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Produced by: Michael Morales
  1. Better Way
  2. Change The World
  3. Where Does Love Live
  4. That's The Way
  5. Blood
  6. Let You In
  7. What Kind Of Fool
  8. No Tomorrow
  9. Maria
  10. I Remind Me Of You
  11. Driving Back To Your Heart
  12. Corey
  13. No Way Out
This is only Michael Morales third album in 10 years - the break between his last album, some 8 years. His last album through Mercury in the US was called Thump and became quite a cult hit.
His sound is compared frequently with Rick Springfield with a Def Leppard-ish production.
I went back to his debut after all these years and found is has aged quite well - a good solid pop rock album.
So on That's The Way we have a considerably image altered Morales back in the swing of things with an album that shreds most other comparisons and sticks heavily to a Def Leppard style pomp rock. The type of sound the guys used on Hysteria and Adrenalize.
If artists impersonating and utilizing other bands' sounds in their own setting offends you - then maybe you might avoid That's The Way.
Because this is such a Def Leppard sound, I think it even out does Def Leppard!
Yes, I think this album is better than Euphoria! It is certainly has more memorable songs.
So if you don't mind an album so heavily lending itself to another band's style, then this will likely impress you as much as it has me.
Mind you - it does take some few listens to get to that level. The songs all need a chance to grow and Mature.
Comparisons to Rick are no longer truly correct and comparisons to Starship are accurate to the point that they used a similar Def Leppard style pomp AOR production on their last couple of albums.
Morales distinct vocals open Better Way, a shuffling musically sparse Leppard like rap-vocal number that adds instruments as it goes.
Changing pace immediately is Change The World. A big production style ballad in prime Leppard style again, especially the drum sound. A song that needs to grow, but has a great vocal.
Where Does Love Live is more an individual style. But it still reminds me of a prime 'Lucky This Time' Jeff Paris style pomp rocker.
That's The Way is one of the more blatant Def Leppard style rockers. At times I thought I was listening to Pour Some Sugar On Me. A little close tot he original maybe.
Like That's The Way, Blood also borrows heavily from Hysteria. This time we could be listening to Animal. Great moody pop rocker though.
Let You In is a mid paced with Joe Elliot and Jeff Paris style vocals. The chorus is a beauty. Great pomp rock.
What Kind Of Fool is a cover of the old pop ballad. few more bells and whistles on this and more in a Leppard vein, but a good change of pace for the album.
No Tomorrow is a simple pop rocker. Less outside influences here.
Maria is much the same. More stripped back and mid paced rock.
I Remind Me Of You has a laid back verse and a little more pumped chorus. Not bad, but takes a few listens to get into.
Driving Back To Your Heart is another mid paced tune, but a little more sentimental. A pretty good pop rock ballad in the Jeff Paris mold.
Corey is a darker and moodier ballad. Interesting feel to it.
No Way Out is another moody rock ballad, in mid tempo mold. I quite like this tune and it finishes the album quite nicely. A real Starship feel to it.
BOTTOM LINE: This album not as original as Morales last album was, but his fans should be more than happy with the results. All listeners will have to get past the Leppard comparisons to enjoy this to it's fullest potential.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Morales fans, pomp rock fans and some Def Leppard, Starship & Jeff Paris fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Michael Morales . Thump . That's The Way

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