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Date: April 25, 2005 03:56AM

Finally some intelligent posts....

The biggest thing many people fail to realize is that posting here is like writing an email. Humans communicate visually despite the belief that it is entirely orally. Without the facial manerisms and body language the context of statements are very hard to read. You have to be very careful with what you say. Even the ommission of 1 word can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence. However your statements weren't specifically talking about the government they were talking about all Americans - the people who elected the government. One word wouldn't have changed the meaning of your post. If you think you meant something else you better reread what you wrote.

Because Tony Blair decided that Britain for example should back the Americans in Iraq doesn't imply that all Britons feel the same way and think the same way. Governments do things based on policies, practises and influences that have been in place for years regardless of the opinion of one individual who tries to vote to change the system. You tried to talk about the government but you blame the people - ALL people. The fact is that George W didn't win by a large margin. That pretty clearly says not everyone in America agrees with his politics or the current government.

My comment earlier regarding Britons was to make a specific point. So some article says 90% of Britons download music: does that imply that all Britons have double standards? Does that imply they are all dishonest? Leaving enough words out of the sentence leaves it open to implication. Maybe 75% of those downloads are paid for and completely legal. Ah...but I didn't say that did I?

Politics and religion are the 2 biggest disasters for open debate because it's impossible to get everyone to agree. We have a hard enough time discussing music here congenially without having to fall into a pit of depravity and ignorance over politics. If I wanted to discuss politics I would be on some other message board.

Let's get back to the music.

Lookin like a quarter when a dollar ain't enough!

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