Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds Spitfire / Eagle Rock
· Produced By: Not Listed

· Running Time: 46.51

· Release Date: USA - August 2 / EU - Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 50%
I saw Alice Cooper live last week…what a great show. And what a kick-ass band! Damon Johnson and Ryan Roxie on don't get better than that. Drums are provided by Tommy Cluffetos. So why does this album sound like crap then?
Well, Alice decided to make this album a raw, rock n roll record in the best tradition of classic Rolling Stones records. It certainly features a change of pace and direction for the singer, but will fans move with him?
Alice played a few tracks off this album live - Woman Of Mass Distraction, Sunset Babies and Dirty Diamonds. They kicked ass – as they should - and gave me cause to reconsider my initial opinion of the album. But no, the album does sound like crap.
While the band are as tight as a goldfish's ass live, in the studio Alice has taken a different route. This is a stripped back almost garage band sound. The style chosen this time around is more rhythm and blues and retro. But it sounds like it was recorded in an outhouse without monitors. The title track is among the worst offenders. You don't have to forgo sonic quality to make a quick, live sounding, rock n roll record.
As for the songs – as a whole, I quite like the first half of the album. Dirty Diamonds, Sunset Babies and Woman Of Mass Distraction all have hallmarks of the classic Cooper sound. Also of interest is the Beatle-esque pop of Perfect.
But elsewhere there are a several duff tracks. The middle of the album bottoms out to a real slow pace. The acoustic Pretty Balerina and the psychedelic Zombie Dance get voted worst tracks of the album. And what is The Saga Of Jesse Jane? Sounds like a tribute to Johnny Cash! Definitely not for all Alice fans.
It's not until the rocking Steal That Car that things pick up again – briefly.
And the bonus track Stand should have been left where it came from. A rap song is one way for Alice to appeal cool to a new demographic, but those folk will not be buying this album, so leave it off.
I'm sure there will be someone that questions my understanding of the album, but I understood Brutal Planet and Eyes Of... just fine. This just doesn't come close to those two albums.
The Bottom Line
Without doubt the worst Alice Cooper album in recent memory. Brutal Planet was intense and The Eyes Of Alice Cooper was a cool,stripped back dirty rock n roll record, which still featured a decent sound. This is neither.
It sounds terrible and features some songs too diverse for the traditional Cooper audience and certainly not in keeping with the quality output of his last few records.
Recent Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Brutal Planet
· Dragontown
· Eyes Of Alice Cooper

Line Up:
· Alice Cooper: Vocals
· Ryan Roxie, Damnon Johnson: Guitar
· Eric Singer: Drums
· Chuck Garric: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Alice Cooper - Eyes Of Alice Cooper
Track Listing
· Woman Of Mass Distraction*
· You Make Me Wanna
· Perfect
· Dirty Diamonds*
· Pretty Ballerina
· Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)*
· Zombie Dance
· The Saga Of Jesse Jane
· Six Hours
· Steal That Car
· Run Down The Devil
· Your Own Worst Enemy
· Stand
--*Best Tracks

24/05/06: jessekye -
Rating: 30
Just not what he is able to do they recorded it in 9 weeks but it sounds like there hearts were not into it. it has some cool traks on it but with a title like dirty diamonds I guess I was hoping for a more heavier sound I got alot of favorite of the coops, but brutal planet is to me his best. so I will wait and hope he will rock hard again and not go down the road of flush the fasion,or all that late 70's early 80's crap he did,unless its like consrictor or raise your fist and yell witch he recorded in just a feww weeks but that band wanted to rock.

20/05/06: todd -
Rating: 90
This album might not have the radio songs on it like some of cooper's albums in the past, but what this lacks in radio airtime makes up in back to old school Alice Cooper. So the real BOTTOM LINE is a must have album for all Alice Cooper fans.

14/01/06: Mike Acquisto -
Rating: 99
This is by far better than "Eyes Of Alice Cooper". This album has better written songs, better production, and really rocks hard-in that "classic" style. Every song (excluding the weak bonus track) is a hit. Bravo, Alice! Easily the Coop's best studio recording since "The Last Temptation".

06/12/05: Justin -
Rating: 75
This is Alice just rocking!!!

Stripped back and straight ahead rock & roll. It definately reminds me of the classic Alice Cooper band sound. I saw Alice in concert this past summer and the new songs went over great. This is his best album since Hey Stoopid way back in 1991!

The big downside of the record though is that really only the first 6 songs are great, after that it's not really memorable, which is why I gave it a 75. The first half of the album is "Perfect"!

07/10/05: Splash -
Rating: 50
Alice Cooper is one of my heroes, lets start with that...
I was plesantly suprised by his last album "Eyes Of..." so when I saw another new album I was ecstatic. The kick off track is a solid song but lacked the production I've come to expect from a master like Cooper. This didn't change as the album progressed. I began to wonder if this was a bunch of older cuts that were unreleased. After many listens to this album I got used to the production quality. The album is overall a mistep but there are enough songs here to like that four waste of space tracks can be forgiven. "Dirty Diamonds" is a great song along with "Woman Of Mass Distraction", "Run Down The Devil" & "Perfect". I sure Alice doesn't repeat the mistakes made here again or we might be looking at Alice's early 80's disasterpieces all over again.

06/10/05: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 65
A bit of a disappointment after the brilliant Eyes...album, many of the songs sound exactly like some of Coop's older material and it nowhere near as cohesive as that one. But there's some great moments here; Woman Of Mass Distraction, Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies) and The Saga Of Jesse Jane.
Soundwise it contiues on the same trail as Eyes... givin' it all (for the most part) a retrofeel.
But at least it sounds like an Alice album - something you really can't say about Brutal planet

17/08/05: Jerry -
Rating: 90
After reading the review for "Dirty Diamonds" I really didn't know what to expect. Especially after listening to "Dragontown" and "Eyes". I must admit "Dirty Diamonds" is really good. It doesn't have the best production, nor is it Alice Cooper at his best. But the album works. It has some really catchy tones and just really sounds like pure Alice Cooper.

14/08/05: Mark Kassuba -
Rating: 87
The days of Alice as an innovator are long gone. I've heard this said before and I say this myself anymore. Alice has been sucking the tailpipe of any current trend for far too long. As far back as FLUSH THE FASHION he's latched onto what was current and rode it for all that it was worth. Now that being said, DIRTY DIAMONDS is a raw garage band type thing that he very well could've done back in 72/73. Fine. With bands like Jet, The White Strips, The Vines, The Strokes, ect...hitting it big off of Mr. Cooper's early sound, why not go back and revisit past glories. Overall, DIRTY DIAMONDS is a very enjoyable album. Could've done without the rap of STAND (doesn't quite fit with the oldies sound of the rest of the disc) but the rest of the album had me grinnin' from ear to ear and thinkin' this is exactly where Cooper does his best work. My fave tracks are WOMAN OF MASS DISTRACTION; SUNSET BABIES (ALL GOT RABIES); STEAL THAT CAR, the hilarious THE SAGA OF JESSE JANE (was singin' that one for days) and the title track. Look, Alice has followed New Wave, Adult Contemporary, Hair Rock, Grunge and Techno and now he's back full-circle to his earliest and most pure sound. Give 'em credit....he's as old as your Grammpa. Keep rockin' Alice.

12/08/05: Tyler -
Rating: 6
Is everyone deaf! The production on this album is terrible!! Its'dead flat with no dynamic punch. In particular the drums sound like card board boxes recorded with one mic!. I'm not saying AC should sound like over produced "Def Leppard" but give me a break, even the 70's Stones albums sound way better than D.D. Sure the guys are kicking out the jams and about 75% of this album is really good but it all could have been much better with more high end production.

08/08/05: John Elway -
Rating: 90
This is an extremely enjoyable disc. I love the fact that this release has the same feel of early Cooper/Kiss records. I think the production actually helps it. The songs are catchy, raw and humerous at times. No it's not perfect. There are three forgetable slow tunes and the rap experiment would have fit in better on a soundtrack or something that would allow it to stand on its on. Strange inclusion considering the feel of the rest of the record. That still leaves 8 great catchy rock songs and one interesting, moody mid tempo number ("Zombie Dance").

I must say that the 60% given by this site makes no sense to me. I find it hard to believe that people who have been fans of Cooper over the years or grew up on bands like Zep, Kiss, Aerosmith, Sones etc... wouldn't enjoy this.

08/08/05: Sandy Scott -
Rating: 95
This thing blows the Eyes and Dragontown out of the water. It has a cool 70's sound to it and gets better with each listen.

03/08/05: Frank Z -
Rating: 100
Best album he has done this decade.

01/08/05: Alistair -
Rating: 100
I absolutely loved this album. It is fantastic. I understand that a lot of people would like him to sing poison over and over again. Some people thought the brutal planet band were his best. I pretty much like it all and enjoy AC's fresh musical challenges. I could see why Andrew would not like it as it really is not a melodic rock album. Also I love Jesse Jane, had me laughing so hard i fell off my chair. Believe me living in London in July 05 can be pretty stressful but this casts aside the blues and lets you look at the sky blues. Rush out and get it.
I went to see Alike Cooper (an alice cooper tribute band) and the guy who was the lead guitarist come to the final song(who was wearing a brutal planet t shirt), so he shouts in the vocal what is the track you all want to hear and I shouts out MODEL CITIZEN. He looks back perplexed and it dawns on me I like Alice Cooper more than the guy in the tribute band.... Oh the track was of course poison.

So if you like Who do you think you are to For Britain only with a dash of love it to death then this is the album for you.

30/07/05: mukiss -
Rating: 93
A great retro-Cooper album, ala EYES. The first half of the record is fantastic, Alice trying to write in a 72-73 style. Very coheasive. SUNSET BABIES being my fav. (Followed by YOU MAKE ME WANNA)
The second half seems a little more quirky, but still works. JESSE JANE reminds of KING OF THE SILVER SCREEN.. Theres a little of everything... a TRASH style track, a little SPECIAL FORCES, a little LACE & WHISKEY. But it all works (except maybe for RUN DOWN THE DEVIL... yeah, you're born again, we get it, already!)

As for sound quality, I've been listening to the free stream... and it sounds fine! (sonically, like EYES) I don't know what you guys are listening to??!!

If DRAGONTOWN and BRUTAL PLANET are sister albums, this is definately linked to EYES...(Which I loved) I think these last 2 Cooper albums (and the yet unreleased 7 DEADLY SINS) are some of the best Alice stuff in 25 years.


27/07/05: GAFF -
Rating: 70
This was a slight disappointment for me. Alice's last three albums were awesome. This is more like a Rolling Stones album or something. The overall sound of the album doesn't knock me out at all. Some of the songs are real good (You Make Me Wanna, Perfect, Six Hours, Dirty Diamonds) but overall it just doesn't move me the way most of his albums do. The Saga Of Jesse Jane was probably meant to be funny but it doesn't work. Zombie Dance is OK, Sunset Babies is OK. Most of this album is just OK. I always expect more from the Coop. If he wants to sound like the old band then get the old band. I know Glen Buxton isn't with us anymore but that kind of thing hasn't stopped most bands. Actually, I'd like to hear Alice go back to Brutal Planet. That was the most exciting album/tour he's had yet.

20/07/05: ***Fiona*** -
Rating: 90
Wow! What a brilliant Alice Cooper album....
Alice cooper is one hell of a guy with a unique style! On first listening to this album, just his sheer humour will get to you...his complete cheek..his brazen honesty in the lyrics will leave you smiling, listening with your mouth open in shock! But as you continue to listen you realize he has recognized situations and hit the nail on the head and captured and recorded it perfectly!!!
After several listens you begin to realize that these are outrageous, fascinating songs that tickle you, entertain and delight! The music is fantastic!! Quality , style and as always Alice should be played full blast to gain full enjoyment…
My Favs…..
Woman of Distraction - fantastically funny
Perfect - brill lyrics
You make me wanna - Mmmmm
Dirty Diamonds – Grows on you..wild, Mission Impossible Alice copper style!
The saga of Jesse Jane- What can I say…only Alice could get away with these lyrics…”I’m in jail in Texas Town. In my Sister’s wedding gown.” “ R u just a normal guy who dresses like a butterfly” Don’t let this put you off this old country style song…you will love it…I have no doubt…
Run Down the Devil - my fav
Your own worst enemy & Steal that car & Stand & six hours is fantastic in an alarming suggestive, verging on sick way that only Cooper does ……arrghhh!! Ok don’t blame me the album is brill!! Get it ..try is more clever than Poison..more like his older stuff..thought provoking and interesting lyrics surrounded but intriguing music and ideas……Wow!!! I have front row tickets to see this amazing man…it just cannot come fast enough and when it does the night will not be long enough!!!!!!!

19/07/05: Pekka Lönnqvist -
Rating: 77
Well folks, I,ve been listening Alice Cooper,s and the original Alice Cooper Bands music since 1973 and when I heard this CD first time at 29.06. - I was thinking: this is total CRAP. But then I gave it a second and a third chance and the songs started to sound better and better...and now that I,ve been listening it now and then during the past three weeks...on my opinion this is Mr. Cooper,s best offering since the great "Last Temptation"...
But when I hear somebody saying that this release sounds like "Love It To Death" or "Killer" is total bullshit...I,m sorry to say but those albums are glorious, immortal classicks and this CD isn,t nowhere near those albums...
But this is a good Alice Cooper CD and you should buy it...songs like "Perfect", "Zombie Dance", "Six Hours", "Steal That Car", "Run The Devil Down" and "Pretty Ballerina" includes some of that strange and exciting energy that made him/them a rock star/stars in the erly 1970,s...
You kids should always remember that Alice Cooper was a five man band until 1974...I,m trying not to take anything away from Alice by saying this - vice versa - but they all should really get back together for a reunion, world tour and a classic Alice Cooper Band album that everybody has been waiting for since 1975 - beacause whatever you say - the original Cooper/Buxton/Bruce/Dunaway/Smith luney tunes are still the best.

Well, that,s all folks !

18/07/05: JohnD -
Rating: 50
The review is generous...this is a shite record.
Looks like the Cooper fan club has been called into action.

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper was far better. I like this style, but it sounds terrible.

And to that last idiot - Dirty Diamonds IS one of the best tracks on this album, but sounds like shite! It ain't that hard to understand! And everyone that knows this site knows who the reviewer is. Again...sounds like the Cooper fan club at work.

17/07/05: Kevin -
Rating: 95
What is this reviewer doing/ He says the title track is among the worst offenders and then says it is one of the best tracks, well Mr reviewer, not using your real name because you don't mean anything to me, stick to what you know best and stop knocking a brilliant cd, the only reason i never gave it 100% is because of Stand, that should have been left on the shelf somewhere.

16/07/05: andrew -
Rating: 88
i have to say i was slightly shocked and disappointed with Andy's views on the 'Coops' new CD and one i feel he has made a mistake on. i also see some other people have decided to slate this album also but thankfully there are still people out there who rate this album highly enuff and also see what Alice is up to on this CD.

first and foremost this is a quality release and again simliar to one of the other reviews here is the next step / extension in the sound of 'Eyes'. the production yes is slightly bit 'rawer' but it is no way near as woeful as metallica's last effort which is quite frankly embarrassing to the mighty Bob Rock!!!

The CD is definitely early Alice sounding as is him back in the mid to late 70's doing what he does best, mixing various influences across the record. This CD reminds me off all the records Alice produced from 'B.D.B' right through to 'From the Inside'. on those CD's there was very diverse songs similar to 'Jesse Jane' etc which is typical Alice in good humour.

i have to admit i am a MASSIVE A.C. fan and have been for this past 16 years ... BUT i will not mislead anyonein this CD ... it is definitely better than the review Andrew gave and other people on this page you gotta hear it for yourself ... if you liked 'Eyes' i really can't see you struggling with this one, but if you listened to Alice from the late 80's to early 90's then yer in for a shock!

in relation to the bonus track 'Stand' this is a song done with the rapper Xzibhit for a one off release for some compilation or other ... it was not intended for this CD its just there as it is a recent performance for AC. Give this one a chance ... trust me it grows on you ... not quite an A.C. classic but one vertainly not be panned outright like some of the reviews suggest. Its raw but good honest hard rock.

Rating: 6

15/07/05: Robert -
Rating: 80
Dirty Diamonds is a solid release that sees Alice aging gracefully. Here, he's retuned to his shock rock roots with a sound akin to his early 70s work (Killer, Love It To Death). It works well for the most part. Tracks like Woman of Mass Destruction and the title-track are a blast of old-fashioned sleeze rock, while Sunset Babies and Zombie Dance glam things up nicely. The biggest surprise is the Beatlesque Perfect, showing the Coop can still craft a great pop tune when he puts his twisted mind to it.

13/07/05: Miker -
Rating: 70
I've been a fan since Love It To Death and have every Alice release. I loved Eyes Of...but this is not as good. I'm sorry, the sound is not good enough and the songwriting isn't strong enough.

Alice has a habit of recording albums in stylistic pairs - Constrictor/Raise Your Fist, Trash/Hey Stoopid, Brutal Planet/Dragontown. So DD comes as no surprise.

Move on for the next one please Alice.

12/07/05: Fimpen -
Rating: 98
Probably Alice best album since From The Inside (released in -78). Only fans who started listen to Alice in the late 80's or early 90's will be shocked at the variety of this album. If you like the classic sound of Alice Cooper you love the odd tracks (classic ones are "Desperado", "I Love The The Dead","Hard Hearted Alice", "Some Folks", "I'm The Coolest" etc), and you'll probably also love a tongue-in-cheek song like "The Saga Of Jesse Jane". Everybody is talking about the rockers, but the mellower songs are one of the best thing about this album. "Zombie Dance" wouldn't be out of place on Welcome To My Nightmare, "Six Hours" is a great moody track and "Pretty Ballerina" is a great cover of a good 60's tune. My favorite tracks are "Perfect" (ubelievably good!), "Run Down The Devil", "Your Own Worst Enemy" and the aformentioned "Zombie Dance". But every track except the bonus track "Stand" are great. How about Andrews review? Sounds like he didn't listen to the same album as me. The sound is great, in fact the album is a little more polished than The Eyes Of Alice Cooper. And the variety of the material is gonna appeal to any fan of the classic Cooper albums from the 70's.

Did I mention it's a grower too, so spin this record a few times before you pass judgement.

12/07/05: Gaz -
Rating: 85
I too totally disagree with the review of this album. I am not sure if Andrew was listening to the official finished product as I just received the UK release and the production is good. I ahve been a huge Alice fan for years and I have always thought his albums are known for a couple of filler songs on each and this is certainly no differnt (the obvious examples "Six Hours" and "The Saga Of Jesse Jane". These aside, the album is great, the guitars are full on , the drums are great and most of the songs still rock. Alice certainly isn't trying to sound young... he is just continuing to try different things as he has done as far back as Welcome To My Nightmare & Special Forces. I agree that it is not as good an album as some of his others but it is still a lot better than most of the rock crap produced nowadays !!!

12/07/05: Andrew -
Rating: 60
Sorry to upset a few AC fans :(
Love the rockers...hated the sound. As the review states...I don't think you have to compromise production quality to sound "retro".

Prefer Brutal Planet and Eyes Of - both which I gave great reviews of...Am I forgiven?


12/07/05: Martin -
Rating: 90
Completely disagree with andrew's review- sounds like crap? got a bad promo copy eventually? Sounds good to me - sure retro-kinda sound but very crsipy with awesome guitars and great songs - ok the "rap" in "STand" is kinda weird but it's " only" a fun bonus track. The majority of songs is "in your face" uptempo - "Woamn aof mass..." "Steal that Car" - wow! rocks your socks off - great band great songs one Alice - thumbs up!

12/07/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 20
Bad record by mr. Cooper !
He tries to be modern and young !
Alice, you aren't mate !

12/07/05: Brad -
Rating: 90
As much as I respect Andrew's opinions, I think he is WAY off on his assessment of "Dirty Diamonds." Is it an Alice classic? Certainly not. At the same time, it follows the musical trend started with "The Eyes of Alice Cooper." In some ways, it's a better album.

The production isn't great...but it isn't supposed to be. If you listen closely, you will notice that Alice is going for the production and sound found on his early 70s releases...and he gets it right. Songwise, I could do without "The Ballad of Jesse Jane," but Alice is known for sticking a couple of odd songs on albums to catch the listener off-guard. There are enough catchy little rockers here to satisfy any Alice fan.

As stated earlier, this isn't a classic album, but I think that Andrew is being a bit harsh. This is an enjoyable, raw, little slab of rock from Alice...and I for one enjoyed the offering!

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