Re: Back to the music
Posted by: Leesa ()
Date: April 25, 2005 05:23PM

If you remember Bush had 51% of the vote John Kerry 48%, this was a divided america during election time....I was in the 48% vote.
I haven't liked any of this, but I have to sit back and just watch and see what evolves from it all........scary.
I told my daughter, who is a senior in high school that she should read the political happenings in here, not to judge any of it but to educate her on what the world thinks politically on many subjects.
anyone catagorizing any nationality as "those americans" "those Brits" sounds offensive, some shrug it off others voice their opinion about it depending on their mood when reading it. I don't want to be categorized as being a part of "those americans" when evil and wrong doings are being mentioned but I keep my mouth shut as I dont' really think people mean how it is "typed" out sometimes, as in the case with Marcel.

I am not political myself, but like to read the opinions of everyone, as this board is very diverse and there is a world of knowledge here.

live life the way that makes you happiest, life is too short...take a moment to say something nice to someone every day it will come back at you, and who knows that person may have had the worst day of their life and your kind words may have been the lift they needed, drink with's good for the soul...sing like theres no tomorrow and who cares if you dont' sound so great (right babe?)lol, Love one another
as it's what makes the world go round. isn't there enough negative crap in this world already.

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