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Bach's meltdown - my take
Posted by: Benno ()
Date: September 18, 2006 01:08PM

Posted this on another board but it seems to run differently to a lot of other reports I've read, so figured another view of the incident might fill it out:


Just got home from the Bach concert so this is gonna sound stagged ;-)

Right from the opening song you could tell there was gonna be @!#$ go down. Not even half way through the opening track somone starts squirting him from the audience to antagonse him. Meanwhile he's having tech issues with his mic and one guitarist fading out badly (or something...?).

Fast forward to track 3 into the set and he's finally turned around to tell 'em "F--K YOU MAN!" It was well-justified, bunch of crazies in the audience.

So the show goes on, Bach pulled out his new stuff too early and lost the momentum of the crowd. So you could see he was getting frustrated, starting to berate the audience rather than thank them; he really needed to pull on all stops at this stage to get the right attention but it just wasn't coming.

Anyway eventually he cracks it after another bottle gets thrown (what is it with these people???) and Seb stops the show and walks over to try and find out who it was so he could have him ejected. Dude doesn't get ejected, Seb leaves the atage with his band not far behind him.

Couple of minutes go by and the crowd are starting to wonder if he's actually gonna come back, everyone very restless. The band eventually come back out and agree to put it behind them and we'll do one more song for ya. "But if guys throw another bottle or cup of anything (goes on goes on), we will stop the show".

So they crank up Youth Gone Wild and everyone's getting in ti it, having a blast...and someone throws a cup of water from about mid-audience. F--K! So this time he went to say something but insead just threw down the mic and exited stage right!

And here we all are sitting around the coffee table wondering to each other "what did we just see......??????


On reflection Bach had every right to crack it. I was fairly close to the action on the side and could see pretty clearly that he was getting frustrated with the audience. Everyone would go bananas between songs but during the songs there wasn't too much movement at all. I was jumping around but pretty much the only one around my area that was, and to look across the centre of the crowd it was all pretty static, the occassional hands in the air thing going on.

By the way there were a ton of drugs being had, praps the audience over indulged, certainly a lot of people looking pretty munted and nailed to the ground lol. Oh and the two chicks that got up on stage, geez, what was that all about??? Both blondes, one of them tall and slim with the plastic fantastic jutting out front, the other a bit shorter and a bit more rotund, jumped up on stage and started dancing. Eventually Seb had to go up to one of them and coax her off, all very odd. I'd seen the pair wandering around in the beer garden knocking people out of the way with their tits, they were MASSIVE, and looking suitably out of it.

The mic and guitar problems that plagued Seb and the band early on persisted all the way though. The drum solo was mercifully short but the guitarist's solo - as good as it may have been - went on too long and the crowd just kinda stood there waiting for some music to come on. The guitarist then looked over to the side of the stage resigning himself "Lets just play some f--kin' music man" and the crowd got back on-board.

Some badly mistimed bridge fills - at one stage the drummer was completely out - Seb continuing to be frustrated with sound issues and a crowd continuing to antagonise him was all it needed for the show to get stopped eventually. The smile on Seb's face had all but faded and when that last fateful batch of water headed stage-ward (not reaching it, but obvious it was aimed there) you could see he'd had enough well and truly.

What would've been cool was as he left for the last time at the beginning of Youth Gone Wild, the band kept playing unsure if this was really it and the crowd started singing along the first verse. The band kept going, I thought they might've kept it going while we sang it out. Might've been one last saving grace, might've also had them all instantly fired for not following Seb off, who knows. The first verse sounded very cool with 500+ people belting it out.

I have to say I was pretty miffed, not enough Skid songs and two of the biggest tracks getting cut short, plus the f--ktards thowing stuff, BUMMER! The two people I'd taken with me though, it was their first ever rock/metal concert and they had a ball!

Cheers and beers


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