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SKID ROW "Gangs All Here" - 1st impressions
Posted by: nobycane ()
Date: September 10, 2022 08:18AM

1. Hell or High Water - This song kicks off the album in the heavier sense of their debut, but definately has that Slave to the Grind vibe to it. Has that initial impression and a little Baz essence to the vocals. 10/10.
2. The Gang's All Here - well obviously this song is a strong rocker, we all have been sitting on this one for awhile...a great stadium rocker, as to be expected. 9/10.
3. Not Dead Yet - Another fast-paced hard rocking tune. Again harking back to the heavier realm of the debut and another Slave to the Grind heavy groove tune. The dual guitar solos on this track is great. 9/10
4. Time Bomb- The track starts off with a little Dr.Feelgood guitar intro., A nice laid back groove-laden rocker. I get the feel and impression of something that could have been in the vein off of Subhuman Race...but not as dark and depressing. Great track. Rachel Bolan's bass basically drives the song throughout. 8/10
5. Resurrected - This track returns back a to semi-fast paced rocking tune. It is one of those tracks, or deep cuts that could become a fan favorite down the line...this reminds me much of two tracks off the debut that like "Here I am" or "Makin A Mess"...much in that line (not carbon copies of those two songs" 8/10
6. Nowhere Fast - This track goes out there in a left-field range, more of a hard dark heavy-metal vibe, think of the darker sense of Slave & combine it with the elements of Subhuman Race. The main lyrics, and verses with the guitars are darker than the previous tracks.....but more uptempo in the choruse and bridge. Great guitar work on this song. It might take a few listens to allow this to sink in. 7/10
7. The Lights Come On - Holy Sh*T!!!! This tracks kicks it into high gear. A throw back to 1989, the bass work, the guitar work the drums and the song is just a volume cranker. The bridge has a bit of punk and 70's classic Glam Rock feel to it. The solo and break down is classic rock and hard rock in the feel of groove of Skid Row. You can tell they pulled from their roots on this song. 10/10
8. Tear It Down - The 2nd single released. We have all heard this one...so I am not going to really comment any further. Not a bad track - just not one of my personal favorites. 7/10
9. October’s Song - the slowest / ballad like track. It has that Quicksand Jesus, In A Darkened Room & In A Darkened Room feel to it...combined all in one new song...like the another sequel of the previously mentioned 3 tracks. Its a great track. Some may like it - others may not. 8/10
10. World’s On Fire - The final track of the album. Finishes it up with a harder, fast rocker. Its a basic, paint by numbers classic early 80's hard rock track. It doesn't have any markers that its a Skid Row song...any hard rock band could have recorded this track and wouldn't be any different than anything else. Take your pick of any band and insert the name here - and easily be the same. A great throw back type of classic 80's hard rock track. Nice way to end the album. 8/10

As a Skid Row fan, I was hoping for the classic return...and it did not disappoint. I wasn't really a fan of the Johnny Solinger era - though I did like Thickskin a lot, the rest was hit and miss for me.
Now is Erik, trying to sound like Baz, which I know a lot of people might be worried about - no. Is there times that it could be misinterpreted as Baz singing.....probably. But Erik is not trying to copy Sebastian Bach, but brings his own style and vocal range to the album...which does it justice and proud for this to be a legit Skid Row album.
Is it worth listening to multiple times?- absolutely!

Final Impression Score: 84/100

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