TED POLEY - Beyond The Fade (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, May 13, 2016
Ted Poley has a lengthy and impressive resume, boasting a few all-time classics as well as some revered collaborations.
From Prophet to Danger Danger and through to Poley/Rivera and in recent years a couple of solo albums thrown in there for good measure.
Now Ted is teaming with Mr. Reliable; Alessandro Del Vecchio for a new solo album in a time where it’s more important than ever to stand out from the pack to get any traction.
Boy, does he do it in fine style here! Take a bow Ted and Alessandro – you have both done yourselves proud with this record – easily the best Ted Poley album outside of Danger Danger and now one of my favourite records of the year.
This is no project album with Ted delivering some vocals. No way. Ted flew to Europe to work with Alessandro and in his own words, there isn’t a note on this record he didn’t approve of or help engineer. With songs from the incomparable Martin Brothers and Ale himself, Ted has the backing of a powerhouse production, which at times some of his other projects have lacked.
And Ted delivers one of the best vocal performances I’ve heard from the evergreen frontman.
There’s a couple of songs on here I’d rate amongst Ted’s best songs ever – and that includes Danger Danger. But do I feel the urge to jump ahead to get to them? No, because the material here is so consistently enjoyable, I can’t possibly skip forward.
There’s almost two parts to this record. The opening sequence of the high octane fist pumping trilogy of D2 friendly anthems Let's Start Something, Everything We Are and Hands Of Love get things off to a flying start.
Then there’s the very fine, tempo slowing ballad The Perfect Crime, a duet with Issa (who seems to be the girl to call when a duet is required).
From there things turn a little more serious – but no less melodic or powerful. The tone just shifts slightly.
Stars is one of the best Poley tracks ever. Absolute perfection. The high impact chorus is just brilliant.
Higher is less intense, but equally as catchy with another great layered chorus.
The mellower, darker and sentimental Where I Lost You is another slice of melodic rock perfection. Once again, great listening and stands up as another legacy Ted Poley track.
You Won't See Me Cryin' is another winner, it moves a little quicker, maintaining the melodies but adding a touch of grit and a fine quite solo.
We Are Young lends itself to a darker tone while Sirens is just pure joy.
Beneath The Stars closes the album by delivering a 6 minute rock ballad.

No fillers, all killers and a couple of mind blowingly good classics. All class from start to finish.
Wonderful! No further comments needed. Just get it!