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Posted by: Don ()
Date: December 05, 2000 11:52AM

...a few comments:

"And Don, before waxing lyrical about hamburgers and other culinary delights read the postings! You go on about the length of your hair and your attire for nigh on three paragraphs and then you exclaim your not interested in trends etc. To me it's all irrelevant. It's the MUSIC that counts. It's just like a girlfriend
of mine at a party who said that she doesn't like Bon Jovi because they cut their hair - ridiculous argument and I told her so along
with another 10 or so party goers."

...My bad actually. When I responded to your question, I mistakenly thought that you who had also posted the earlier message about style. It was only after I had responded that I realized that that post had been submitted by Kris. My intention had been to provide you with some thoughts on both of your posts. But, of course, both posts weren't yours. Again, my mistake.

"(you sure know how to elongate a sentence into a major thesis by the way)"

...Yeah, Andrew pays me by the word for my posts. ;-) ...So, of course, I ramble on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and...

"I for one am amazed that their has been no postings on the new "Newman" album. It got a spellbinding review in the new "classic
rock"(which isn't always fair to AOR) but who's plugging it. Ditto for the new "Alfonzetti" album - meanwhile the Corrs(who by the
way whilst I quite like are all over the media) are mentioned a few times are a week. And as for Pink - is she ever off the tv screen?"

...See, I'm with you in terms of most of what you said in your post. But my immediate reaction to this comment was to raise my eyebrows and wonder, "Are you suggesting that there's a connection between the Corrs being mentioned at least once a week and Newman/Alfonzetti not being discussed?" I could be waaay wrong, and if I am, I apologize in advance. But if this interpretation is correct, it sort of reminds me of a comment that I heard from a teacher a little while back. She said she didn't want to post her students' projects on the internet so as not to "clutter up" cyberspace. And to me, in the same way that there's no limit to cyberspace, there's no limit to the number of conversations that can happen on a board like this one. Do you see what I'm getting at? I guess I could put it this way: In my mind there is no connection between the Corrs and/or Pink being mentioned and the fact that no one's raving about Alfonzetti. I don't think that too many people out there are so hard pressed for time that they are having to pick and choose which threads they jump into (ie., "I'd love to comment on how much I love the Newman album, but I just spent 10 minutes posting about Pink or Billy Ray Cyrus, so I guess I won't/cant/shouldn't."). Once again, if this isn't what you were suggesting, please accept my apologies.

If your comment was just meant to be an observation about the lack of support for artists like Newman and Alfonzetti (even on a forum like this one, where you'd expect at least a few people to be raving about them), then that's a totally different issue. And it's one that's worthy of its own thread, IMO. Personally, I think it all relates to the whole music business thing and how fickle and trend-driven it's become (ie., the "nature of the beast"). Because the Corrs have a signed a contract with a major label, and because they're being supported/pushed/well-marketed/etc., people (including those who dwell here) know of them and have the privilege of having an opinion on them. On the other hand, unless someone visits a site like this one and reads reviews and/or posts about artists like Newman & Alfonzetti, he is not going to have had the privilege of forming an opinion on them. If/when he hears about them, he is going to have to gamble on whether or not he thinks he can trust the opinions of those whose comments he's read. It all comes down to exposure. And it amazes me, too, that in this day and age, a genre of music that reigned supreme for so many years has been reduced to what it is now. I am not saying that the current MHR scene isn't worthwhile. On the contrary, I applaud labels like MTM, N & T, Z, Kivel, etc. I am discovering new albums all the time that I enjoy tremendously and many of them are signed to these labels. But in terms of its popularity, and in terms of the exposure it receives, and in terms of the impact it has on the music-buying population, and in terms of the influence it has on the young generation, MHR light years away from where it used to be. The majority of the young people that I know (between the ages of 11-16) are barely aware of the fact that "our" music exists at all, let alone that it actually had a heyday. They have little or no interest it it at all. If it's not on MuchMusic (Canada's version of MTV), then it's just not relevant to them. And they are spending A LOT of money on music!!! I don't know of too may other genres of pop music that are currently getting less exposure than AOR/MHR. It's sad.

Anyways, I've probably written enough now that I can afford to put gas in the car for another week, so I'll end. Cheers.

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