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Re: Great White should retire
Posted by: Cato Alumni ()
Date: October 05, 2006 04:33AM

"I can't believe Great White are still a band. They have no scruples at all. Why haven't they called it quits out of respect for those families that lost loved ones in that fire."

Out of respect? I don't know what you mean by that. Did the Rolling Stones retire when people died in a riot at their concert? Accidents happen -- there's no morality in any of it. In much the same way, amusement parks don't shut down because people die on rollercoasters; people don't stop driving after they accidentally hit someone.

If the band wants to set up a charity or a fund for the families or something, then that's great. I think the band has endured enough -- if they just want to continue working, God bless them.

"There was alot of combined stupidity that evening and some of it falls on the band as well as their manager, fire marshall and club owners."

Stupidity, sure. But all of us have made mistakes. The band itself, from my understanding, has been exhonerated of any criminal negligence. And even if they were negligent, I don't see why they would give up their livelihood unless they wanted to.

"They are lucky they aren't in jail. I also saw Jack Russell a few months ago on an entertainment show talking about his new facelift! How do you think family members of those who died felt when they saw this guy getting a facelift and acting all happy about it."

Jack was pretty messed up for years after that show. By the same token, everyone grieves differently. Even if he felt no regret, then all that does is maybe change someone's opinion of him -- it has nothing to do with whether they should continue making music.

"If I were in a band that help to cause a hundred deaths, I would be living under an assumed name and in a very small country somewhere out of the spotlight. Either that or I would being mowing those families lawns, and tending to their gardens. I would find something to do with my life besides rub it in their faces that I'm not in jail and not suffering."

So what you believe is right is what everyone else should do? Maybe you should run for president before you start judging people.

"They are trying to dissasociate themselves with this event and it's so wrong."

Why is that? First, no one is going to forget that incident -- no matter what they do. Second, life goes on. I sure as heck wouldn't want some tragedy haunting me for the rest of my life. If someone dies in your family, you grieve and move on. Letting it rule your life is plain stupid.

"This was possibly the stupidest most negligent thing since the Hindenberg and they want to pretend it didn't happen and move forward with their band."

I don't/didn't see any pretending. But again, even if they did, I don't blame them.

"What in the heck is wrong with people? I don't believe they should all go to prison or anything because as stupid as it was, it was an accident. However. the least they could do is stop being a band though! That just puts salt in the wounds of these families."

Why is that, again? Maybe the families have moved on (like most do years after a tragedy). Maybe the families have forgiven them (like most do). Heck, maybe they are Great White fans.

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