Get and Stay Well Eddie! Great to see your Press Release. Looking forward to a new album.
These kind people would like to say...

11/11/06: Lori - baydreamer322@comcast.net
Congrats!!!!!!!!CNN ticker tape......Wolfgang joining band as the new bassplayer.....Father and Son.....VERY COOL!!!!!! What an exciting journey for you both! ENJOY....One of my most favorite songs is Big Bad Bill(is Sweet William now). Both my daughters play the clarinet. My eleven yr.old is just starting to play and she thinks this song is amazing. Hopefully there is much happy memories there for you. So here is to the next generation of Father and Son HAPPY memories.
I look forward to taking my youngest to an up and coming Van Halen concert. Don't disappoint her....plan a tour.
Once again I hopoe this finds you and your family in good health. Best of Everything, Lori

26/07/06: steve tyler - steve_tyler@hotmail.com
summer nights and i just wish i could see van halen out on tour again VAN HAGAR SIMPLY THE BEST

14/07/06: wolfgang - wolfgang@hotmail.com

12/07/06: kev_e_bhoy - kev_mb20@hotmail.com
hey guys dnt worry VAN HALEN will be touring again soon prob with roth but i wish he would make it up with sammy hagar now thats the real van halen...xox

19/06/06: shirley owen - SHIRLEY_OWEN@BELLSOUTH.NET

11/03/06: kellei - VH_freak5150@yahoo.com
Hey, me again just wanted you to know im still crazy about you all!!! And i am forever a fan! \//-/!!!!i love you guys!!

26/01/06: Lori - baydreamer322@comcast.net
Yet another year of "Life Lessons" have passed you by. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope this finds you well!!!!.... If you are in rough waters may a cool qentle breeze come to you and soothe them. If all is GREAT for you at the moment then celebrate the GREATNESS. Birthdays are the first day of the new journey. January 26th is your day to ENJOY and start fresh. Wake up with a smile (it's all about the smiles). My best to you and your family for a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!!

22/10/05: kellei - VH_freak5150@yahoo.com
Hey, whats up ed? your guitar has inspired me to start playin' im 13 and hopefully i'll get to meet ya soon! if it all goes good c-ya then!

29/07/05: Lori - baydreamer322@comcast.net
You may say that I have way to much time on my hands. Truth of the matter is that I don't. But I heard some sad things last week on the radio that has had me thinking. I find it very ironic that you what to live this very quiet, simply life and others (former band members) keep doggin' you for it. We are all entitled to our moments and you Sir have helped me through a lot of mime!!!(All I need to hear is the first cord of any song). The best damn sound track I could have for this journey. You know we all touch each others lives one way or another. You get your coffee in the morning with a smile...That can go a long way!!!! Sitting in a traffic jam, late for work, VH song plays on the radio....BIG smile... head bobbing....fingers tapping...look over at the car next to ya and you both know your listening to the same song.... and yet even a BIGGER SMILE!!!! My point is that I hope this finds you well and if you need a BIG smile......HERE"S SENDING YOU ONE!!!!!! If life is not playing fair at the moment.....my suggestion....remove the obstacle (it's not easy) but you will find a strenght within yourself that will bring you out smiling.(you just have to find them) I'm all about the Smiles. I started this with my friends along time ago sending smiles via e-mails.(sad to say not much time for talking these days). Can't tell ya how many times we have made each others days by just sending some simple little words with a big smile at the end. It truly lets people know you care!!!! Don't know if you read this stuff but if you do, I hope my simple words has assured you that life can be grand when it's filled with smiles.
My favorite saying is..."Blow it out your Butt (pg version) if you don't get me" Surround yourself with people who get ya. Be well and once again SMILE (you do have a great smile)!!!!!

13/05/05: Edwin van Overmeire - e.overmeire@wxs.nl
If you're fine, please come to Holland.
It's about time and maybe it's time for an new Big Al-tribute.
Laat de beer maar brullen!

06/04/05: Lori - baydreamer322@comcast.net
To just say Thank You Mr. VanHalen seems like to little. But truly THANK YOU for years of inspiring music. I hate to admit so much time has gone by but my 19 yr. old daughter & I rocked to you guys back to back nights in Philly last year. First night was her first ever. Second was just hrs. after graduation. Local radio station auctioned off two front row tix's and a limo to the show on behalf of cancer(long story there)we threw her grad.cap up on stage you kicked it, Sammy put it on & danced around then signed it. It now sits proudly on our mantel in our family rm. Not sure who's eyes were wider hers or mine. To be that close watch you play and watch you journey to where ever you go while playing was amazing. My daughter was impressed she could see Alex's feet move a million miles a hr. Big drum person she is. To say Thank You for years of incrediable music seems so fan like. But I am a huge admirer of your hard work and talent(gift). Now it is truly being enjoyed by second generation. The kid grew up listening to you guys. To share that evening with my daughter was priceless. Enjoy your time with your son. My God don't blink....it goes soooooo fast!!!! But I don't have to tell you that.. wow raising a teenage boy.... I have the girls that those boys date.....Raise him well!!! Please! I sincerely hope that this finds you in good health. If you do read these things just know that others care and wish you all the happiness back that you have brought to all of us. Having our own business I am a very outgoing & outspoken person but... I have always said that when I have the pleasure of mtg. you it will be the only moment that I would be lost for words. Give me that second, then I would shake your hand, say thank you, then say "just play dude". Then we laugh, cause man without laughter and smiles life is so empty. So here's wishes you smiles and laughter. Be well and true to yourself! It all works out and then it really doesn't seem that bad anymore. Till that moment of silence Later You, From Me.

12/03/05: justine - justvr05@aol.com
hey eddie i hope u'll get trough this everyone sticking beside u and u can see that alot of people loves u alot and ur awesome at first i had no clue who u were until my mom got me hooked on u now ur all i listen to but i just luv u and get better soon alright i'm prayin for u get better please god looking down on u now but i just think ur an awesome player to me ur my icon on my buddie list if u want im me my sn is justvr05 alright but i luv u so much and get better i know u will my mom loves u to she said that she got to see u and i'm like no fair i want to see u ;live but i got the van halen dvd v.1 and i luv it i watch it everyday and i luv it how ur awlways smileing and when i'm down i put u in and watch u and just to see u sile it's so cute ur always happy i hope but get better and good luck i'm praying for u don't forget ok i luv ya
luv ur number fan

04/02/05: Scott - okrti@yahoo.com
Since 1978 the band has defined rock like no other. Everyone that is a fan wants more, but right now rest is required. I know the future is bright, its just we have to be patient with everything. The handsign will make another appearance onstage soon.

11/01/05: peter heyblom - peterhautbois@shaw.ca
Hello Ed and Alex. Missed you while you were in Calgary. I was in Holland at that time. As always wish you well. Remember your father very well with whom I played for several years in Holland. Is Ot,your mother well. If you can find the time send me an email,.Warmest regards Peter Heyblom

13/12/04: steve tyler - 5150@hotmail.com
vanhalen rule

30/11/04: Tammy Wright - vanhagar@kiva.net
Eddie,you have always been a huge inspiration to me & my EDDIE :) you are a terrific musician!Thank you for all the great years of great music.PLEASE keep it going.I wish you the best in your struggles and hope you overcome them all!EDDIE VANHALEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!

21/11/04: roberto franca - robertografons@ig.com.br
Hey, Eddie

Tour in Brazil 2005 ???? Why not ???

16/11/04: Randy - rbhuddles@aol.com
Eddie you guys were one of the bands as a kid that I wanted to see. I got my wish this summer in Chicago. Thank you!!!!!! It was the by far the best concert I have ever been to. Your solo was amazing I hope to see guys out on the road soon.

14/11/04: Ronnie Chavez - vhrocker@aol.com
Hey Ed, You have been an influence to me for quite a while ,I got sick when you did ,and even went through a divorce when you did. I just want to say THANKS for all the great music. Take care of yourself cause the VH fans love you! God Bless, Ronnie.

11/11/04: John - n2gtarz@hotmail.com
Hi Edward....I first just want to say thank you thank you thank you for making me want to play the guitar and make great music...Ive seen the band twice now most recently on June 25 in Washington DC....both shows were incredible from start to finish...Van Halen will always hold a special place in my life and maybe someday somehow I can show you the true impact you have had on me as a guitarist. Best wishes to you and all yours...and one more time thank you so very much.

11/11/04: Matt G. - Vanhalenkt@aol.com
Eddie, I saw you guys in Tampa and it just blew me away. You moved and jumped around 10X more than I've ever seen you before, which i thought wasn't possible! But congratulations on getting the band back together. Keep up the awesome job, lot's of love...Matt P.S.- if you need an opening act you've got my e-mail

09/11/04: KC - kicklove92@msn.com
I love that lick you put on "JFB," just before Sam's chorus vocal "You put your cream in my coffee!" Great raw BROWN SOUND. Looking forward to 2005!

09/11/04: Jordan - jbhhockey@aol.com
Eddie...are you moving to Holland, Pennsylvania? If so, I just wanna say that you are the man. I live here, and I heard it, and if it's true, than its awesome!

08/11/04: kev red rocker - kev_mb20@hotmail.com

07/11/04: Javier Caro - wandayjavi@yahoo.com
Hey Eddie I am from Puerto Rico and me and my friends went to the concert in San Juan and it was great, you kick ass!!!!!!!. We hope to see you again in our beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

07/11/04: Troy Young - troy@emailwv.com
I've seen VH five times in my life, all with Sammy and three of the shows this year. I'm thrilled that they are back and hope that Ed's health and their music continue to roll forward!

07/11/04: Trond - trohoe@online.no
This is a "get well" regards from Norway. Eddie, U r the greatest of them all. Rock on!

07/11/04: bill and diane schommer - bschommer2@new.rr.com
Ed, I just wanted to tell you that you have been a huge part of my life. I am a 35 year old cop from Wisconsin. I started playing guitar when I was 6 and my sister who is 10 years older than me got me hooked on VH. Soon I had my own Kramer and was rockin my mom and dads world. Now I have kids and a wife and a brand new evh wolfgang, my 12 year old son and I striped out the old beretta like the frankenstien and he is becoming hooked. I have seen you three times on this tour..Green Bay, Moline, and now Milwaukee. My wife chose your show over a anniversary trip, you kicked such major ass in Milwaukee that I we are still flying high. I caught a pick and was like a freakin little kid!! I was so pissed when I heard the crap rumors but am so glad to see it set straight by Sam and the web today. We continue to pray for you. You are #1 Thanks for the great times. Bill Schommer Green Bay Wi

06/11/04: Juha Meriruoho - kolzig@gmail.com
Ed, thanks for all the years filled with superb music!

I hope I'll be seeing you and the guys in Finland someday again.
I missed your first concert here back in 1998/99 and that's why it's time for you to come back here!

Keep on rocking!

06/11/04: Jimbob - jimbob2u@aol.com
Twenty-six years later and I can still remember exactly the
moment I heard the DJ announcing the new single by a new band
out of LA and " You Really Got Me " came roaring out of the
speakers---all I could think was " Who the hell is this and
where do I get more of it? " Definitely a pivotal life moment!!!

It's inspirational to see that you and the band are still
cranking it out strong today and I hope to catch a show soon---
it's been way too long!!! ( opening for the Rolling Stones in
Orlando FL in '81 ) Damn,I'm getting old but it's been a hell
of a ride---Thanks for providing the soundtrack !!!

06/11/04: Richard Surovi - rich13375@yahoo.com
Hi Eddie,
I saw Van Halen in Cleveland this past year and was blown away by the performance!! Left thinking it was one of the best VH shows I've seen, and that show marked my 13th. Hoping to see you guys again soon. You look and sound amazing!!! Keep it up!

06/11/04: Joey Johnson - volsdoublej@aol.com
I didn't get to see the 2004 tour, so you guy's have to do it again. Next time, I would love to see it in support of a new album. Keep rockin and stay well.

06/11/04: Douglas Wunder - Acehigh@europe.com
Eddie, you are my hero, behind my parents. You have no idea how you have inspired me. You contributions to the music industry can not be overstated. You are an amazing musician, live performer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and composer. I feel you not only all these things, but truly a better person to which others can emulate. I grew up on your music along with the band that bears you and your brothers name. Music is my passion in life mainly because of the influence you have had on me. I am so happy to see you are doing so well nowadays, and that you have beaten cancer! I wish you the best, as well as the greatest rock and roll band there ever was, is, and will be! God bless you, Edward.

06/11/04: David Lanzer - Dmlcrockett@micro-link.net
My wife and I saw VH in Hershey, PA of 2004. They kicked ass, awesome show, Eddie is #1. Can't wait for more music. Thanks for everything guys!

06/11/04: Curt Parker - bostonhalen@sbcglobal.net
I'll be seeing you tommorow night in Wichita. Thanks for being the greatest guitarist and bringing awesome music. Your a rock icon and I hope you keep making more music throughout your years. I named my youngest son after your last name. Thanks for all of the good years!

06/11/04: Curt Parker - bostonhalen@sbcglobal.net
I'll be seeing you tommorow night in Wichita. Thanks for being the greatest guitarist and bringing awesome music. Your a rock icon and I hope you keep making more music throughout your years. I named my youngest son after your last name. Thanks for all of the good years!

06/11/04: Dave Frangella - Frangella@netzero.net
Ed, Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me. Im so glad to see you so happy and healthy!!! My fiance and I saw you guys in Albany NY, June 26th 2004, and it was amazing. It was my fourth time seeing the band, and it was by far the best!!! God Bless

06/11/04: Mike - mikebruce5150rogers.com
The greatest. Period. July 3, 2004 in Toronto changed me.

See you on November 9 in Montreal!

06/11/04: Craig Smith - bizkit_crazy@hotmail.com
Hey Eddie, you are truly the greatest. i think i'm the biggest 17 year old fan you have. haha maybe not but i'd like to think i am and all my friends tell me i am. you've shown me what REAL music is. i saw you guys in St. Louis on july 29. and i was BLOWN AWAY. it was my first Van Halen concert and hopefully not my last. you guys are going to inspire a whole new generation. i wish you the best in the future and you'll have my support no matter what you do.

06/11/04: juan andres leiva - juanvhe@hotmail.com
eddie you are the best guitar player in the universe.ed your music is great and a listen every day ,i love your music.please coming soon to chile.i love ed,alex,mike,sammy,dave and gary.
juan andres leiva from chile,sud america

06/11/04: juan andres leiva - juanvhe@hotmail.com
eddie you are the best guitar player in the universe.ed your music is great and a listen every day ,i love your music.please coming soon to chile.i love ed,alex,mike,sammy,dave and gary

06/11/04: Matt - bridgwaterm@yahoo.com
I've seen Van Halen twice, in '92 and on October 26 of this year in Calgary and was still totally blown away. Eddie, you look in tip-top shape and put on a show that is timeless and shames all the younger bands today. All I can say is I hope to see you and the guys again in a year or two! All the best and continued good health.

06/11/04: Markus Kohn - kohnmarkus@aol.com
Eddie-the shows at staples were excellent and wolfie ROCKED---when you get back to town look us up at your country club(lakeside)

Markus (executive chef)

06/11/04: Kerry O'Gorman - kerryo@sympatico.ca
June 19 Worcester, MA Worcester Centrum
July 03 Toronto, Ontario, CAN Air Canada Center 5 STAR
Nov 10 Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum 5 STAR

Thanks for the all the years of awesome fucking music.

06/11/04: Dennis - badjam04@yahoo.com
Hey Ed! I'm really glad Van Halen got back with Sammy, cause that version is the best! Just come to the Netherlands next year so I can see you guys! ROCK ON!

06/11/04: Dave - big1dawg@hotmail.com
Eddie is the KING. Enuff said. God bless Eddie Van Halen. You are truly inspirational.

06/11/04: Yancey Lain - grapple@ev1.net
I'm not going to bore you with my 'I'm a huge Van Halen fan pedigree'. I just have to say after your solo in Houston this time around I was emotionally exhausted, and had to sit for the first time that night! It was the amazing.
Whatever you plan on doing in the future, I wish you the best in health and luck.

06/11/04: Troy Tymchuk - ttymchuk@hotmail.com
All the best....your the GOD. Seen you guys when you came to Edmonton and you guys Rocked...that whole venue Rocked....and it was the first time my fiance seen you guys and she was blown away. All the best...and never stop believing. 5150

06/11/04: Rick Bellocchio - Rickyb2112@yahoo.com
Your music is the reason I love music, it is the reason I play guitar. Your inspiration has changed my life, and watching you play makes me want to play. I am glad you are well, and I can not wait to hear new music from you guys. I wish I was born earlier so I could have seen more of you guys.

06/11/04: marc - happyhouseposse1@aol.com

06/11/04: Perticelli - fpalumbo@servicechamp.com
Ed, al,mike,sam...thx for the music and the shows!
Thk God you are healthy Ed and count your blessings...you are breaking the mold of typical legends who usually are gone by 30..keep the example going, your impact on the fans and the world is probably more than one man can understand and is probably a burden not many could shoulder.
Your music has moved me and touched me in a very profound way, and i thk you for that. I look forward to hearing lots of new music, including anything experimental,anything blue's, anything w/in the VH formula and anything outside of that.
Dont completely shut the book on the music you made from VH3...i LOVE that album and appreciate the genius that is captured within that record.
Ed, i put you up there with Wolfgang AMadeus Mozart as a true musical genius, a virtuoso and a true living legend. The company you two share is small, but important in the world of music. Keep listening to your heart and your soul and all will go as planned!
God bless you and your family and the band and i hope to talk to you again soon!

06/11/04: Steven Walton - Sooner2112@netzero.com
I was in High School when you came out with what is still one of the best albums of all time. I am so excited you are back together. I am taking my 13 year old son to your concert in Wichita, KS on 11/6. Which at this point is TOMORROW NIGHT!! You are spanning the generations as you are one his favorites also. Eddie, please take care of yourself. It is amazing how quickly the years have passed. Continued good health to all of you.

06/11/04: Eric Molinaro - eric@molinarodrums.com
Eddie ,

I know your life has had some big obstacles over the past 6 years and I appreciate the way that you have worked through them and have been able to totally crank it live this year . More importantly than the fans , thanks for not giving up on the music . With sincerity , there isn't one day that goes by that I am listening to one VH cd or another , and that is truth , not blowing smoke . If you keep touring , I'll keep coming out to see you . Also , thanks for working things out with Sammy and for the tour this year in 2004 .
Thanks for all of the inspiration you give me to be a musician .

Sincerely ,

05/11/04: Cassiano Costa - cassianocosta@tj.rs.gov.br
Eddie and Alex: Porto Alegre (1983)/Brasil, aguarda ansiosamente o retorno de vocês. Come on!!! Let´s rock,n Roll together!!!

05/11/04: Andrew Schultz - drew.drew@lycos.com
I saw two shows this year and am still amazed with what I saw you do.

05/11/04: Pete & Lisa - coolbreezepete@aol.com
Eddie you are the best, Me & my girfriend were at the July 2nd show in Cleveland we had an awsome time You 4 are as tight as ever great show. I hope you guys can come back to Cleveland soon, Cant wait for the new album, we wish you all the best & continued health you looked & sounded great..Thanx guys Pete & Lisa.

05/11/04: J.M. Grumbach - mgrumbach@maine.rr.com
I wish I could walk up to you, shake your hand, hell, even give you a hug, and thank you for the music you have given to me and all fans over the past 26 years. Your music makes me experience emotions that I wish I could describe in words. Thank you. I am so happy that you are happy and healthy.

05/11/04: al espinoza - espinoza wccs.net
what can i say eddie, and to the band time passes by so fast but it does not pass this band this band has stood the test of time what a great time to be alive.best wishes alberto

05/11/04: Eric - ericwbrenner@yahoo.com
Ed you and the guys kick ass, keep it going and keep it fresh.

12/08/04: karentessier - karen.tessier@cmhospital.org
Eddie, I had just seen you in concert July 23, 2004 and I have to tell you...You are still the most gorgeous man to walk the face of the earth!

10/08/04: Jon Lee - kurt y kain2
I knew Eddie would be back kicking asses again¡I have read his latest interview and I have to say he is a better person than gitar player,and that is a lot of good person¡ EDDIE ROLLS AS NO ONE DOES¡¡¡

25/07/04: lindsey - hockeygurl19891@yahoo.com
Hey Eddie i just found this website and i have a lot to tell you..i was at the detroit concert on july 10 and you even have to say that was kick ass...im fourteen right now and ever since i was 4 i loved "you really got me" just because you kick ass at the guitar..well id just like to say your the only person whos actaully normal in that showbusiness and keep on rockin buddy..the world wouldnt be the same with out you!!

23/07/04: Melinda - grmngirl678@aol.com
I just got the new albulm and I have to say VanHalen still has it going on!!!!! I have introduced my daughter and my nephew to "the eruption" Your the best! I hope that all is well with you!!

15/03/04: seb chaloner - fruitbootinstinks@hotmail.com
im a very big van halen fan , and when some of my friends say that stevie vai better than eddie, i tell them to shut the f**k up because i know who is one of the best guitarists in the world is and it is you eddie you f**king legand

15/02/04: Kyle Smith - Distortedcord115@yahoo.com
Yo Eddie, Your my guitar idol!!!!!!!! ive practiced every day, and now ive mastered ERUPTION. Plus i made my own version, hope to see ya on tv again.

05/11/03: chinwua onyekwe - onyekwe2002@yahoo.com
hi eddie i miss you so much i dont just know what to write aout .

12/10/03: Gina Leiserowitz - Bill3lz@austin.rr.com
Hey Eddie. When Stevie Ray Vaughn's helicopter crashed into the side of a mountain, he died, and the world lost a great talent. Stevie did not have the opportunities that you have - to choose life. Batteling cancer and batteling addiction cannot be easy, but if you have the desire to live, then do whatever you can to make that happen. No one else can do it for you - but you can do it one day at a time. It will take a change in your lifestyle - you can make it happen. You learned how to play guitar better than almost anyone else, so I believe you can use that drive to put yourself, and keep yourself on the path to recovery. I hope you do it.

04/05/03: Dan Grass - dgrass18@rock.com
I hope you get well soon and that you have inspired me to pick up the axe, keep rockin Eddie.

18/03/03: Jim Kunatz - bluejam2003@sbcglobal.net
Hi Edward. I remember when your first album came out, I was just 13 and it was the best ear candy I ever heard. You set the pace for many. I also wood like to say that I hope that you are getting well, and that the quality of your life is one of happieness and well being. I only hear breifley that you had cancer and I have'nt heard anything sence and that was awhile ago. How are you doing now? I hope very well.I deal with alot of pain so I know how it can be. just remember that you are not alone, and that god has blessed you and he or she will continue to bless you. And from me to you because you have givin all of us so much joy and harmoney, we all pray that you enjoy the same thank you and may your god be with you for ever and ever. If you ever just want to talk I mean I know that we share a common problem IM me My handle is slowjob68. On AIM good day Jim.

19/07/02: Andrew - hubbarda1988@cox.net
sorry to put 2 comments, it's just that on my other one, my e-mail address was wrong, but the one on this one is correct. Anyways, I'm glad to hear that you are doing much better Eddie! Stay Healthy! And KEEP ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


16/07/02: Andrew - hubbarda1988@coz.net
Eddie.........You don't know how much you have put an inspiration on my life. You are one of my HUGEST influences. Your actually the main reason I started to play guitar. So PLEASE GET BETTER! AND HAVE ANOTHER TOUR OR CONCERT OR ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE. Best wishes!


17/06/02: Ty - iroc_z_man1985@hotmail.com
If the recent deaths of Randy Castillo and Robbin Crosby have taught any of us anything at all, it should be that life is too short to hold grudges. I hope your health continues to improve and you stay healthy for a long time after that. After all the petty fighting and mudslinging, we the fans would love to see a Van Halen reunion tour with Roth and Hagar both. This, to me, would rank right up there with the Kiss reunion of 1996. With all the yuppie bands out there right now, we need a legend to get out there and show these pretty boys how a rock show should look and sound. You are the man for the job! You have been one of the main inspirations for many musicians of the past, present and future. There is no doubt that VH will end up in the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame. The last album was dismal and we need a full VH assult to bring back the true meaning of "ROCK CONCERT" You have lived through everything that the world has thrown at you, and done it in stride. Hope to see you soon!!!

31/05/02: Gary & Family - gwhiteman2002@msn.com
Dear Eddie,
Wishing you the best to come. Keep peace in your heart and love for your family. We've come along way with you and your bro. We miss you and hearing you play. Believe and it will happen keep the faith......and it will happen.

11/05/02: Pieter Pars - pars.martinez@wolmail.nl
Beste Eddie,
Zoals je zelf zei: Wat duidelijk is hoeft niet besproken te worden. Hope you will soon start jumping of some buildings again, this is strictly meant in the musical sence! Groeten, Pieter

10/05/02: Jim Henderson - jim@smartassociation.com
If EVH really reads these words, then my dream has come true. Edward, truly you have touched my life and made me a better musician. Truly you have lifted the spirits of so many people. Truly you are touched by God. Truly you honor those who love you. Take care and best wishes and good health to you and yours.

05/05/02: Brent Power - res0bbl6@verizon.net
Hey ED,
Hope all is good! We miss you alot. If your ever in dought, just log on to this page to get that confidence back in place.
I know that your the best thing that ever happened to me.
Boy if I could come back as someone, I'm sure you could figure out who it would be! Stay healthy and hurry up, I need some new material to work on. Do you give private guitar lessons? :) Peace

27/04/02: Mike Gehris - Meachaeliam@msn.com
Get well soon so we can jam,you are the best since '78,when you just blew me away...Jesus really Rocks and he loves ya man!Rock on,sez my sons,Zac and Nik.

06/04/02: Brad Hobbs - minmonkey@attbi.com
Get well Ed. You are the Kick-ass guitar player of the universe. And remember, you still have to take care of Wolfgang.

Bring back Dave!

05/04/02: Monique - monique@mrr.com
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Shine on!

23/01/02: J. - heyou10176@aol.com
Whats up Mr.halen!I think your are the shit man!!!I didnt even know that anything was wrong bro.Your music is the most incredable thing i have ever heard!I hope i havent heard the last of you. I am a fellow guitar player so your kind of an idle of mine. I wish you luck bro. ...hope to hear you soon!!!!
I love hot for teacher man! its the greatest!!!!!

13/11/01: MOE - moe@hotmail.com
Eddie! Stop smoking man! Get well, do it soon, and get back on track with the old, original, and by far the best carefree band line up you ever had!!! You guys have got the chance to do it all again like it was in the oldendays! When you got together with dave last time to do a couple of songs for the greatest hits, it was like a breath of fresh air in a room full of farts.
Well I'm sick of farts again and we need you to gimme some fresh fart and smoke free air!



05/11/01: DAVIDE VEVEY - apoca@libero.it
HI!you are for me very important.You are great,your music is great,your heands are great.YOU MUST PLAY AGAIN FOR ME AND FOR THE WORLD.You are "Jimi Hendrix 2ooo".You are the ONLY ONE.DO A BIG "JUMP" AND BACK HERE!"Right here,right now".Love...DAVIDE and his girlfriend FEDERICA

04/11/01: Tono - tony@colbourne2.freeserve.co.ukG
Get over this Ed, and then get back to the music. Family first. I'm sure that all your fans understand, after all it was probably their love for VanHalen that has helped them through sticky times by bringing a little sunhine to any darkness.

All the best

Tono (UK)

03/11/01: Rick Sitgreaves - rikshan@hotmail.com
Good Luck. Had no idea of the probs. As for VAN HALEN?
Try a chick. SANDI SARAYA... She will be just fine!

29/10/01: Vi5150ktor - viktor.brudar@siol. net
I hope you are already working on a new album in 5150.
I also hope you are all O.K. See ya all in Europe soon.
Waiting for a brand NEW WORLD!

23/10/01: tom - tkss5@yahoo.com
everybody knows eddies coke use is out of control!!!Thats why he never goes anywhere!!he just sits in 5150 and snorts his fucking brains out!!!!!I love the guy but he is just a fucking mess!!! he finds out he has cancer and still smokes? what the fuck is up with that?he wont last much longer like this.its a shame and goes to show you what $$ and fame can do to you!!!

get help ed

23/10/01: Amanda - Rockchickbabe_18\"hotmail.com
Eddie i love you so much and i hope you get well soon. I am praying for you. I cant wait till your back on the road and touring. The brittish fans love you so much Eddie! Take care and peace!
Rock on

07/10/01: agent515o - markwroblewski@hotmail.com

01/10/01: Lyn - sward1160@aol.com
I completely agree with gabbycm, although we are in the minority loving your music with Sammy. You guys went to the top together and the charts don't lie. I've been hoping for you guys to get in touch since you split and I will continue to hope. As for everything else, God bless you all and all of your families. We will continue to pray for your health.

Love & Peace,

3 WORDS FOR EDDIE---------


19/09/01: KERRY WHEELER - K1469@AOL.COM
I have lost 2 family members this year and 1 in 1997 to Cancer and I wish you all the best for you and your family. I would selfishly ask that you consider making a record and touring with David Lee Roth at least 1 more time so that many of us die-hards can re-live the magic and see the 4 of you on top of the rock world once again.

18/09/01: Russ - russbutner
Eddie, Get well soon! We miss you. When are you going to do a recording with Steve Morse!

15/09/01: nick garrett - dude515069@msn.com
dear EDDIE you by far are the greatest guitarest in the world ever. songs like eruption unchaind when its love crossing over so this is love summer nights and running with the devil are the best songs any one can wright dude when ever van halen gets back together play cleavand oh i dont care who the singer is because all of them have rocked dave samm and gary. get well soon dude van halen rules from a loyal fan nick garrett rock on

15/09/01: Russ - Dangerdogg@webtv.net
Eddie, Please get well soon, I need to hear your guitar in between all this other crap. Its been way too long since any new music,do a instrumental record really you 3 do not need a singer. Just put out some music PLEASE!
love ya!

02/09/01: Robert Lowe - winterspirit25@hotmail.com
You are without a doubt the greatest rock guitarist of all time,I am a very big fan of yours!!!! Everytime I listen to your music I am totally shocked!!!I have played guitar for around 11 years now and everytime I hear you play it makes me want to play that much more,although I will never ever even come close to you you are a great inspiration!!!!!!!Get well soon man and come back and show everyone what your made of!!!!!!

31/08/01: Gabriel - Gabbycm@yahoo.com

Be strong man! A lot of Filipino guitarists -- for sure -- would not forgive you if you would dicide to go. Keep on rockin! For vocalist, give sammy hagar a call! For me, he is the only one in this world that fits van halen. With him, you can very well expand halen's music on account of his high vocal range. Dave and Gary are cool too! Sammy Hagar, however, is simply the most fitted, in terms of attitude and charisma. It is also great in Van Halen to have a second lead guitarist, of course subject to your control and direction, being the leadeR. GET WELL SOON! MINIMIZE YOUR SMOKING!

27/08/01: J Marino Fatica - hotguitar@hotmail.com
Your music has been nothing short of inspirational to me Eddie!My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you and yours.

24/08/01: Willy - willy.devlaminck@pandora.be
Keep on ROCK'IN.
Your the GREATEST.

23/08/01: John Kelly - jkmets@aol.com
Eddie you are the best. Please give Sammy a call. He is the best singer for VH going forward.

17/08/01: Jon Paine - jonjuan@iname.com
Eddie, only you can do what you do. Vai? He's good, but no Eddie. Page? Please. Hendrix? Maybe 30 years ago. There are some great guitarists out there, and 99% of them are great because they emulated you. Your the one I, we, the world wants. Get a new singer, anyone will do (personally I think that Mike would be cool), of course, Dave would be ideal, but just get better for you and your family, then make new music. I'm slipping into VH withdrawl. P.S. Don't forget to come back to Utah. Thanks for everything.

15/08/01: LES - VHWOLF@EOL.CA

11/08/01: Cassiano - cassianocosta@bol.com.br
Eddie, força, coragem, fé! Você é imortal. Volte logo. Sua legião de fans around the world precisa da sua genialidade. Big hug, Cassiano.

10/08/01: Mats Berglund - antligenhelg@hotmail.com
Hi there!!
Please get well as soon as possible.
Sweden always rock as hard as we can.

10/08/01: Greg Porter - jgport@hotmail.com
Eddie get well soon and give Sammy a call and start cranking out som more great tunes...

04/08/01: Franck - frankieboy@wanadoo.fr
Hi !!
I am not the only one to wish you a quick an complete recovery as I really miss Ed and his team !!!
It is really hard to explain what VH represents for me : maybe ALL as I listen to many different bands ( some modern and older ones ) but still VH is the greatest ONE ( You gave music some gold letters ) .. I still play the guitar , trying to play your music ( and solos .. ) the best way I can , BUT please do me a favor : KEEP ON LIVING .. KEEP ON CREATING MUSIC !! DO IT FOR ME , DO IT FOR YOU , DO IT FOR VALERIE AND WOLFGANG ... and for your fans !!! ) ..
Really best wishes !!!!!!!!!

Man..like i can still remember the exact time and place i was when i heard S.R.V. died. It crushed the music world,but it wouldnt even scratch the surface on how i would feel if anything happened to E.V.H. Only the best,most crafty licks, always had the solo that fit every song perfectly.Man your the greatest and myself being a father of 2 boys can only imagine that your first priority is being there for them ,geting well for them. You do that first, get well, were not going anyplace,we will always be waiting for you and the next gig. best to the family. ROCK ON 4 EVER E.V.H.

15/07/01: Not important - none@none.com
Eddie, when you feel like kicking ass again, give ol' Diamond Dave a call and lets get the world's greatest band back together again. We all wish you well and we also wish you would see the simple fact that the fans don't want another cheesy replacement singer up there on stage. Me Wise Magic and Can't Get This Stuff No More were the only songs that sold the BOV1 to fans that already loved the band. If you even think about working with Brett Michaels or someone equally as bad, you can forget my loyalty or anyone elses

08/07/01: Brian J. Glendinning - bglendinning@austin.rr.com
Thank you for all the great music. Now, beat this thing. Take care.

03/07/01: harry - harry.steffans@cityweb.de
Eddie, god bless ya!
Come back and roll over germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


27/06/01: Kelly Allen - popmolicule@yahoo.com
The World Needs a Hero! I know every guitarist wishes he or she
could be Eddie Van Halen. I wish you a healthy return. I live for
the day to see the definition of Van Halen play together again.
Eddie Van Halen, Diamond David Lee Roth, Michael Athony and
Alex Van Halen.

22/06/01: Bobby Shrimpton - jjed@chipshot.net
God bless.Thanks for blowing us all away.Keep it up!

13/06/01: Beto - hscordeiro@yahoo.com
You gave me so much, I wish I could give you something back.
Your music has touched me in such way it made me want to pick up the guitar and break some rules!

Keep Rockin', would ya?

Big thank you from all your Brazilian fans!!!

01/06/01: Andy D - andyd@knac.com

Everybody is going with the same vibe and I am going to join them man.....and that is, we ALL appreciate the huge contribution you have made not only to rock music but our lives. It is obvious that everybody has been touched in some way by you and the band and we would love to see you fit and healthy again. Selfishly also, we want to see you playing real soon. (Especially us down under in Adelaide, South Australia)

Get well man. Hope you and the family (both personal and musical) are doing better


25/05/01: Chris - Christophgrenzer@aol.com
Hi Eddie,
I wish you all the best and that you become healthy again. You have to believe!

22/05/01: Rockone\' - Rock2Live2@aol.com

19/05/01: tony leonard - tonyrocks@bigpond.com.au
Eddie, i hope you and the van halen family stay positive through this difficult time .You are the rock guitarist's god,and you will alway's be #1.Get well soon,,and hope to see you back down in tassie again one day to rock our state!.

16/05/01: Jonah - jonah.1721st@btinternet.com
Get well soon Eddie,you're a true musical genius!
and for everyone reading these messages put your computer to some good use,while listening to 103.5, by downloading the cancer research screensaver at http://www.parabon.com,and help kick cancer's arse once and for all.

09/05/01: Tim Whalen - tim@hotmail.com
Dear Eddie

You are the reason I became a musician (and I'm a keyboard player!) When I saw you play in 1984 I said "that's what I want to do?
You have brought so much to my life and I only wish you a healthy and speedy recovery. Thanks for bringing so much
happiness and positive energy into my life as well as millions of others.

Tim Whalen - Madison, WI (home of the infamous Sheraton Inn!)

04/05/01: Just B. Glomsås - justg1@organizer.net
Having had only rock`n roll music to hold on to during teenage years, and bands like Van Halen in particular, I reeeeally hope you`re gonna get a 100% ok! I can`t really see how life in the fast metal lane can go on without you. Best wishes!!

04/05/01: video bob /robert leisch - metalhead@centurytel.net
if you can call me collect at 715 564 3294 thanks the leisch family i hope you get better bob

04/05/01: John Baer - john.baer@hpidc.com
My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Get well, we are anxiously awaiting the new album and a return to the great classic sounds of the mighty Van Halen w/David Lee Roth! Your music has pulled me through tough times (and great times) and I hope all goes well for you and your family.

04/05/01: Mike Brown - mb11@netalpha.net
You're music has been a driving force in my life for 20 years. When I get the blahs, I just pop in any VH cd and let it rip! Most of the time I blast right out of whatever funk I'm in. Music is truly one of the best cures for what's ailing anyone!( especially VH's brown sound) Best wishes and I,ll be there at the next VH show in Jackson, Tupelo, or Biloxi.

04/05/01: Brian Elliott - belliott5150@hotmail.com
Dear Edward,

As someone who has listened to your music in good times and bad - and drawn inspiration from it - I hope you can take support from the millions of fans who admire you as much as I do.

Get well soon,


03/05/01: pelle almgren - pelle_almgren@hoymail.com
eddie will beat this thing
and we love to se you on stage again, not for us but for your self.
eddie your the best.

03/05/01: D - wazzup
You can win this! Give me a call if you want to talk. Who cares about a reunion...we are talking about your life! You can beat this and stay united with Val and Wolfie. You will always be united with me dude. No matter what happened in the past, we need to worry about the present and future....GET WELL

Big Daddy D.

03/05/01: Kevin&Skylar - meckenrodt@aol.com
From me and my son we wish u the best of luck and hope u get well soon now get out there and kick some ass like only u can good luck...

03/05/01: Ian - ian_5150@yahoo.com
Eddie, I was shocked when I heard 'bout your disease, but juz remember that there are millions of us fans here in Asia waiting for your triumphant return. You'll always be the king of guitar for us! We're wishin u all the best! Hope you'll have an Asian tour sometime, we're dying to watch u play! Get well soon man!

02/05/01: Jack - gentlemanjack16@hotmail.com
Glad to hear the news that your beating this cancer thing & staying positive!!! Take Care of yourself, best of luck to you &
the rest of your family.

02/05/01: George - georgethree33@yahoo.com
As a longtime fan, I can only say that my prayers go out to you and yours man as you continue your fight with cancer. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that those around you continue to support you through this.

You have been a huge inspiration to so many of us, myself included, and the music you have given us thus far could easily support me throughout the rest of my years. Though we all hope you can get back to doing what you do best, I am more than thankful for what you have already given us bro. More than anything Ed, we all just want to see you healthy and happy again.

Irregardless of what the critics may say, irregardless what some of the doubters and fairweather fans may say, I know the next VH album will be a winner, no matter who sings vocals on it. Because all the albums in Van Halen's catalog have been astonishing, "3" included.

You always said an album was 99% successful when you release it, and you were 100% satisfied with it if one other person gets it. "3" shone with the same brilliance as before, and I know your next offering will too.

Get better Ed, and do what you do best when you are healthy and ready to wow us again. Your true fans will still be here.

your friend,
George Pitcher III
as always - the other one percent

02/05/01: Mark Petarde - markusp316@yahoo.com
When I first heard the news, I was blown away!! Ed, you are the man, the guitar God, the songwriting genius. Van Halen is the best!! You will beat this, and you will once be on the road again. Denver-Please!! I can't wait to hear new music, but get well first, you're fans will wait. Love ya man, get well!!

Mark in CO.

02/05/01: Kim - kramerkrazy5150@yahoo.ca
Hi Eddie!

Just wanted to send positive thoughts your way. It is terrible, for you & your family, to have to fight such a horrible disease. Obviously everybody wants to hear Van Halen soon but the #1 priority is your health. Take care of yourself Edward. You are in my thoughts!


01/05/01: warren - viengeu@aol.com
Edward,hope you get well soon,cuz everybody misses you on the road.and thank you for the great music for all these year.you stil inspire me.

01/05/01: Matt from Memphis - seqoyah15@yahoo.com

At this point in time, I don't care if you ever play the guitar in public again, or if you ever put out another album. I just want you to be healthy. You've brought so much joy and happiness to so many people, and we'll all be eternally grateful. You, Valerie and Wolfie will be in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon!!!!

Love ya - Matt

01/05/01: John Osicki - omannym@aol.com
Hey Eddie, I wish you all the luck in the world in fighting this cancer you have,I know you can. All the power to you. Hope to see you rockin' with the guys soon again. I will be praying for you to get well.

01/05/01: Tom Dullam - thedullams@earthlink.net
God Bless you Eddie and family! Your music and talent have ment so much to me and many others. Cancer is a bitch but you can beat it. Stay possitive! Thanks for inspiring me to play guitar. My world is much richer now and I also have a greater appreciation for your talent!!! Your the best that ever was in my opinion. ROCK ON! -Tom

01/05/01: chris - sagemember@supanet.com
You have created some of the most memorable rock'n'roll tracks ever, can't wait for the next ones!!!!Love your playing.
Prayers and good wishes to you
and your family.

01/05/01: Darryl - Darryl_Lewis@ADSW.com
EDDIE - Wish you the best recovery ..Rock on....See you on the next tour...Thanks for inspiring me to pick up the guitar..It has truly given me great confidence !!

Best Regards,
Darryl Lewis
14 Sugarloaf rd
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

(I created/donated the picture on the Red,White, and Black striped mailbox for the INSIDE Mag -I still have it.)

01/05/01: Kevin Kelly - kkelly@disk.com
Get Well Ed! We all know that you rely on your family for support in times such as these. You have one huge family bro! Take care of yourself, we will wait for you!
Love and prayers from a long time fan!
Kevin Kelly

01/05/01: Mike Allen - heavensonfirenow@aol.com
Eddie, God Bless You once again. Hurry up and get well. I'm praying every day for you. Not just for you, but for your family too. Keep Strong. We're all thinkin about you. Keep Rockin Eddie!
Mike - KC

01/05/01: kelly - kelly.prosser@abgraphics.com
Eddie, I'm So sorry to hear, I'm praying for you, think positive and never give up hope!! you will fight it I know, Be strong, your in my prays always!!! You will be back soon, I miss that smile on your face, just keep smileing!!! Love, kelly

01/05/01: Chuck - Magee
Sounds like fantastic news Eddie! We all love you and hope to see you rocking again soon!

01/05/01: petch - burn.center@verizon.net
Ed just do what you have to do to get better. We are all selfish
and want to see you rocking again again, but you have to take care of #1. I hope all goes well, and I also hope to see you bring the mighty Halen back kicking ass again. Take care bro.

30/04/01: Larry johnson - Larrymbj@yahoo.com
Deep in my heart I under stand what you are going through as I have had a family member go through this. All I can say is (Rock on....) We all want the real and only Van-halen to rock on.. Dave is our man. Be safe and be healthy..

30/04/01: Stephen Doran - Stephen.Doran@TinyWorld.Co.Uk



30/04/01: Matti R - matti.rinne@usa.net
Hello Eddie!

Hoping that You`ll get better as soon as possible! Take care.
You have that kind of touch with Your guitar...
I never forget that August date back in `84 in Stockholm at the
Monters Of Rock gig (with AC/DC and Mötley Crue) ! That really was something! Hope to see You all on Tour, here in Europe and
especially in Finland! Have a really nice summertime!
Greetings from Helsinki! Matti

30/04/01: Ben - Ben@I don\'t have one
I read a great Cancer Cure book called "Kamikazi Cowboy" written by Dirk Benedict. Hundreds of people have thanked him for his book. If things ever get worse, I can recommend it. This is my thank you for the many hours of brilliant music you've created.

30/04/01: Paul Dunkley - lyndanpaul@btinternet.com
Get well soon Eddie.I love van halen & your fantastic guitar playing

29/04/01: Javi5150 - javi_vh@hotmail.com
Ed, I'm sure you will be back on the stage pretty soon...
I wish all the best for you, Val & Wolfie...
Long live to THE KING!!!
Your N°1 Southamerican fan

29/04/01: joe pistilli - undtkr5150@hotmail.com
Eddie, it's great to hear that you are beating this disease, my grandma had it so when i heard you had it, it really hit home. I started listening to you back when 1984 came out and have been a huge fan ever since. You are the reason that I have played guitar and keyboards and Alex is the reason that I have played drums since 1984. You and Alex are my favorite guitarist and drummer respectively. I could not picture this world or my life without Van Halen in the spotlight. Your music has been the soundtrack to mine and many other lives in this world. There isnt a day that goes by when I don't pop in one of VH's cd's and sink into the music and forget about life's problems. You are an inspiration to all who love and play music. Best Wishes, Eddie to a speedy and full recovery. Keep rockin and see you guys when you come thru Chicago, Take Care.

29/04/01: Anddie from Berlin - cyberidol@cyberdude.com
Ed, you will win your fight. I am sure. You can´t go away, if so a part of my life would be gone too. And I don´t want that! You made me play the guitar since 1977 and I still wait for the day to come jamming with you ! So there is only one way - rock on !

29/04/01: André - ankimanija@wtal.de
Dear Eddie!
You and your music is a unique gift to all of us!!! I wish you all the best and health! It is great to hear, that you´re better!Love to you and let me tell you, that you are the only reason why I ever picked up a guitar. I´ll pray for you!

29/04/01: Chris Mitchell - Peaveay5150aol.com
Your in my prayers Eddie, I really hope u beat that cancer,I know cancer is really hard to beat, i know u can do it. Your biggest fan, chris.

29/04/01: chris malcolm - mixtlplix@aol.com
Edward, I hope you are able to beat cancer and are able to live a long fulfilling life afterwards. You and your family are in my prayers. I have enjoyed your music for years and look forward to more great music to come. so,KEEP ROCKIN OUT AND PLAYING GOOD GUITAR!!!!!!!!

29/04/01: Justin Powell - j-m-powell@excite.com
It's great news to hear you're doing well and best wishes on a speedy recovery. We're all behind you and looking forward to hearing the next notes from the "king of ten fingers and six strings!"

29/04/01: Ben Graziose - bgraziose@home.com
Get well soon Eddie!!! We miss your music and what you mean to us fans. Hope to see you soon, Cancer Free, and ripping up the road!!!


29/04/01: mark rozela - amextvl@yahoo.com
eddie valerie wolfgang alex michael anthony,

eddie best wishes for a speedy recovery and as dlr said,,,"you can whip this, champ!!" my thoughts go out to you and those around you

mark rozela

ps...get well so you can get on the road as soon as possible!!!!

29/04/01: Lil Al Bufano - positionnj@aol.com
Saw VH in Aug.'78 C'mon Eddie put HARD ROCK back on the Radio!!!!!! God Bless you and your family,
Take care,
Lil Al

28/04/01: Howard Arenz - renegade@smart.net
Hey Eddie just wanted to say it's great to hear you are doing better. Stay healthy and hope to see ya soon playing live again.

28/04/01: Calmbe - Skydolphin@webtv.net
Ed, love you ... always. We all have something to give and we give you our love and prayer-energies. Be bright and have will-power! Yogananda, Christ, and Jason and us all have you in our hearts. Yeah! Go for the exercise ... some Qigong, some yoga, some "breath of fire" (moderately) and breathing exercises, and some quiet meditation. Get your air and early morning and evening sun-shine, and play with Sherman to open wide the heart!


28/04/01: David Richardson - dave.journey@btinternet.com
Edward. Stay possitive, we all are. The #1 rock guitarist could do with the #1 showman which makes the #1 show. Regards to you, Val, Wolfie, Alex and Mike.

28/04/01: Dan Friml - dan@haremscarem.net
Get well, Mr. Van Halen! I hope I'll see you on the stage soon! Love, Dan.

28/04/01: debbie&vito - rockinv1@aol.com
we just wanted to say to eddie - we love you and hope you get well soon!

28/04/01: tim read - tim.read@bushinternet.com
Eddie,Years ago i first heard Van Halen from a 1978 bootleg concert from glasgow apollo supporting Black Sabbath.To me it is the greatest moment in rock and roll history,the vibe is wonderful.through the years your band has gave me so much pleasure.thinking of you and your family.Tim Read

28/04/01: Drew - Drewfl5150@aol.com
Eddie, the world of music awaits your return. May god bless you.

28/04/01: Derrick - webmaster@kevincronin.com
I have had several family members touched by cancer. I wish you all the best in your battle. You are in our prayers dude! Love your misic.

Keep Pushin'

28/04/01: Albert DiMatteo - vanhalen@cgocable.net
In this difficult time, may God look over you and guide you to a long healthy life the same way God gave you the gift to play the guitar the best the world has EVER heard! Get well soon...
From your greatest CANADIAN FAN...!

28/04/01: Bobby Conklin II - spunmonkey22@hotmail.com
Nothin but love your way"KING OF THE 6 STRING"
See you and DLR on the road soon !!!

28/04/01: Jon - jbellis16@hotmail.com
The first time, I was introduced to Van Halen was when I was living off the coast of Malaysia, as a young boy. I'm listening to my walkman and this chick walk's up and goes "Wanna hear something that will melt your walkman." Eddie, I wanted to wish you a quick recovery. I believe your spirit will allow you to prevail. There is no way some doctor will tell ya to chill. Your music got me so excited to play guitar and it has been such an integral part of my life.
God be with you,
Jon in Utah

28/04/01: alberto espinosa - espinosa@ntws.net

28/04/01: Bill Dluhosh - seriousmusician@yahoo.com
Stay healthy, get better, and come back stronger than ever. You are an inspiration. I look forward to The Return Of Van Halen.

28/04/01: Steve & Lynette Ward - sward1160@aol.com
If anybody can do it, you can. Your music has always meant so much to us and you're the best at what you do. We know you'll be 100% and making magic on your guitar. Our best to Valerie, Wolfie, your family and all the guys. You're in our prayers.

28/04/01: Jimmy Cain - jimmycain@elvis.com
Eddie- my prayers are with you and your family. I Love your music and tone! You will beat it!

28/04/01: Van M. Gibbs - vgibbs71@hotmail.com

I just want to wish you all the best in your fight against cancer. I am a cancer patient myself and it always hurts to hear about someone who has this terrible disease. You are one the main reasons I play guitar and have been doing so for 21 years. I can't thank you enough for all the great music you have contributed to my life. It may sound corny but you really inspire me to be better player. As a cancer patient who has been through over 25 chemoterapy infusions and a stem cell transplant it's great to know that you're beating this disease. I'm in remission now and looking forward to my life ahead. I'll continue to pray for you and your family. Hope to hear some music out of the mighty Van Halen soon.


Van M. Gibbs

28/04/01: Paul Miller - mils_vh@yahoo.com
Get well Eddie!!! Hope to see you on the road again soon. Rock On!!!

Paul Miller
Sauk Rapids, Mn.

28/04/01: Rob Holland - hollandr@concentric.net
Eddie, I didn't know you had cancer, so I was shocked. You and your family are in my prayers. God bless, Rob

ED,I trully hope you have a speedy recovery,you are a guitar playing mother fucker.It will be nice to see you on tour with DLR again.Maybe someday you'll learn to respect your elders,like Sammy. I trully think you must of been a abused child.Also, RANDY RHOADS KICKED YOUR MOTHER FUCKING WHINE BAGGING ASS ON GUITAR!! Get well,see ya in Houston.

28/04/01: Bill Knowles - bknowles@benchmarkmanagement.com

Get well soon, we're all pulling for you!!!


28/04/01: Butch - butch@conwaycorp.net
Eddie, Keep up the fight. You will beat this.

28/04/01: Jeff Sprigg - jsprigg1@hotmail.com
Your music has been the soundtrack for a lot of good times in my life and helped make things a little better in those not-so-good times. I want to wish you a speedy and full recovery. I look forward to hearing the next album and tour, but look forward even more to the announcement that you are 100% healthy again!

28/04/01: Brian Colalucci - colalucci@yahoo.com
All the best to you and your family during this difficult time. You are an inspiration to millions. In the current state of pre-packaged
popular music, crowded with "non-bands" whose music is written by outsiders and industry "players", we are in dire need of
your musical talent and direction. Bring back the music of Van Halen and show us the way! Good Luck. ~Brian

28/04/01: BOB LUKE - u316@yahoo.com

It's great to hear you are doin' better and hopefully on the way to a full rcovery. I'm a long time VH fan and I'm lookin' forward to some
new music from you and the rest of the guys, but of course health is a first priority and without that music can't happen. Once again
I wish you and the rest of the band the best and I'm lookin' forward to the new album.

Take Care

28/04/01: Dave Wilk - wilkds@yahoo.com
Eddie, you've inspired countless people. It's time for us to give back. Tap into all the support. My wife and I wish you and your family the best.

28/04/01: BRETT NIXON - bnixon@atlanticvideocorp.com

28/04/01: PrettyWoman5150 - Prettywoman5150@aol.com
Ed,I was totally speechless when I first read your message.I even cried.I have been your fan from 1978.You are in my thoughts,(as always) and my Prayers.
Love and a great big giant hug!
Prettywoman5150(as known on your site) ;)

28/04/01: jeff Decker - deckfam92@aol.com
Godspeed man !! We love the hell out you. Take care and I'm waiting to see you guys on the road again !!!

28/04/01: BRETT NIXON - bnixon@atlanticvideocorp.com

28/04/01: Tom Evans - tle@hesm.com
Edward, get well soon, brother!! We are praying for you and hope that you've got it beat! You have always been a true inspiration! I've been listening to VH ever since I can remember and look forward to more great tunes.

As I'm sure you've been reminded: life is short. We all would love to see you and Dave get back together and give us all one more wild ride! But, whatever happens, I'll be there cheering you guys on.

Hang in there - we love you, man! See ya on tour!!!!!

28/04/01: Doug - StrangeMedic@netscape.net
VH fans around the world unite in wishing Eddie health! FYI, if you're a Testament fan, Chuck Billy (vocalist) is fighting a similar battle. You can wish him well through the band's official site at http://www.testamentlegions.com

28/04/01: Carlo Santin - vimi68@excite.ca
God bless, Eddie. Get well first before you do anything else. You're in my prayers.

28/04/01: Nick Samaniego - ncsamaniego@compuserve.com
Good to read you're winning the fight. Saw you in Sheffield (UK), you blew away those Bon Jovi ponces, would love to watch you perform again but your health comes first. Keep fighting (and keep off the cigarrettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

God Bless


28/04/01: Barb - bgillis@therousecompany.com
Get well soon Ed! Baltimore is waiting for the Van Halen/ David lee Roth reunion!

28/04/01: VHPUNK - Stephenf@review.com
You know how I feel. Be well.

28/04/01: Donald Gray - DrumStix2@msn.com
Dear Eddie, this news was shocking. I'm a 41 year old rock drummer that understands your family and health are really the only important things in this life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your music feeds the soul.

28/04/01: Shane Travis USA - BigBadBeowolf@aol.com
You have been a huge influence to guitarists and people all over the world. Your talent is one in a million. Please be positive and know that you are truely loved by millions. We are all pulling for you bro! I look forward to the day when you tell us all that you are 120%, which WILL be very soon. May God bless you and your family.

28/04/01: Peter - ptodgekin@hotmail.com
You can beat this eddie. My friend was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was 17, and beat it by the time she was 19. Take care of yourself for your family and your friends.

27/04/01: John Inman - johninman62@hotmail.com
Eddie! Dude! You can lick this! Get on out there and jam for us! We miss ya'! God's speed in your recovery and keep pickin'!

27/04/01: Craig Cefola - ccefoladvd@apvi.com
God Bless !!! I'll pray for you Eddie. Your health, Your Family... These are the only things in life that matter. Be strong. Your army of dedicated fans will always support you. Get well.

27/04/01: Dave Eve - djeve@fishinternet.com.au
Great to hear your doing well eddie
met you in australia 1998 that was a dream come true,
so get well god strength and we will see you soon kicking ass again
the fans maybe wrestless but the weight will be worth it you mark my words
all hail the great VAN HALEN first and last in rock.

27/04/01: Sviggers - psviggum@online.no
Eddie, get well soon and tap into the future and kick the music community where the sun don't shine.....once again. Bring back some fun and entertainment on the radio, tv and most of all on stage. Hope to see you in Norway again soon.

All the best from Sviggers......

27/04/01: Graham Sheppard - sheppard.uk@btinternet.com
Wishing you a speedy recovery Eddie. As someone who has suffered cancer myself (and beaten it), I know a positive attitude from friends and family is essential - and you have many, many friends all over the world wishing you well! I've seen you live with Sammy (in LA), Gary (in Melbourne), and look forward to seeing you out there soon (with Dave??) - Graham

27/04/01: tom draper - superfurryanimal@mindless.com
get well soon eddie...i don't think many bands have ever made me smile as much as VH and yr playing kicks MAJOR ass :-) get better, and please come to the UK sometime soon...we miss ya!

27/04/01: Ryan Richards (lovemachine97) - pinklovefuzz@hotmail.com
I am now raising a glass in honor of Eddie and his fight against cancer. A salute to the man whom I have never met in my 22 years, or been close to, but who has inspired me to be great, work hard, and demand perfection. We have drugs that can keep your hair from falling out, and ones that will give you an erection, and yet we still have not cured cancer. I applaude Eddie for actually keeping this matter in private and in the family before this announcement. Eddie has fought the fight of his life and hopefully won. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is truly what dreams are made of.

As I was about to post this, i realized the the mention of a toast is presumed to involve alcohol, which might be innapropriate under the circumstances, but raise whatever you got. I raised my glass--Diet Dr. Pepper. Peace.

27/04/01: Paul - dogman65@pacbell.net
Eddie, we all love you and want you back as soon as you are ready. I felt all along that this was the reason for the silence.
Hopefully The Mighty Van Halen will rise again and even if things dont work out with Dave Im just happy for your health.

Hope to see you out there doing what you do best very soon.


01/08/00: Ivan Pastoriza - pastorizahi@3fssgmecp.usmc.mil
We the people and fans from Puerto Rico are waiting for your recovery, we love you so much and we hope that everything turns out to be good. Take care of your self, we want to see our greatest guitar player burning some good awesome Rock n' Roll again. Love ya from Puerto Rico.

Ivan Pastoriza

14/06/00: Jp - japiew@absa.co.za
Get well soon, otherwise, there's no more rock and roll without
you....just think about some "ice cream man" music or just plain
ice cream to eat, that I always say, will cure you.....

Thx a mil.
Jo'burg, South Africa

06/06/00: Guillermo - willbear_12@yahoo.com
Get well soon Eddie. Our prayers are with you and your family.

05/06/00: Paul English - Paul196400
Looks Like God is already moving in your situation!!! Don't dismiss it as a close call he took care of you man! Now we all need to be truly thankful in our hearts. Being a Christian is full of rewards. Thanks for your music and just being Eddie!!!
Love Ya Paul
P.S. Thank you for taking the time to sign the life size drawing that I drew of you on the 5150 tour.

05/06/00: amy - dfw243@msn.com
Rock On Eddie! So glad to hear that you are ok. You are one of the greatest guitar players I have ever seen! : )

05/06/00: F.O.R.D. - ford7896@wa.freei.net
While it's true that some of my associates and I haven't always had good things to say about the turns the band has taken recently, you Eddie are still the best damn guitar player on the planet. Take care of yourself first and your family. Then, when your health is back on track, give the fans what they've been waiting for a long long time!

May our Creator be with you and your family through this and all of life's tests and trials.


05/06/00: P.J. Benson - dominion7@yahoo.com
Glad to hear it is not what it could have been.........
Take advantage of this blessing..............

We are praying for ya................

04/06/00: Doug Wunder - Acehigh@europe.com
Eddie, you are and and always will be the reason I fell in love with rock and roll. My prayers are with you, Valerie, Wolfgang, Alex, and Micheal. I hope you will have a healthy recovery and never have to go through something like this again. God Bless you. p.s. Van Halen will always be the greatest rock and roll band on earth no matter who the lead singer is!

03/06/00: Elzafir Van Habsjah - elzafir@bolehmail.com
Stay well Eddie!!!! I hope you'll get in to records soon. Can't wait to hear Van Halen's new album. You ARE the lead "singer" in VanHalen.

02/06/00: Steve Scott - wawazat@sprint.ca
EDDIE......thank Christ the cancer story was'nt true..
However, you are the spirit of rock and roll,along with Al and Mike. We need the icon of Van Halen!!!
Take good care, brother, see ya in Canada soon!!!!!!

02/06/00: deveron hooker - devhok@cs.com
Eddie,hope you feel better soon.You and the rest of the band are the best! Who ever the singer is or was, you guys have always
been the best rock-n-roll band in the world.I wish you, the
guys & your families all the best.

02/06/00: Eric Degenhardt - diggyd@charter.net
Waasssuuuuppppp!!!!!! Get well soon...PLEASE! Your family,friends,and fans need you. I guess this isn't the best time for a lecture but the hell with it,you're getting one anyway. QUIT SMOKING!!! I'm a respiratory therapist and I see too many people die because of this stupid habit. It is a bad way to go. You can kick the habit. I have confidence in you. Stay healthy and listen to the Docs. Looking forward to hearing the new tunes when you are 100%. Peace.

Warmest regards,

Eric Degenhardt

I Just wanted to also tell you that your music makes me feel great and positive all the time! I can never have too much VAN HALEN playing anywhere! I even karoake to you guys! I'm also jumping around and doing the traditional Eddie scissor jumps in the air! I'm 28 and my wife thinks I'm nuts! I''m always air guitaring it to your music. Your the best! At my wedding we had table side cameras that guests could use, well towards the end of the night I requested some VH tunes and when JUMP came on I jumped Eddie style and a drunk guest somehow got the perfect pic of my jump! I had it blown up so now whenever someone asks me how my wedding was I just show them this pic and say "This explains our wedding." Whenever there is news about you guys my friends and family always have me in mind also! Eddie, your a true inspiration to me and your music is what I am all about! ROCK ON MAN!!!!!!!! BEST OF HEALTH.


02/06/00: Gregg - dandgcoveny@juno.com
Get Well Eddie. Quit smoking, even though not easy. You and
Alex are my musical inspirations! When you're better, think
about this:
Dave, lead vocals
Sammy, rhythm guitar & vocals

GO V2K!!!!

Hi Eddie,
Mick and Dez the Bailey Brothers from England here. We met when you played with Bon Jovi in Sheffield but one of our highlights was when we was filming for our TV show Metal Hammer for MTV Europe. Van Halen was headlining the Monsters Of Rock at the Meadowlands stadium. We have seen you in the UK but to see you guys on your own turf was awesome. I suppose your life gets put in to perspective when shit happens you have no control over but not only have you all us in the business looking out for you, there's millions of fans world wide praying for you at this difficult time. Very few people can say they made a difference but you have, and you will continue to influence generations through your music. I wished I could think of something to make you piss your self with laughter ( how about some of Sammy Hagar's hair styles?) but I can't so we send our love all the way from Sheffield .We will be in that ring fighting with you "Right Here Right Now"
Rock on Eddie
Mick and Dez
Bailey Brothers!

01/06/00: Randy Gray - grayr@lesconcierges.com
Dear Edward,

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we tried to envision a world with out you-we couldn't do it.
Since I was 11 Van Halen has been a part of my life and the lives of countless others. Through the ups
and downs you guys were always there with great tunes and great times. You, Mike, Alex, Dave, and Sammy
put the fun back in fun and in music. You and the band always seemed superhuman and larger than life to me
and many others but now I guess we realize how human we all are and how we see our own mortality. I hope that
your treatment works and passes quickly. I'm sure I can speak for your legion of fans when I say, "We need you
more than ever so take care of yourself and get back to doing what you love and what we love hearing you do- playing
great music." Everyone knows about your disagreements with David Lee Roth but I think that he has the power to do
one thing-he pisses you off so much that you write music that just destroys people when they hear it. Bury the hatchet
and come back and blow our minds like you always do! All the best to you and your family and get well soon.

Your Bro in San Francisco,

Randy Gray

01/06/00: flesh n blood - flesh n blood@aol.com
Get well as soon as possible! Here's to many more years of rocking!!!! Anyone know if Ted Templeman is going to be working with them on the next album?? How cool would that be!?

01/06/00: Julie Campbell - JuliaBelle66@yahoo.com
Hi Eddie - so sorry to hear you are sick! I have been a fan of Van Halen since I was young and just love you guys!!! Now I am 33 and getting old lol
Best wishes to you and your family and hope you get well soon!!!

01/06/00: Steve Newman - closer2newman@ic24.net
Mr Innovation. Much is still to be done. Keep Rockin' A true Inspiration to us all. From All the Guys in NEWMAN

01/06/00: Chad Cowan - cowan3@vci.net
Eddie...stay postive, stay strong and godspeed on your recovery. You are without a doubt one of the icons for aspiring musicians everywhere. I wish you the very best and hope that feel better soon. From Owensboro, Kentucky...

01/06/00: Bill - RockwithHalen@juno.com
Ed, rock on brother, we all know everythings good!

01/06/00: Robert - cottonbowl@vanhalen.com
Mr. Vanhalen...The man up stairs is testing your FAITH...in yourself, your family,and the band...please don't let this dampen your spirts...life sometimes deals us a hand and we have to play it the best we can... sometimes we just have to get off the ground... dust off our knees and continue to get the "bull by the horns"...Corpus Christi, Texas remembers when the INVASION tour came...

01/06/00: Rhonda Weise - lilred11@hotmail.com
Get well soon, Eddie. Love ya!

01/06/00: eric curtner - eric.curtner@gs-hydro-us.com
Get well soon bro! Looking forward to hearing some new music whatever direction you take it. I'd really like to meet you, and I live in Houston near The Medical Center.

01/06/00: Sean "Van Halen" Buban - seanvanhalen@hotmail.com
Hey, Eddie what's up, some say I'm your long lost brother, but don't worry it's only a nickname. You are an insparation to me and to my guitar playing I have every Van Halen album. Well I hope to see you in concert ether this year or next. I hope you get well soon.

Sean Buban

01/06/00: Kuba - rychlicki@angelfire.com
Hey Eddie...
Millions of "Get Well soon" Wishes from
the this ,unfortuneately, rainy day in Poland.
I am learning g-playing and no-one inspires as
you do.... get well soon and we hope to see you
here sometime...


31/05/00: Joao Vieira - hardrock@joaovieira.com
so you deserve to get better as soon as possible..

get WELL,,, I want to see you
rockin again.,.....

I hope your family is giving the support you need...


31/05/00: Takis - takitiger@hotmail.com
Ed my man, you've always been one of my biggest influenses together with Uli Jon Roth. Me and ALL the guitar players in Greece wish you a KICK ASS come back. If you have Diamond Dave back in the band, put some brain into his head and he'll be fine

31/05/00: Jose Beaskoa - josebeaskoa@hotmail.com
Hello Eddie Iam Jose from Bilbao in the Basque Country I wish you the best. We love you.

31/05/00: Ivona Cervenakova - ivonac@yahoo.com
Don´t worry Eddie and don´t even think that there´s something wrong with you .. We are here to give you all our energy to get you feel well...Just take a guitar and stop negative thinking !
You WILL recover but you MUST believe it.
Best regards and big kiss from Ivona, Slovak Republic

31/05/00: Eric Stuller - alterofcain@yahoo.com
Edward- I hope the prevention treatment goes well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

31/05/00: Claudio - Claudio@VH.net
Ed: As Dave would say: It's not about your fuckin' tongue- kidding, man! A sense of humor is important at times like these. Keep Rockin and we love you! Every time I hear your music it gives me the chills...thanks for making my life better. I hope you give Dave another chance..

31/05/00: Steve - stauch@columbus.rr.com
Sorry to hear the news. We're all with you. Get well and keep making music. You are still "The Man" and the most inspiring and amazing guitarist I have ever heard. Take care, brother!


31/05/00: uytt - smgreed@aol.com
now you can get along with dave!!!!!!!!! no arguing

31/05/00: Diane - dluvstx@yahoo.com
Dear Eddie,
Ever since you became a main teenage fantasy of mine (we won't mention how many years ago), I've loved your music and
always felt that if rock became a religion, you would be the god. I will be praying for you, Valerie and Wolfie - you will get
through this together. I hope you see these messages and know just how much you are loved all over the world!!
Take care (& come to Indy soon!!),

31/05/00: Chuck Gray - grayct@gateway.net
Eddie, you be da'man! My prayers are w/you. May GOD continue to bless your life the way he has in the past. The world needs more Van Halen! Thank's for all the great music of the past and the FUTURE. Keep a positive attitude and know that million's of people are praying for you and you family.

31/05/00: Mark Thunder - shastin@gte.net
Mr. Van Halen:

Good luck to you. My mom had cancer (single masectomy) and she fully recovered, as will you. Just thank the god of your choice that it wasn't in your hands, brain or your balls, like Tom Green. Actually, I think Tom cashed in on his ordeal. But you don't seem to be as goofy as he is.


31/05/00: Brian - BLong411@AOL.COM
I was saddened to hear about your troubles. I hope you can start on the road to recovery "Right NOW"

All my prayers and my best,

31/05/00: Larry Pappalardo - larpap@aol.com
Eddie: You inspired me to pick up the guitar for the first time when I was 12. I heard Runnin with the Devil for the first time and that was it for me. You are the greatest inspiration any musician could ever have. Get well and get back to giving us all the gift of your music.

31/05/00: Dwight Swanner - DwightSwanner@webtv.net
We are all pulling for you Eddie! God Bless you brother!!

31/05/00: Justin Powell - justinpowell@home.com

You've meant a lot of great things to many, many people. For me, you brought the gift of music and got me playing guitar. 15 years later, you continue to bring me inspiration and certainly will when I'm 90 and in a retirement home. (God help the other people in the home when I move in with a Peavey Wolfgang and 5150...) I'll make sure I get to that year's VH concert in my wheelchair!!!

Wishing you a speedy, full recovery and many, many years of health and happiness. Rock on, Eddie!

31/05/00: Mike, Coventry UK - mikehicks55@hotmail.co.uk
Eddie, best of luck with what will hopefully be a quick recovery mate.

VH are now and will continue to be the best party band in the world!


31/05/00: Brad H - donml@lawrence.net
Dude, you have one of those rare talents where the rest of us sit at the guitar and try to figure stuff out all day long. some get a little bit right some get a lot, I get a little but you have always been an inspiration to legions including me. Hope that all finds you in better health, remember family first, give Valerie and Wolfie the quality time, we can wait for the rest when you feel better.

31/05/00: Erwin Prins - evil-ernie@wanadoo.nl
Hey Ed !

Hope your treatment works, we don't wanna see you go just yet. Keep on rocking, and get well really soon. God bless you.

31/05/00: Darren Hymas - dkhymas@hotmail.com
Eddie you are the man and you have been my favorite musician ever since I was old enough to appreciate great music. I am sincerely bummed by the news of your cancer. Please take care of yourself, because your music bring me and so many other joy, we want you around for as long as possible. Get better soon!!! Make Val feed you soup in bed.;)

31/05/00: Ryan Neiswnder - elfmanz@usa.net
Hey Ed! I hope you get well soon, just stay strong and remember all your fans are with you!

31/05/00: steve sapperstein - Roth5150@aol.com
For many years you and your music has been the driving force in my life. You inspired me to pick up a guitarand to drive myself to try and become a great player. Thank you and please get well soon,

31/05/00: JOE A. SAMBRANO - jsambrano@merisol.com
Eddie, when two or more are gathered together in his name, their prayers will be answered. You've got millions of fans praying for you so I know you'll beat this thing. Take care of yourself and may God's blessing's be with you and your family, now and always. Rock on Eddie your music is a blessing to us all. Take care from a huge fan in Houston.
Joe A. Sambrano

31/05/00: Ken Nault - kenji62@hawaii.rr.com
Wishing you all the best to get well soon!,Cant wait to hear the new tunes,
But 1st and foremost is your health.Val,Wolfie,Alex,Mike,your fans
world wide are pulling for you!
take care eddie!
VH faithful ken

31/05/00: matt - marilynm@carolina.rr.com
Hi Mr.Van Halen. I'm very sorry about your illness and hope you
will recover 100%. You have inspired millions with your music
and I am one of them.I hope you'll still play when your better.
So in closing I hope you get better. The music lovers need a band with talent and you have got it. Feel better.

31/05/00: Mauro Calil - mcalil@hotmail.com
Hi Eddie,big brazilian fan wishes you fast recovery to keep rockin'!!!

31/05/00: Jeff Drover - jdrover@home.com
As hard as it may be... STAY POSITIVE! You'll be fine!


31/05/00: Brandon Nielson - bnielson@sunrise-eng.com
Dear Eddie,

I am saddened to hear of you're illness. However, I'm confident you'll overcome this. No other musician or band has the magic that Van Halen has. No other guitar player can compare to you. Your playing comunicates to me like nothing else can. I would love to some day meet you and thank you. May our Father above be with you and your family, and help you to overcome this illness. Take care Edward!


31/05/00: Joseph Kirby - joseph1@ticnet.com
As so many have said before me, you are the reason I picked up a guitar. You're inspiration continues to impact me today! I know you will make it through this and my prayers are with you. Stay strong and remember we are all there for you. You take care.

31/05/00: Ahmet Okan(Istanbul city) - aaaaaaaaa
Hi Eddie!
What happened to you man? Get well will you? Dont worry us any further you know we need you in these hard times.
Recover fast ok? God bless you and rest of the band always.

31/05/00: Steve Quartarola - qman@van-halen.net
Good luck and Godspeed with your recovery, Eddie. Your guitar playing is an obvious inspiration to millions of fans and your speedy and full recovery from this illness will only inspire countless more for reasons other than your music!

31/05/00: Jimmy Cain - reddcain@mibor.net
Eddie- Get Well Soon! You are the greatest guitarist of all time! Hang in there- can't wait for the tour! Your #1 fan in Indianapolis Jimmy Cain

31/05/00: Ben R - ben@rotundo.freeserve.co.uk

ALl the best!!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!



31/05/00: Janarth Hanan - janarthisgod@yahoo.com
Hey Eddie!
Please get well soon!
Hope to see you and the guys on the road soon.
Keep the faith I'm sure god has an eye out for you.
Don't you fucking die on us all now!..and Valerie don't worry
and may god speed up your recovery and bless your whole clan

Love you and your rn'r and thank you for never selling out.

31/05/00: Ken Lavery - kenlavery@hotmail.com
We'll keep you, Wolfie, and Valerie in our prayers man. Get well soon! Ken

31/05/00: Darrell Ritchie - drconcerts@mindspring.com
Eddie, you guys provided the soundtrack for my youth. Know that we are praying fervently for you and your family during this time, and we believe that God has the power to heal and restore. Don't ever forget how much He cares for you....

Darrell, Michelle, Jennifer, and Kayla

31/05/00: George Cintron - GCin@aol.com
Eddie, you have made me proud to be a guitar player. Please get well soon, and keep showin' us how it's done!!

31/05/00: Peer Günt - jokeripokeripox@hotmail.com
I hope you'll get well soon and be ready to kick ass with guitar again!

31/05/00: Sean Buban - seanbuban@yahoo.com
Eddie hey whats up, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you so much for teaching me guitar, my prayers are with you. My friends have nicknamed me Sean Van Halen, for not only being a big fan but the guitar playing sounds like you in a way. I need to see my first Van Halen concert, and see you live. You are an insparation to me, and you are my favorite guitar player, your the one that pushes me to play and to jam, I have every album with name Van Halen, hell I even jam with them.

Edward get well soon, friend.

31/05/00: Andrew Rothmeyer - CABOWABO24@AOL.COM
I'm praying for you. You are a terrific human being and you have soooo much left in you!!!!! I must admit, I have been looking every day almost every hour, at the VH websites in hopes of good news from you guys about a new album with David Lee Roth. But I honestly can say, that suddenly, that isn't the most important thing for me to hear about within VH. Now the most important thing is that you Edward Van Halen, have a speedy and healthy recovery!! Agian my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know your going to be standing on top of the wolrd again!! The way only Eddie Van Halen knows how!! You have great brothers within your band that are going to stick with you through anything!!! And that my friend is the key and the best feeling anyone can have! I run up a hill as a workout. To me that gives me a great feeling, a positive one. I will pray for you during this positive moment!
Luv you buddy!!!!!! Only the best of health too you!!

Andrew in Chicago

31/05/00: Andrew - CABOWABO24@AOL.COM
I'm praying for you. You are a terrific human being and you have soooo much left in you!!!!! I must admit, I have been looking every day almost every hour, at the VH websites in hopes of good news from you guys about a new album with David Lee Roth. But I honestly can say, that suddenly, that isn't the most important thing for me to hear about within VH. Now the most important thing is that you Edward Van Halen, have a speedy and healthy recovery!! Agian my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know your going to be standing on top of the wolrd again!! The way only Eddie Van Halen knows how!! You have great brothers within your band that are going to stick with you through anything!!! And that my friend is the key and the best feeling anyone can have! I run up a hill as a workout. To me that gives me a great feeling, a positive one. I will pray for you during this positive moment!
Luv you buddy!!!!!! Only the best of health too you!!

Andrew in Chicago

31/05/00: Craig Barnett - barnettc@gtlaw.com
News like this makes all the little "shit" (i.e., news about touring, recording, etc.) seem so inconsequential. Your music has been an inspiration and Van Halen has marked milestones in my life. In fact, we played "Unchained" on the car stereo as I was driving my wife to the hospital to give birth to our first son. Thanks for all the fun and as a greedy fan I expect more of it in years to come.

Get well soon, so that the next biggest news to come out about you and the rest of Van Halen is the celebration of a "new" album and tour with an "old" Van Halen.

31/05/00: Tom Kracht - tom.kracht@bankfirstcorp.com
It's hard to explain, but you are one of the most important people in my life. Because of you I learned guitar. Then got in a band at college. Stayed in college until I graduated because of the band. Got a great job because of college. Not near enough room to explain it all, but you have had a huge impact on my life. Just wanted to thank you and let you know that if there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know. Also, Barney the dinosaur could be the new lead singer for V.H. and I could not care less. VanHalen has always been about a couple a Dutch brothers for me. Get well soon!

31/05/00: Sean Buban - seanbuban@yahoo.com
Eddie you are the one who truely taught me how to play guitar you are one of the reasons why I play the guitar, have every album with the name Van Halen, my friends have nicknamed me Sean Van Halen. I'm with you all the way, my prayers are with you. You are an insparation to me, as well as my music and guitar playing. Get well soon, my friend. ;p :)

Oh, and don't forget to smile :)

Sean Buban

30/05/00: James HH - cheersboy@hotmail.com
Sorry to hear you are unwell, hope you get well soon, and return as the king of wild guitar that you are!

30/05/00: Hitman - winnipegjets4ever@yahoo.com
Sorry to hear of your current health troubles and hope you get better very soon. All the best to you, Valerie and the family. Get well soon so I can see you guys back on tour with DAVID LEE ROTH!! =)

Love you man. VH 2000 will rule the world once again...

30/05/00: Chris - csp962@aol.com
Get well soon Ed. Were all praying for you, hope you have a quick recovery and cant wait to hear the next batch of music you have waiting for us. Take care.

30/05/00: Chris Howles - chris.howles@uce.ac.uk
Dear Ed, I was so shocked to hear the news of your cancer today. My heart is with you brother. For the last 20 years you have been such an inspiration to me ( both musically and personally), thank you so much. If anyone in the world has the spirit to recover from this, it`s you. I look forward to hearing you play again and maybe who knows, meet you some day. Take care, Chris (Birmingham, England).

30/05/00: Raldo - adfd924@aol.com

As a fanatic for the last 17 years, your music as touched me
many different ways. Whatever it is that you have, you don't deserve it.
Get well soon and may the Phoenix that is VH rise again.



30/05/00: Bill Pucci - wpucci@durapharm.com
So what are the tour plans? Just kidding get better and start chewing nicotine gum it will save your life. Don't ever smoke again because I have severe asthma and it's killing me. God bless
peace Bill Pucci

30/05/00: Ronald Dekker - vanhalen@rockdog.demon.nl
Hey ED,

Ik weet zeker dat je snel beter zult worden ! Je slaat je er wel door heen.
Wij in Holland wensen je alle sterkte toe !!!


30/05/00: Thomas Crichton - Thomas.Crichton@aerov.jussieu.fr
Ed ! As one off all these guitar players who've been running with your devil's incredible playing , I'm pulling as strong as I can for get your mood and your hope to the top : REMEMBER ! That positive mood and hope have a REEL effect on your health , specialy when you have to fight against such situations as cancers ; anyway , most of cancers can be healed today ,and that's another fact ! So : carry on : you have a WORLD of Guys who believe and love you , as a guitar player , a musician , and most off all , a great guy who gave so much influence in our lifes and always will in many ways , you've got your fellows musicians , like steve Lukather , and you've got your family : keep on fighting ,believing , hoping , smiling and ROCKING ! Just KNOW THAT THE WORLD is pulling hard for your recovering !
You gonna kick some ass ! You're a MO'FO great guitar player!
See ya on the gig !!
God bless you (but not tke you with him ! you're a rock legend yet !)

(From : Orsay :France)

30/05/00: Nick - nsoranzo@tiscalinet.it
Hi Eddie! I'm an italian VH fan and I you're my preferred guitar player.
I wish you a speed recovery. Get well soon.
Want to see you on tour in Italy!

30/05/00: Goo - gooroo@optusnet.com.au
All the best Ed, hope to see you back on deck and kickin ass real soon :)

30/05/00: Shitkicker - headquarters@tednugent.de

30/05/00: Chris Jason - pwrslave@aol.com
Eddie,Please get well soon!!
God bless you man!!

30/05/00: an admirer of your gift - desertflower@suncity.com(not a real addy.)

I haven't always agreed with your decisions about Van Halen, BUT I admire the gift you were given. I am sorry to hear about your
health problems and wish you a full recovery and the best of health. I've never smoked a cig, but I imagine that it must be a
difficult habit to quit. I hope that you do. You're still a young man. You've got many years ahead of you. Life is short. Smoking
ain't worth it.

Thanks for making the music that make my teenage year memorable ones.

Best wishes!

30/05/00: Tom Welsh - twelsh2323@aol.com
Best wishes for a quick and full recovery. Take care Ed.

30/05/00: Joe - Undtkr5150@hotmail.com
Eddie, when i read the news it hit home and it hit it hard. You are the sole reason that i have been playing keyboards and guitar. I cant learn fast enough to play like you do. I have prayed for you Eddie and I know that you can beat this disease. As far as I am concerned, there is no other king when it comes to the guitar. Eddie you are the man, and always will be, get well soon and I look forward to the next time you come thru Chicago. God Bless.

30/05/00: John Einar Kjevik - JKjevik@hotmail.com
Get well soon Eddie! The world needs your music and your guitar playing! My best wishes for your health!

John Einar

30/05/00: Tiffany Hamlet - IronMaidenXI@aol.com
Get well soon, Eddie! You are one of the guitarist that influenced my guitar playing. Thanks for being one of the best. Get well!


30/05/00: Eric Berk - emb8308@aol.com
Currently, Doctors and Clergy are debating the validity of prayer and physical recovery. In my humble, yet educated opinion, I honestly believe that my prayers, along with SO many others, will only assist in your speedy recovery. Life is a series of beginings, not endings. A day ends, another begins. An hour ends, a minute begins. A minute ends, a second begins. Your situation may seem like an ending, but it is only a begining. However, the definition of the begining is up to you. May G-d bless you and your loved ones.

30/05/00: Steve Smith - aceshigh@erinet.com
The King of 10 fingers & 6 strings...Edward Van Halen!!!!

In this new decade, where music is incredibly boring, We need ya Ed!!!!

Get well soon Bro!!!

30/05/00: angelcruz - vh

30/05/00: Robert - psycho_circus2@hotmail.com
Get well soon,you are in all our thoughts.

30/05/00: George Hyde - ScrltMbrc@aol.com
Dear Eddie,
You've been innovating rock guitar since the mid 70's, and the prayers of my wife and I are with you and Valerie to receive complete restoration in your body. I pray that Phillipians 4:13 would be inspirational to you in your recovery.

30/05/00: Barry Houchin - big.bear@mindspring.com
Eddie "V"
Hey man, you aren't going to get rid of us that easy! Just get
yourself well bro. All the best from yor "buds" in east

30/05/00: JD - escape707@worldspy.net
Besides being one of the greatest players on Earth, you are a fine human being as well. God speed and I hope you get well soon. Your son & mine son are the same age, and as a father I
know that this is a tough time for youand your family. I have heard some beautiful things about the Treatment Center in Houston, and I wish you well. Keep strong and we'll be seeing you soon...

30/05/00: Brent Whitmire - BRWhitmire@aol.com
When I was seventeen I was in an alchohol related car accident. I was at a high school party, and choked on my puke. My friends loaded my body in a car and got in a high speed crash on the way to the hospitol. I was in a coma for 14 days. While I was comatose, they played my favorite music to me. I was a guitar player since I was 13, so Eruption was at the front of the tape. When it played I rolled over. That was the first thing I did that led the doctors to believe that I would recover. After a couple years, I almost fully recovered. Anyway, I wish you a full recovery also. We have actually met. Last time you guys were at the Gorge in Washington state, I was at the Meet & Greet. I expect to see you at the Gorge again next year.

Best wishes,

Brent Whitmire

30/05/00: Tanya Voyls - leeloo45440@hotmail.com
Take care baby--we love you and miss you. if we never hear another new note from you, as long as you are healthy and happy, thats whats important. go, get healthy, do what ya gotta do--hope to hear from you soon. love, tanya, dave, daniel, arianna and griffin voyls

30/05/00: Ardian Nurcahyo - nurcahyo@tf.itb.ac.id
It was sad to hear the news, but I hope you will be strong, as strong as your guitar playing. Get well soon, Eddie. And don't forget to play with David, either Lee Roth or Coverdale.

30/05/00: Troy York - Rav4@aol.com
Eddie, I live in houston and I lost my father to cancer 5 years ago... I know you will beat it.... I hope when you read these pages you Smile.......


30/05/00: DANIEL AND BEATRIZ MARINIELLO - marvic@adinet.com.uy

30/05/00: David Desautels - david@desautels.com
Eddie, I wish you and your family all the best. Take care and get well soon. All of your fans are praying for you.

30/05/00: Mike Matney - matneym@yahoo.com
Get well and stay strong!

30/05/00: Ed - EJMurph03@aol.com
Suddenly, things that seemed so important just a day, a week, or a month ago find their proper place. The little things; a smile from your son, a hug from your wife, or a call from an old friend mean everything in the world. Rock on Edward Van Halen. We are all pulling for a full and speedy recovery for you.

30/05/00: Scott - hbobby@hotmail.com
Eddie, you have generously given myself and legions of fans years of entertainment and pleasure. During this trying time for you and your family, please know that we wish you health. You will get better, you will remain strong and you will beat any obsticles that this little thing called life chooses to through your way.

Take care!

30/05/00: Brian Lutz - Vh5150@mediaone.net
Eddie i hope you get better so you can rock the world again with david lee roth.

30/05/00: Mike Allen - heavensonfirenow@aol.com
Eddie, I hope all is O.K. with you man. God Bless you and your family. Stay strong and keep the faith. You'll pull through ! You're in my prayers! Keep Rockin Eddie!
Mike Allen - Kansas City

30/05/00: RJ Shaw - rjshawk@webtv.com
Ed!! Chuck the Marlboro's!! I always knew those damn things would do you wrong. You are a national (world) treasure of talent and creativity. Our healing prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for the many gifts you have bestowed upon us all!!

30/05/00: Lance Tuula - JSxtrmist@aol.com
Your an Icon for aspiring musicians everywhere Eddie. Get well soon and take care, were all here for ya and wish ya well!

30/05/00: Rob Branje - branjewho@hotmail.com
Get well soon Ed.Keep rockin', Canada loves ya!!!

30/05/00: sean gerant - gerant@bellsouth.net

30/05/00: Troy Rizzi - trizzirsun@aol.com
I guess the singer situation is not that important when it comes to the real life. You guys have been through a lot and still made it out OK. This may take a little more time, but time will heal with the strength & support of friends & family. Gell well soon. --troy

30/05/00: Richard, Charmaine, Eric and Brandon - rwbalcerzak@worldnet.att.net
God Bless you and your family. Many people forget that behind the fame and fortune that you are human and are susceptible to illness (such as cancer). Though fame and fortune may be an advantage - nothing beats love and prayer...

For what it's worth - my family are praying for you and your family. They are all an important ally!

Please get better.....

Richard, Charmaine, Eric and Brandon

30/05/00: joe rubino - jrubino@webtv.net
eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! eddie! and a million more Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30/05/00: Henrik L. - basshenrik@hotmail.com
My best wishes to you and your family Eddie.

30/05/00: Daniele - vandanen@tin.it
You are very strong!!
You will get well very soon!!!
See you on the next tour!!
Ciao!!!! Daniele (from ITALIA-TORINO) (sorry for my english....)

30/05/00: Vinnie Velvet - bigvinniev@garbage.com
Get Well Eddie.

You've been a big influence in my life and everytime I hear your music, it puts a smile on my face. Don't stop making music!! Beat this thing to the end and head on back on the road to play that kick ass VH style rock and roll like only you can.



30/05/00: mike brobeck - cooldeal@webtv.net
eddie..........im very sorry to hear of your grief........cancer has touched my life as well.......your strong..i know you can beat it.........<no pun intended>..........i have faith all will go well for you..........never lose hope!
all of your hardcore fans have had faith for years that dlr returns to the mighty van halen ............about this time i say you should focus on getting well.....................and on the smiles of the millions you will see................when the original band reunites..........miracles do happen! you will make it................be strong!
peace always!!
mike brobeck,valparaiso,indiana

30/05/00: RICK B. - RB13292@AOL.COM

30/05/00: Nacona Nix - nnix@tcainternet.com
I have to say I never thought the first official release from the band since Cherone's departure would be 'Eddie has begun cancer treatment.' Nevertheless I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that the Houston Center gives you the best care possible.

30/05/00: Mike Doneson - GuitarGod1971@aol.com
Hey Eddie, take care and stay strong. You have given me inspiration and strength in my musical and personal life. You will be in my prayers. Mike

30/05/00: Steve - b_a5150@hotmail.com
Eddie Godspeed!! Just remember "what is understood doesn't need to be dicussed" That is how we all feel about you.
Good luck and see in Cincinnati soon!

30/05/00: Neil Unwin - NeilUnwin@netscape.net
I could hardly believe it when I read it - what a shock.
I sincerely hope Eddie responds quickly and positively to his treatment.
I'm sure a guy who provides so much positive energy to so many people will be able to get through this.
Our thoughts are with you - get well soon.

30/05/00: mark gentile - rgen5150aol.com
dear eddie, just wishing you a speedy recovery. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. god bless.

30/05/00: Vick LeCar - VickLeCar@cs.com
Hope you get well soon, Blessing.

30/05/00: Michael Leigh - rockkid@altavista.com
God Speed to you & your family. Please know that millions of your fans are in your corner with you, You are not fighting this alone, we all are with you in spirit & in our prayers!!

30/05/00: al thornton - unchained_eruption@yahoo.com
hope ya get well eddie. hope to see ya on tour agian. i havent missed one sence 1981. with best wishes for a speedy recovery a big fan!

30/05/00: John French - hardrockjohnny@hotmail.com
Mr. Van Halen,
I have been a fan of your work for many years. You are truly The rock innovator. I hope and pray for your speedy recovery. God Bless You.
Sincerely, John

30/05/00: john c pine - DTJFAN@aol.com

30/05/00: Dave Williams - dave@mallfinder.com
Get well Eddie!!! The world is waiting to see what you do next!

30/05/00: Clay Hyman - Evhyman5150@aol.com
Eddie we all hope you come back from this And kick Cancers ass like you kick The Guitars ass... WE luv ya.. later.. VH FOREVER

30/05/00: Jason Ross - jross03@hotmail.com
Dear Eddie,

I have been a die hard VH fan forever and after hearing the news concerning your health, everything was put in perspective. Many fans are sitting around wondering 'What the hell are the doing?' But I have realized that the most important thing now and forever is you being their for your family and loved ones, if you continue to make music that is fantastic, but your health, family and loved ones are number 1. I wish you a complete recovery and all the prayers in the world. Thanks for all you have given us so far.

Jason Ross

30/05/00: Jason Campbell - DavidLeeRothRules@lynchburg.net
I hope Ed gets over this because it would be a shame to lose such a great musician , no matter who is singing for him . But , when his health is back a reunion would be the best . Best Wishes to Ed and his family . Jason

30/05/00: EDDIE BAIRD - eandtbaird@sensible-net.com

30/05/00: Trevor - r0cknroller@aol.com
I wish the best for you Eddie.. Get well soon.

30/05/00: Mike and Blake Mulvaney - poss"s music
Ed get well soon! Our prays are for you.

30/05/00: Daniel Mateus - mightyvanhalen@aol.com
I wish you well and we know you will have a sucsessfull and a speedy recovery. We're all (VH fans) pulling for you Eddie!

30/05/00: Jim Johnson - freddietait@aol.com
Eddie, I will be praying for your full and speedy recovery. You have given me years of pleasure through your music. Now it is the fans turn to support you. My thought are with you and your family.
God Bless, Jim

30/05/00: Corleen Visser - vanhalen@planet.nl
Kom op jongen! Hou je taai, denk aan al die nederlandse swingfiguren..! Sterkte, The Dutch Van Halen Web Site,

30/05/00: Anwer and Melanie from Germany - msatta@t-online.de
Get well soon Eddie!!
The guitar and composer world needs you...., big greetings from Anwer and Melanie to you

30/05/00: Paul Beatty - pebarh@home.com
Get well soon Edward !!! Everyone at the VHML is praying for you and your family.


30/05/00: Matthew G. Curre - Uncanny981@aol.com
Eddie, you have had such an impact on my life through the years. Your music saved my life in so many ways, and touched my heart deeply. Now at 18 years old my life is very close to being on track. Thanks to you and your music I'm here to enjoy every second of my new beginning. You'll always be the best Gutarist ever to walk the face of this earth in my eyes. I'll never forget you. If I could change places with you I right now I would without a second thought. I mean that from the heart. After saying this, I just hope and wish you and your family best of luck. I wish you a fast painless recovery. Thank you, good luck, and god bless.


Matthew G. Curre

30/05/00: Larry Guggenheim - lguggenheim@yahoo.com
Hey man, I wish you the best and hope that you have a speedy recovery ! Also whatever happens musically in the future,
I want you to know that many of your fans as well as myself are behind you 100% ! You started a movement in the rock
guitar community and that's one thing that not too many players have been able to accomplish in their careers. You and
your family are in our prayers. Hey by the way if you're sitting around surfing the net, check out my web page. It has
absolutely nothing fan related that may bore you ! It's just a little tribute to my playing.
The address is http://www.geocities.com/thelarester. Once again, get well soon and good luck in the future in all aspects of
your life both musically as well as on the home front !

Lary Guggenheim

30/05/00: Andrew - CABOWABO24@AOL.COM
I only hope for a speedy recovery for you!!!! Best wishes and healthy wishes for you and your family!!!!

Andrew --- Chicago

30/05/00: Man Of Love - tedlange@hotmail.com
You're the best, Eddie -- Get well my brother from another mother! :)

Man Of Love

30/05/00: Uncle Fuzzy - Conte_razor@yahoo.com
Get well soon Eddie! We need you back at 100% so you can get on stage with Diamond Dave and bring back Ice Cream Man Live!

30/05/00: Scott - hitmancdrs@aol.com
Prayers are with you and your family. Nothings more important than those guys. We love ya and we'll see you back at it soon enough!!!

30/05/00: Jason Carlson - jason@jasonleecarlson.com
Hey Ed, as much as you've accomplished I know you can beat this. Don't worry! Have lots of "Faith". I wish you well and will pray for you. Oh, and thanx for all of the inspiring music you and the guys have created over the years. Keep it up. I've been playing for 17yrs and have looked up to you and a few other choice guitarists for inspiration. Keep the Faith Ed!

Your Friend,
Jason L. Carlson

30/05/00: Albert DiMatteo - vanhalen@cgocable.net
I know you will have a fast recovery and get back to doing what you love the most, making people happy with your music.
All the prayers and get well greetings you receive will only make you stronger to overcome this temporary setback.
God Bless you and your family and you are always in my prayers. This is from your greatest Canadian fan from Niagara
Falls Ontario, who's vanity license plate on my sports car, proudly reads VAN HLN to everyone everyday I am on the road....
So get well soon, and I know you'll be leaping all over the stage soon, where you belong ! All my best Eddie !

Albert DiMatteo

30/05/00: Ben Johnson - bjohnson773@cs.com
Ed, Just want to wish you all the best! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Looking forward to more great music!

30/05/00: Gianni Lazzari - Bologna Italy - gljames@tin.it
Get well soon Eddie, we love You!!

30/05/00: Elizabeth - EPrice2279@aol.com
Dear Eddie, Valerie and Wolfie;
I hope you can feel the positive energy your fans and loved ones are sending your way. For those who pray, I am sure their prayers include you. No one should have to suffer the ill effects ridding the body of cancer induces. Find strength in your love for one another. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Concentrate on you and getting better, nothing else matters.
My very best wishes,
Elizabeth Price
Austin, Texas

30/05/00: Ryan - rsheeler@iastate.edu
To Eddie,

If it wasn't for you (Dreams-1986) I wouldn't be playing guitar. You are one of the best ever. I hope you get well soon. Cancer isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

Best wishes,

Ryan Sheeler

30/05/00: Josh Smith - jcsmith@nemonet.com
Get well soon Eddie! I am confident that with the support of your family and friends you will make a complete recovery. My prayers are with you!

30/05/00: Bill Theriault - fooligan85@hotmail.com
Get well soon dude! We miss you.

30/05/00: Kim Elnif Madsen - km@hendriksen.dk
Just have a Dad who recover from cancer so my prayers goes to you and your family

29/05/00: Tor Kjørum - tkjoerum@online.no
Get well soon wish from Norway

29/05/00: Brent - BLVanhalen5150@aol.com
Dear Edward,
I can only say that as a person and fellow guitarist that you have been a major influence to me in all aspects of life. I know (having met you on your Aussie tour and from the pure emotion in your playing)that you well and truly have the balls to meet any challenges that come your way. All the best from your No. 1 Aussie fan. Hope we'll see you out here soon playing better than ever. Brent.

29/05/00: chris autrey - Ravenautrey@aol.com
Dear Ed, I wish you the best and hope for the most speedy recovery possible. I really don't know the severity of you illness but being a huge fan for years upon years i couldn't feel more sad. Music is a huge part of my life and yours but take care of yourself. You and your family are way more important than these jerks preaching about the dave or sammy reunion. Remember music will always be there, but people like you, your family and myself come and go before you know it. My thoughts and prayers are with you...

29/05/00: Bill - WDWGT@AOL.COM
My thoughts are with you and your family. Here's to a successful and speedy recovery!!!

29/05/00: Stepp - MartyStepp@aol.com
This rotten news does effect your supporters, deeply. Do what you gotta do-we're behind ya. Get well.-Marty Stepp

29/05/00: Mike B. - meb68@excite.com
My prayers are with you Edward. I hope for a quick and complete recovery so you can get back to making the best music in the universe. You've not just been my idol, but a great inspiration to me for the past 20 plus years. Get better soon!!!

29/05/00: Matt Pfefferkorn - MattPKorn@aol.com
Best of luck to you and your family. Kick it to the curb and keep on rocking.

29/05/00: Bob Stair - cwbyfam@handleys.net
We pray for you and your family. I know you will have a smooth recovery.

29/05/00: Kip Kabler - virgos99@aol.com
Edward: Prayers are said nightly, and thoughts are with you always. Your music has meant so much in my lifetime, maybe my thoughts and prayers can mean the same during this time. I fully expect to see you rocking us again soon...Best to you and your family Eddie. Kip Kabler

29/05/00: Chad Breedlove - drbreedlove@home.com
He is the best and if he goes after this cancer the same way he plays, the cancer does not stand a chance. Get well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29/05/00: Jamie Anderson - j_anderson41@hotmail.com
Hey Eddie, best wishes from Australia, hope your recovery goes well, keep your head up, and keep looking toward the future - there's still lot's for you to conquer and acheive, and we'll be watching your progress and wishing you all the best all the way. Thanks for all you've given us over the years, and know we're thinking of you...

29/05/00: Sander Grijsbach - sandergrijsbach@hetnet.nl
From Holland, all the best for you, Eddie. I hope you'll find the strength to move on and keep your head up. Keep rockin!

29/05/00: Rob - EightE1@aol.com
Hey, Ed -- stay strong and positive. We're all pulling for you.

29/05/00: krista - tksclayton@piasanet.com
get well eddie !!

29/05/00: David McKenzie - dmck@ratt-n-roll.com

29/05/00: Luca - ddregs@usa.net
Eddie, I wish you well and a quick full recovery.
Yours true loyal fan from Italy

29/05/00: Polsley family - tphitmen@mindspring.com
We wish you a speedy recovery Eddie!

29/05/00: dario - dariog@aol.com
get well ed and kick ass again.......

29/05/00: Scott Wagner - wagnersm@nenlifesci.com
Eddie, First things first, "Get yourself well"! We the fans want you to be at your best when we go to see you play! Take your time, and take care of yourself! The Rock and Roll world needs you!

Scott Wagner

29/05/00: Patrik Lönneman - musikaff@hotmail.com
Best wishes to you Eddie

Keep up the good work, we love the smile on you`re face

Can`t wait to hear some new music from you !!!!

29/05/00: Karmen - news@rock106.com
All the Rockers in Peoria, IL and the staff at Rock 106 FM, IL wish you a speedy recovery and many blessings to Valerie and Wolfie! Get better like pronto! The fans are dying to see VH back on the road and in the studio. We love you Ed!

29/05/00: richard verbrugge - manitoba@netmail.nl
(in dutch)


Van harte beterschap.
Ik hoop dat je er snel weer bovenop komt en het gezwel niet kwaadaardig is.
Een voorspoedig herstel en succesvolle reunie toegewenst.
Samen met Dave in Ahoy??


29/05/00: Mystereo - mys@aol.com
Get your ass on the road ASAP!

29/05/00: Tommy Denander - tommy.denander@telia.com
I'm sad but not worried!!!
I've always known you're a winner of the biggest kind so this will in no way beat you.
I just wanna send you all my thoughts and love for a speedy recovery.
You're the reason why i have a career at all.

29/05/00: Jonas - jonas@trust-me.com
Eddie, I was shocked when I heard about your cancer, but I'm sure you will recover and kick ass once again. There is a lot of people here in Sweden who's thinking about you.


29/05/00: Per Dahlkvist - per@gbgfm.se
Hi Eddie !

I hope you´re getting well fast and we will see you in a forthcoming Hendrix pose with your tongue playing guitar. Hope to see you in Sweden soon........and take David with even if he´s hard to deal with ( and who ain´t ).

Per Dahlkvist
Welandergatan 29
SWEDEN " were all girls are blondes "

29/05/00: Mike Larson - mikel5150@yahoo.com
Your music is an inspiration, Eddie. I wish you a healthy and speedy recovery!