Cheap Trick Rockford Big 3
Produced By: Cheap Trick

Running Time: 41.42

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 90%
I know I'm a week or two late with this review, but as the album was only released officially the week before last, I think I can still get away with it.
The one advantage of running a little late is the benefit of reading other opinions and hearing from readers about an album.
While I'm not one to ever change my view based on what others think, it is nice to know that I am on the same wavelength as it appears I am with this release.
From all reports to date, Cheap Trick has turned in their best album in years. Some are saying the very best since the late 70s, but as I am still a great fan of some of those gems from the 80s, so I'll agree to a point and name Rockford as the band's best album since the brilliant commercial rock of Lap Of Luxury.
On the band's last couple of studio albums, an attempt has been made to cover all aspects of their diverse career, with an equally diverse set of songs featured.
Perhaps the band was trying too hard to please everyone.
The last album Special One was especially disappointing, with some weak songs played with little conviction. A lot more time was taken putting this album together and it seems the guys also placed far less pressure on themselves.
When bands can afford to give themselves such creative room, I think the results always speak for themselves. That is very much the case here, as Rockford not only features the best set of songs from the band in a long long time, it also rocks more than they have in some time!
The guys sound in vintage form and as melodic as ever, as power pop anthems dominate the album, filled with hooks galore.
Rockford features all the essential Cheap Trick ingredients, starting with those needed driving rockers, such as Welcome To The World, Give It Away and the riff driven Come On Come On Come On.
Melodic rock anthems appear in the form of Perfect Stranger and the very Lap Of Luxury-ish pop/rock of If It Takes A Lifetime and This Time You Got It.
Of course, no Trick album would be complete without a tip of the hat to the ultimate power pop band The Beatles. The retro pop ballad O Claire fulfills that obligation as does the more uptempo pop rocker Dream The Night Away.
The more laid back and reflective All Those Years is a pleasant tune that breaks the tempo up a little late in the album.
Outside the box a little is the quirky as hell, but equally catchy rocker One More and the heavier groove of Decaf, which closes the album in style.
The Bottom Line
To put it simply, Rockford is everything a Cheap Trick album should be. Filled with bloody catchy tunes, sounding brilliant all the while and mixing those loveable hard rockers with some classic power pop gems. More of this please guys, you are right back on track.
Studio Discography / Previously Reviewed
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Heaven Tonight
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Standing on the Edge
The Doctor
Lap Of Luxury
Woke Up With A Monster
Cheap Trick
Special One

Line Up:
Robin Zander: Vocals
Rick Nielson: Guitars
Bun E Carlos: Drums
Tom Petersson: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Cheap Trick
Great power pop
Track Listing
Welcome To The World *
Perfect Stranger *
If It Takes A Lifetime *
Come On Come On Come On *
O Claire
This Time You Got It *
Give It Away
One More *
Every Night And Every Day
Dream The Night Away
All Those Years

--*Best Tracks

10/07/08: Paul Alex -
Rating: 90
A hugely enjoyable album form one the best and most underated bands of the last 20 /30 years. Rockford is top draw.

19/04/07: Jeff -
Rating: 98
After the mediocre "Special One", I put on "Rockford" with somewhat low expectations... Man, was I proven wrong. Those expecting to hear strictly 1978 Cheap Trick might be a little disappointed. The sound seems to encompass all of the band's almost 30 year career. A little bit of everything. However, if I had to compare the sound to ONE album, I would have to say it most closely resembles "Woke Up With A Monster" which was a killer album as well.

If Cheap Trick continues in this direction with their next album, I'd be happy.

16/11/06: Jeff -
Rating: 100
Best album since 97! Rockford ROCKS! Buy it TODAY!

13/11/06: bob -
Rating: 94
this new Chepa Trick record sounds fresh / new and very much like their older stuff all at the same time. It's well produced and the songs are great. And you know exactly who it is just from listening to a few bars at the beginning. One fo the best of the year, the artwork is awesome too.

11/11/06: Paul -
Rating: 96
The first concert I ever saw was Cheap Trick, back when Live At Budokan was originally released. Maybe it was the influence of all the pot being passed back and forth, but it still stands as the best concert I've ever seen. Shortly after that concert, I began collecting Cheap Trick albums. At first, it took me awhile to get used to the early efforts, as they were so underproduced, which flew in the face of the glossy disco-era radio stuff that was playing. By the time I started to get the "recorded in the studio" feel of Cheap Trick, they changed gears and started trying to sound slick. Big mistake. The reason I say this is that one must understand that Cheap Trick never has been and never will be a studio band. They are a live band. The best of their studio recordings give you a scaled down version of what they'll sound like in concert. The energy level skyrockets when they perform live. Rockford is a true return to form for the Tricksters. This is a nearly flawless cd. The only exception being IF IT TAKES A LIFETIME, which sounds like a throwback to the overproduced, prefab sounding days of the 80's. Rockford is straight ahead, garage band stuff... the type of stuff that Cheap Trick turns into pure magic in their live shows! Can't wait to see them again. Rockford is one of the top 10 cds of 2006. Period.

02/08/06: johnk5150 -
Rating: 95
Worth the price for the chorus on 'This Time You Got It'. Those backing vocals are pure pop heaven.

20/06/06: geoff -
Rating: 99
pop rock at its best,a great return to form a future classic.

20/06/06: Michael -
Rating: 95

I'm a big fan of cheap trick since 1987 - apparently one of the few in Germany. The new album Rockford is one of the best albums of CT's career - it's a simply amazing album with a lot of catchy hooks, great songwriting and a fresh, modern feeling... For me it's one of the greatest surprises this year so far, so go and dig this album, dudes...

20/06/06: KEN AHL - KAHL1212@HOTMAIL.COM
Rating: 95

20/06/06: Jeff -
Rating: 85
I love Cheap Trick. I bought this album and it's a solid effort. I wouldn't compare it to their classics like In Color or Heaven Tonight, but it's still a solid record. If you ever have an opportunity to see Cheap Trick live, do it. They are great.

20/06/06: Monster -
Rating: 64
Sad to say I really don't like this one. Only the last couple of tracks touch on the band's former greatness. Apart from that I found it bland, uninspiring and in parts insipidly sacharine. "Decaf" is the only one that really works for me, but even that could have been better if it had been harder, darker, and more I don't know .. genuine?... They really seem to have run out of steam. It is a long way from the genius of their debut. 'Special One' had much more to recommend it, and as for their best album in years, Cheap Trick '97 was infinitely more convincing than this gutless effort. I don't think i'll ever play it again.

20/06/06: Mr Kohn -
Rating: 100
rockford the new disc from cheap trick is a classic disc-it sounds like it was recorded in 1979.Robin zander vocals have never sounded better.One thing that cheap trick has never got the credit for is the song writing.We all know that they are great musicians and Rick Neilson and bun-e calros were recording with the great John Lennon when he was shot.The rock and roll hall of fame please take notice CHEAP TRICK deserves a nod in the hall of fame and if you listen to ROCKFORD you wil agree with me.A CLASSIC DISC!!!!!

20/06/06: Brad -
Rating: 97
As a Cheap Trick fan since 1978, I know what this band is capable of doing when they set their minds to it. Their albums since 1985's excellent "Standing On the Edge" have been hit and miss at best. With the exception of 1997's woefully underrated "Cheap Trick" album, the band has relied too much on filler and outside writers to crank out product.

No more.

"Rockford" is the best CT album in twenty years. From the crunchy opener "Welcome to the World" to the heavy groove of the closer "Decaf", there is not a weak song in the bunch. "Rockford" rocks with an intensity that matches the band's best work. I hope this album gets some mainstream attention, but with the sad state of the music business in the USA, it isn' likely.

Do yourself a favor. If you haven't checked out Cheap Trick in a while but you love great, melodic rock, pick up "Rockford." You won't be disappointed.

20/06/06: Jayson -
Rating: 90
This album is very, very good, but it actually had to grow on me a little. I was a huge fan of the previous three albums, Woke Up With A Monster, Cheap Trick (97), & Special One, and this one was different enough from those that I was shocked the first few times I listened to it. I think Perfect Stranger, If It Takes A Lifetime, All Those Years, & Come On Come On Come On are all incredbily well-written songs and they're probably my favorites up to this point, but there isn't really a weak song in the bunch. This album has grown on me more with each listen and really does have elements of sounds from their entire career on it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has ever been a Cheap Trick fan. Bands rarely make albums like this anymore.

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