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HEY BB....
Posted by: Russ ()
Date: April 25, 2005 10:47AM

I was one of the people who contributed to the "Coco posts" that you found so offensive. Yes I found them hilarious and enjoyed the humour. However, I don't like bad feeling cos I'm a passive sort of chap who likes everyone to get along so I made an effort to talk to yourself and "Ben's Hog" via the post below.
I appreciate the responses I have had from everyone to it (and thanks to Coco, AndyC, Tony M etc for giving it the wide berth I asked you to) but as it was primarily aimed at you and BH and whoever else was whingeing about the fools on the board having a bit of fun, I'm a tad disappointed you haven't seized on the opportunity to talk maturely about the music you so desperately love....i can understand you might not have read my original post so i reproduce it below...

Plenty of current topical subjects there for you to go at...but I will now make my point in less compromising terms:

The suspicion I have is that you are here to cause trouble and be an arse, have limited - or no - knowledge of the music you profess to love and just can't bear people with a greater love of the music than you having fun on what you regard as a "serious" board? However, I am very happy to be proved wrong.

If you want to know how much I care, you only need to read my Magnum thread above...

NP: Wig Wam - "Hard To Be A Rock N Roller...In Kiev"

>>>I can understand that some of the humour might have seemed a bit juvenile (yes I did contribute and personally found it hilarious!) and yes the thread Andrew deleted did get very long and probably went a little over the top.
However the basic gripe is that this is primarily a music board and therefore the majority of the conversation should be about music.
Well, firstly I'd ask those complaining to understand that this is also a community and a lot of us know each other and that it's bound to drift a bit into other areas. Also those of us who are regulars might not even have met but have talked enough to consider ourselves friends via this forum anyway - me and AndyC a case in point (hope to meet ya at Evolution next Friday, mate!).
But if the main complaint is a lack of music-related topics, why don't those who are complaining start a few of their own to get other people started? Maybe you'll find we'll all get along a bit better than if we continually debate the merits of past threads and ultimately descend into the kind of abuse that's below. Or why not contribute to those music threads that do exist?
I'll get you started if you like....

a) What do you American chaps think of the Starbreaker album? My view can be found on the review page or on the last thread on it a couple of pages. (Sorry but I can't be arsed typing it out again!)

b) I've just received a shipment of CDs - very AOR based and I'd be interested in the thoughts of those complaining about lack of music related threads on any of my purchases. I've bought Wigwam - Hard To Be A Rock N Roller In Kiev, Jim Jidhed - Full Circle, Kharma - Wonderland, Seventh Key - S/T (I already have The Raging Fire) and Terry Brock - Back To Eden.

c) What European bands that hardly ever tour the US would you most like to see over there?

d) I'm doing Firefest and the Swedenrock festival this summer but have never been to the United States and am interested in what the best festivals to attend are. I was looking at one in Chippewa Falls on the net. Is that any good? What others are there? What sort of acts at each?

So there you go, plenty of music-related subjects that should be of direct interest to the likes of Ben's Hog, BB and whoever else was becoming disenchanted with the topics discussed here. I'd ask Coco, Tony M, AndyC etc to leave this thread alone so we can find out what musical views these people hold.

"With eyes that are swollen and tearful, we all take a bow
It passes the time for a moment but what happens now?"

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