LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM Canvas Next Album 'Paintings'

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM will release their next studio album this week in Japan, and across Europe via AOR Heaven February 26.
Line up for the album 'Paintings':
Mikael Erlandsson - Vocals
Jamie Borger - Drums
Nalley Pâhlsson - Bass
Peter Pac Söderström - Guitars
Ulf Wahlberg - Keyboards
 1. My Mistake To Make
 2. Bring Out The Heroes
 3. Out Of Love
 4. Too Late
 5. Take It On The Run
 6. Won'tcha Stay The Night
 7. An Eye For An Eye
 8. Bitter Blue
 9. In Case Of Landing On Water
 10. Rock Star Crazy
 11. Even When I Hate You *  Bonus Track Japan