great site.
The website URL (I won't say which one) now delivers this message when trying to log in: "The requested URL could not be retrieved..."

Until next year, when you know already just who the D.O.T.Y. is going to be!



2008 Award Feedback