LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM 'In Disguise' For Next Release

Coming on Escape Music - Last Autumn's Dream new album "In Disguise", their 13th album on 20th January. This is the band's favourite songs and influences of all time!
Last Autumn's Dream is:
Mikael Erlandsson: Lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards & guitar
Peter Pac Soderstrom: Lead and rhythm guitars
Jamie Borger: Drums, percussion and backing vocals
Nalle Pahlsson: Electric bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Ulf Wahlberg: Keyboards, backing vocals and 'The Big Knob' as usual
Track listening:
 1. If Love Should Go: 4:33                         
    Music & Lyrics: Slamer/Walsh
  2. Jet Airliner     Time: 4:10
    Music & Lyrics: P. Pen
 3. Working For The Weekend 3:48
     Music & Lyrics: M. Frenette/P. Dean
 4. Wig Wam Bam: 3:16
     Music & Lyrics: M. Chapman/N. Chinn
 5. Slow Down: 3:32
     Music & Lyrics: Miles/Marshall
 6. Need A Little Loving: 4:06
     Music & Lyrics: Slamer/Ward
 7. I´ll Bring The Whole World To Your Door: 3:23
     Music & Lyrics: Meadows, DiMino, Leonetti
 8. Just One More Time: 5:11
    Music & Lyrics: B. Macleod/D. Mills
 9.  When I Kissed The Teacher: 3:21
      Music & Lyrics: B. Ulvaeus/B. Andersson
10. All The Way: 3:22
       Music & Lyrics: G. Simmons  
11. Hey You     Time: 4:07
       Music & Lyrics: C. Turner/R. Bachman/R. Bachman