MASS New Album Studio Diary - Exclusive - Part 3

As U.S. rockers MASS begin work on their long awaited new studio album, frontman Louis St. August will be providing exclusive updates - text and audio - from the process. Here's entry number 3!

December 8th, 2017
Well, it's been quite a busy few weeks here in the MASS camp since my last blog entry with multiple recordings, interviews and a little Thanksgiving break. We also took time out to attend a wake for our engineer's father who passed away unexpectedly.
So here we are at the end of the first week of December and we now have all rhythm guitar and lead vocal tracks done. Gene kicked it off during the last week of November with some powerful and crushing rhythm tracks for the remaining 10 tunes. He ended up doubling and at times tripling some of his power chords in areas to create that MASSive wall of sound.   
The following week I entered the studio for 4 days to record my lead vocal tracks which I am very pleased with and can't wait for you all to hear. Gene added a bit of acoustic guitar in spots on Thursday, Dec 7th, and started working on guitar solos. He will be back in the studio on Monday, December 11th to finish up his solos. From what I have heard, he has once again added his original solo style with some great soaring melodic leads.
Coming up in the next few weeks, we will be adding backing vocals, harmonies, and a very special guest appearance -- and then we will turn it over to our secret weapon, Mr. Jeremy Heussi to add his keyboard magic. So stay tuned.... 
Track listing but not particularly in this order...
1. Just Can't Deny
2. Only A Dream
3. When 2 Worlds Collide
4. Falling In Love
5. Alive
6. Turn It Over
7. Second Hand Rose
8. Some Time Ago
9. Time March's On
10.Stand Alone
11. Death Rider


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