Fatal Vision

Re: New Danny Danzi album
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: September 17, 2021 02:01PM

Great to see you also! Ah you're not alone. With the way this world is, I'm sure quite a few of us feel like death is coming from all corners. We all have our crosses to carry, so you're not alone. People just aren't as open to talk about stuff like that. I have a few issues myself. I try not to say much because:

1. There's always some person that has it a million times worse.

2. The way the world is, it's too easy to bring someone down talking about our own misery if we're not careful.

3. I fix the things I CAN fix and accept the things I can't, ya know? Baby steps. I have a list I've been working on for a while. The little things down the bottom that are easy, the harder things at the top.

As you get the little things done, it keeps your morale up to tackle the bigger things. But I also know some of the bigger things, I can't do anything about.

So I try my best to do what I have to do to make them a little less cumbersome. That's all I can do other than give up and that's not in my nature nor is it allowed by my religion.

Nah dude, suicide isn't the answer. There's always someone you can help along your journey even if you're God forbid, terminally ill. Hell, look at Jason Becker. I think I would have paid someone to end it for me if I was in that shape.

But look what he's done? What an inspiration who's beat the odds and produced and recorded music with his eyes to get out what's in his heart! He's not in the best shape, but man what a fighter and innovator.

Ever just say something simple to someone and not realize how much you affected them in a positive way? I can tell you several stories like that. Here I was fighting my issues and said the right things to people who were way worse off than me and I didn't even know it. They tell you later on how much what you said or did meant to them. That's what I live for now.

I'll never be a big music star, but if what I've done musically touches 1 or even 1000 people to where I've put them in a good place, it was worth it, ya know? That's how I try to stay positive in spite of whatever is going on in my life. The whole world isn't evil. We have to make those who are good people like us, happy whenever we can.

Example: to read a review like RH and fox talking about my new album as well as phil3 mentioning "Do Me A Favor" made my day. It didn't stop any of my issues, but it sure made me feel great inside to where nothing else was as important for that moment but my happiness, and the happiness I may have given them through my music.

You see your name on a forum and wonder what you're going to see when you read it. Anxiety and excitement hoping they didn't say "it sounded like Poison and was cliche same old same old." To my surprise, one of the best reviews so far on the new album and how I was hoping it would be taken by others.

Anyway, try to stay positive if you can. I know sometimes it can be hard. Trust me I do. You never know who you may touch with your kindness....this time is was me. :) Take care my friend and let me know your thoughts if you get the album.

And you're welcome on the music. It's my pleasure! I know I take forever, but it's never been intentional. Life just seems to get in the way and as much as I'd like this to be my main source of income, it isn't. Maybe that will change someday? Until then, I can only work on stuff when time permits and with a busy recording studio, sometimes time isn't in the cards.

But, I'm already working on new stuff, so hopefully it's more like a year or two before we see another album. We'll see how this one goes first. Thanks man, stay as well as you can. :)


Capt Can Man Wrote:
> Danny!! Great to see you again on here!
> I stay as safe as I can. I feel like I am in that
> movie "Final Destination." Death is coming at me
> from every direction, but I keep dodging it. I'm
> battling 3 physical diseases and about 5 mental
> disorders. It's against my religion to commit
> suicide. But, I do squeeze out some happiness here
> and there! I'm definitely getting your new album!
> Can't wait to listen and thanks for all the great
> music over the years! :)

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