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Re: Mastering
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: February 19, 2021 11:43AM

Raging Heart Wrote:
> And all of Danny's post above, is what often times
> ends up being wrong with music released by
> boutique record labels.
> They "save money" by having, say for example, the
> person who owns the label (!) doing the mastering
> - which basically means they rent a mastering
> studio for a day and sit there themselves
> twiddling knobs and pushing sliders when the harsh
> reality is they don't actually know what they are
> doing in there.
> Danny does, and you can smell the passion right
> there.
> In the moment, on the day and with gigantic studio
> quality speakers it sounds good to Mr Label Boss,
> but does it sound good to me with 40 years worth
> of actual real hifi?
> Does it sound good in the car?
> Does it sound good to my 21 year old God Daughter
> who only plays 'files' through a laptop and then
> via the bloody phone and the Gods-awful earbuds?
> In Danny's equation, yes it does. Because Danny
> knows his trade and so did many engineers back in
> the day. Watch the Sky Arts documentary about the
> Moody Blues and find the parts where their
> engineer talks about this very issue. It's FAR too
> easy with tech available for the label boss to do
> this - and believe me in another life I I used to
> see this happen...a lot.
> And so in many cases...it sounds somewhere between
> soup and the brick wall theory again.
> Well said DD - 100% on the money for my ears.

All of this right up there ^ is so spot on! Thank you for the kind words too! The sad thing is, I didn't know what I was doing at first. LOL! But after a few years and some good direction and positive influence, along with the right gear, and you hear everything as it should be. Cutting corners is why we have some of the crap we have today.

Producers like Beau Hill (who I swear is a personal friend of mine. We used to talk on the phone often and I even did an interview with him for a recording site that I frequent) are producing and engineering from their homes. They are trying to be more affordable, but labels have such limited budgets, they don't want to take the chance. The problem, you ready?

In my personal opinion, and what I've seen, rockers just don't support their artists. Guys and girls on this forum are wonderful. But there aren't enough of you. Case in point...

Rocker teens are smoking weed playing Xbox and file sharing everything from software to albums.

Rap buyers are smoking weed and playing Xbox, but when Snoop or DMX puts out a CD, they'll stand in line and support it. Add in that violence and gangsta rap sells. Also add in that some of it is actually pretty well done and crafty these days. I actually do quite a bit in my studio with clients.

Country music: it IS melodic rock of today. Big drums, huge hooks, killer guitar playing, back up vocals....all the things I'd get accused of being an 80's guy for in MY music, are acceptable here. Not to mention one of the biggest fan bases around that supports it like the followers of rap. Drinkin', story tellin', left my girl, left my guy, lost my job and moved to Georgia will always work just like girls, cars and parties worked for 80's rockers.

Pop music: teens are the buying public begging their parents, who have money, to buy this stuff. Sex, dance, voice and image sells to little girls and boys. Sad but true. Want to be successful? Sex, violence, breakups and story telling are the fastest way. Rock just doesn't hit like it once did and the labels are not pushing the right stuff. As long as they continue to push crap, rock will suffer. We need a savior. Not a one hit wonder. Pick me, pick me! Wishful thinking...lol!


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