GUNS N ROSES Reunited Lineup & Tour Announced January 6

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Billboard has added their name and credentials to the list of sources openly discussing details of the planned Guns N Roses reunion. You can read what they have posted here:
Most of the article mirrors what I have previously posted here (repeated below), but I can now add that the launch date is apparently January 6. Stay tuned!


GUNS N ROSES have been the subject of continued reunion speculation for several years now, but the whispers become a roar earlier this year when guitarist Slash publicly stated that he and frontman Axl Rose had patched up differences that kept them estranged for nearly two decades.
So what is the future of what used to be rock n roll’s “most dangerous band”?
It is no great secret that a reunion is coming. The pitch has been with concert promoters for several months now, with confirmation coming from a couple of those agents that the band is looking to play select festivals in 2016 before moving onto a larger stadium tour in 2017 – to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Appetite For Destruction album.
But what hasn’t been discussed however, is who exactly will be involved in the reunion. The rumors have all touted a reunion of the “classic” or “original” lineup.
But it’s not what people might have expected.
From everything I have heard from multiple trusted sources, the new Guns N Roses lineup will consist of:
Richard Fortus
Frank Ferrer
Dizzy Reed
Plans are still evolving, but it appears the band is pitching a few high-profile European rock festivals and Coachella in the USA has been mentioned too.
All of this is rumoured until confirmed, but from what I’ve heard, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin and Matt Sorum are not going to be involved.
Stay tuned…