to consider 2021 "the BIG list"
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Date: August 19, 2021 07:51PM

New adds: Gus G (oct), Halestorm (2022), Every Time I Die (oct), Caravan (oct), Candlebox (sep), Dan Lucas (oct), Frank Vestry (2021), Magnum (jan 2022)

In bold, the last updates

AUG 2021
Alirio: All things must pass 6.8 Frontiers Records
At 1980: Late night calls 6.8 New Retro Wave Records
Blood Red Saints: Undisputed 6.8
Brian May: Back to the light 6.8 EMI Records
Circus Of Rock: Come one, come all 6.8 Frontiers Records
Cruzh: Tropical thunder 6.8 Frontiers Records
Heaven & Earth: new album 6.8 Frontiers Records
Long Shadows Dawn: Isle of wrath 6.8
Mayank: Mayank 6.8 Frontiers Records
Night Ranger: ATBPO 6.8 Frontiers Records
Blood Red Saints: Undisputed 6.8 Frontiers Records
Spektra: Overload 6.8 Frontiers Records
Chris Farren: In so many words 13.8 MelodicRock Classics
Destruction: Live attack 13.8 Napalm Records
Jack Russell's Great White: Great Zeppelin II: A tribute to Led Zeppelin 13.8 Cleopatra Records
Prestige: new album 13.8 Massacre Records
Quicksand: Distant populations 13.8 Epitaph Records
Between The Buried And Me: Colors II 20.8 Sumerian Records
Deafheaven: Infinite granite 20.8 Sargent house Records
George Lynch: Seamless 20.8 Rat Pak Records
Sodom: Bombenhagel 20.8 Steamhammer/SPV Records
Danko Jones: Power trio 27.8 AFM Records
Enuff Z'Nuff: Never Enuff - Rarities & Demos 27.8 Cleopatra Records
Herman Rarebell: Nip in the bud 27.8 Digital
Jinjer: Wallflowers 27.8 Napalm Records
Kissin´Dynamite: Living in the fastlane – The best of 27.8 AFM Records
Leprous: Aphelion 27.8 InsideOut Music
The Neal Morse Band: Innocence & Danger 27.8 Inside Out Music
Sortilege: Phoenix 27.8 Verycords/Warner Music
Vandenberg: The complete ATCO Recordings 1982-2004 27.8 Cherry Red Records
Tony MacAlpine: Equilibrium 29.8
Counterline: One 30.8 Lions Pride Music
Doug Brons: Pull Escape Music
Osukaru: new album AOR Heaven Records
Peter H Nilsson: Sign of myself

SEP 2021
Electric Guitars: Freewheeler 3.9 Mighty Music
Iron Maiden: Senjutsu 3.9
Jakob Samuel: CoExist 3.9
Kent Hilli: Vital 4 3.9
Manic Street Preachers: The ultra vivid lament 3.9 Sony Music
New Found Glory: Forever and ever x infinity...and beyond!! 3.9 Hopeless Records
The Night Flight Orchestra: Aeromantic II 3.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Portrait: At one with none 3.9 Metal Blade Records
The Wildhearts: 21st Century love songs 3.9 Graphite Records
Aborted: ManiaCult 10.9 Century Media Records
Andrew W.K: God is partying 10.9 Napalm Records
Anette Olzon: Strong 10.9 Frontiers Records
Cats In Space: Diamonds - The best of 10.9
Gamma Ray: 30 years live anniversary 10.9 earMUSIC
GWAR: Scumdogs XXX Live 10.9 Pit Records
Hawkwind: Somnia 10.9 Cherry Red Records
Hawthorne Heights: The rain just follows me 10.9 Pure Noise Records
Inglorious: Heroine 10.9 Frontiers Records
Metallica: Black album Anniv 10.9 Blackened Recordings
Metallica: The Metallica Blacklist 10.9 Blackened Recordings
M.ILL.ION: Sane & insanity 10.9 AOR Heaven Records
Newman: Into the monsters playground 10.9 AOR Heaven Records
Steve Hackett: Surrender of silence 10.9 InsideOut Music
Annette Olzon: Strong 17.9 Frontiers Records
Brainstorm: Wall of skulls 17.9 AFM Records
Candlebox: Wolves 17.9 Pavement Entertainment
Carcass: Torn arteries 17.9 Nuclear Blast Records
D.D. Verni & The Cadillac Band: Let's rattle 17.9 MVD Records
InterCore: Dreams for sale 17.9 Pride & Joy Music
Joe Stump: Diabolical ferocity 17.9 Lion Music
Ozzy Osbourne: No more tears Anniv 17.9 Sony Music
Rage: Resurrection day 17.9 SPV/Steamhammer
The Raven Age: Exile 17.9 EX1 Records
Robin Red: Robin Red 17.9 Frontiers Records
Robledo: Wanted man 17.9 Frontiers Records
Thrice: Horizons/east 17.9 Epitaph Records
Vega: Anarchy and unity 17.9 Frontiers Records
A Pale Horse Named Death: Infernum in terra 24.9 SPV Records
All For The King: Let there be light 24.9
Danny Danzi: Tribulations 24.9 Escape Music
Doro: Triumph and agony live 24.9 Rare Diamonds Productions
Headless: Square one 24.9 M-Theory Audio
John Dallas: Love & glory 24.9 Sneakout Records
Mad Invasion: Edge of the world 24.9 Border Music
Michael Kratz: TAFKATNO 24.9 Art Of Melody Music
Paradox: Heresy II – End of a legend 24.9 AFM Records
Second Reign: Gravity 24.9 Massacre Records
Tremonti: Marching in time 24.9 Napalm Records
Uriah Heep: Every day rocks Box Set 24.9 BMG Records
Wicked Smile: Wait for the night 24.9

OCT 2021
Black Rose: Game of souls 1.10
KK’s Priest: Sermons of the sinner 1.10 Explorer1 Music Group
Ministry: Moral hygiene 1.10 Nuclear Blast Records
Roger Taylor: Outsider 1.10
Yes: The quest 1.10 InsideOut Music
Bad Habit: Autonomy 8.10
Caravan: It´s none of your business 8.10 Madfish Records
Eclipse: Wired 8.10 Frontiers Records
Gus G: Quantum leap 8.10 AFM Records
Houston: IV 8.10 Frontiers Records
Jeff Scott Soto: The duets collection Vol. 1 8.10 Frontiers Records
Seether: Vicennial - 2 Decades of Seether 8.10
Black Tiger: Black Tiger 12.10 Tanzan Music
Alcatrazz: V 15.10
The Darkness: Motorheart 15.10 Cooking Vinyl
Devoid: Lonely eye movement 15.10 Frontiers Records
Gemini Syndrome: 3rd Degree - The raising 15.10 Century Media Records
Ice Nine Kills: The silver scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood 15.10 Fearless Records
Leverage: Above the beyond 15.10 Frontiers Records
Lords Of Black: Alchemy of souls, Part II 15.10 Frontiers Records
Bullet For My valentine: Bullet for my valentine 22.10 Spinefarm Records
Cradle Of Filth: Existence is futile 22.10 Nuclear Blast Records
Dream Theater: A view from the top of the world 22.10 InsideOutMusic
Dan Lucas: The long road 22.10 Pride & Joy Music
Duran Duran: Future past 22.10 BMG Records
Every Time I Die: Radical 22.10 Epitaph Records
Seven Sisters: Shadow of a falling star Pt. 1 22.10 Dissonance Productions
Supernova Plasmajets: Now or never 22.10 Pride & Joy Music
U.D.O: Game over 22.10 AFM Records
Black Veil Brides: The phantom tomorrow 29.10 Sumerian Records
David Reece: Blacklist utopia 29.10 El Puerto Records
Jerry Cantrell: Brighten 29.10
Running Wild: Blood on blood 29.10 SPV/Steamhammer
Whitesnake: Restless Heart 25th anniv. 29.10
Biffy Clyro: new album
Dan Lucas: new album Pride & Joy Music
Fuel: Ånomåly
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Lordi: new album AFM Records
Nestor: 1989
Sonata Artica: Acoustic adventures - Volume one Nuclear Blast Records
Tragik: Ultima ratio Rock Company

NOV 2021
Crazy Lixx: Street lethal 5.11 Frontiers Records
Fans Of The Dark: Fans Of The Dark 5.11 Frontiers records
Jim Peterik World Stage: Women who Rock the world 5.11 Frontiers Records
Memoria Avenue: Memoria Avenue 5.11 Frontiers Records
Groundbreaker: Soul to soul 12.11 Frontiers Records
Knights Of The Realm: Knights Of The Realm 12.11
Heart Line: Back in the game 19.11 Pride & Joy Music
Rhapsody Of Fire: Glory for salvation 26.11 AFM Records
Victory: Don't talk science 26.11 AFM Records
Bite The Bullet: new album Escape Music
Black Label Society: new album
Exodus: Persona non grata Nuclear Blast Records
L.A Guns: Checkered past Frontiers Records
Nazareth: new album

DEC 2021
Last In Line: new album Frontiers Records

220 Volt
91 Suite: Back to the game
Akers-Vana: debut album
Ammunition: new album
Andy Taylor: new album BMG Records
Angel: new album Cleopatra Records
Avenged Sevenfold:
Bai Bang: new album RFL Records
Behemoth: new album Nuclear Blast Records
Beyond Imagination: new album
Blind Guardian: new album
Body Count: Merciless
Bruce Gaitsch: 1976 to 2020 a retrospective
Bulletboys: new album
Cap Outrun: debut album Frontiers Records
Celeste: new album Nuclear Blast Records
Chicago: new album Rhino Records
Coroner: new album Century Media Records
The Cult: new album Black Hill Records
Dan Reed Network: new album
Dare: new album
Dave Bickler: new album
David Readman: Medusa
Deep Purple: new album
The Defiants: new album Frontiers Records
Degreed: new album Frontiers Records
Dockers Guild: The age of entropy
Eazy: Crank it up!
Eden´s Curse: new album
Europe: new album
Find Me: new album Frontiers Records
First Night: Deep connection
Fozzy: new album Red Music
Frank Vestry: solo album Lions Pride Music
From The Fire: Raised on gasoline AOR Boulevard Records
Gang Of Souls: debut album Frontiers Records
The Gathering: new album
George Lynch: Seamless Rat Pak Records
Ghost: new album
Giant: new album Frontiers Records
Graham Bonnet Band: new album
Hardcore Superstar: new album Golden Robot Records
Harem Scarem: new album
Heartland: new album Escape Music
The Hellacopters: new album
Joe Stump: Diabolical ferocity
John Elefante: new album Escape Music
Journey: Victory, victory
Judas Priest: new album
Kamelot: new album
King Kobra: Music is a piece of art Cleopatra Records
Kurdt Vanderhoof: Brainchild
Lava: new album
Lonerider: new album Escape Music
Lucifer: IV Century Media Records
Madam X: new album
Manimal: new album
Mastodon: new album
Me And The Rest: We are bulletproof Rock Avenger Records
Megadeth: The sick, the dying… and the dead
Meshuggah: new album
Michael Riesenbeck: Courage
Michael Sweet: new album
Mick Mars: solo album
New Dawn: New dawn Escape Music
Obituary: new album
RPG (Rick Pierce Group):
Rain Or Shine: new album
Richie Sambora: solo album
Riot Act: new album Escape Music
The Rise above: debut album
Road Ratt: new album
The Rods: Shockwave
Scorpions: new album
Secret: new album
Sergeant Steel: Truck tales
Shinedown: new album
Skagarack: new album
Soma: Soma Escape Music
Stephen Pearcy: new album
Steve Perry: new album
The Story Changes: new album
Sweet & Lynch: new album Frontiers Records
Talas: new album Metal Blade Records
Tangier: new album
Tanna: new album AOR Heaven Records
Ted Nugent: Handsome devil
Tempt: new album
Terra Nova: new album
Tony Martin: Thorns Battlegod Productions
Vio-Lence: new Ep Metal Blade Records
Vixen: new album
VoiVod: new album
Warrant: new album
XYZ: new album
Zelbo: debut album Frontiers Records

JAN 2022
Kissin´Dynamite: Not end of the road 21.1 Napalm Records
Magnum: new album Steamhammer Records

FEB 2022
Saxon: new album 4.2

APR 2022
DeVicious: new album Pride & Joy Music

Alter Bridge: new album
Anthrax: new album
Anvil: new album
Black Country Communion: new album
Blind Illusion: Wrath of the gods Hammerheart Records
Devin Townsend: Lightwork
Girish And The Chronicle: new album Frontiers Records
Halestorm: new album
Impellitteri: Devil in the details
Jethro Tull: The zealot gene InsideOut Music
Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate: new album Golden Robot Records
King Diamond: new album
Mad Max: new album Rock of Angels Records
Mercyful Fate: new album
Nickelback: new album
Papa Roach: new album
Skid Row: new album Golden Robot Records
Slash's with Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators: new album Gibson Records
Soulfly: new album

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