jack belongs in jail.....
Posted by: Jacko ()
Date: October 05, 2006 08:15PM

OK!! Im going to bite my lip off i cant take it!!

BOTTOM LINE...! Jack Russell belongs in JAIL next to his tour manager!!! Im sick and tired of hearing how the band are also victims. BLAH BLAH. JR calls the shots on the tour, the manager answers to him. So putting the manager in jail without JR is a MISTAKE. People will say well the DA didnt try and prosecute the singer. Well thats because the PUBLIC OPINION was on the club owners not the band. Sad fact is DAs indict (sp?) people in cases like this based on the public opinion. Remeber you are elected DA and a high profile case like this you have to listen to the public.

BEFORE anyone jumps down my throat....Here are FACTS that are being overlooked.

GREAT WHITE inc (which is owned by JR) transported PYRO across state lines. Law states that they are to notify the proper authorities when entering the state to inspect all pyro devices and review all proper permits and paper work. Then a fire marshall will be on site to give proper clearance (REGARDLESS of what a venue owner or band member has to say) After inspection of all the above they either get a red light or green light. GUESS what....the band did NONE OF THE ABOVE. Insult to injury....they did NOT have the proper permits or license to operate or transport such pyro. All the above alone is punishable by serious jail time(without injury or death) So the fact there was death and injury, and they did not do the above mentioned should have put them right in the hot seat. Which at first it did as the DA was looking to indict them. However public opinion shifted to the owners and the DA decided on a sacrafice lamb from the bands camp with the manager.

As for the owners they do have responsiblity. However its not to the extent people think it should be. If anything there should be MORE blame on the town then the owners. The owners had no idea what they had lining their venue was highly flamable. However the fire inspector that inspected the place and PASSED them should be held responsible above the owners. As for the band donating their profits to the family fund. I dont buy it. If anything i think they are exploting the tragedy. Something the IRS and the DA should consider looking into. When you promote a show, where the profits are being donated and they are not is also a crime. Keep in mind to set up a donation fund you have to apply for a license. So i question the lavidity of the "donation tour"

I think what the person that said about the tragic death of his boss was spot on. No differant here. If your going to send the owners to jail then so should jack. Thats like sending the wik to jail but not the actual dynamite. Also....people forget the band tried to skip the country right after the fire. Not a sign of a concerned person. Wait im wrong. He was concerned....for himself.

Im in hell....and these are all my HELL MATES!!

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