TRIXTER - Human Era (Review)

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Rockin’ To The Edge Of The Night
Crash That Party
Every Second Counts
Beats Me Up
Good Times Now
Midnight in Your Eyes
Human Era
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Melodic Rock
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This is just one of those albums that is set to please just about everyone. Fans of old-school 80s melodic hard rock, fans of great anthemic, kick-ass tunes with a good production and fans of great classic era music that doesn’t sound dated.
Trixter follow up the success of New Audio Machine with arguably one of the best ever records.
It’s just a whole lot of fun to listen to.
Huge production, big guitars, big songs and big attitude.
The guys just get better and better. Taking the party rock vibe of their early days and mixing it with a more mature retrospective attitude to their songwriting, Human Era mixes the best of both worlds, giving you some kick-ass hands in the air tunes that a 40 year old wouldn’t be embarrassed pumping out of the car stereo.
Rockin’ To The Edge Of The Night and the riff heavy, double timed Crash That Party are two fist pumping hard rockers to kick off this album in big style.
Not Like All the Rest mixes Steve Brown’s penchant for modern rock with old-school 80s rock for a sweet anthemic hybrid.
For You is 80s Van Halen before a contender for Song Of The Year blows my mind. The sentimental melodic rocker Every Second Counts features everything I love about this music. Modern, classic, melodic…
The following track is just as essential. Beats Me Up is a beautiful new-meets-old, hands in the air stadium ballad.
And it just continues with the harmony drenched mi-tempo melodic rock anthem Good Times Now and the moodier, darker Midnight in Your Eyes and the rapid fire 80s rock of All Night Long.
Soul of a Lovin' Man is a cool edgier, gritty rocker and then the album is closed in perfect class with the moodier, more melodic and reflective title track Human Era.

Others may have a more sentimental attachment to the band’s debut or earlier work, but for me – this is their best album to date and shows a refined maturity mixed with the classy side of 80s melodic hard rock.
It’s a super fun and thoroughly enjoyable album and the band deserve big credit for the results.
Fans from all walks of life are going to enjoy this – it might even be the first ever Trixter purchase for some.