RESURRECTION KINGS - Resurrection Kings (Track By Track)

Release Year: 
Friday, January 29, 2016
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated self-titled debut album from RESURRECTION KINGS on January 29.
Alessandro Del Vecchio continues to grow in stature as a producer. This album has a big hard rock sound that differs somewhat from his Revolution Saints production.
Front and centre of this band is vocalist Chas West – his tone is unbelievable and it’s a pleasure to hear Craig Goldy shredding and riffing in such fine company as Sean McNabb and Vinny Appice.
The album is out January 29 via Frontiers. Review next week, but here’s what to expect track by track:
01. Distant Prayer is a heavy, somewhat bombastic opener with a surprisingly commercial chorus and hook. I love the pace of the track, really gets the album off to a flyer.
02. Livin' Out Loud is much slower and finds itself in that heavy, slow groove that metal often uses. Thankfully there’s a strong chorus in play and the song fits quite well between two faster tracks.
03. Wash Away is pure commercial hard rock. A free flowing vibe and a big chorus and melodic verse. Very catchy.
04. Who Do You Run To is another pretty commercial track, with a mid-tempo beat, not a ballad but not quite a rocker either. But solid.
05. Fallin' For You is a moody mid-tempo tune that definitely reminds me of David Reece’s solo material. Big, moody, loud, but catchy.
06. Never Say Goodbye is as it suggests – a big commercial rock ballad. West soars, the chorus goes with him and AOR fans will love.
07. Path Of Love is the kind of track I don’t normally like – slow, bluesy, big groove. It has musical integrity and some fine chops on display, but these types of song rarely have a great chorus. This one ain’t bad though.
08. Had Enough moves a little faster but still holds a little in reserve. An ok chorus and some nice soloing feature.
09. Don't Have To Fight No More moves faster still and has a stronger chorus too. A good track to position here in the album’s sequence.
10. Silent Wonder has again, a less memorable chorus, but a good pace and some melodies that grow over time.
11. What You Take is similar to the last several tracks, featuring a strong sound, ok chorus and plenty of guitar flurries. Not an instant like, but another grower. 
Chas West – vocals
Craig Goldy – guitars
Sean McNabb – bass guitar
Vinny Appice – drums
Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio