Track Listing
Heart Of Stone
State Of The Heart (1)
Alayna (3)
Music Box
Call Of The Wild (2)
Queen Of The Damned
Can't Help Falling In Love
Angels Don't Lie
One Love
Love In A Wicked World

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
Night Ranger - Feeding Off The Mojo (1)
Brad Gillis - Alligator (2)
Still Moon (3)

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Night Ranger - Feeding Off The Mojo
Jeff Paris - Wired Up
Still Moon
Produced By: Gary Moon
Running Time: Genre: Melodic Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: US
WebLink: Gary Moon

Still Moon is the long awaited release of the original demos from the band Gary fronted called The Pack. The band were nearly signed to Atlantic Records 5 times!
The band recorded an album - or a rough album as Gary describes it, that was never finished and never released - until now.
Under Gary's name, 11 of the songs recorded appear here. Whatever form they were left in, Gary has remastered and tweaked them to what is presented here - which sounds pretty damn good to me.
Any fan of Gary's voice is going to love this. His tone and style is distinct - that raspy melodic delivery is unmistakable and lends itself perfectly to melodic hard rock.
The style of this album is a mix of straight up groove laden LA hard rock a la 1990 and a moody, more mature melodic sound, with a very commercial ring to it.
Tracks like Heart of Stone are pure hard rock, with Gary's raspy scream dominant. Then on State Of The Heart you get a more keyboard friendly AOR along the lines of Gary's role in Jeff Paris' band.
Gary also fronted Night Ranger on their underrated Feeding Off The Mojo release. The band used an updated version of the track Music Box for that album, Here it's actually a moody and intense acoustic track.
Gary continues to work with Brad Gillis on his Alligator solo album. The style of that release is reflected again here.
Call Of The Wild is a perfect melodic rock anthem, with a big chorus and Angels Don't Lie is another classy mood-rocker.
The quality of the songs is above average for demo's - the sound is consistent throughout and highly listenable.

The Bottom Line
Simple really - if you own and enjoy Night Ranger's Feeding Off The Mojo album, Brad Gillis' Alligator release or Jeff Paris' Wired Up, you need this album!
That qualifies you as a Gary Moon fan and the material here is close to the styles employed on those releases. It's a little rough around the edges, but it's thoroughly enjoyable, very classy and a great lost archive release.

Line Up
Gary Moon, Steve Isham, Curley Smith & Pete Comita

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