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Re: Firefest Sunday
Posted by: JAMMIN ()
Date: October 27, 2008 07:02PM

Ok... for me...
Talon - very good. Completely new to me, but very impressive. I think i'll be picking up their stuff on amazon after that. Singer did a good job, and i'm glad to see Atreyu from Neverending Story still has steady work :-p
Loud & Clear - band of the day for me. Great interaction with the crowd and despite a piss-poor sound on the first two songs, played a storming set and seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the reception. Let's hope there's more from these guy's in the future.
Paul Laine - amazing voice, tight band, and seemed to really get into it, but would've liked it if he'd stuck to a "Stick It In Your Ear" only set, missed far too much from that great album out.
Valentine - were better last year, but fuck it, I was pleased to see them again! Hugo was clearly struggling, but the whole band put on a good show and the new material was very good. Still a visually interesting band and a varied set-list from last year went down well!
JSS - The new material actually worked for me! Yay! (Except Mountain which still does nothing for me and I skip on the ipod). Entertaining as always and apart from the new material, was what I expected. I liked the funk medley, but I heard quite a few rockers moaning about it out front afterwards. I'm still impressed and he's a great performer, and Journey still f*cked up in my mind.
PC69 - went out for a burger. Never liked them, but they seemed like a good live band when I caught the end of their set.
Tyketto - better last year when I saw the actual Tyketto but PJ and Tony did a good job, and Danny is so damn passionate, you can't dislike them.
Burn - bloody brilliant. I know nothing of their work, but was mightily impressed. And through not using the Marshall's they had the best sound of the weekend (or so i'm informed!).
David Readmen - good set, tight band... but cursed, as I was desperate for food when PC69 were on and desperate for a p*ss when David was on! What I saw was very good and David has a great voice!
H.E.A.T - stunning! Did an awesome job despite a lack of frontman (all the best on your recovery, your musical brothers did you proud!). Disappointed that they did so many covers and didn't do Anthem Of The Year "Keep On Dreaming"! Bloody brillaint band that needed more faith in their own material!
Rox Diamond - what's all the fuss about? Great singer who worked his ass off despite a non-improving sound and a band that looked like they'd rather not have bothered turning up.
Mitch Malloy - The reason I attended, and worth the £90 cost of my weekend ticket alone! Awesome singer, great band, great set, and pissed off that "Faith" had sold out! I'd see this guy again in a heartbeat. Can't wait for the DVD, really very, VERY good and Stone In Love smoked!
White Sister - looked overwhelmed by it all. Bloody brilliant. Enjoyed their set despite not being familiar with their material and again, will pick up the DVD. Lionel Blair (their singer) did a great job, and I can't praise them enough or their stellar job!
Tall Stories - undecided on this. I listened to the debut on my Ipod on my way up, and thought "this doesn't hold up so well". And it didn't. Steve did a great job, but none of it was well recieved, I was disappointed that Steve did Stone In Love rather than having faith in some of the songs from his own tenure in Journey (especially as Journey don't acknowledge it and that Mitch Malloy already did an awesome job on it earlier). Steve's voice held up well and I was pleased to see him, but it all came across as "just another gig". I enjoyed it, but not as much as I wanted to. New album material sounded better than much of the debut, so hurry up and release it!
Danger Danger - bloody brilliant! Ted has a much better voice than I thought he would (no offence), was great to see Paul join them (although his voice was deafening!), and Ted coming through the audience was what the weekend needed! Rock and f*cking roll!
Firehouse - did a good job! Came on later than they should of so they only had just over an hour-ish. But worthy headliners, very professional, and the only thing that ruined it was the group of women around me, constantly pointing out CJ's bulge! Lucky bastard.
Kieran, Bruce, Tony & Co - you did a f*cking excellent job and bring it on for next year! I don't have the money to offer, but i'd help out in any other way if needed! You guys break your backs (and banks) to make this happen and i'm extremely greatful for it. You do this scene a great service, and i'm glad I can come along and join in enjoying it with the 999-or-so others!
Thanks again for a great effort and 2 great days of live music... see ya next year?
(sorry for any spelling mistakes... i've had lots to drink on my return to bournemouth!).

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