'Devil In The Details' For Sweden's THE POODLES March 24

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
The Poodles are back with "Devil in the Details", their sixth studio album and follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Tour de Force". The evolution of the band's sound is evident as a result of their continued collaboration with produced Mats Valentin. This is rock n' roll straight up, no chaser! In many ways this represents the second coming of The Poodles and you are cordially invited to experience the epic-ness and majesty of "Devil in the Details".
The debut album, “Metal Will Stand Tall”, was released in 2006 and the single “Night of Passion” went platinum. “Streets of Fire” from the album “Sweet Trade”, became the bands biggest selling single to date, achieving double platinum status. They visited twenty-nine European cities during the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010. The album “Performocracy”(2011) went #1 on the Swedish album chart.
All in all, The Poodles have had over ten “top 10” releases so far which makes them on of Sweden’s most successful rock bands.
Today Jakob Samuel announced the band's new bass player. He stated: "We are very happy to have the opportunity to present our new God Of Thunder, new tribe member and bas-player, the great talent Johan FlodquistWe have been looking for quite some time and it feels really great to have him onboard, give him a warm welcome people!"
In April 2014, the band went on its first European your since 2010 and played for audiences that eagerly had awaited the return of the band. After a summer of playing Swedish and European festivals, The Poodles started working on the follow-up to "Tour de Force". The new album was named "Devil in the Details" to reflect the band's pursuit of perfection and uncompromising attention to details. In the process, bassist Pontus Egberg decided to leave The Poodles to join King Diamond, which left the band searching for a replacement. After a trial period the decision fell on local talent Johan Flodkvist, an accomplished and exciting bass player that is well suited to fill Pontus' shoes.
Now, "Devil in the Details" is due to be released on March 25 marking a new collaboration with the Swedish label Gain Music where bands like Europe, Mustasch, and Hardcore Superstar also reside. The first single off "Devil in the Details" is "The Greatest", an epic and moving number that captures the sentiments found on the rest of the album. “The Greatest” is released on January 19. Long Live Rock N' Roll!
Track Listing:
Before I Die
House Of Cards
The Greatest
Crack In The Wall
Need To Believe
Life Without You
Creator And Breaker