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Re: Am I friend or foe ?
Posted by: zitter ()
Date: April 25, 2005 05:40AM

You have my respect for voicing your opinions after all everyone has a right to freedom of speech!Do they not.
All creeds on this planet of ours has a deep dislike for someone or some other nation..If anybody comes on here and says that they don't hate anybody else I CALL YOU A LIAR..Growing up at highschool or where you went to school did anybody dislkie some guy/girl in their class/year or whatever!Yes you did..I'll give an example anybody try and prove me wrong!...Irish supposed to hate the English for what...800 years of RAPE,PILLAGE,MURDER,THE FAMINE..But yet today we work along side each other?..France and England again for invading France even though the French are so Arrogant..I travel to America quite alot for MUSIC RELATED REASONS as this is supposed to be a music board but it has moved away from that as of late..And i can say if you mention Hispanics in some areas of the US the response is one of PURE HATRED..If you mention blacks the response is the same in other areas...Yet America is belonging to the Native American Indians who were driven from their lands by the white man,Are so called americans of today willing to give back which was once taken from the Natives I THINK NOT as was quoted by some so called non hating Americans "Indians Fucking Drunks"..North Korea and South Korea another example,The Catalans and the Spanish the list is endless if you actually sit down and think about you will never get rid of the hatred in some cultures it is bred into the children as they grow up which is a shame but it is a practice that will NEVER CEASE..I'm not trying to paint myself as a person that loves every nation..I don't,but i try at the best of times to keep it to myself, Everybody has a skeleton in their closet and had uttered words of hatred..Please can we put this subjest to rest and get on with what we all log onto this site for..THE LOVE OF MUSIC...Don't get me wrong here i'm all for banter and crack and having a good slag from time to time but god damn will some people just relax!!Life is to short..People can come on here and slag me off I DON'T CARE when i get up tomorrow you will be the last thing on my mind when i go about my everyday business..Hey Marcel its time to take the Whatever attitude..Just let it slide by..Paul.

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