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Re: Am I friend or foe ?
Posted by: Troy ()
Date: April 25, 2005 03:47AM


That was a very well written post that clarifyed things. I was one that took offense because if the way you stated your views. This seems better written and more well thought out. I still disagree with a couple things though.

<<When someone says "americans exhibit behaviour A", that doesn't include ALL americans, just enough to signify that as a group, behaviour A is sufficiently exhibited as to be recognized as something to take into consideration when dealing with this group of people. >>

Well when you say that it's does group all American's. If you simply changed to SOME Americans, or a lot of American's I know, it would make a big difference. When you say THIS exibits THIS, it is a pretty black and white statement on your part. If you say some of this is like this, well then that leaves a grey area that probably wouldn't have offended me or my friends because I wouldn't fall in that caregory.

<<6.When it comes to being grateful for the US "saving the world": like I said elsewhere, 3-4 000 000 000 000 USD of us tax payers money spent on making Iraq a place none of us would ever dream of vacationing in...100's of thousands of Tutsi's dying because the US refused to acknowledge a genocide was happening...Vietnam...Nicaragua...palestinians dying at a rate of 1/35 despite their best efforts to even scores through suicide bombers because of US supported Israeli state terrorism...who should be grateful ? You simply have to come up with better arguments than that I'm an "ignorant snob">>

Well, there's always people that don't want us to be world police and such, but when we first went into Iraq, Phillippines we're condemning the attacks saying we should not be the "world police" in so many words, then a couple months later they were having internal problems with gorilla militants and were upset at us for not getting involved. So this double standard goes with other countries also. hypothetically, if Iran or Korea decided for some reason to bomb France or Germany (2 of our biggest opponets of the Iraq war), who do you think would be the first county called for help? Not trying to say we're superior to other countries, it's just that the superpowers (not just the U.S.) should be there for other countries when they're needed.

Have we been there for everyone...no! Should we have done things different in Iraq...yes!!

I was pissed when Bush went in without U.S. support. But there are actually a lot of Iraqis who are glad the U.S. is there and hussain is in power. I know they sure as hell don't want the U.S. to have power there, but they are finally optimistic about their future. I have my doubts we are there for the "right" reasons, but I know a couple people from Iraq that work at my friends hospital who we've shared drinks with after work and we had a long discussion. They are happy the U.S. is there. It finally gave their family a chance to live. He said his father has his first good job in 20 years, and he's working for a job the U.S. set up there for 100's of Iraqis, so they could try and go on with their lives.

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