JACE PAWLAK - Promise (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Jace Pawlak & Ty Sims
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock / AOR
Kivel Records
Well respected and popular singer/songwriter Jace Pawlak has been busier making other artists sound great in recent times, giving his solo name a back seat. But with promise, Jace roars back to life and puts his name into the forefront of people’ minds and dare I say, onto some ‘Best MelodicRock album’ lists for 2016.
Making Promise a family affair, Jace performs vocals, keyboards, bass and drums as well as enlisting Dad Dennis as well as little brother Trevor for some additional guitar parts. Mr. Busy, Eric Ragno joins in the fun on a couple of tracks.
This is a stellar album it has to be said. Ty Sims co-produces and mixes the album, which is why it sounds so good and the songs are nothing short of melodic ear candy.
Jace’s vocals are spot on – his higher register tone may not appeal to all, but anyone that owns and appreciates Rob Moratti/Final Frontier or Rockarma/Damon Kelly should have no problem with Jace.
Plus you’ve got the bonus of 10 catchy classic melodic rock / AOR style songs to grab hold of.
Highlights are many – there’s no fillers here. But to showcase a few of the songs – the opening anthem Tonight Is Everything rules; the moody Can’t Find Your Heart is one of the bet mid-tempo melodic songs of the year; the Foreigner-esque ballad Nothing But Rain is haunting; Before You Run has one of the bigger choruses this year and Every Now And Then is a stand out ballad.

Great production, pure 80s AOR with a modern production and some truly memorable classic style songs that should impress most fans of the genre in its purest and most loved form.
Don’t make this album an only child Jace!