MRR Artist Discovery Deal - JADED PAST & ROADKILL

There have been some warm responses to recent unveiling of MelodicRock Records releases JADED PAST & ROADKILL.
Two very different releases of course! But there hasn’t been much action on the pre-order front.
Now, this I can understand. There are without doubt, an amazing number of titles released this year and money can only go so far.
I’d like to offer an incentive to those interested in these two artists. Normally when it comes to assigning priority for spending, the biggest and best known releases get poll position.
So here at MRR, we would like to make it easier to take a chance on two hard working independent artists that have both delivered quality albums that deserve to be heard.
So if you order both albums together, MRR will offer them at the special price of just $10ea and $5 shipping, so a total commitment of just $25 for two really well made albums!
Buy now!
JADED PAST & ROADKILL $25 (Incl. Shipping) Both titles will ship together by Sept. 1