TOTO XIV - Lukather & CJ Vanston Comment Exclusively

Thursday, November 6, 2014
The first quarter of 2015 has some massive releases coming your way.
One of the biggest is the hugely anticipated new TOTO album. The album, right now going under the working title Toto XIV, is currently being mixed in Los Angeles.
Band guitarist Steve Lukather tells me they are up to track 7 of 11.
He was also kind enough to drop me a new quote on the upcoming record.
Luke says: “This new music is amongst the best we have ever tried to make. It is everything people love and or hate about our band. Haha…
The songs have hooks and depth and the production and sounds and playing are filled with blood sweat and soul. We did NOT phone this record in for $ and a tour! This record was born out of litigation, pain and loss…and for Mike P who could use a miracle about now.
It has brought us very close as brothers reflecting back at a lifetime of amazing highs and painful lows.
Fans will be the judge. I hate hyping things! No one ever lives up to their own hype. We are proud of it though and have worked hard on it.”
And co-producer CJ Vanston added his own update for me: “We’re all excited as our first mixes for the new Toto album is finished. Good times at the Treehouse (my studio) yesterday as we were all digging the sound and direction we came up with. I couldn’t be more pumped, these guys have taken everything up a huge notch on this one!”
Luke recently announced the band’s 2015 touring lineup: “It will be Me, Paich, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate, Joe Williams, Keith Carlock, Lenny Castro, Jenny Douglas and Mabvuto...FULL European tour to be announced asap. USA + world to come as well!"
Previously Luke has commented on the upcoming album: "The record we're making is real hi-fi. It has that big, obnoxious production that people who love our music are really going to love: big harmonies, big synths, big guitars, big grooves, great virtuoso musicianship, and classic Toto melodies. Everybody sings on the record. It's very fresh-sounding."
Stay tuned for more updates!
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