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War Dogs Music
Produced by: DG Eisley & Jeff Bennett

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Giuffria, Kip Winger

  1. War Dogs Theme
  2. Gone But Not Forgotten
  3. Back To The Heart
  4. Run Wild, Run Free
  5. Red Raven Blue
  6. Dog's Eye
  7. Last Desert Sunset
  8. Live As One
  9. Victim Of Night
  10. Left Behind
  11. Soldier In The Rain
  12. Matter Of Time
  13. Rememberin'
  14. Last To Stand
  15. War Dogs Theme (Reprise)

Once again - an album from a legendary melodic rock vocalist that doesn't fit the bill of your average release. David has had stints as an AOR crooner (Giuffria) to a melodic metal screamer (The Stream, Murderer's Row).
Next up is an AOR comeback solo album - I will look forward to that.
War Dogs is more a project than a solo album. It's a soundtrack that David recorded for a cable TV show about - yes, you guessed it, the use of dogs in times of war.
In keeping with the needs of a soundtrack, the style of this album moves from sparse instrumental breaks in between haunting, almost new age style instrumentals (3 of them), to softly sung pop ballads, to a few more AOR style pop rock tracks which will be more familiar to fans of David.
There are hints of the vocal style of Giuffria and Dirty White Boy, particularly the more dramatic moments of the album. Just minus the loud guitar parts! Imagine those vocals set to a new age soundtrack.
BOTTOM LINE: Lyrically and musically intense, the music is more adventurous than any previous work David has been a part of. I think this album is probably reaching a different audience than normal, but that's not to say long time fans of David won't get a lot out of it. Just make sure you play it at the appropriate moment - not when you would normally be getting ready for Dirty White Boy!
ESSENTIAL FOR: David Glen Eisley fans with open minds and those who like some musical depth in their music.
DISCOGRAPHY:Giuffria; Dirty White Boy; Murderer's Row; The Stream; Solo - War Dogs . Stranger From The Past

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