EDEN'S CURSE Vie For Sweden Rock Slot



We're delighted to announce that we are one of the 25 bands that have proceeded to the final voting round in the Sweden Rock Festival band competition.

Voting has started and will end February 10 at 9AM.

Please vote TWICE every day for Eden's Curse here:

We have set up a little Facebook group with daily reminders and all sorts of good natured posts. If you fancy joining the hardcore team, then click here and send us a request:

Here are the voting rules:

2 votes per day per IP-address. A maximum of 5 bands at a time.
Unfortunately we have, in the past seen some attempts to cheat with the voting. If we see anyting similar this year, the band/artist in question will be removed from the competition.

After this final voting, the top three bands will play Sweden Rock Festival 2016! Besides these three bands, Sweden Rock choose one of the 25 bands for the "wild card", so in total there will be four winners.