Produced by: David Glen Eisley

Released: OUT NOW
Relatives: Dirty White Boy, Giuffria

  1. (The Return)
  2. Stranger From The Past
  3. Can't Call It Love
  4. Run, Run, Run
  5. Sing Brother
  6. Don't Turn Away
  7. Who You Trying To Fool
  8. Stranger In Love
  9. Can't Wait Forever
  10. When It's Over
  11. Olivia
  12. Waiting On Heaven
  13. (Departure)

After starting his career in the much loved Giuffria and in recent times heading into more metallic bands like Steam and Murderers Row, David Glen Eisley has both returned to his melodic roots and established a solo career in one go.
If you don't count his special indie new age styled project War Dogs, this is David's proper solo debut and as I said, a definite return to his melodic past.
Stranger From The Past is an apt title, as the songs on this album reach back to touch on a little of everything that David has sung on.
Surprisingly, it is not the sound of the two Giuffria albums that is the main influence, but rather the moody growl employed on Dirty White Boy, even if the snarl of Earl Slick's guitar work doesn't join him.
The album is primarily a blend of melodic hard rock and the odd softer AOR ballad, with the raspy moodiness of David's vocals taking the listener through the album.
Add a few hints of classic Giuffria and for the most part, everything a fan of David's past could look for in a come back record.
A small point I think could be made is there could have been a little more emphasis placed on a couple of the choruses to make individual tracks stand out more.
There are some really strong melodic AOR numbers on the album, especially the best rock tracks - Can't Call It Love and the vocally melodic Stranger From The Past. Best ballads are the mid tempo Don't Turn Away and the big ballad of the album Stranger In Love.
Other interesting highlights include the Led Zeppelin unplugged sound of Can't Wait Forever and the new age instrumentals that open and close the album.
BOTTOM LINE: A welcomed return from one of AOR's great vocalists. A solid album of pure moody melodic rock with David in fine voice.
Aside from a couple of minor points, a strong come back and a record that will leave fans, including me, looking forward to the next one.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All David Eisley fans and fans of his past projects like Giuffria & Dirty White Boy.
DISCOGRAPHY:Giuffria; Dirty White Boy; Stream; Murderers Row; Solo - War Dogs . Stranger From The Past

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