STRYPER - Fallen (Review)

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Produced By: 
Michael Sweet
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
What I want to know is who lit a fuse under Michael Sweet to inspire such a creative flourish? In the last few years we’ve had a Stryper covers album, a re-recordings set, a live album, Sweet’s own solo album, the Sweet & Lynch epic and now we are on to the latest studio album, which comes after the band’s acclaimed No More Hell To Pay.
Fallen takes up where that album left off and continues the evolution of Stryper, surely now one of the most credible hard rock outfits in the world, not just of the Christian rock scene.
It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s energetic and it’s also enthusiastic in spirit.
From the opening chords, the album (produced by Sweet himself) defines the Stryper sound as melodic, yet in your face and fueled by a guitar driven energy.
The positive lyrics and Christian themes don’t overshadow a strong musical performance and a rawer, heavier production style.
Yahweh is an absolute belter to open the account. Big riffs, bigger vocals and a stomping heavy beat driving this soaring semi-progressive hard rocker. Without being overly commercial, it’s a catchy tune. One of Stryper’s heaviest ever songs.
Fallen seems to take the foot off the pedal after a ferocious intro. But the mid-tempo groove gives way to another big catchy chorus with Michael Sweet singing like man possessed (in the good sense!)
Pride is another thumping rock track with a solid groove and a screaming chorus.
Big Screen Lies is the catchiest chorus of the album thus far. It rolls along nicely, a little less intense than the opening metal salvo.
Heaven has a slow to mid-tempo beat, but a very melodic guitar hook and chorus. A good mid-album circuit breaker.
Love You Like I Do is a cool melodic mid-tempo commercial rocker with a great hook and a tasty guitar solo that takes me back to the golden era of melodic hard rock.
All Over Again is the first ballad of the album and sees the acoustic guitars dusted off to help create a stirring commercial rock ballad.
The Black Sabbath cover After Forever rocks hard and fast and thumps along at a great rate before slotting into a bluesy groove and back again. This is heavy, aggressive, raw rock n roll with a really cool vocal.
Till I Get What I Need follows a similar path – fast, free flowing and rocking hard, and again with that heavy groove! Great little chorus with some harmony vocals making even better.
Let There Be Light is a slow, moody hard rocker that launches into a faster, harmony filled chorus that makes the track another album highlight.
The Calling is simply put – a short, sharp, commercial hard rocker with definite appeal.
King Of Kings closes the album with another hard edged thumping rock track. The chorus is one of the best of the album, ending this 50 minute sonic blast with a bang.

This is really a very well balanced album. Power to melody; rockers to moodier numbers and lead vocals to harmonies; all in balance.
Another very accomplished piece of work from main man Michael Sweet and band. As primary songwriter and producer, Sweet’s vision has come together perfectly and Stryper fans will simply love this latest addition to the band’s now considerable catalogue.