Rules of Law
Posted by: Snake65 ()
Date: October 07, 2006 05:44AM

To compare this to OJ is funny. But since that was the case brought up it is a perfect example of rule of law...which I'm sure Jacko will understand.

Criminal Law: you (the state) must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person is guilty of the crime. You must prove INTENT and any doubt shed a jury cannot convict. If you remember in the OJ case the detectives that collected the blood evidence put it in the trunk of the police car, went home for the weekend, then sent it to be prcessed monday. Think you would have a doubt about that evidence?
Civil Law: To prove ones guilt it takes less that criminlal law. You need what is called "Preponderance of the evidence". In other words f you can make it seem reasonable that you did something, ala OJ the only one with a motive, ect.

So in the case of Great White the band being guilty see above.

As far as the pyro...see the manager. You the band just have all your gear and pyro shipped via bus town to town. SURE its against the law. But can we all be honest, does every band notify every town of they go of this.....doubt it!

Jacko FYI .....I have been on the NYPD for my 19 years and like you read in the paper have seen 1st hand guilty people walk (mostly rich). I also seen people that did something not that bad get more time then someone who stabbed someone.. The list could go on forever. But even that 1st year DA will tell why Great White did not get charged civially. If you are angry over the decision that is your right. I suggest you call up a radio program that has lawyers and they will explain what I am saying in regards to Great White.

I for one will see them. I hope they do well and can be a positive force that can rally people to aid the families.

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